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LEWIS Multichannel Marketing

Published by umang.dokey, 2016-04-07 10:02:00

Description: LEWIS-Multichannel_Marketing_Part_2


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Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact IndPuarsttTrwyo:GThueiAdretPart Two: The ArtMultichannelMarketingDefine, Design and DeliverCampaigns with Impact 1

Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact Part Two: The Art ContentsIntroduction 3Understanding the audience 4What’s your story? 5Creativity is the key 7 2

Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact Part Two: The Art IntroductionNow that you’ve set your campaigngoals and key metrics and have youroperational foundations in place, it’stime to develop the campaign messagingand creative.At the heart of every campaign should bea compelling story that will dictate youroverarching campaign theme and shapeyour campaign messagingand creative.This of course needs to permeateevery activity, asset and all campaignmessaging for consistency acrosseach channel. The key to a successfulmultichannel campaign is effectiveintegration, cohesion and consistency. 3

Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact Part Two: The Art Understanding the audienceBefore you even consider your campaign There are sophisticated tools on themessaging however, you need to market you can use for this, but personatruly understand the audience you’re definition doesn’t need to be an oneroustargeting. or overly expensive process. You can use the tools you already have in placeKnowing the basic demographics of your to help drive persona insight - webtarget audience isn’t enough. You need to analytics, CRM, marketing automation,map out the individual personas within email platforms etc. The key is toyour target audience and really get to collect the most relevant data fromknow them on a deeper, psychological each platform and piece it together tolevel. This involves analyzing both form a holistic view of your audience.qualitative and quantitative data to build From here you can validate this throughan accurate picture of who they are, relatively basic customer/prospectwhat motivates them, how they interact research exercises. The end result is awith your brand and online channels and, well-informed representation of the realultimately, what drives them to make people your campaign content needs toa purchase and to choose you over a embrace, inspire and add value to.competitor. 4

Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact Part Two: The ArtWhat’s your Story?Once you know whom you’re targeting, Furthermore, you need to engage youryou want to build a campaign that strikes audience in the story on an emotionala chord, appeals to their pain points, level. Your content should resonateand inspires them to respond. The with your audience and make them feelcampaign theme, the story, the creative, empowered.the content, the packaging - it all playsa pivotal role in winning the audience As Maya Angelou said:over...or falling flat. “People will forget what you said, peopleFirst, there is the story you want to tell. will forget what you did, but people willYour story needs to line up with the never forget how you made them feel.”business drivers of your personas – itis rarely a one-story-fits-all scenario. This quote has been used a lot in theSo for every persona you target, the world of content marketing but thestory needs to shift to appeal to their message is still just as powerful. Yourpains, challenges, and motivators. For story needs to strike a chord with yourexample, if you need to target a business audience in order for them to rememberaudience as well as an IT audience, you your brand.can’t expect that the same message isgoing to resonate with both. It needs tobe targeted to address what they careabout and what keeps them up at night. 5

Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact Part Two: The ArtAs the content marketing space At the same time, that story needs tobecomes more and more saturated, it’s be told swiftly and succinctly. Nobodyvital that you’re investing in the creative wants to read through pages of contentprocess to ensure your central story and or watch cinematic-length videosyour content offering is compelling in to understand what you’re trying toorder to ‘cut though the noise.’ communicate to them. It needs to be brief, direct, and to the point. If it takesEffective content creation is all about you too long to convey your message,maximizing what you have and being you’re probably not conveying itsavvy about how you produce and correctly.repurpose content. A white paperbecomes a series of blog posts, aSlideshare presentation, an animatedvideo, a series of tip sheets, a podcast,an interactive infographic – which in turnbecomes a series of bite-sized graphicsfor social media channels. 6

Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact Part Two: The ArtCreativity is keyWhich brings us to the design and the “same old, same old” creative frompackaging of that content. There’s no other players in the industry, they’vequestion that we live in a more visual likely tuned out most vendor-drivenworld than ever before – “a picture is communications altogether.worth a thousand words” – which meansthat the design and packaging of your That’s why you need to think differently.campaign is even more critical than the You need to think about them first –actual words you use. how they act, what they care about, the pressures they’re under, and theAnd that takes us back to our audience conveniences they appreciate. Youand the story. The visuals and packaging need to think about appealing to themare an extension of the story – they will as human beings versus a mass target.reach or repel the audience before a Then you need to design and packagesingle word is ever read – so they need accordingly. Otherwise, you risk lookingto appeal to the individual personas like everyone the same way that the messagesbehind the story do. For example, that Once you’ve developed your story,executive audience is likely protected messaging and creative and have aby an army of assistants who check their thorough understanding of who you’reemail and discard unwanted messages. targeting, the next step is deciding howThe IT audience might never see their you deliver it.desks during the course of the day, butare glued to their smartphones since Read Part Three: The Delivery to learnthat’s the primary vehicle through which how to choose the right channels forthey respond to the individuals they your campaign and how to maximize andsupport. And in either case, they’re integrate your campaign activity.probably so used to being targeted with 7

Define, Design and Deliver Campaigns with Impact Part Two: The 8

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