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Upgrade_Starter_Student's book & Workbook (combo)

Published by EUROLIBRA, 2020-08-04 08:31:16

Description: Upgrade_Starter_Student's book & Workbook (combo)

Keywords: Upgrade_Starter_Student's book & Workbook (combo),EUROLIBRA,STERLING ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING,ЕВРОЛИБРА


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CONTENTS UNIT Grammar Vocabulary Reading/Listening/Speaking/Writing Skills 1 ∙ subject pronouns; ∙ the alphabet ∙ spelling names correctly Nice to meet you! possessive pronouns ∙ meeting people ∙ introductions; asking for personal information ∙ t o be: present simple ∙ adjectives ∙ identifying numbers correctly while you listen pages 4-11 ∙ articles ∙ question words ∙ a nswering multiple-choice questions and ∙ plural nouns ∙ seasons comprehension questions while reading ∙ c ountries, nationalities, ∙ writing a personal profile continents ∙ colours ∙ counting to 100 2 ∙ there is / there are ∙ classroom objects ∙ c ompleting sentences about a webpage My World ∙ have got ∙ family members ∙ c ompleting a table while listening to show ∙ possessive ’s ∙ a dverbs of frequency possession pages 12-19 ∙ this / that / these / those ∙ r ooms of the house ∙ r eading about someone’s family and completing ∙ the imperative ∙ c omputer-related words their family tree ∙ let’s ∙ talking about your family & houses ∙ u sing conjunctions (and, but, because and why) correctly ∙ writing about things on your desk ∙ multiple-matching while listening ∙ making suggestions Progress Review 1 pages 20-21 3 ∙ present continuous ∙ t imes of the day / am / pm ∙ r eading about what people are doing & British What’s happening? ∙ can ∙ c elebration-related words celebrations ∙ adjectives ∙ days of the week ∙ multiple-matching while reading pages 22-31 ∙ m onths of the year ∙ d eciding if statements are true or false while ∙ ordinal numbers listening ∙ shoes sizes ∙ writing a blog about your day ∙ talking about when people’s birthdays are ∙ good manners: saying please and thank you 4 ∙ present simple ∙ t een- & lifestyle-related ∙ m ultiple-matching & answering comprehension Daily Life ∙ object pronouns words questions while reading ∙ question words ∙ food- & menu-related words ∙ p ronunciation of -es in third person singular verbs pages 32-41 ∙ w ord order of questions ∙ jobs ∙ t alking about your favourite pop stars & customs in your country ∙ d eciding if statements are true or false while reading ∙t alking about your partner’s free-time activities ∙ writing about your free-time activities ∙ guessing what job your partner does Progress Review 2 pages 42-43 5 ∙ p resent simple & present ∙ telling the time ∙ r eading about what people usually do and what Past & Present continuous ∙ verb collocations they are doing today ∙ prepositions of time ∙ a djective opposites ∙ t alking about what you do at certain times on pages 44-53 ∙ love, like, hate weekdays ∙ would like ∙ w riting about what people usually do and what ∙ countable & uncountable they are doing today nouns ∙ listening to complete a table about what people ∙ some, any like, love or hate doing ∙ to be: past simple ∙ a nswering multiple-choice questions & multiple- matching while reading ∙ listening to complete a text about the past Progress Review 3 pages 54-55 Workbook Unit 1 page 58 Workbook Unit 2 page 64 Workbook Progress Review 1 pages 69-70 Workbook Unit 3 page 71 Workbook Unit 4 page 76 Workbook Progress Review 2 pages 82-83 Workbook Unit 5 page 84 Workbook Progress Review 3 pages 90-91

NICE TO MEET YOU! The Alphabet Introductions 1  Listen and repeat the alphabet. 1  Read and listen to the dialogue. Hello! My name is Jane. What’s your name? Nice to meet you, too. What’s your last name? Upgrade There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. These are vowels: A, E, I, O, U. The rest of the letters are consonants. 2  Listen to the names and write them down. 1 Hello, my name’s . 2 ‘What’s your last name?’ .’ ‘Oh, it’s . 3 Hi, I’m 4 Her name is . 5 My last name is . Express yourself! Wt+wthoheelneltewtetetressrp.areelltahewsoarmd eo,rwneamsaey and ‘double’ Ball is spelt B-A- double L. 4

Express yourself! To ask people for information, we say: / phone What’s your name / nationality /address nHWuohmwebnoelrwd?eardeoyno’tuu?n/dWerhsetann’sdyosuormbeitrhthindga,yw? e can say: Sorry, I don’t understand. We can ask: Can you repeat that / spell that, please? Hi, I’m Bill. 2 Practise the dialogue with a partner. Nice to meet you. Hello! My name Hi! I’m It’s Smith. is . . S - M - I - T - H. What’s your name? Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. It’s . What’s your last name? (spell your last name) GRAMMAR BANK Subject Pronouns Possessive Adjectives I my you your he / she / it his / her / its we our they their They are friends. Their car is red. 3 Fill in the pronouns. 1 This is Sophie’s brother. name is Tom. 2  am a student. name is Jane. 3 That’s Mary. What’s last name? 4 Hello! How are ? 5 Look at the girls! are happy. 5

Meeting Mark GRAMMAR BANK To be: present simple AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE I am (I’m) I am not (I’m not) You are (You’re) You are not (You aren’t) He is (He’s) He is not (He isn’t) She is (She’s) She is not (She isn’t) It is (It’s) It is not (It isn’t) We are (We’re) We are not (We aren’t) They are (They’re) They are not (They aren’t) QUESTIONS SHORT ANSWERS Am I ...? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not Are you ...? Yes, you are. / No, you aren’t. Is he ...? Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t. Is she ...? Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t. Is it ...? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. Are we ...? Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t. Are they ...? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. 1 Discuss as a class. Circle the words that you see in 4  Choose the correct answer. Then listen the picture. and check your answers. bicycle headphones laptop 1 Carmen and Lisa is / are best friends. notebook sunglasses trainers 2 I ’m / ’re not happy with my teacher. 3 Is / Are Mark and Lisa in the same class? 2  Listen and read the dialogue. 4 My books isn’t / aren’t heavy. Carmen and Lisa are high school students. They are best 5 They is / are very good students. friends. Mark is a new student. It’s the first day of school 5 Am, is or are? Fill in the correct present simple form and they are very happy. of to be. 1 Carmen and Lisa in the same class. Carmen: Lisa, this is Mark. He is a new student 2 ‘ you happy?’ at school. ‘Yes, I .’ Lisa: Hello, Mark. Are we in the same class? 3 Mark in Mrs Johnson’s class. Mark: Hi, Lisa. No, we aren’t. Mrs Johnson is 4 ‘ Mrs Johnson a bad teacher?’‘No, she my teacher. .’ Lisa: You’re lucky! She’s a very nice person. 5 ‘ Carmen and Lisa excited?’ ‘Yes, they .’ Carmen: Hey, there’s a picnic at the park this afternoon. Lisa and I are excited! Mark: That’s great! Picnics are fun! 3 Match the two parts to make true sentences. 1 Carmen a is Mark’s teacher. 2 Mark b is Carmen’s classmate. 3 Mrs Johnson c is a new student. 4 Lisa d is Lisa’s best friend. 6

unit 1 In the park Express yourself! 1  Read and then listen to the dialogue. QWWuhheoastt–i–offnoorrwptoehroidnpsgles Later in the day Carmen, Lisa and Mark are at the park. WWhheerne––ffoorrtpimlaeces 4 Fill in the gaps with question words. 1 is your favourite actor? 2 are you from? 3 is your favourite hobby? 4 is your birthday? Carmen: Mark, where are you from? 5 P ractise asking and answering these questions with Mark: I’m from Toronto. It’s a city in Canada. your partner. Lisa: That’s interesting! What’s your • What are your hobbies? favourite hobby? • Who is your favourite actor? Mark: Watching films. • What is your favourite film? Lisa: Really? Who is your favourite actor? • When is your birthday? Mark: Jim Carrey. He is really funny! He is also • Where are you from? Canadian. 6 Write the seasons under the pictures. Carmen: My favourite actress is Emma Stone. autumn spring summer winter She is so talented! Lisa: Her films are wonderful! Mark: Tomorrow is my birthday. How about a 12 film night? 34 Lisa: That’s a great idea! When is your GRAMMAR BANK birthday, Carmen? Carmen: It’s on June 19th. Articles Mark: Oh, in the summer. I love the summer! Use a with singular nouns that begin with a consonant. a film 2 Circle the correct answer. Use an with singular nouns that begin with a vowel. an actor 1 Where are the people? Use the with specific nouns. a in Canada b at the park the park 2 Where is Mark from? a Mexico b Canada 7 Fill in the gaps with the right article. 3 What is Mark’s favourite hobby? a listening to music b watching films 1 She is actress. 4 Who is Jim Carrey? a Mark’s favourite actor b Mark’s best friend 2 He is teacher. 5 When is Mark’s birthday? a in the summer b in one day 3 My birthday is in winter. 3 Describing people. Translate these words from the dialogue into your own language. 1 interesting 2 favourite 3 funny 4 talented 5 wonderful 7

Countries and 2  Listen to these people. What country are they nationalities from? Write the country in the first gap. Then choose the nationality from the box and write it down. 1  Listen and read. American Austrian Dutch German Greek 14 Korean Russian Scottish Spanish Swedish 1 Jan is from Austria . He’s Austrian . 2 Zoe is from . She’s . Hi! My name is Matt. This is Adrian. 3 Sue-Jin is from . I am from Canada. He is from America. She’s . I’m Canadian. He’s American. 4 Sofia and Daniel are from . . 2 They’re 5 5 Lucas is from . . He’s . 6 Hans is from . He’s 7 Anna and Erik are from . . They’re This is Laura. Chang and Fen are 8 Emma is from the . She is from England. from China. She’s . She’s English. They’re Chinese. 9 Nate is from . He’s . 3 6 10 Naomi is from . She’s . The continents and colours 3 W hat colour are the continents? Match the continent to the right colour and take turns telling your partner what colour they are. 1 North America a blue Hi, I am Gloria. This is Tristan. 2 South America b green I am from Mexico. He is from France. 3 Africa c orange I’m Mexican. He’s French. 4 Europe d yellow 5 Asia e red 6 Australia f purple blue green orange purple red yellow 8

unit 1 Counting to 100 GRAMMAR BANK 1  Listen to the numbers and repeat. Then fill in the Plural nouns missing numbers. one two four five six seven To make a singular noun plural, we usually add -s. boy – boys nine ten eleven If the noun ends in -s, -x, -ch, -sh, add -es. box – boxes thirteen fourteen sixteen If the noun ends in consonant + -o, add -es. potato – potatoes seventeen eighteen nineteen If the noun ends in consonant + -y, take off the -y and add -ies. twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three lolly – lollies twenty-four twenty-five twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty 2 Go around the class, counting by tens. Some nouns are irregular. person – people child – children woman – women man – men 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 4 How many are there? Write a number and the plural form of one of the nouns in the box. 3  Listen and circle the numbers that you hear. car child teddy tomato woman 30 / 13 19 / 90 17 / 70 15 / 50 1 2 80 / 18 16 /60 34 5 eight children . . 1 There are . 2 There are . 3 There are . 4 There are 5 There are 9

Internet friends 1  Listen and read the description of This is It’s a website to the website. Fill in the gaps with a word make friends. There are 1 or a number. thousand people on our website. They are from 70 2 around the world. 2  Listen to the description again and choose the best answers. This is a website for people who are 13 to 3 years old. They’ve got lots of 1 What is hobbies and they love games and competitions. a a website for friends They also love music, sports, films and books. b a sports website c a news website is free and it’s very 2 Where are the members from? 4 to use. It’s a great way to a 70 cities around the world make new friends! b 70 countries around the world c 17 countries around the world 3 Who is this website for? a only adults b all children c only teenagers Hi! I’m Paul, and I’m 15 years old. I’m from London, Hey! I’m Kumiko and I’m from Tokyo, Japan. England. I really love all sports and I’m in a I love skateboarding, and most of my friends are football team. I am a very good player. skateboarders too. My favourite place in Tokyo is What’s my favourite team? Arsenal F.C.! Planet Park. It’s a great place for skaters! 10

unit 1 Hello! My name is Julia and I’m from Florida, USA. I’m sixteen years old. I love dancing, and I am in a dance school. My favourite pop star is Beyoncé. She is very beautiful, and she is an excellent dancer. Hi! I’m Luca. I’m 18 years old, and I’m from Germany. I like reading books. I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter books. My favourite hobby is bowling. It’s a lot of fun! 3 Read the profiles above and answer the questions. 4 U se the profiles as an example to write your own profile. 1 What is Paul’s favourite sport? Hi, my name is 1 . 2 Who is a skateboarder? . I am from 2 3 Who loves reading? I am 3 years old. 4 Where is Planet Park? My favourite place / singer / is 4 . 5 How old is Paul? . My favourite hobby is 5 6 Where is Tokyo? 11 7 Who is Beyoncé?

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