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Skills Builder_2_Student's book

Published by EUROLIBRA, 2022-04-18 10:10:05

Description: Skills Builder_2_Student's book

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1 Towns & Cities Read the short story and write right or wrong. wrong 1 Rocky always remembers things. DO IT RIGHT! 2 Cat wants to visit a museum in Manchester. 3 Dash really likes a football team in Manchester. RtayeUmosaksuodecsatattnhhriseeemwfssupeeelornlwyrtrteioaagnrnhndcdttseowfstironoinwdrhdrtetohshln.epeg. 4 Feather buys something to eat at the shopping centre. 5 Dash doesn’t like the stadium. 6 Feather takes an amazing photo of the stadium. 4

1 Rocky! You always forget 2 I love day trips! Er ... things! We’re going to That was amazing! Let’s go to the shopping where are we going, Cat? Manchester. I want to I don’t remember. see the museum. What a great museum! centre next. I’m hungry. Can we get a snack there? Manchester United is my favourite There’s a big shopping Smile! football team! I want to take centre in Manchester. Let’s go there! I love an amazing photo of the stadium with my new camera. shopping! 3 4 Wow! This stadium is big! It’s amazing! I know it’s amazing. But my photos aren’t amazing. That was fun. Where are we going now? The stadium is too big. To the stadium. Are you happy now, Rocky? Yes. This sandwich is very good! 5 I have an idea. Give me your camera, Dash. Smile! 6 Wow! What an amazing photo! Thanks, Feather! 5

1 1 Match the sentences with the places. 1 You can buy stamps here. e a bank 2 In warm countries, people sit outside at the cafés here. b castle 3 You can buy fruit and vegetables here. c chemist’s 4 There are lots of children in this building. d market 5 This has a lot of water. e post office 6 There is a lot of money in this building. f primary school 7 This is a very old building. g square 8 You buy things to make you feel better here. h swimming pool 2 Listen and draw lines. Peter Zoe Clare Jack DO IT RIGHT! pmseoonarnsatylTocymohhnheueoiesrndn,aeoetrbahnusnre'itetaxpymhsnoiaecaeuvvtmeuteworenteisola.l, Julia Jim Sally 3 Listen and write. School trip EYE Castle RyoewuakrdiailntiDnsetdtshOeiweonnfeftaIrowhsTnreomdwrgRditaclhlsIpaimGnyrsekoasHfukoaueTblhtloy!ahseuavbtneteswyfteoooh.ruaert 1 Name of castle: o’clock 2 Going to the castle on: Friday 16th clothes 3 Bus leaves school at: 4 Give money to: Mr 5 Must bring: a snack and 6 6 Don’t forget to wear:

JUST SAY IT! 4  Listen to Lily and Charlie talking about their favourite Read these words. cities and then act out the dialogue with your partner. parents they’re their where there Lily: What’s your favourite city, Charlie? Now listen to the words. Charlie: I love London. Some people say that it’s noisy and dirty, Now read this question and answer. and they’re right, but I think it’s great! There are lots of things to see and do in London. I went there in the spring with Where are their parents? my parents, and we had a fantastic time! They’re over there! Lily: But there are lots of things to do in all big cities. What’s special about London? Now listen to the Charlie: Well, there are lots of parks in London, and it also has question and answer. a big river, the River Thames. What’s your favourite city? Lily: I think Paris is the best city in the world! Charlie: When did you go to Paris? Lily: I went last summer with my cousins and their mum, my Aunt Mary. Charlie: And what did you like about it? Lily: Well, it has a river too, the Seine, but Paris is much prettier than London! And, of course, it has the Eiffel Tower! Charlie: I’d like to see the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps I’ll go to Paris next year with my parents! Where would you like to go? Lily: Paris, again! NOW IT S YOUR TURN! WwacPYDoehcaomeoOrcunimapsottnwaapIhfrinTratsuaaeadersvntmiwenRisaevoLaudmletInonvchGmutaenhascdtrHtudhnborjpcooeTsbrmhmc:nnee!tg!featmioevtk.ierroee,esrre 5 C hange some of the pink words in 4 to make your tbamiWahnneibawdDtnthnowhkhesyuOeeeinatztrebpheeytnIoiheocotTeutruhtewftuedhRtrotayihaehfrIevapsfeeGee,r,itcecrhhateHot.ooinunnlwTodrcgteue!assrsl,k own dialogue and then act it out with your partner. 6 Look at the two pictures There are three boys in and find the differences. this picture, but in this Talk about them with picture there are two boys. your partner. UNIT 1 7

1 1 Match the sentences with the places. d a centre b factory 1 This is a very tall building. c shopping centre 2 Actors work here. d skyscraper 3 You can play tennis or badminton here. e sports centre 4 Lots of people watch sports here. f stadium 5 You can buy lots of different things in this building. g theatre 6 This is usually the busiest part of a town or city. h university 7 People usually study here for three or four years. 8 They make things here. 2 R ead this leaflet about New York City and WefiunsdethheeamdDianiOgnspiInoTilnetRasfIloeGftseHatToc!hhpelapratghrearpeha.der write these headings in the correct places. a The city centre b New York City c Famous places Welcome 2 3 The centre of New York City is called There are lots of things to to our Manhattan. This is where you can see and do in New York, see most of the city’s skyscrapers, but you must visit two and it has lots of shops, restaurants, famous places. The first cinemas and theatres. There’s a very place is the Empire State big park in Manhattan too. It’s called Building. It was the world’s Central Park and it has lakes, places tallest building for 40 years. to play sports and even a zoo! The second place is the Statue of Liberty. You go there by boat. You can go up to the top of both of these places, and it’s a great way to see the city! city! 1 New York City New York City is the city with the most people in the USA. More than 8 million people live here, and over 60 million people visit the city every year! 8

NOW READ IT AGAIN! NOW COMPLETE THE PLAN! 3 Read the leaflet again and write the 4 N ow complete the plan with the correct words. correct numbers. In which paragraph does the leaflet give PLAN information about: Leaflet 1 where the city is? 1 Title: Welcome to our city! 2 something unusual in one place Paragraph 1: Give 1 information about the city: in the city? 2 it is, how many 3 how many people live in the city? people live there and the number of 4 two places for visitors to go to? 3 it has. 5 the number of visitors to the city? Paragraph 2: Give information about the city 4 and what you can 5 there. Paragraph 3: Give information about 6 places to visit in 5 R ead this leaflet about Barcelona and the city. circle all the adjectives. DO IT RIGHT! meawxWkeaemhuoespunelrewdw:ieafrfimwteiarnreizgtnienmtgaao,bdrgoejreueicatntttai,veeperetslacs,c,tfietono,rg. Welcome to our city! The city centre Famous places The centre of Barcelona has lots of There are lots of things to Barcelona cafés, shops and restaurants. There see and do in Barcelona, Barcelona is the second biggest city are lots of them on La Rambla but you must visit two in Spain. 1.6 million people live Street. This lovely street starts at famous places. The first here, and almost 12 million people Catalunya Square and it ends at the place is called the Sagrada visited the city last year! sea. There is also a fantastic market Familia. It’s an amazing on La Rambla Street. It’s a great building, and they’re still place to have something to eat, or building it after almost 140 you can just look at all the delicious years! The second place is food in the market! Park Güell. It has pretty places to sit, and you can see the city of Barcelona down to the sea! NOW WRITE YOUR OWN LEAFLET! Write a leaflet about a different city. Use the plan in 4 and the leaflets in 2 and 5 to help you. UNIT 1 9

THE HAMILTON 2 STUDENT'S BOOK The Hamilton Skills Builder is a new four-level skills series specially researched and written for students studying English at levels A1 to B1 of the CEFR. Each book in the series consists of 12 carefully-designed theme-based units that develop students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The Hamilton Skills Builder may be used with any course of a similar level, or independently. Key features of The Hamilton Skills Builder 2: ● a variety of reading texts featuring the Amazing Kids characters with level-appropriate task types that ensure students learn to read for different purposes ● p re-listening and pre-writing tasks that introduce useful theme-based vocabulary ● a variety of listening and speaking tasks, including tasks that appear in the Cambridge English: Young Learners A1 Movers and A2 Flyers tests ● a step-by-step approach to writing, including model compositions, writing plans and guided writing tasks ● a JUST SAY IT! feature in each unit that focuses on one aspect of English pronunciation that students often have difficulty with ● D O IT RIGHT! features in reading, writing, listening and speaking sections that clarify the focus of the skill being practised, or give students useful tips on correct English usage The Hamilton Skills Builder 2 consists of: The Hamilton Skills Builder 2 Student’s Book The Hamilton Skills Builder 2 Teacher’s Book The Hamilton Skills Builder 2 Class Audio The Hamilton Skills Builder 2 Interactive Whiteboard Software CEFR level The Hamilton Skills Builder 4 B1 The Hamilton Skills Builder 3 A2+ The Hamilton Skills Builder 2 A2 The Hamilton Skills Builder 1 A1 Pre-A1

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