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Published by CSS-MarketingandCommunications, 2020-10-30 15:51:33

Description: Fall 2020


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Newsletter 1 Suppor t Repor tOrange County Department of Child Support Services


Newsletter 3 FROM THE DIRECTOR -Steven Eldred Staying Flexible and Healthy in Trying Times Fall is here, and hopefully more than just the season will start to change. We’re all hoping for a further reduction in COVID-19 cases and restrictions. Some of the changes have been difficult, and some of us know people who have been directly affected by the virus. Our best thoughts go out to those families. To adapt to the pandemic, we’ve consulted with County Public Health and Risk Management. We’ve worked with the building owner and our Facilities Team to install plexiglass barriers, hand towel dispensers, automatic soap dispensers and water faucets. We’ve limited seating capacity in conference rooms, recommended good health practices and supported telework wherever possible. It can be a challenge to stay focused on our jobs in these turbulent times. Viruses, wildfires, earthquakes – and ‘back to school’ was never like this! But I ask all of us to stay on-mission here. 95% of our lives have NOT changed. We take care of our families, drive the same car, and have the same jobs. We might be accessing our computer or talking to our customers differently, but we perform the same tasks and serve the same families. And those families need us to be ready to assist when they call – even if we’re not ready. This Spring we all expected a rush of case openings, either through welfare or non- welfare sources. Neither happened. Lots of people applied for cash assistance but didn’t receive a referral because of unemployment insurance or the stimulus payments. But those are running out, and the economy has not yet re-opened. So be ready – I think those customers may yet come in, and we’ll have to adapt to the volume and make sure we can serve them. Steven Eldred

4 OC CSS Employee Engageme By Employee Engagem When COVID-19 shut down California, children were confined to their homes and it marked the start of distance disrupting their social life. This was also true with our staff. CSS responded to the pandemic crisis by preparin After a few weeks of teleworking, staff longed for employee interaction and a sense of conn EEC began thinking of ways to continue supporting staff engagement in the middle of a pandemic while complying w and planning ways to make staff feel connected in fun and responsible ways. Spring Vibes and Summer Sizzles scavenger hunts and virtual bingo. August 27th also marked an unprecedented time for Staff Appreciation Day. A They shared their talents in comedy, cooking, singing and dancing via videos compiled by Alex Gutierrez. The Exe produced by Internal Communications Team. OCEA al EEC events: MExeescs.aTgeeamfrom Staff Appreciation Day CMSeSssaLgeeafdreorms Push-up Challenge CSS-Family Fued CSS Events Raymundo Mendoza Alejandra Gutierrez Yadira Nino and Friend What’s next for the EEC? If you have ideas or suggestions on maintaining connectedness in CSS, e-mail CSS-Employee Engagement Committee. Back to Index

Newsletter 5 ent in the Era of COVID-19 ment Committee (EEC) e learning for schools. Children were missing interaction with classmates, organizations, and friends in school, ng the technology and guidelines for teleworking. The first few days of working from home seemed like a nifty idea. nectedness to their CSS family - a challenge for the Employee Engagement Committee (EEC). with social distancing guidelines. With the Executive Team’s guidance and support, EEC met and began strategizing brought staff fun activities like crossword puzzles, name these tunes, exercise videos, photo-sharing, tributes, A day filled with activities where staff participated in online games, Zoom Family Feud, and opportunity drawings. ecutive and Leadership Teams shared words of appreciation and inspiration to staff through video presentations lso donated exciting prizes for opportunity drawings. Comments EEC received: \"Special thank you to the Employee Engagement Committee!! I have truly enjoyed all the emails and activities from you. I miss my CSS family, and this was a way to stay connected and to see familiar faces during this difficult time. Thank You!!!\" \"You all made me smile and laugh! I enjoy all that you do for us. Keep doing it! Thank you.\" \"I'm loving these Staff Appreciation videos and games. You guys did a GREAT JOB!!\" OCSpSpoTratluenntity By Josie Ramirez Afriend approached me and said, \"Josie, you should record a video making your lemon bars\" for CSS’ talent opportunity. I thought about it overnight and decided to record a video making veggie burgers, instead. Recently, I've embraced vegan eats as my son decided to become vegan. Since I love cooking and embrace all foods, making vegan cuisine inspired my palate. The reason I chose to share my talent with making this culinary cuisine is because I love color. This dish holds so many rich colors: deep red beets, gorgeous green spinach, marvelous maroon kidney beans and wintery white quinoa. It's a dish we all love and I'm glad I was able to share my talent with CSS. Contact Josie at [email protected] to learn more about the veggie burger recipe.

6 OC CSS Getting to Know Your DDC Jennifer Wills Attorney III Why did you choose this Can you tell me about your What are your favorite career? family? hobbies and pastimes? I have always wanted to work in a field My husband Dan and I have two Before COVID-19, we loved going that allows me to help other people. to Disneyland on a regular basis. Before going to law school, I worked wonderful children, Sean who is 4 Now we enjoy swimming, going for for a non-profit organization and a nature walk or baking a special volunteered at every opportunity. years old and Hazel who is 2 years treat. If I can negotiate some time for This desire stayed with me through myself, I will go for a run or volunteer law school. While the area of family old. We are fortunate to have my to run errands so I can listen to my law can be highly emotional, working parents live nearby to help watch most recent audio book or podcast. for CSS places us in a unique position the kids. This year, grandma has to help guide parties through the taken on the task of learning how to What do you consider process without having to take sides. facilitate distance learning for Sean. to be your biggest We thank our lucky stars each day! accomplishment(s)? Did you practice law prior to working for OC CSS? What attracted you to OC Each time a party to a case, a private CSS? bar attorney or the Commissioners Yes, I practiced for 2-3 years in the thank me for resolving a matter either area of family law. I also volunteered I was attracted to OC CSS in court or via written stipulation - I at the family law court in San am reminded of the impact we have Francisco, working at both the self- because of the focus on helping and the importance of our work. help center and the self-represented parties understand and resolve litigants’ calendar. their obligations surrounding child support. I truly enjoy the What college(s) did you opportunities to work directly with graduate from? parties to resolve their issues. I also believe that this focus translates to UCLA - undergrad the team-oriented work environment Golden Gate University - Law School we all enjoy. I have the best co- workers and truly enjoy coming to work each day. Back to Index

Newsletter 7 WhatWe Do Policy and Process Management Team (PPM) By Gladys M. Hayashi On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. Seven months after, we have learned how to cope and acclimate to living with COVID-19, our new normal. PPM found new ways to stay connected and continues to provide support to staff and customers by: » Assisting operational areas through projects and/or initiatives; providing recommendations to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. » Managing the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and providing weekly Q&As and Tips & Reminders as a reference tool. » Completing Quarterly Compliance and Data Reliability Reviews (DRR) to ensure we uphold data reliability standards, meet compliance timeframes, and maintain great customer service. All in addition to responding to inquiries submitted via the PPM mailbox. As imagined, inquiries increased due to new processes in place and new DCSS directives as a result of the pandemic. In August 2020, PPM received 287 emails and still responded, on average, within 3 – 5 days. We continue working diligently to conduct research, reach out to our state partners/contacts and review information to provide responses and resolutions to staff. 350 PPM Mailbox 300 250 136 181 258 287 200 151 183 150 Feb Mar 155 151 100 Apr May Jun Jul Aug 50 0 Jan Although a lot of things have changed due to the pandemic, our dedication and service to internal and external customers has not. PPM is here to support staff so that they can better assist our customers.

8 OC CSS Bear-y Much Trainers Miss you! By Cheryl Vargas We have all probably heard the saying “I can’t wait for things to get back to normal at work.” Let me propose a question to you… What if instead we ask ourselves can the “new normal” be better? Hopefully, your answer is YES! The reality is, we have a lot going on. You may have a heavy workload, multiple meetings, Zoom calls, and deadlines. Adding that virtual learning is new to us and you don’t have IT to help you at home. With all this going on how do you have time to attend training? The answer is simple - look for opportunities during the week where you can set some time aside for trainings. Whether working in the office or home, take advantage of various ways you access training such as Eureka, VILT and Online Helpful Tip: Act on the decision to attend training within 5 seconds of receiving a training bulletin. Step1 Step2 Step3 Select a Email Enroll in Training supervisor for Eureka approval Back to Index

Newsletter 9 CoSntanyeicntged By Patty Rosas-DeLeon Ideveloped a professional rapport with one of our many parents in January 2020. In this case, dad was relying entirely on his unemployment insurance benefits (UIB) which were now being intercepted. He explained he was homeless and attempting to get back on his feet. Due to the current environment, he was trying to make sense of what was happening around him. Understandably, he was anxious, confused, and in much need of resources. He requested his intercepted UIB funds be refunded since he had been consistently making and meeting the monthly court-ordered payment of $200 since 2017. Prior to 2017, payments were inconsistent, he experienced homelessness and at times he was placed in rehabilitation centers or rescue shelters. No matter what he was going through, he ensured to keep our office informed of his residence and/or employment status. These extra funds/refunds would help ease some of the hardship. After a review of his case, I modified the UIB intercept. In April 2020, due to COVID-19, LA County placed him in a motel through the Project Roomkey Program. Through this program, he was provided resources which included contacts for possible job placement. Recently, he was hired by a supermarket chain as a driver delivering groceries. He is now waiting to be approved for housing assistance and is hopeful to have his own apartment soon. I would receive positive updates from him every couple of weeks just to tell me about a hurdle he overcame. He even shared a picture taken with several public officials recognizing his progress. It brings a smile to my face knowing we were able to give parents like him some help during these unprecedented times. As ambassadors of CSS, we continue to take our customer service experience to the next level. It may not be business as usual; however, the parents we work with still rely on our services – in some cases, more now than ever.

10 OC CSS The NewNormal By Aidee Cooksey, Lynette Favors, Ann Martin, Jennifer Sanks, and Lan Tran The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we approach conversations, how we travel, and even how we complete our daily work tasks. Looking back at life before COVID-19, we are thankful for the opportunity to slow down and look at our “new normal.” Many of the things we once enjoyed were missed in our busy chaotic schedules. Today, we have a new appreciation for the small opportunities provided since COVID-19. Special Collections would like to share the following compilation of the “New Normal” ... No more handshake New ways of meeting virtually Everyone wears a mask Organizational changes Working from home Reading more classic novels More home-cooked meals Adapting to the times Love the quality of family time These small opportunities have helped us stay safer, provided new ways to stay connected with staff, ample time for indoor activities, and more family time. “Things may never go back to normal. You may need to create a new normal. And that’s okay.” -Jo Hilder Back to Index

Newsletter 11 TeamNeRweWaliogrnkmMenodtseland By Stephanie Ramirez In March of this year, Case Initiation, Establishment, Stipulation, and CERT teams joined Legal Services in what we now often refer to as Order Setting Teams. This realignment allowed for opportunities to streamline business processes. In our current climate, customers are faced with loss of work; therefore, we see an increase in requests for modification, and we continue to see a decline in new case openings. We also saw changes in our staffing. The County Voluntary Incentive Program (VIP) afforded several early retirements, and teleworking minimized the number of staff in-house on a given day. The changes we have encountered over these last 6 months have provided us the opportunity to explore further realignment. Effective September 25th, the Stipulation Teams transitioned to support the implementation of second CERT Team and fourth Establishment Team. This change supports growth and learning while benefiting the customers by reducing the number of teams and staff they are engaged with for any one function. All staff are being trained on the stipulation process and have ample opportunity to obtain an agreement. We are excited to welcome our new teams and assess our new work model! “Flexibility requires an open mind and a welcoming of new alternatives.” -Deborah Day A Delicious Treat! By Alan Chun COVID-19 has brought on many new challenges and opportunities. During our stay-at-home quarantines, some of us picked up new hobbies like gardening to cultivate delicious organic eats, woodworking to design creative DIY projects, discovered hidden talents like cooking or learned new life skills like sewing. One of the things I enjoy doing for my family is cooking. We enjoy eating home-cooked meals and family time around the table. I would like to share one of our favorite dishes in hopes that you can try it at home with your family. Chow Mein is healthy, delicious and takes less than 30 minutes to make. Use your creativity and add ingredients that you love most. Here’s what you need: * 4 cloves garlic chopped * 2 tablespoons light soy sauce * 4 stock green onion chopped * ½ teaspoon sugar * 4 large scrambled eggs * ½ teaspoon ground black pepper * 4 tablespoons cooking oil * 1 tablespoon oyster sauce (optional) *1 bag fresh steamed Chow Mein noodles (follow instructions for boiling printed on bag) Let's Cook! Pre-heat wok (non-stick is preferred) to medium-high heat. Add oil, garlic lightly browned, noodles, sugar, black pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce and stir well. Add green onions, scrambled eggs, stir well, and enjoy. Now, enjoy a delicious treat. Have fun cooking and family time!

12 OC CSS The HTeeaarmt osf By Sandra Jimenez “What are the top qualities of great teams? It’s not a great mystery,” said Simon Sinek at the World Business Forum. As the motivational speaker and author explained, it boils down to three things: empathy, selflessness, and grace. Sinek has been training himself to be more empathetic by paying attention to everyday gestures, such as holding elevators for others or refilling the coffeemaker. Even small acts of kindness release a tiny shot of feel-good. What’s more, “These little considerations for others have a building effect,” Sinek says. CSS is also fostering a culture that demonstrates these traits. I recently received an email from a staff member who left the Department telling me that the “the respect, camaraderie, communication and caring Collections & Performance Reports Team C (CPRT-C) showed each other meant the world.” She added that she was grateful for the experience and was glad to have been part of the team. I want to commend our team for fostering an environment that is supportive and inspires such a feeling of belonging in our workplace. Empathy, selflessness, and grace are powerful forces that help maintain social order and cooperation. Long ago, some viewed leadership as a science that functions only through authoritative relationships. There has been a shift in this belief that lends itself toward the humanistic approach and has found that guiding and supporting each other to do one’s best foster a much more productive and positive environment for everyone. When people feel valued and cared for - they do their work with stronger intrinsic motivation, deeper meaning and a greater level of engagement. They go the extra mile simply because they want to contribute to an organization that cares about them. I am incredibly proud of our team and I hope that we continue to inspire each other to thrive in a caring environment that strengthens the bonds of all staff. By continuing to champion these core leadership values, our team will be stronger and will continue to cultivate a sense of community throughout CSS. “Together is Better” -Simon Sinek Back to Index

Newsletter 13


Newsletter 15 Thank You & Goodbye CSS wishes to thank and acknowledge the following staff members for their contributions and the many years of service they provided to the children and families of Orange County. They will be missed. Anna Burgos Linda Medina Christine Nguyen Lynne Peterson Cynthia Magallanes Maria-Martha Lopez Mary Rodriguez Ed Romero Patricia Pacourek Francisca Heaton Rafaela Damian-Grelck Roberta Machado Gail Johnson Roxana Cecena James Huie Juanita Villalobos Marie Vu Judith Oliman Tuyet-Trinh Tran Judy Torres Yolanda Armendariz Sandy Muir Le Nguyen

16 OC CSS COMMITMENT TO EX The Commitment to Excellence Award is presented to CSS employees commitment to staff and customers. The following staff being MICHELE TSACHPINIS Nominated by Francesca Nguyen – Call Center has been on the front line through this pandemic and Michele has remained focused and dedicated to her staff and peers. She has been positive every step of the way and helps keep us focused when the days are challenging. We always can count on her to take the initiative to inspire us to achieve our goals. We are very fortunate to have her at Call Center! Nominated by Francesca Nguyen – Yan Bing is an Accountant-Auditor II with Financial and YAN BING Purchasing Services, Budget Team. I am recognizing Yan for her outstanding performance and effective contributions to the team and department. She has the knowledge and skill to take on the challenges presented to her. She demonstrates pride and dedication to all her assignments. Since the Department receives limited funding, having an accurate projection is very crucial; she not only provides detailed forecasts, but she also prepares various special reports such as VIP cost estimates, separation payoffs, and furlough savings. She does so by actively collaborating with both staff inside and outside departments and constantly monitors expenditures to ensure budget balances throughout the year. Additionally, she always helps her peers, co-workers and staff in other units when they need help. She is a valued member of the team and department. Thank you for doing an excellent job, Yan. KAVITA MARQUEZ Nominated by Dana Mendocilla – Kavita is one of those employees that goes over and beyond to help you. Many times, I have had questions regarding service of my S&C/PJs and Kavita always knows the answer or has a suggestion to help with the situation. Kavita’s work extremely benefits CSS as serving these individuals with the S&C/PJ is the start of obtaining an order for child support. She strives very hard to get these documents to the vendor as well as updating the vendor with service information. If it wasn’t for Kavita getting these individuals served, we would not be able to obtain an order for child support. You can tell that Kavita takes pride in what she does because she always “Gets the job done” in a timely proficient manner. Thank you Kavita for always being willing to help and taking pride in your work that you do.

Newsletter 17 XCELLENCE AWARDS s in recognition of outstanding achievement, exemplary attitude or recognized were nominated by their supervisors or peers. RUBEN PADILLA Nominated by Violeta Garcia – Ruben provides a critical role in Media Production Services. Over the last six months he has demonstrated leadership skills, resiliency, dedication and exemplary attitude in completing high-profile media productions projects for CSS – while keeping on top of all other assignments. He led the efforts in testing and production of CSS’ first-ever Skype Virtual Town Hall meeting in the Spring. He coordinated with numerous staff throughout CSS to ensure the testing was successful - indeed it was! This led to successful virtual Town Hall meetings in Spring and Summer. He collaborated with various leaders, staff and David Ayala to complete CSS’ Return to Work video. He played an important role in working on other high-profile video projects including COVID-19 Director’s Message, Director’s Award acceptance message (WICSEC), Staff Appreciation Day videos and a WebEx customer video. These video projects are essential in disseminating information from our leaders to staff, building engagement and providing information to our customers. Nominated by Brandon Reed – I am honored to nominate Violeta Garcia for Peer of the Quarter. VIOLETA GARCIA I can hardly believe it has only been a year and four months since my first day at CSS. It still feels like yesterday that Violeta gave me a tour of the building and introduced me to staff. I have learned so much from everyone at CSS since then and especially from Violeta. Since my first day, she has provided me with guidance and mentorship that has been critical in helping me navigate the Department as a new team member. Whether providing input on content or design, her feedback consistently elevates my work. The time she has taken to provide background and guidance on CSS’ messaging to customers set a foundation for my ability to accomplish my work at CSS. Violeta also knows the child support program inside and out. She has helped me understand and communicate every aspect of the child support process including establishment, locate activities, case work, stipulations and even interest accumulation on arrears. Whenever I have a question about child support, I know that she has the answer or knows where I can find it. Violeta’s skills, knowledge, support and encouragement have been assets to me in my development so far and I believe that these qualities make her an asset to CSS. \"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.\" -Aristotle Around CSS

18 OC CSS COMMITMCENOT TMO EMXCIETLLMENECENATWATRODS EX JERRY OCAYA & ROSE NGUYEN Nominated by Peter Aranda – I am currently assisting CERT with internal referrals. When I am working from home and obtain a Stipulation over the phone with customers, I am unable to print out the documents from home until my day at the office which are Wednesdays. To avoid any delays, Office Supervisor Erica Louw and her staff have graciously accepted the responsibility to have Jerry Ocaya and Rose Nguyen assist me as my in-house buddies when I am teleworking from home. When I obtain a Stipulation over the phone, I simply send an email message to my in-house buddy, Jerry or Rose, for further assistance. They immediately package the Stipulation, flag for signatures/dates, flag for initials if needed, and mail out to each party and attorney for signatures on the same day of my request. They also enter CSE case notes after taking actions which I can refer to and ensure these tasks were completed. They are quick to take care of this action every time I send an email message from home. Not only do Jerry and Rose help make my job easier, but they also help expedite this process by assuring our customers receive the Stipulation documents in a timely manner by mail. Thanks to Jerry and Rose’s immediate assistance and contributions to our office, I strongly believe they deserve the Peers of the Quarter commitment to Excellence Award. SUPERVISOR OF THE QUARTER Hilda Rubalcava Nominated by Ana Garcia – Hilda is deserving of this recognition for her response to the challenges created by COVID-19 and rapid changes in Legal Services. As we all know, the pandemic had a huge impact to court hearings, transitioning from in-person to virtual. Hilda adapted quickly, learned and tested the new hearings platform, became the Webex subject matter expert while she trained and supported her team on the new processes. Simultaneously, Hilda provided supervisory coverage for a second team due to a recent retirement. Hilda was also instrumental in re-calendaring multiple cases during the unprecedented court closures. CSS success in developing the new remote hearings process can be attributed to Hilda’s dedication and hard work. \"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.\" -John Quincy Adams

Newsletter 19 XCELLENCE AWARDS TEAMS OF THE QUARTER Customer Service Contact Teams A & B Pictured (left to right): Veronica Olsen, David Dominquez, Randy Ortiz, Ivette Menjivar, Amanda Eighme, Annie Nguyen, Michelle Reyes,Iriss Barriga, Julio Banderas, Natalie Torres, Kiet Ly Not Pictured: Alex Morales Nominated by Ivette Menjivar and Veronica Olsen – Customer Service Contact Teams A&B (CSC) are deserving of this quarter’s Commitment to Excellence Teams of the Quarter award for their dedication, adaptability, and commitment to our agency’s vision to be a trusted partner to parents in securing financial stability for children and each other. This quarter, CSC staff have been faced with the challenge of continuing to provide walk-in services to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initiated during the temporary office closures, CSC staff became available through the Customer Service Hotline for any customer questions or concerns. Since the CSC Hotline’s launch on 3/23/20, CSC staff have assisted 1,480 customers over the phone with resources and case-related questions. CSC staff also collaborated with FIDM team to temporarily assist with tickets and offer solutions to affected customers. As CSC teams prepared to reopen lobby for walk in interviews, CSC staff worked together to adapt and prepare for changes in interviewing processes, including creating interview guidelines (Return to Work Guidelines), a live document to track interviewing rooms (The Whiteboard), and a tool to report any issues on the floor (Real Time Support). CSC staff have also developed procedures for and conducted virtual interviews with customers that preferred to take advantage of remote options. The partnership amongst staff to create these tools to best engage our customers reflects on Customer Service Team’s dedication and commitment to servicing our walk-in customers. Since the lobby’s soft reopening on 6/15/20, CSC staff have interviewed and assisted 2,346 walk-in customers with case-related inquiries. Most recently, CSC staff took on the added task of responding to all Customer Connect Inquiries; so far, CSC staff have assisted 763 customers via Customer Connect since 8/17/20. Whether it is an interview in the office, over the phone, virtually, or online, Customer Service Contact teams are ready to help! CSC staff and leaders have continuously worked together and supported one another as we reopened our lobby. CSC team quickly adapted to new interview procedures to safely accommodate customer needs and continues to build trusted partnerships with parents tailored around servicing each customer’s individual needs. For these reasons, it is our pleasure to nominate Customer Service Contact Teams A & B as Teams of the Quarter. Around CSS

20 OC CSS CustomCeormSeprlviimceents “Thank you so much for everything Sashi! You have been a tremendous help resolving this license situation. Thank you for always responding quickly to my emails and voicemails. YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST!” Sashi Sharma Child Support Specialist FIDM/SLMS “Thank you again for everything via the past few years. It’s been a pleasure talking with you. Your attentiveness and attention to detail, including your follow-up and follow-thorough has been tremendous. I truly appreciate you.” Amanda Griffith Child Support Specialist Enforcement Team 1 “I felt it was important that Lisa-Marie deserves recognition for her excellent work, especially during these challenging times of COVID-19 work environment changes. Over the last two weeks Lisa worked on my case she provided timely thorough detailed follow up and skillfully communicated legal matters. She is empathic, extremely professional and genuine. I felt you would appreciate, be proud and happy to know that someone on your team was representing you extremely well.” Lisa-Marie Silva Sr. Child Support Specialist Community Resource Center “I appreciate you calling and working with me. You are much more pleasant than staff at other locations. Thank you.” Maria Sanchez Sr. Child Support Specialist Community Resource Center “Wanted to give a huge shout-out to the Child Support Department for all the years you collected back child support. You guys rock. Thank you so much for all you did on my behalf.” OC Child Support Services JobWell Done! Around CSS

Newsletter 21 Employee Suggestions The Employee Suggestion Program provides a forum for employees to submit suggestions to enhance customer service, workplace environment, employee wellness and safety; provide cost savings; and boost employee motivation and engagement. We value your ideas and want to hear from you. The Employee Suggestion Program is available for all employees to submit their ideas and suggestions to enhance CSS. These innovative ideas and recommendations greatly help CSS. “Thanks” to Connie for submitting her suggestion. Connie Santoyo suggested providing personal silicone keyboard covers for staff who use different offices/computer keyboards in assisting customers during the pandemic. Facilities Management Services has thought about this suggestion and has already deployed silicone covers in areas where there is frequent sharing of space and keyboards. The silicone covers are mainly for the protection of the keyboard from frequent cleaning and from the risk of COVID-19 spread at shared spaces like the interview cubicles and the cashier windows. Staff are to abide by e-mailed instructions from the CSS-Safety & Emergency Management (SEM) Office regarding cleaning and disinfecting high-touched work surfaces, phones, keyboards, mouse, etc. Staff should contact SEM for more information and guidance. Thank you for your suggestion, Connie! Your suggestions and ideas are helping CSS become better and better each year. We encourage you to continue sharing ideas to enhance our workplace environment and customer service. To submit an employee suggestion, visit the Employee Suggestions page on the Intranet. Keep submitting your ideas! Google Reviews Customer Comments J. Chavez says Every experience I have had with this office has been pleasant and professional. Karhy Dearing says I am not sure why an agency that helps single/abandoned parents get support from the absent parent, would make them bad. They helped me - even now while my children are grown…they are still helping. Recently, I spoke w/Renee & she was very informative & made my day! However over the years I've always had good people there that helped me. I know everybody may not be in a good mood everyday...but they do the job! That's what's important!

22 OC CSS GrowthOptphorrotuungihtiesDaenvdeClhoapngme ent CSS’ efforts to promote growth and development broaden as we explore more ways to leverage new opportunities. There are many ways to grow at CSS and enhance your knowledge and skills. Intra-agency mobility is one way to challenge yourself and take advantage of a path for growth and development. The following individuals have recently taken on exciting new growth opportunities at CSS: 2020 SEP AUG Employee: From: To: Sean Hogan Collection & Perf Reports A Employer Express Team Nora Avina Yolanda Cruz Stipulation A CERT B Jennie Escalante Stipulation A CERT B Paula Garcia Stipulation B Establishment C Diana Garza Stipulation B Establishment C Cathy Grajeda Stipulation B Establishment B Claudia Kabot Stipulation A CERT B Dieu-Mi Ngo Stipulation B Establishment D Victoria Nguyen Stipulation A CERT B Gabriela Okimoto Stipulation A CERT B Maricela Siqueiros Stipulation B Establishment D Margarita Sotelo Stipulation B Establishment D Stipulation A CERT B Vien Tran Stipulation A CERT B SERVICE AWARDS 5 30 20 15 10 Antonio Castillo Amy Huong Nguyen Cheri Simpson Christine Nguyen Alex Morales Chuong La David Urias Brian Nguyen Rose Nguyen Perry Marquez Reyna Villanueva Sean Sanders Yolanda Gonzalez EDITORS ASSISTANT EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHER PUBLISH DATE VIOLETA GARCIA JAN DUNFORD ALDENISE BELCER OCTOBER 30, 2020 CASEY AGUILAR RUBEN PADILLA Around CSS

Newsletter 23 Our Mission To facilitate the financial support of children by engaging parents and providing professional child support services. Our Vision To be a trusted partner of parents in securing financial stability for Orange County’s children. Are you interested in writing an article? Contact Marketing and Communications [email protected]

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