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Luwar international profile ( Revised on 21 June 2021 )

Published by hamid.faani, 2022-05-18 09:23:49

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Company Profile JCCS ID: 88771 DUNS: 851750306 CAGE CODE: SKUP9 1

OUR MISSION “To make them worry free Of how their gold is bought, moved and stored” Be proud of the service we provide and where we are. Work hard to Achieve next milestone and continue to expand our corporation and inflate our course to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible. To Provide all employees with an environment that promotes team Atmosphere and pride in all we do. • Our vision is our dignity; our dignity is ensuring customer satisfaction through: • Best safety and compliance record in the industry. • Lowest claim and occurrence rate in the industry. • Treat our customers legitimately, honestly and equally with no discrimination project budget wise. • Proactively contributes in nation reconstruction and step forward for a dynamic, forceful and energetic Afghanistan. 2

BACKGROUND Luwar international is an Afghan-owned company headquartered in Dubai, UAE with its branches stationed in Afghanistan and several Central Asian countries founded in 2012 as a partnership corporation. Luwar international has been established through merging of several experienced, well positioned, highly ranked and knowledgeable sister companies and acquisitioned firms proactively functioning all Over Afghanistan. Today Luwar International services provide Force protection equipment, Stationary services, Tents, Construction material, contract and public warehousing, Logistics, fuel Supply, service delivery, Inspections, transportation, manufacturing support, packaging and fulfilment services in strategically located sites throughout Afghanistan with over 650 Employees directly/indirectly working under an experienced and well-coordinated supervision to provide our customers complete multinational supply chain solutions. As one of the largest Dry and frozen-truck carriers in Afghanistan, Luwar International Transport brings the assurance of size, strength and bulk commodity Logistics operations. At Luwar International we are committed to providing safe and dependable transportation services which consistently deliver value to our customers. Luwar international as the biggest corporation national wide embraces largest bulk fuel supply with more than 500 actively functioning vehicles all over Afghanistan. Luwar International core competencies include contract & multi-client Service delivery, Logistics support services and implementations. In addition, Luwar International provides services such as Service Management, Project Management, and Supply Chain and Inspections surveys. Luwar International is recognized as a top national logistics provider due to our commitment to quality extends nationwide and our management procedures are among the most comprehensive in within the logistics field. Our stringent standards formulated by our professional team allow functional operation through standard operating procedures. Luwar International considers safety prior to execution of projects. The culture we create to achieve our safety performance is reached through a structured environment where training is constant and where no Process or solution is created without considering its possible effect on safety. 3

MANAGEMENT A strong business ethic and customer satisfaction has engaged (Luwar International) management in the top tier of Afghanistan. As well- connected and well-reputed industries and suppliers. (Luwar International) Maintains a policy of guaranteed quality, internationally standardized specifications, Customer satisfaction and service monitoring and follow-up. Our Services Include: Within Afghanistan • Trading o • Petroleum • Transportation / Logistics • Cloth Manufacturing • Force Protection Equipment (items). • Construction Material Supply • Point to point delivery of fuel, dry and heavy cargo, and frozen goods within Afghanistan. • 500 new, owned and operated trucks including fuel tankers, 20’/40’ flat-bed trucks, Reefers, lowboys and super lowboys and 600+ sourced from reliable agents, • 20’/40’ containers to ensure safety of the cargo. • Pick-up and delivery to all location throughout Afghanistan. • 24-hour emergency response. • Timely cargo tracking and reporting services and state of the art ops room. • Operations team trained with the GDMS and reporting. • Reliable security. • Trained and licensed drivers. Within Dubai • Import/Export • Vehicle Supply (New/Used) • Vehicles Spare Parts • Generators • Miscellaneous tasks according to project availability and customer needs 4

FORCE PROTECTION EQUIPMENTS Afghanistan as a land with historical and unique background of civil wars, critical and vulnerable geographical location within the neighborhood and transition situation where Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) are supposed to overtake the combat missions from United States and NATO in the near future. Luwar International is prepared and motivated to contribute with greatest extents to enforce Afghan forces through our potentials and deliver the means to smoothly run the machinery possessed by the Government of Afghanistan or its International entities and supply the related organization with defensive and offensive measure to increase fighting potentials of Afghan National Force which can be applied at decisive time and place. Hereby, we are glad to announce that Luwar international is willing to provide its customers with the following items with a brief description alongside: BODY ARMOR Luwar International is proud to provide its customers with wide range of body armors. You will be provided with specific body armors according to your needs and combat environment (according to feedback provided by our customers). 5

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS High Quality construction material is the core to ensure construction project sustainability, safety, and endurance. Luwar International is the best solution to your construction needs within Afghanistan to overcome this challenge. Construction Materials provided by Luwar International and its sister companies to its customer are but not limited as following constituents: - Hesco - Cement - Gravel - Concrete (mixing) - Sand - Rubber - I-Beams - Plywood - Lumbar - Insulation - Charcoal - Prefabricated buildings - Concrete security blocks - Aluminum windows - Fences - Electrical Items - Sanitary Ware 6

TENTS Luwar International is willing to provide its customer with occasion related tents to create perfect atmosphere for your outdoor events and working stations. Our products come in semi-permanent and permanent forms of different sizes which could be ideal solution to your needs. Upon customer request the products can be equipped with required windows, arches, lighting, and cooling systems. IMPORT/EXPORT SERVICES Luwar International has grown as a successful trading company in Afghanistan, U.A.E and scoping its further trading targets to be expanded not only with the neighboring countrie Centreal Aisa, Europe, USA and Turkey. Luwar International alongside its promising/experienced sister companies has emerged as one of the largest importer and exporters. Some of the main constituents of our imports to Afghanistan are as Fuel, Electronics, Light and Armored vehicles, construction material, IT products and equipment, home and office appliances and other miscellaneous needs of the market. 7

SPARE PARTS To ensure smooth and endurable function of machineries and avoid failure and shutdown of equipment Luwar International has the superiority to provide spare parts of diverse machineries to its customers according to their needs. We supply our customers with both consumable and repairable spare parts (detailed list of spare parts will be provided to our customer upon request). PICK-UP AND DELIVERY THROUGHOUT AFGHANISTAN • Our superiority as a leading corporation is in wide range of geographical services we provide. The map demonstrates the locations we have frequently delivered till date. We are familiar with all USG installations. 8

OWNED AND OPERATED FUEL TRUCKS Luwar International does not outsource fuel trucks or drivers period! We own and operate a total fleet of one hundred seventeen (117) fuel trucks of various sizes with multiple hose, coupler fittings and fuel pump sizes; allowing Luwar International to service terrain challenged locations lacking proper equipment onsite. Our drivers are trained and certified in safe download operations. Luwar International owns and operates the following fleet of fuel trucks. No Truck Type Tank Capacity Unit Qty 1 Fuel Trucks 30 ton US Gallons 45 40ft 2 Fuel Trucks 25 ton US Gallons 42 20 ft 3 Small Fuel Trucks 1,000 to 3,000 US Gallons 30 ft TOTAL FLEET OF FUEL TANKERS 117 All fuel tanks owned by Luwar International are properly maintained and regularly inspected prior to loading to ensure good quality fuel supply. Our professional technicians inspect the tankers in details and every tanker must meet the following inspection checklist terms and conditions to be verified for fuel transport: - Tanks are empty, free of debris, has no holes/leaks and dips are sealable - Never been used for other liquids but fuel - Tank openings (long-bolted manways for emergency venting are functional/ tank openings are sealed prior to departure) - Distortion/ Buckling/ Denting and bulging of the tank - Insulation condition (moisture should not be allowed) - Piping (Inspected for leakage, piping supports and piping insulation condition) - Tank top ( Inspected for water on the roof, cracks in insulation and paint which will be repaired according to manufacturer’s standards) - Level Gauge/Overfill prevention devices (inspected to ensure their operability) 9

FLEET OF DRY CARGO AND REEFER TRUCKS Our owned-and-operated and sourced fleets of dry cargo trucks include Flatbed Trucks (20’&40’), Lowboys (20’/30’/40’), Super Lowboys and Bongo Trucks. Luwar International owns a total fleet of 300 dry cargo and reefer trucks including flatbed and lowboys and has the ability to source 300 trucks in one day with ease through its reliable agents in Kabul and other provinces. OWNED-AND-OPERATED DRY FLEET Luwar International owns the following fleet of dry cargo trucks No Truck Type Tank Capacity Qty 1 Flat-Bed Trucks 40’ 150 2 Flat-Bed Trucks 20’ 50 3 Lowboys 20’/30’/40’ 30 4 Reefers 20’/&’/40’ 50 5 Bongo Truck <20’ 20 Our policy is to elude financing in old trucks! Our own trucks are in very good condition, well maintained and most of them are new or like in new condition. All of our trucks are capable of hauling heavy cargo from loaded 20’-40’ containers, up to 50,000liters of fuel tanks and heavy army MRAPs. Our flatbed trailers are capable of hauling a 40’ or two 20’ heavily loaded containers, and all our flatbeds are equipped with functional containers locks and other necessary equipment such as tonnage and lashing material and tarps for palletized cargo. LOWBOYS Our 35-ton low boy trailers have 70,000-pound trailer platform capacity and the 55-ton lowboy trailers have 110,000-pound trailer platform capacity. Other lowboy trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating, meaning if you have a 50,000-pound lowboy trailer, you must subtract the weight of the lowboy trailer. We have lowboys with up-to 80-ton trailer capacity. The lowboy trailers come equipped with sealed lighting system. Llowboys owned by the corporation are distinguished form those in the market as being both water and moisture proof. Our trailers are recessed for maximum protection and include all required trailer lights. 10

REEFERS We provide the finest refrigerated trucks including 20’ and 40’ trailers at any time to ensure on time delivery and safety even for perishable freight. company owned reefers are available for our customers with experienced staff/drivers; equipped with water-cooling system which function properly up to temperature of under 25 degrees of Celsius (-25C). SOURCED TRUCKS Luwar International has loyal agents who consider themselves as part of Luwar International. Our agents respect and Adhere to our strict rules and regulations. They provide us a wide of range of functional, new and good quality trucks from which our professional team has the capacity to select and provide our customers with contracted appropriate trucks. Our loyal and reliable agents have enabled us to offer 400 trucks in addition to our owned-and-operated trucks per day to support our clients. CONTAINERS Luwar International owns (100) 20’ and (95) 40’ empty container to support the hauling operations. These containers are provided to ensure safe hauling of cargo. 24/7 TRACKING AND REPORTING OPERATIONS We offer with no additional cost tracking and reporting of cargo to our clients. We have skilled staff working 24 hours actively to track our clients’ cargo on road and update them with daily status reports. Our tracking and reporting team is trained with the GDMS and Transponders as we have worked together with JMCB to track the US Government cargo on roads of Afghanistan under the National Afghan Trucking and Host Nation Trucking contract. Luwar International now has a full-fledged tracking team with GDMS/Transponder operations experience.Therefor; Luwar International is now capable of offering GDMS- ITV services for our valuable clients to track their cargo on road. 11

TRAINED AND LICENSED DRIVERS Performing transportation services throughout the years in Afghanistan has led to the creation of an extensive database and network of drivers and performance data.Luwar international Drivers undergo rigorous and regular trainings to ensure that they keep themselves/ public and precious cargo safe as they travel all over Afghanistan. Our drivers are well trained to properly respond in case of emergency situations. Besides; within our trainings drivers are supposed to learn basic knowledge about enforced transportation laws of Afghanistan to avoid misunderstandings with related authorities, station risk assessment done by our regional offices will be shared to our drivers who have capacitated how to implement words in practical grounds and our drivers are trained to synchronize tanker delivery amongst Luwar international central office, our subordinate representative and contracting customer on timely manner. Drivers are trained on how to communicate with the USG personnel, ITV transponder and panic alarm and reporting requirements. Luwar International believes if you have not counselled and invested a standard into a person, then you cannot expect success. This belief provides Luwar International a large and safe drivers force to meet demand without losing quality and customer satisfaction. 12

TANDEM AXEL FUEL TRUCKS All the 30,000 and 25,000 liters fuel trucks tandem axle to respond to the rough terrain challenging roads and hard security situations. (Luwar International) has delivered fuel to challenging locations such as; Kandahar, Khowst, Naray, Barikowt, Jaji, Shkin, Orgune and many others.(Luwar International) delivers over (90) million gallons of USG fuel annually to nearly 100 locations throughout Afghanistan originating from Bagram, Kabul, Dehdadi, Jalalabad and Sharana.(Luwar International) also delivers private fuel from point to point between Hairatan, Sherkhan Bandar, Kabul And Kandahar. 13

FUEL OPERATIONS (Luwar International) supports its fuel operations using its equipped holding yards of tankers in Kabul, Aqina, Hiratan Jalalabad, Mazar e Sharif, Herat and Kandahar. We also have a secondary yard in Kabul for holding the spare trucks. Every yard has a site manager who is responsible to ensure the following entities to be accomplished accurately: - maintain operative standards. - Investigate, verify, and resolve site complains. - Developing and implementing delivery schedule - Monitor operation to ensure staff comply with the company rules. - Supervise our staff who repair and maintain equipment and vehicles. Equipment Luwar International ensures its fuel trucks are fully equipped with necessary equipment before dispatching to origin. We always provide additional pumps, hoses and meter whenever requested by the customer. TECHNICAL CAPACITY The Luwar International operates first class logistical, transportation, fuel supply, equipment, and Services Delivery; with the ethos that customer loyalty leads to sustained profit growth and company value. Luwar International provides services to Governmental, National and International Organizations across the country which are functioning to restore, develop and bring standardization to the system. 14

QUALITY POLICY • Luwar International Management is committed to deliver quality products and services according to the client’s needs, specifications and contract based material agreed upon. We have in-house capability to bring our client’s needs on the drafting table and incorporate their requirement into standard codes and specification recognized by the industries. • The operation and performance of Luwar International meets the highest internationally Recognized standards within the industry • Luwar International Management is committed to meet the mutually agreed schedule and work plan between both parties. Our project manager will be the administrative arm of our projects, updating our project schedule on a regular basis to control smooth downstream effect and identify tasks on the critical path. • Luwar International Management is committed to utilize trained and qualified personnel to ensure the quality of work by meeting the requirements and a high quality workmanship within the specified timeframe and budget. Organizational Structure: Our organization chart reflects workflow, line of command and communication within corporation and subordinate departments. Our functional departments and working staff are outlined as per below chart who are obligated to ensure project implementation in accordance to Luwar international rules and regulations: 15

Organizational diagram: Director Internal Audit Committee Risk Management Committee General Consultancy Manager Team Admin/Finance Chief Advisors Department Finance Section Procurement General Services Human Unit Unit Resources Transport Department 16

Licences: 17

Licences: 18

Contact: Head Office Unit No.1310, Fortune Tower Cluster C Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai United Arab Emirates Call No: +971561313045 Email: [email protected] Website: Afghanistan Office Shari-E-Now Kabul, Afghan Call No: +93 780144030 Email: [email protected] [email protected] USA Office 19

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