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GAT Fast Facts

Published by mgong, 2019-04-24 17:01:01

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Build your Aviation Training IntelligenceTM Join our growing network of Members and Partners!

GLOBAL AVIATION TRAINING WHO WE ARE Established in 2014, the ICAO Global Aviation Training Office (GAT) supports the human resources capacity-building of ICAO Member States and ensures they have access to enough qualified and competent personnel to operate, manage and maintain the current and future air transport system. The TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP) supports GAT’s mandate. CAPACITY BUILDING 250 210 TRAINING ASSESSMENTS ICAO-RECOGNIZED COURSES TRAINING DESIGN AND TRAINING ASSESSMENTS DEVELOPMENT (TDD) AND CONSULTANCY (TAC) TDD supports and provides guidance in the TAC supports training organizations in development of competency-based training enhancing, streamlining and modernizing courses, and qualifies course developers, training operations through the conduct instructors and validators. To date, there of assessments and to meet current and are 210 courses available in the ICAO future needs driven by the exponential Course Catalogue. growth of aviation. Since the inception of TRAINAIR PLUS in 2010, approximately 250 assessments have been conducted.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS COLLABORATION AND PARTNERSHIP ICAO RECOGNITION ACCESS TO A VIRTUAL LIBRARY OF COURSES QUALIFICATION OF ICAO TRAINING PROFESSIONALS BUILD YOUR AVIATION TRAINING INTELLIGENCE TM In the field of civil aviation training, it is critical that we generate the appropriate intelligence to allow us to rapidly provide optimal aviation training solutions that meet the demands of air transport growth, and at the same time, maintain or exceed safety requirements. Assisting States and TPP Members in implementing aviation training intelligence strategies, methodologies, practices, and tools through our 8 essential components is one of our primary objectives going forward. • iMPLEMENT • ICAO Data + Solution Centre • iSTARS • Aviation Forecast • CAAMP ICAO • TPeMS Civil Aviation Authority TRAINAIR PLUS Master Plan AVIATION TRAINING electronic Management • HRD INTELLIGENCE™ Human Resources System Development • LMS Learning Management • PTE Systems Post-training Evaluation • TNA Training Needs Analysis • Training Effectiveness • ISD • ATED • OPA Instructional Aviation Training & Organizational Systems Design Education Directory • TPP Methodology Performance • Quality Analysis Assurance • ACPP Aviation Career Path Portal

TRAINAIR PLUS PROGRAMME (TPP) 100+ MEMBERS & PARTNERS A network of over 100* training organizations, universities, and other international organizations that deliver training activities and educational programmes. *As of press time, April 2019 TRAINING ACTIVITIES IN 2018 380+ 4500+ COURSE TRAINEES DELIVERIES WORLDWIDE WACAF APAC WACAF APAC 43 103 537 1343 SAM SAM 42 ESAF 457 38 NACC NACC ESAF 81 EUR/NAT 1018 444 MID 45 MID 30 319 EUR/NAT 403 Over 380 ICAO-recognized classroom courses More than 4500 trainees successfully were delivered across all ICAO Regions. completed ICAO training courses.

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES 6 Corporate Partners 19 Regional Training Centres of Excellence 45 Full Members 33 Associate Members EVENTS SCHOLARSHIPS 5000 550 EVENT SENIOR & PARTICIPANTS MIDDLE MANAGERS GAT events are organized and hosted by 550 senior and middle managers from TRAINAIR PLUS Members with the aim of developing States benefited from full reinforcing the implementation of the ICAO training scholarships in 2018. Twenty competency-based training methodology, sessions were delivered globally to enhance and creating a platform for exchange of participants’ understanding of effective knowledge and best practices. Since GAT’s safety and security oversight systems establishment in 2014, a total of 21 global training and improve States’ compliance and regional training events have been with the ICAO’s global Standards and organized in all ICAO Regions, bringing Recommended Practices. together close to 5000 aviation training stakeholders.

TRAINAIR PLUSTM PROGRAMME CORPORATE PARTNERS REGIONAL TRAINING CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE FULL MEMBERS Airports Authority Rescue and Fire Fighting Services Training Centre of India Civil Aviation Training College Allahabad of India Ethiopian Civil Aviation *TPP Members are sorted by membership category followed by alphabetical order of their acronyms. Training Centre ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Civil Aviation Training Centre of Bangladesh Fire Service Training Center of India For membership enquiries, contact or visit the ICAO Global Aviation Training Office at: Tel: +1 (514) 954-8219, ext. 8171 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

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