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Published by linda, 2018-06-28 07:58:45

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Zone Denmark makes a statement that leavesyou in no doubt. We interpret evolving trends,using our strong and clear DNA to create func-tional design for everyone. Expressed in a mini-malistic and honest design language, our de-signs embrace new ideas, innovative solutionsand exquisite materials.Our purpose is to challenge convention, inspirecuriosity and create beauty.

Dare to be colourful.


Design: VE2 3

WE’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU At Zone Denmark, we love news. And it’s not about the quick thrill of a hurried update. No. We are in love with bringing you truly innovative products that deliver on their promise – and even manage to bring a smile to your face because of how they are shaped, crafted – and the price tag they carry. That is true of all the products in this catalogue. And we can’t wait to send them out into the world and watch them perform their magic with your customers. We are sure they will do their job to perfection. Why are we so confident? Because our team of design-ers are relentless in their quest to design products that are contemporary and that speak to you in a special way. And relentless is never out of style. Several of our products have won design awards – most recently, we have added two Red Dot Awards to our collection. And we are not afraid to say that we think there are more to come – perhaps even among the new products in this catalogue. On the following pages you will find several products from SINGLES – our new collection of individual pro-ducts. Characterized by potent design and a colourful vibe, they are ready to create true impact with retail-ers as they launch one after the other. They are truly a breath of fresh air in the category, and they offer a new shopping experience for your customers. We hope you fall in love with this season’s news from Zone Denmark. Please give them a warm welcome – they are all brand new! Team Zone Denmark4


6 Design: VE2


HOT - IN A COOL WAY Clean and elegant lines distinguish the new and attractive Singles thermo cups, designed by the award-winning VE2 designer trio. The cups can be stacked two by two and there is a wealth of lovely colours to choose between with two cups in one set. So, look forward to enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate in good company and hug the cup without hurting your fingers.8 #zonesingles

Design: VE2Art. no.: 382090 Art. no.: 382120 Art. no.: 382121 Art. no.: 382122 Art. no.: 382123 Art. no.: 382124 Art. no.: 382125 White Biscuit Honey Soil Mud Sky Ink5 708760 67622 4 5 708760 67763 4 5 708760 67764 1 5 708760 67765 8 5 708760 67766 5 5 708760 67767 2 5 708760 67917 1Thermo Cup, 2 Pcs. Material: Stoneware Design: VE2Thermotasse, 2 StückTermokop, 2 stk. Dimensions: D:9 cm H:7,5 cm Pack: 6 Sets 9

10 Design: VE2

SINGLES#zonesingles 11

TEA EGG REINVENTEDThe essential tea egg is Zone’s interpretation of the classic egg, giving teabrewing an extra dimension and finesse. The long handle lets you stir the teawhile it steeps. The word “teaspoon” suddenly acquires a completely newmeaning while at the same time making for an informal and cosy way ofbrewing one or two cups of tea. The tea egg is available in Black, Chai Latte,Camomile and Matcha Green colours.Art. no.: 382051 Art. no.: 382052 Art. no.: 382053 Art. no.: 382054 Black Chai Latte Camomile Matcha Green5 708760 67554 8 5 708760 67555 5 5 708760 67556 2 5 708760 67557 9 Tea Egg Material: 18/0 Steel ABS Design: VE2 Tee-Ei12 Teæg Dimensions: D:3 cm L:18 cm Pack: 6 Pcs. Design: VE2

#zonesingles 13

14 Design: VE2

#zonesingles 15

TEMPTATION IN A BASKETCharming and expressive in its simplicity, an ideal and presentable bread bas-ket with a washable canvas insert. Remove the insert and use the basket fortempting fruit and greens. Art. no.: 382062 Art. no.: 382063 Art. no.: 382064 Art. no.: 382065 Black Warm Grey Cinnamon Sea Salt 5 708760 67567 8 5 708760 67568 5 5 708760 67569 2 5 708760 67570 8 Basket Material: 100% Cotton/Metal Design: VE2 Korb16 Kurv Dimensions: D:25,5 cm H:8 cm Pack: 6 Pcs. Design: VE2

#zonesingles 17

18 Design: VE2


20 Design: VE2 #zonesingles

SOFT WITH AN EDGEThe kitchen roll is practical and indispensable. It must be within easy reachand it must be easy to tear off a piece of paper. It should preferably not standand let the paper wind off the roll on its own. That’s the reason why Zone’skitchen roll holder has a bit of extra edge. Quite literally! While the softlyrounded metal base is the epitome of elegance and discretion, it is also func-tional and effective. It helps keep the paper on the kitchen roll and commandsa firm and convenient place on the table. Art. no.: 382047 Art. no.: 382048 Art. no.: 382049 Art. no.: 382050 Black Cool Grey Warm Grey Cayenne5 708760 67550 0 5 708760 67551 7 5 708760 67552 4 5 708760 67553 1Kitchen Roll Holder Material: Metal Design: VE2KüchenrollenhalterKøkkenrulleholder Dimensions: D:14,5 cm H:32 cm Pack: 6 Pcs. 21

22 Design: VE2 #zonesingles

THE SOUND OF SILENCEA soft and silent landing is the best way of describing what happens when you put down yourglass on a Zone silicone coaster. The coasters share a stylish design and an almost floatingexpression, created by the VE2 designer trio who also designed the award-winning Peili series.Available in a set of six glass coasters in a practical holder. Choose between eight lovely coloursthat match the Peili series. Art. no.: 372055 Art. no.: 372056 Art. no.: 372097 Art. no.: 381004 Black Cool Grey Nordic Sky Nude5 708760 65695 0 5 708760 65696 7 5 708760 65786 5 5 708760 65919 7Art. no.: 372057 Art. no.: 372096 Art. no.: 381037 Art. no.: 381123 Warm Grey Cactus Plum Rosehip5 708760 65697 4 5 708760 65785 8 5 708760 65957 9 5 708760 66624 9Coasters w. Holder, 6 Pcs. Material: Silicone/Metal Design: VE2Glasuntersetzer m. Halter, 6 StückGlasbrikker m. holder, 6 stk. Dimensions: D:10 cm H:3,1 cm 23 Pack: 6 Sets

24 Design: VE2


26 Design: VE2 #zonesingles

CUTTING EDGE DESIGNWith its attractive, straightforward and simple design, the Zone Singles knifeblock can hold all types of knives. The insert consists of hundreds of thinplastic straws, enabling you to place your knives however you want – closetogether or with plenty of space in between. Available in Black and CoolGrey. Art. no.: 382055 Art. no.: 382056 Black Cool Grey 5 708760 67558 6 5 708760 67559 3Knife Block Material: PP/TPR Design: VE2MesserblockKnivblok Dimensions: L:17 cm W:9 cm H:24 cm Pack: 4 Pcs. 27

NEAT DISHES, PLEASEOne of the things you will find in our Singles universe is a compact all-in-onedishwashing caddy. Round and soft to the eyes and touch, the caddy is builtaround a silicone holder with room for a soap dispenser at the one end anda dish brush at the other. The space in between can hold a scouring spongeand a cloth, while the metal handle is both practical and an excellent clothdrying rack.The soap dispenser is made of solid ceramic material with a storage part inscratch-proof and easy-to-clean silicone. The accompanying microfibre clothdoes not contain microplastic and the brush head is replaceable.Art. no.: 382011 Black5 708760 67490 9Dishwashing Set with Kitchen Cloth Material: Silicone/Ceramic Design: VE2Geschirrspülset mitt Putzlappen Dimensions: L:22 cm W:6,7 cm H:19 cm28 Opvaskesæt m. karklud Pack: 4 Sets

Design: VE2 #zonesingles 29

30 Design: VE2


Design: VE2 Art. no.: 382022 Art. no.: 382023 Art. no.: 382024 Art. no.: 382025 Black Warm Grey Nordic Sky Sahara5 708760 67511 1 5 708760 67512 8 5 708760 67513 5 5 708760 67514 2Trivet Material: Silicone Design: VE2TischschonerBordskåner Dimensions: D:14,5 cm H:0,9 cm Pack: 6 Pcs. Art. no.: 382018 Art. no.: 382019 Art. no.: 382020 Art. no.: 382021 Black Warm Grey Grass Mustard 5 708760 67507 4 5 708760 67508 1 5 708760 67509 8 5 708760 67510 4 Trivet Material: Silicone Design: VE2 Tischschoner32 Bordskåner Dimensions: D:14,5 cm H:0,9 cm Pack: 6 Pcs.

STEADY NOWThe Danish VE2 designer trio was inspired by the waving crops in the fieldsand the majestic pine trees in the forest when they designed the beautifulCrop and Pine silicone trivets. The trivets provide a firm and safe place forhot dishes and bowls on the dining table. Why not decorate with more triv-ets than you really need? Decorative Crop and Pine “islands” mean there isalways a convenient space for a dish.The trivets are heat-resistant up to 250°C and are dishwasher-safe, makingthem easy to clean. 33

Design: VE2 Art. no.: 382035 Art. no.: 382036 Art. no.: 382037 Art. no.: 382038 Art. no.: 382039 Art. no.: 382040 Black Cool Grey Taupe Brown Warm Grey Nordic Sky Nude5 708760 67527 2 5 708760 67528 9 5 708760 67529 6 5 708760 67530 2 5 708760 67531 9 5 708760 67532 6Placemat, Daisy Material: PVC Design: VE2Tischset, DaisyDækkeserviet, Daisy Dimensions: L:40 cm W:30 cm Pack: 12 Pcs. Art. no.: 382041 Art. no.: 382042 Art. no.: 382043 Art. no.: 382044 Art. no.: 382045 Art. no.: 382046 Black Cool Grey Taupe Brown Warm Grey Nordic Sky Nude 5 708760 67533 3 5 708760 67534 0 5 708760 67535 7 5 708760 67536 4 5 708760 67537 1 5 708760 67538 8 Placemat, Hexagon Material: PVC Design: VE2 Tischset, Hexagon34 Dækkeserviet, Hexagon Dimensions: L:40 cm W:30 cm Pack: 12 Pcs.

GRAPHICAL APPETISER The new Daisy and Hexagon placemats make setting the table decorative and practical, and there is a clear link to the trivets of the same names. Combine the attractive patterns, matching colours and practical materials.Design: VE2 35

SHOWPIECEThere is a clear reference to the popular Daisy and Hexagon trivets and placemats when you choose thenew tea towels from the VE2 designer trio. Rooted in characteristic geometrical figures, the result is bothcharming and straightforward – like a graphical showpiece.The tea towels are made of 100% cotton and are, of course, large, absorbent and long-wearing. Art. no.: 382026 Art. no.: 382027 Art. no.: 382028 Art. no.: 382029 Black Warm Grey Taupe Brown Nude5 708760 67515 9 5 708760 67516 6 5 708760 67517 3 5 708760 67518 0Tea Towel, Daisy Material: 100% Cotton Design: VE2Geschirrtuch, DaisyViskestykke, Daisy Dimensions: L:70 cm W:50 cm Pack: 6 Pcs. Art. no.: 382030 Art. no.: 382031 Art. no.: 382032 Art. no.: 382033 Black Warm Grey Taupe Brown Nude 5 708760 67519 7 5 708760 67520 3 5 708760 67524 1 5 708760 67525 8 Tea Towel, Hexagon Material: 100% Cotton Design: VE2 Geschirrtuch, Hexagon36 Viskestykke, Hexagon Dimensions: L:70 cm W:50 cm Pack: 6 Pcs.

Design: VE2 37


THE NATURAL CHOICEZone’s knitted kitchen cloths and kitchen towels in 100%cotton are natural all the way – sensually soft, practical,strong and with no hint of chemicals or microplastic.We have expanded with a number of lovely colours suchas Taupe Brown and Nude that match the new Daisy andHexagon tea towels. Light Blue, Dark Blue and Anthracitematch Zone’s new interpretation of the classic chequeredtea towel. Art. no.: 382107 Art. no.: 382108 Art. no.: 382109 Art. no.: 382110 Art. no.: 382111 Taupe Brown Nude Light Blue Dark Blue Anthracite 5 708760 67673 6 5 708760 67674 3 5 708760 67675 0 5 708760 67676 7 5 708760 67677 4Kitchen Cloth, 3 Pcs. Material: 100% CottonPutzlappen, 3 StückKarklud, 3 stk. Dimensions: L:27 cm W:27 cm Pack: 6 Pcs. Art. no.: 382112 Art. no.: 382113 Art. no.: 382114 Art. no.: 382115 Art. no.: 382116 Taupe Brown Nude Light Blue Dark Blue Anthracite5 708760 67678 1 5 708760 67679 8 5 708760 67680 4 5 708760 67681 1 5 708760 67682 8Kitchen Towel Material: 100% Cotton 39KüchentuchKøkkenhåndklæde Dimensions: L:50 cm W:38 cm Pack: 6 Pcs.

THE SPICE OF LIFE The herb pots come in two sizes and feature a beautifully integrated saucer. A number of wicks in the herb pot suck up water and ensure the right moisture balance in the earth. The groove on the side of the herb pot lets you keep an eye on the water level in the saucer. The accompanying watering can makes it easy to replenish the water. The can is designed to match the herb pots and its beautiful brass finish makes it a visual design element on its own. Herb & Sprout also contains a pair of herb scissors that can hang on the edge of the herb pot so it is always at hand when you need to harvest herbs or spices.40 Design: Mavro//Lefèvre #zoneherbandsprout

Art. no.: 381139 White5 708760 66666 9Herb pot, self-watering Material: Stoneware Design: Mavro//LefèvreKräutertopf, selbstbewässernderKrydderurtepotte, selvvandende Dimensions: D:10 cm H:11,6 cm Pack: 6 Pcs. Art. no.: 381140 Material: Stoneware Design: Mavro//Lefèvre White Dimensions: D:11,5 cm H:13,6 cm5 708760 66667 6 Pack: 6 Pcs.Herb pot, self-wateringKräutertopf, selbstbewässernderKrydderurtepotte, selvvandendeArt. no.: 381141 Brass5 708760 66668 3Watering can Material: 18/0 Steel Design: Mavro//LefèvreGießkanneVandkande Dimensions: L:24,5 cm W:8 cm H:24 cm 0,75 l Pack: 4 Pcs.Art. no.: 381142 Brass5 708760 66669 0Scissors Material: Metal Design: Mavro//LefèvreSchere 41Saks Dimensions: L:11,3 cm Pack: 6 Pcs.

Design: VE2 Art. no.: 382006 Art. no.: 382007 Art. no.: 382008 Art. no.: 382009 Black Grey White Nude 5 708760 67485 5 5 708760 67486 2 5 708760 67487 9 5 708760 67488 6 Soap Dish Material: Porcelain/Soft Touch Design: VE2 Seifenschale42 Sæbeskål Dimensions: D:12 cm H:3 cm Pack: 6 Pcs.

PURE PLEASUREThe attractive Ume soap dish has a lovely soft-touch surface and practicalgrooves to let surplus water run away. The colours match the rest of the Umebathroom series. Choose between Black, Grey, White and Nude.#zoneume 43



BATHROOM BLISSNova One is a creation of Thomas Dudzinski, fo-cusing on functionality, design and aesthetics.The series hails simple, honest and distinctive ex-pression and comes in AW2018 in a new colour,Gull Grey.Nova One in Gull Grey applies to the entire seriesincluding the soap dispenser, toilet brush, soapdish and pedal bin. Design: Thomas Dudzinski Design: VE246 #zonenovaone

Art. no.: 382096 Gull Grey5 708760 67657 6Soap Dispenser Material: Stonew./Soft Touch/Plastic Design: Thomas DudzinskiSeifenspenderSæbedispenser Dimensions: D:8 cm H:11,5 cm 0,25 l Pack: 6 Pcs.Art. no.: 382097 Gull Grey5 708760 67658 3Toothbrush Mug Material: Stoneware/Soft Touch Design: Thomas DudzinskiZahnbürstenbecher Dimensions: D:8 cm H:10 cmTandbørstekrus Pack: 6 Pcs.Art. no.: 382099 Gull Grey5 708760 67660 6Soap Dish Material: Stoneware/Soft Touch Design: Thomas DudzinskiSeifenschaleSæbeskål Dimensions: D:11,5 cm H:2,5 cm Pack: 6 Pcs.Art. no.: 382098 Gull Grey5 708760 67659 0Toilet Brush Material: Stonew./S. Touch/18/8 Steel Design: Thomas DudzinskiToilettenbürsteToiletbørste Dimensions: D:10,3 cm H:37 cm Pack: 3 Pcs.Art. no.: 382100 Gull Grey5 708760 67661 3Pedal Bin Material: ABS/Soft Touch Design: Thomas DudzinskiPedaleimer 47Pedalspand Dimensions: D:23 cm H:29 cm 5 l Pack: 2 Pcs.

GET DRY, GO SOFT After your shower you can reach out for our soft and lovely quality Prime bath towels. They are now available in Soft Grey and another new colour, Gull Grey. Prime towels are made with 100% untwined cotton yarn with extreme drying power. The towels feature a double design – chequered on one side and striped on the other.Art. no.: 382085 Art. no.: 382106 Art. no.: 382084 Art. no.: 382105 Soft Grey Gull Grey Soft Grey Gull Grey5 708760 67617 0 5 708760 67667 5 5 708760 67616 3 5 708760 67666 8 Bath Towel Material: 100% Cotton 600 g Towel Material: 100% Cotton 600 g Badehandtuch Handtuch48 Badehåndklæde Dimensions: L:140 cm W:70 cm Håndklæde Dimensions: L:100 cm W:50 cm Pack: 3 Pcs. Pack: 6 Pcs.

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