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Reading - Animal Habitat

Published by nanghomphaung115, 2021-08-28 04:30:28

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Animal Habitat By: Learning Junction

You live in your home. Do you know where this squirrel is? And where do other animals live? Just like you have a house to live, so do plants and animals.

A habitat is a place where animals live. In other words, the natural home or environment of plants and animals or other organisms.

Habitat provides the animal with food, water, and a place to live.

There are many different types of habitat around the world. From grasslands to forests, and from big mountain slopes to large deserts.

Different habitats are shelters to different animals.

When we speak about an animal, or a plant’s house, it is more like a neighbourhood than a home.

An animal needs mainly five things to survive in a habitat - food, water, air, shelter, and a place to raise its young ones.

Different animals require different amounts of space to live in. Habitats can be large like a forest, or they can be small like a burrow.

Some big animals defend a huge territory or roam over a large area.

For other animals, it needs only a small amount of space it can put up with neighbours that live close by. We were very much interested in learning this. Great!

There were common habitats for animals to live in, you can read this chart on your own. So that you remember it.

Some animals are so clever that they make their own homes. Here are the common names of animal homes.

Homes of birds. A bird home is called a nest. Most of the birds make nests from grass, leaves, fur, lichen and mud. Or from paper, plastic and yarn.

The home of a rabbit. A rabbit’s home is called a burrow. Rabbits dig burrows to live in.

A home of a mouse. A mouse live in a hole. Mice dig holes to live in.

A home of a spider. A spider’s home is called a cobweb. It spins a cobweb to live in.

The home of a honey bee. Honey bees make hives to live in.

The home of a lion. A lion lives in a den when a mother has very young cubs. Mostly, a lion lives under shady trees.

A home of a snake. A snake’s home is called a hole.

We make homes for domestic animals. The home of a cow is a shed.

The home of a dog is a kennel.

The home of the horse is a stable.

The home of a hen is a coop.

Now you know a lot about animal homes. Animals are our friends. We should take care of them.

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