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Published by christianme, 2020-04-01 23:22:24

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WELCOME TO THE PRODUCT TRAINING Quality without compromise

PROFI MULTICUT The multi purpose drill bit for any material The only multi purpose drill bit with excellent results even when drilling in metal


MULTI PURPOSE DRILL BIT PROFI MULTICUT Special point shape Fast Precise Range of application: Extremely versatile and precise drilling – even with changing drills in various materials. For precision rotary drilling in tiles, natural stone, metal, wood and plastics.

PGM approval Guarantee for exact holes and optimum hold of anchors 14 manufacturers worldwide Prescribed by German Institute for the Building Trade: Tested drill bits for reliable anchor connections

MULTI PURPOSE DRILL BIT PROFI MULTICUT The problem solver for all kind of materials and applications

MULTI PURPOSE DRILL BIT PROFI MULTICUT Users Benefits: use one tool to drill various materials no bit changes even faster working speed greater flexibility

MULTI PURPOSE DRILL BIT PROFI MULTICUT Type 1: e.g. fitting windows, With cylindrical shank in short, drilling through cladding long & extra long design: and cavity bricks Thanks to long and extra long design even more universal applications: Short series: 75 – 120 mm Long series: 150 – 220 mm Extra long series: 400 mm

ATTRIBUTES AND PROPERTIES The carbide tip: The flute profile: extra sharp same flute profile as cutting edges SDS-plus hammer drill bit F4 all side diamond ground, therefore ideally suited patented 4x step profile for metal fast drill dust removal neat and precise holes when drilling in masonry and in metal, wood and concrete plastic

COMPARISON TO COMPETITION ALPEN \"Profi Multicut\" Bosch \"Multi Construction\" Bosch \"Universal\" (Made in Austria) (Made in Germany) (Made in China) Diamond ground tip on all sides, Only top section, Top section and negative front section, therefore excellent results therefore major problems drilling metal, therefore blunt cutting edge and when drilling metal high pressure required because front section missing front ground section negative front ground section top ground chamfer ground top ground section top ground section section section patented 4x Standard Standard step profile for flute profile flute profile quickly removing drill dust

PROFI MULTICUT SUMMARY Key properties of the Profi Multicut : Outstanding results in all materials The only multi purpose drill bit with excellent results even when drilling metal Much shorter drilling times and a considerably longer lifetime in all materials Perfect value for money PGM – approval: Guarantee for exact holes and optimum hold of the dowels

CONCRETE DRILL BIT PROFI BETON Hammer resistant due to latest vacuum hardening Robust due to heavy duty carbide tip Pin-point accuracy due to excellent centering properties Point shape guaranties extra long tool life Heavy duty drill bit for percussion drilling in concrete, masonry and natural stone.

CONCRETE DRILL BIT PROFI BETON Attributes: Percussion drilling due to special geometry of the carbide tip, ultimate service life Optimum soldering as with SDS-plus drill in high vacuum, heat resistant to 1,100 °C Excellent centering properties Precise flutes, high strength drill body, same shank material as SDS drill Hammer resistant chucking shank due to hardened shank PGM – approval: Guarantee for exact holes and optimum hold of the dowels

PROFI BETON SUMMARY Key properties of the Profi Beton Precise flutes, high strength drill body same shank material as SDS drills Fast drilling progress due to aggressively shaped TC tip special designed by ALPEN Much shorter drilling times and a considerably longer lifetime PGM – approval: Guarantee for exact holes and optimum hold of the dowels

MASONRY DRILL BIT LONG LIFE Optimum attachment of the carbide tip in the core Profile milled as with SDS bits Robust core made of tool steels

MASONRY DRILL BIT LONG LIFE Fast Stable Range of application: Masonry drill bit type Long Life, milled flutes, for percussion and rotary drilling in concrete, brick and natural stone.

ATTRIBUTES AND PROPERTIES LONG LIFE The carbide tip: Flute profile made Fully embedded with precision: carbide tip High profile accuracy Optimum soldering due to exact soldering seam High stability and and perfect elastic plate fit service life Faster drilling speed Drilling dust removal due to aggressively without blockage shaped tip Same diameter of base body across the whole length results in perfect concentricity and maximum performance

COMPARED WITH COMPETITORS LONG LIFE ALPEN Long Life Bosch \"Masonry drill\" (Made in Austria) (Made in China) Ø 8 mm Ø 8 mm optimum fixing Carbide tip sticks Profile cold-rollforged of carbide tip a long way out from (as with screws) in base body the base body Base body clearly Profile milled Ø 6.1 mm thinner than on (as with SDS drill bits) ALPEN \"Long Life\" Ø 6.1 mm Stable base body made of special tempered steel Ø 7.3 mm Ø 7.3 mm

COMPARED WITH COMPETITORS LONG LIFE ALPEN Long Life Bosch \"Masonry drill\" (Made in Austria) (Made in China) Ø 8 mm Ø 8 mm Stable carbide tip with Much thinner carbide tip, aggressive cutting edges putting it at extreme risk of breaking

LONG LIFE SUMMARY Key properties of the Long Life Considerably stronger, more stable and more robust carbide tip Milled flute profile as with SDS drill bits, Bosch drill bit is only cold rollforged More than twice as fast drilling times 3x longer service life PGM – approval: Guarantee for exact holes and optimum hold of the dowels

PORCELAIN / GRES TILE DRILL BIT The absolute problem solver. particularly suitable for extremely hard porcelain/ gres tiles up to Mohs-/ Ritz hardness 9 as well as glass and ceramics.


THE CHALLENGE Drilling in extremely hard tiles up to Ritz hardness of 9.

THE PERFECT APPLICATION \"Long Life\" masonry drill Step 1: Drill hole for porcelain/ gres tiles with Keramo extreme Step 2: Drill dowel hole in masonry with Profi Beton Step 3: Insert dowel: secure dowel hold and max. safety

THE OFFER Set Package Content: Single package Drill bit Keramo extreme and drill bit Profi Beton with ¼ hexagonal shank All in one

SUMMARY Key properties of the Keramo extreme easy drilling in the hardest tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9 and in glass No cooling required Exact holes, no breakage Precise centering thanks to diamond-ground TC tip Long service life

HSS DRILLS FOR METAL Sharp cutting edges

Sharp cutting edges Very high elasticity High fracture resistance Optimum drilling performance


Range of application: HSS twist drill: toughness and precision combined with excellent cutting efficiency for drilling alloyed carbon and plain steel. Ideal for hand held operations.

5 key benefits: Diameter diminution tapered from the point to the shank Increased center web Partial hardening of the flute length Extra sharp cutting edges High fracture resistance

Cutting edge 1st benefit: diameter Diameter diminution tapered from the point to the shank tapering helps to release the sides drill does not bite at the flutes! no sticking  less friction helps increase service life

2nd benefit: Increased center web/break resistance Ultimate durability Web tapering makes the drill fracture resistant Example from nature: such as a tree in a strong wind web tapering

3rd benefit: quality partial hardening Chuck 65 HRC Drill shank 45 HRC Shank is soft  optimum grip of the drill chuck  no slipping No wear of the drill chuck No overheating due to partial hardening 1st preheating stage (825 °C) 2nd preheating stage (1050 °C) 3rd high temperature bath (hardening temperature)

4th benefit: sharp cutting edges Cutting edges are more aggressive Especially with larger diameters, the HSS Sprint drills like in butter Less feed pressure required

DRILLS FOR METAL 5th benefit: torsion resistance HSS Sprint is very torsion resistant up to 115.9° Especially with smaller diameters no deformation and breakage Competitor HSS Sprint

compared to HSS Sprint Geometry: based on existing HSS Sprint, but significantly optimized Reduced center line between cutting edges Special ALPEN Reduced clearance angle drill point Improved center web design Surface: two coloring  visual differentiation to the existing HSS Sprint Shank: cylindrical Add on values / Customer benefit: Significant faster/shorter drilling times (-30%) Significant longer tool life (3 times higher)

Key facts 30 % faster than previous HSS Sprint 3 x longer tool life

Intensive benchmarks

Chemical Intensive analysis Geometry Hardness Metallographic

SUMMARY Key properties of the Sprint Master Ultimate durability with optimum cutting performance High fracture resistance, especially with small diameters Consistently high quality The best drill for power tools


HSS Cobalt Self-centering thanks to special point shape Up to 600 °C Drilling even with the highest thermal stress Fast Due to special drill grinding fast drilling progress and up to 50 % less feed pressure required

HSS COBALT DIN 338 Range of application: 5 % cobalt-alloyed jobber drills with high heat-resistance for drilling steels with tensile strength over 800 N/mm², specially suitable for high alloyed steels, bearing-steels, hot/ cold-rolled steel. Ideal for stainless steel.

HOW TO DRILL STEEL AND STAINLESS STEEL Rules of thumb for drilling CORRECTLY: Notice! Several spindle speeds Correct drilling Stainless steel  6 mm & • 600 rpm • Cooling increase in service life Steel  6 mm satisfied customers • 1200 rpm Notice! Turn down the spindle speed & increase the feed

HSS COBALT SUMMARY Key properties of the HSS Cobalt drills Highest quality cobalt alloy steel quality from the world's leading stainless steel producer BÖHLER Drill even at the highest temperatures (up to 600°) => longest service life Drill with greatly reduced feed pressure (50 %) due to special ground shape

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