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USED TO ครูรวิพันธุ์ ebook

Published by lnutta04, 2020-11-09 07:04:20

Description: USED TO ครูรวิพันธุ์ ebook


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It refers to past habits and states that do not exist today; something that you did regularly in the past, but you don’t do now.

I used to smoke. There was a period in my past where I smoked regularly but I do not smoke now.

I did not use to smoke. I smoke now but there was a period in my life when I did not smoke.

more examples: oSarah used to drink coffee. Now she prefers tea. oPierre used to fly from Paris to London. Now he takes the train.

oIt didn’t use to be so crowded in the shops as it is nowadays. oHe didn't use to read stories as a child, but he grew up to be a writer.

Let’s practice!! Make sentences.

I used to be a _______, but now I am a ________.

I used to be a _______, but now I am a ________.

Thank you

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