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berita ISSUE NO: 84 OCT - DEC 2019 08 IOIC Achieves Full 18 IOIPG Wins Top Ten 34 Yayasan TSLSC’s Santa MSPO Certification Property Developer Award Shoebox Charity Project 2019

02 CONTENTS 12 Supplier Engagement MESSAGE FROM GMD BERITAIOI Workshop 04 New Year Message by Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor 10 1st POSDOC 14 Visits by HUTAN- by CPOPC KOCP & PONGO COVER FEATURE Alliance 13 IOIC-NUPW 06 Making a Difference in 2020 Signing Ceremony 21 Enhancing Customer Service CORPORATE UPDATES 19 The Edge KL Rat Race 2019 25 Distribution 08 Q1 Earnings for IOIC and IOIPG Meeting & CPhI 25 Market Visit Frankfurt IOIC Achieves Full MSPO Certification in Vietnam 29 A Dazzling & 09 Malaysia’s Most Outstanding Company in Plantation Sector 26 Glamorous Nyte at Enthralling Christmas IOIEO South Ketapang Landscape Forum 33 Yayasan TSLSC’s MIDA Fun Run 2019 31 Carolling Tours Santa Shoebox by d’Flaming Charity Project 2019 10 1st POSDOC by CPOPC Reindeers FOSFA Special Merit Award 11 Understanding Your Paper Supply Chain Sustainability Management Review Meetings 12 2nd Stage Labour Transformation Programme Supplier Engagement Workshop PLANTATION 13 IOIC-NUPW Signing Ceremony Mechanisation in FFB Evacuation 14 IOI-MPOB Sustainability Efforts for Smallholders Visits by HUTAN-KOCP & PONGO Alliance Safe Handling of Farm Tractor 15 Environmental Education Carnival Engagement with Interland Plantations Work Safely & Be Healthy HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT 16 Business Writing Skills Maintaining Lifts & Escalators 17 Creating a Fire Prevention System PROPERTY 18 IOIPG Wins Top Ten Property Developer Award IOIPG Wins 3 iProperty Development Excellence Awards IOIPG Triumphs at Graduates’ Choice Award N’Dira Townhouse Bags Innovative Design Award 19 Special Recognition at Sustainable Business Awards The Edge KL Rat Race 2019 The Bursa Bull Charge 2019 20 Beach Clean-Up with Youth Opening of Bandar Puteri Puchong Interchange International Young Leaders Conference 2019 Sharing Joy & Laughter on World Kindness Day 21 Enhancing Customer Service Basic Life Support & First Aid Training Conscious Festival 2019 PUBLISHED BY WEBSITE IOI Group IOI City Tower 2, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EDITOR Tel: 03.8947.8888 Fax: 03.8947.6725 Karen Liew Carine Yap

OLEOCHEMICAL EDITOR'S NOTE 22 Certified First Aiders 03BERITAIOI Appreciation Ceremony for FTP EDITOR’S NOTE Industry School Adoption Programme It is the time for reflection as 2019 comes to an end, and a good time 23 Fire Safety Awareness to reminisce on the year that was. The end of the year is especially marked by festivals and celebrations as we rejoice and usher in the SIRIM Quality Award 2019 New Year and a new decade. It is also the time to make plans for what Modular Training in IOI Oleo lies ahead as 2020 dawns upon us, and the time that inspires new resolutions. Change is inevitable if we desire growth and progress. 24 Technical Sharing 2019 When we aspire to see changes internally or externally, we need to reflect on the current status, and adopt the required attitudes, acts, Effective TPM in IOI Oleo adjustments or qualities. Upgrading to FSSC 22000 v5 This issue, we are delighted to feature a New Year Message by IOI 25 CSR at Work Corporation Berhad (IOIC) Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor who shares his thoughts and insights Market Visit in Vietnam about the Group as it advances into the future. In addition, we are Distribution Meeting & CPhI Frankfurt pleased to share some beneficial, realistic and easy-to-achieve resolution ideas in the Cover Feature to allow you to plan ahead and EDIBLE OILS get you started. Together with your own goals, both articles aim to encourage a positive change in your personal and work life, so that you 26 Visits to IOIEO will be ready to embrace a year of difference in 2020. Glamorous Nyte at IOIEO With commitment and dedication, IOIC has achieved its goal of ensuring that all its estates and mills in Malaysia are Malaysian 27 Bunge Loders Croklaan at FiE 2019 Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)-certified on 28 November 2019. IOIC has actively participated in achieving the goal of the country to mandate its RADD System to Detect Deforestation oils and fats industry to be 100% certified by 2020 since the formation of MSPO as a national certification scheme in Malaysia, and has jointly IOI MALL contributed to the current 62.3% of oil palm plantations and 75.2% of palm oil mills in Malaysia that have successfully obtained their MSPO 28 The Vibrant Colours of Deepavali certifications as of 31 December 2019. Turn to page 08 for the story on 29 A Dazzling & Enthralling Christmas IOIC’s achievement. HOTEL Meanwhile, IOI Properties Group Berhad (IOIPG) has continued its streak of winning awards by garnering an impressive seven 30 A Fairytale Magical Christmas awards within just three months, which confirms IOIPG’s status as the nation’s top ten property developer (page 18), acknowledges its Associates’ Fun Run level of excellence in its properties, and recognises its sustainability commitments (page 19), among others. In fact, you can find a host 31 Carolling Tours by d’Flaming Reindeers of milestones and accolades garnered by the whole Group, not only within these three months, but throughout the entire year as depicted Lights of Rangoli in the Year 2019 in Review (page 35 to 36). These, plus the celebratory mood of Deepavali, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, make it a fitting end 32 Pirate’s Halloween Fright Night to 2019 and a fresh start in 2020. October Babies, Rejoice! Here’s to a year of difference in 2020. A Mystical Arabian Night Carine Yap FOUNDATION Keep your contributions flowing in! 33 Yayasan TSLSC’s Santa Shoebox Charity The Editorial Team would like to express its heartfelt gratitude for the input of Berita IOI Project 2019 from the contributors mentioned below. We look forward to a continued contribution of interesting articles and pictures from all of you. After all, Berita IOI is a newsletter for all 34 Yayasan TSLSC Awards RM173,000 in Scholarships the staff of IOI Group and we would all like to see this newsletter as a publication that we are all proud of. Kindly forward your contributions to [email protected] Monsoon Food Relief Project Dream It. Believe It. Do It. Contributors SPECIAL Brian Chow | Callie Chua | Tian Shih Li | Samantha Lim | Tay Wai Chian | Hanna Hazirah Carl Dagenhart | Zety Norhaiza | Lim Jit Uei | Rachael Lee | Yeo Lee Nya | S. Karthigesu 35 Year 2019 in Review Zahidah Dahalan | Veronica Abel | Voo Chee Kwong | Santy Syairah Alfian | Wendy Ng 37 Palm Oil Facts Valerie Jean Pereira | Belinda Liew | Chan Ching Thut | Ling May Yuen | Jessica Chan Ronald Tan | Mas Intan | Jason Ler | Wafli bin Ali | Irin DeCruz | Emily Jessica PRINTED BY Rosli Omar | M Ravindran | Christina Maria Dass | Wong Pin Huey | Odile Grahl Misah Amiruddin | Anabel Elices-Sanchez | Didi Loor | Danusha | Wee Lay See ST ENTERPRISE June Liew | Nur Syazwani | Masjuliana | Nur Azela Amir | Nor Fazirra | Audrey Yap AS 8, Jalan Hang Tuah 1, KC Yum | Rina Theyuanboo | Kogilavani Salak South Garden, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.

04 MESSAGE BY GMD BERITAIOI New Year Message by DATO’ LEE YEOW CHOR As we begin in the year 2020, the start of a new decade, it is timely that I give a brief outlook for IOI Corporation Berhad in the year ahead, update on the progress of some major initiatives, and share a few of my thoughts for the Group. Business Outlook After nearly two years of low price, crude palm oil price shot up dramatically from around RM2,200 plus a tonne in October last year to touch a high of RM2,900 in mid-December. Naturally, our plantation division’s profit is expected to increase substantially this year, although palm fruit production will decline slightly due to drought effect from previous year and high replanting rate in Sabah plantations. With the sudden climb in crude palm oil price, the refinery and commodity marketing division, which is not a major profit contributor for the Group, is expected to suffer financially with negative processing margins. Profit at the oleochemical division, which has performed very well during the past two years, is expected to decline though still at a healthy level due to the higher palm kernel price and low glycerine price. Together, let’s work as a team and bring the Group forward to a new level in 2020. Business Developments The expansion project at our oleochemical plant complex in Penang will proceed at full steam this year – after some delay in obtaining approvals, and is expected to complete towards the end of 2021. The integrated warehouse project at a newly acquired land next to the oleochemical plant is in the planning stage now and will complement this expansion project. The Group needs some new business to generate further growth in revenue and profit. Besides looking at plantations for acquisition, we are also exploring some new business utilising empty fruit bunch (EFB) fibre, a major by-product of our mill operations. We are already burning some of the EFB in our biomass boiler in Sandakan refinery for steam and power, but I believe we can find higher value-add for the EFB fibre. We also have the appetite to start some investments in agri-tech and food tech start-up companies in order to familiarise ourselves with new technologies which can be helpful to our existing business or spawn off new business for the Group. Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of IOI Corporation Berhad

Progress of Major Initiatives MESSAGE BY GMD We launched the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 05BERITAIOI project in our corporate, refinery & commodity marketing and plantation divisions in 2018. As at end-2019, the SAP system has be a game changer. The digital platform will enable the plantation been implemented in the former two divisions. In the plantation division to streamline its operating processes and be a launching division involving about 100 operating centres, phase one out of pad for various new technology applications. As many people five phases has been completed. have said, data is the new currency of the future. The successful implementation of the SAP system across all our Our mechanisation initiative in the plantation division which divisions, not forgetting the Orisoft human resource management is driven by a dedicated unit is on track. After the initial slow system and the long-established SAP system in our oleochemical start necessitated by the pilot studies, I hope the pace can be division, will enable the entire Group in Malaysia i.e. excluding quickened to reduce our dependency on foreign labour and the Indonesian plantations and Germany’s oleochemical business, improve our operating efficiency. to operate on one single integrated business system platform. Our oleochemical business in Germany has distinguished itself In the plantation division where the operations are sprawling and as the supplier of specialty esters for the pharmaceutical and labour-intensive, the complete implementation of SAP system cosmetic industries. In order to further grow its product portfolio together with the mobile crop monitoring device can potentially in pharmaceutical applications, 14 patents have been filed – there is none presently. IOI Oleo GmbH’s CARE Studio in Drones are one of the many digitalisation IOI’s mechanisation drive has successfully Hamburg, Germany. tools deployed by IOI. begun at Gomali Complex. Employee Diversity lose sight of the different perspectives and expertise that diverse employees would bring to the meeting table. This is an issue that is potentially very important for the Group in the future. Although we are not doing badly in gender diversity, The existing and long-serving employees – be they superiors, we have to do better from the aspects of diversity in education colleagues or subordinates, must be able to accept and embrace background, personality and age among the employees. different viewpoints and refrain from the tendency to quickly exert their own viewpoints or experience on the new employees. As long as they hold fast to the IOI Core Values, we should have employees who are educated overseas (can be Far East Young employees with less work experience but have shown countries such as China and Japan, or Western countries) and the interest and potential to learn quickly, should be given more having different qualifications such as psychology and robotics. consideration for promotion and progress within the Group. We should have employees possessing different personalities: The younger people have been exposed to today’s technologies introverts or extroverts, communicators or quiet thinkers, alpha such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things or beta types. (IoT) early in their life and tend to be more proficient in these new technologies which is valuable when the Group wants to There is always a tendency for the superiors to recruit subordinates adopt new technologies in our existing business or invest in new who are similar to them in education background and personality technology-based business. – on the premise that these new employees would fit better with the company culture. We should be wary of this tendency and not Ending Note In order for us to survive and grow in this fast-changing business environment with new challenges and opportunities, we must be prepared to learn, re-learn and adopt a change mindset. A change mindset will enable us to respond to changes with speed and with innovative solutions. IOI Group can then be an enduring organisation with many more years of success to come.

COVER FEATURE 06 BERITAIOI It’s the New Year and it signifies a fresh start. 2020 is a good opportunity to make a difference in life that will impact our body, mind and planet positively. We can improve our lives by setting our minds on a journey towards health and nutrition. Some simple changes we can adopt are eating less red meat, increase your intake of fruits and cooking at home more often as opposed to ordering takeouts. Another easy way is to incorporate palm oil into our lives. Every day, we are unconsciously using and consuming products that can potentially harm us because they may contain toxic compounds and chemicals that are hazardous to our health and the environment. But palm oil is versatile, consists of endless nutritional values that are beneficial to our bodies, readily available and cost effective. We can also assist to care for the environment by developing a more responsible mindset and engaging in environmental-friendly acts such as the 5Rs in waste management (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle). Come March 2019, IOI Corporation Berhad Corporate Communications Department will be organising an IOI Earth Month campaign to encourage our people to practise a healthy lifestyle and consume a healthy diet. Protect Your Heart of monounsaturated fatty acids, 50% of saturated fat and 10% of polyunsaturated fatty acid. Another excellent form of consumable Our heart is the most important organ so if we set our heart on palm oil is red palm oil, which has the richest natural vegetable making some changes in our diet or lifestyle, we can keep it source of carotenes (carotenoids) where it contains 10 to 15 times healthy and in good working condition. Adding palm oil to our more carotenes than carrots and 50 times more than tomatoes. diet can easily safeguard our heart because palm oil is a vegetable oil with endless nutrients, no cholesterol and is packed with 40% Helps increase beneficial Heart-Friendly Benefits Helps in preventing HDL-cholesterol of Palm Oil cardiovascular issues Balanced fatty acid Protects against composition heart disease Resistant to oxidation Rich in Vitamin E tocotrienols Richly loaded with antioxidants Contains unsaturated fats Free of trans fat Does not break down at deep frying temperature

Love Your Body COVER FEATURE A strong immune system keeps our body healthy and strengthens 07BERITAIOI our natural defence against illnesses. Vitamin E is a vital nutrient for our body and key to a healthy immune system, skin and maintain healthy skin and hair because it has the highest vitamin eyes. Let palm oil protect our brain cells, support bone health, E tocotrienols (a form of vitamin E with strong antioxidant properties) compared to olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil and soybean oil which contain exclusively tocopherols. The Vitamin E in Palm Oil Palm Oil Soybean Oil Corn Oil Cottonseed Oil 1.172ppm 958ppm 782ppm 776ppm Sunflower Oil Peanut Oil Olive Oil Coconut Oil 546ppm 367ppm 51ppm 36ppm Withstand The Heat When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. When the heat is on, handle the heat, be heat resistant and remain stable without breaking down or releasing toxic elements. Palm oil is a prime example because it can withstand the heat up to 225ºC. Cooking, sautéing, frying, baking – even at high temperatures, you can let it sizzle and burn because palm oil does not break down or mutate easily unlike other types of oils like coconut oil (177ºC), butter (175ºC) and olive oil (165ºC) which have lower smoke points where they can form cancer-causing compounds and free radicals that are harmful to the body, when cooked at high heat or past their smoke points. Conserve The Environment Be The Change It’s easy to be a more sustainable global citizen in 2020 by starting IOI Corporation Berhad will continue with small steps such as engaging in the support of palm oil. driving the Primary Industries Ministry’s Love Consuming palm oil by choosing it as the preferred oil or buying MY Palm Oil campaign, which was officiated by palm-oil based products is an environmental-friendly act that Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir bin leads to the protection of the environment. It is the highest Mohamad on 24 March 2019, by carrying out an yielding vegetable oil crop as one hectare of oil palm internal brand internalisation campaign to create trees produces 10 times more oil than one hectare of awareness and promote this “five-star oil”, and soybean, seven times more than sunflower and five encourage the use of palm oil through infographic times more than rapeseed. messages, educational talks, workshops on cooking with palm oil, familiarisation visits to estates and More importantly, oil palm trees do not need more. Stay tuned to our programmes. to be cleared and replanted every year as with corn, canola and soybean crops, which causes environmental damage, habitat degradation and loss of wildlife/ animal habitat. Furthermore, Malaysia’s palm oil will be 100% sustainably produced and MSPO certified soon. In fact, all of IOIC’s 84 estates and 14 mills in Malaysia are now 100% Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)- certified (turn to page 08 for the full story).

CORPORATE UPDATES 08 BERITAIOI IOICorporation Berhad (IOIC) posted a profit The property development division recorded RM398.9 million of before taxation (PBT) of RM198.6 million for revenue in Q1 FY2020, which is 4% lower than the preceding the first quarter ended 30 September 2019 (Q1 quarter due mainly to lower sales from Singapore and Johor FY2020) as compared to a PBT of RM195.2 million a year ago (Q1 operations arising from lesser units remaining for sale. The FY2019). The higher PBT is due mainly to higher contribution operating profit of RM181.6 million is 11% higher than the from its resource-based manufacturing segment. Revenue preceding quarter due to higher profit contribution from however declined 5.3% to RM1.78 billion from RM1.88 billion. development projects in PRC and Klang Valley, as well as over provision of expenses in the last corresponding quarter. As The plantation division’s Q1 FY2020 profit decreased by 15% to for the property investment division, it recorded a revenue of RM126.6 million as compared to RM149.5 million in Q1 FY2019 RM90.3 million (6% increase) and an operating profit of RM55.0 due mainly to lower share of associate results and lower crude million (10% increase) that is mainly contributed by higher profit palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK) prices realised. Average contribution from the retails’ sub-segment arising from higher CPO and PK prices realised for Q1 FY2020 were RM2,014/MT occupancy rate and average rental rate post re-fit exercise by IOI (Q1 FY2019 – RM2,236/MT) and RM1,126/MT (Q1 FY2019 – Mall Puchong. The hospitality and leisure division also witnessed RM1,766/MT) respectively. The resource-based manufacturing a 2% revenue increase to RM50.1 million that is attributable to division posted a higher profit of RM136.5 million as compared higher occupancy rate secured by the hotels in Putrajaya as well to RM129.2 million in Q1 FY2019. Excluding the fair value loss/ as a 5% decline in operating profit to RM6.2 million due to lower gain on derivative financial instruments, the underlying profit for performance from the leisure sub-segment. Q1 FY2020 was RM140.0 million compared to RM109.0 million for Q1 FY2019 due mainly to higher sales volume and margins Going forward, IOIC expects lower fresh fruit bunches production from the refining sub-segment, and higher share of associate due to a more intensive replanting programme which is partly results from Bunge Loders Croklaan Group B.V., offset by lower mitigated by higher production from its young Indonesian sales volume and margins from the oleochemical sub-segment. plantings. As for the resource-based manufacturing division, IOIC expects the performance of the oleochemical sub-segment for Meanwhile, IOI Properties Group Berhad (IOIPG) recorded a the remaining period of FY2020 to be satisfactory with its strong revenue of RM540.3 million in Q1 FY2020 which is 2% lower than reputation in the international oleochemical market coupled with Q1 FY2019’s RM552.8 million while profit before interest and the continuous effort to strive for operational excellence and cost taxation (PBIT) increased 28% from RM228.6 to RM291.9 million. efficiency. IOIPG will continue to tap on the Home Ownership The lower revenue is mainly due to lower contribution from the Campaign and on-going marketing campaigns. IOIPG also property development segment. The increase in PBIT is mainly remains optimistic on the prospects of its projects in China due due to higher operating profit contributed from development to the locations which are close to amenities and infrastructure. projects in People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Klang Valley, The retail properties continue to enjoy healthy occupancy levels higher share of profit in joint ventures mainly arising from the with good rental yields and the construction of IOIPG’s future sale of South Beach Residences in Singapore and over provision investment properties such as Central Boulevard and IOI City of expenses in the last corresponding quarter. Mall Phase 2 are progressing well. IOIC Achieves Full MSPO Certification IOICorporation Berhad (IOIC) is now 100% Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)-certified across its 84 estates and 14 mills in Malaysia after its final estate obtained its MSPO certification on 28 November 2019. This achievement is in line with IOIC’s commitment to ensure that all its plantations are MSPO-certified and that the sustainability standards are implemented throughout its operations. IOIC had started its journey in implementing the MSPO certification standards since MSPO’s formation as a national certification scheme in Malaysia for oil palm plantations, independent and organised smallholdings, and palm oil processing facilities by the Malaysian government. IOIC has been actively involved in the development of the scheme and has participated in the National and Technical Working Committee, which led to the establishment of the Malaysian Standards for MSPO in 2013. IOIC is also actively involved in MSPO’s standard improvement process and has been participating in the standards review working group, which started in September 2019 and is scheduled to be completed by 2020. A productive meeting with the auditors after the completion of the audit.

CORPORATE UPDATES 09BERITAIOI IOICorporation Berhad (IOIC) has been named the Most Outstanding Company in Malaysia – Plantation Sector at Asiamoney Asia’s Outstanding Companies Poll 2019. IOIC received the highest number of votes for the plantation sector at the poll, which saw a participation of over 800 fund managers, buy-side analysts, bankers and rating agencies. More than 4,000 votes were received for public-listed companies across 12 markets in Asia from 8 May to 12 July 2019. A total of 153 companies were recognised as being the most outstanding in their respective sectors and markets. The “Outstanding Company” award demonstrates the voters’ recognition of IOIC’s stable business model, innovative approaches, strong leadership and worthiness of recognition. Asiamoney, established in 1989, is the Asian edition of Euromoney, a UK-based business and finance publication founded in 1969. For over three decades, Asiamoney has been the voice of the banking and capital markets industries in Asia, covering finance-related developments in the region. The South Ketapang Landscape Initiative, led by IOI Group (IOI), Aidenvironment and Global Environment Centre, held its year-end South Ketapang Landscape Forum in Ketapang, Indonesia, on 21 November 2019. The Forum was officiated by the Regent (Bupati) of the Ketapang Regency government and attended by more than 100 representatives of the relevant government agencies, companies operating within the landscape (including IOI and its Indonesian subsidiary PT. SNA) and local communities. At the Forum, three working groups, which were formed in the course of the initiative, shared their results and recommendations on how this public-private partnership, going forward, could effectively manage production-protection compacts in the areas of conservation, fire prevention and control, and village development. All major local news networks covered the event extensively, enhancing the image of IOI and PT. SNA in the regency. On 30 November 2019, IOI Corporation Berhad (IOIC) participated as a Silver Sponsor in the MIDA Fun Run 2019, which was organised by the Sports & Social Club of Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MIDA Club. A team of IOIC employees and their family members joined the fun run comprising 5 km and 10 km at Anjung Florida, Putrajaya. MIDA Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr Arham Abd. Rahman officiated the Fun Run. It was MIDA’s first Fun Run and was aimed to bring joy and community excitement to the public, create a healthy lifestyle and incorporate the importance of community bonding and values. The run was followed by a MIDA Carnival which covered family- oriented sports events, telematches and a food fiesta via food trucks.

CORPORATE UPDATES 10 BERITAIOI The 1st Palm Oil Supply and Demand Outlook Conference (POSDOC) was organised by the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) on 22 October 2019 at Hotel Tenera, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor with the objective of providing a strategic platform for interaction and in-depth deliberation of three key aspects related to the palm oil industry, namely production supply, market demand, and price outlooks. The conference also enabled participants (all industry players involved in palm oil and other oils and fats industry) to gain valuable perspective on the latest forecast and outlooks in order for them to devise timely strategy and market plan for 2020. Indonesia’s Deputy Minister for Coordinating of Economic Affairs Encik Musdhalifah Machmud was present with Malaysia’s Minister of Primary Industries Yang Berhormat (YB) Puan Teresa Kok, who delivered a keynote address and officiated the conference. IOI Corporation Berhad (IOIC), Sime Darby Plantation, Wilmar, Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK) and CB Industrial Product Holding Berhad (CBP) were the Gold Sponsors. YB fToerreIOsaICK’sokpaprrteisceinpatitniognaintoktheeneovfeanpt parseaciaGtoioldn to Dato’ The conference featured distinguished speakers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore Lee Sponsor. and Columbia, who are prominent in their authority, experience and expertise. It also incorporated an Indonesia Malaysia CEO Forum (IMCEOF) with the theme, Striving for Sustainable Supply & Demand and Remunerative Prices of Palm Oil. IOIC Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor presented a topic entitled Handling European Governments & NGOs’ Pressure Against Palm Oil during the IMCEOF. The event also included a panel discussion where the speakers took questions from the audience. Secretary General of Ministry of Primary Industries Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Dr Tan Yew Chong was present as the moderator. With the success of the inaugural conference, CPOPC is planning to hold the international event yearly. FOSFA Special Merit Award Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd (FOSFA) is the main trade association for the oil, seeds and fats industry. Recently, it organised a five-day Advanced Course at Royal Holloway, University of London from 23 to 28 June 2019. IOI Corporation Berhad (IOIC) Commodity Marketing Assistant Marketing Manager Ms Rachael Lee and Assistant Shipping Manager Ms Lim Yoke Lee participated in the course, which included a case study on the subject: “Noting the plans to increase production of electric cars, is the use of biofuels from agricultural produce still valid?” IOIC is proud that Ms Rachael Lee has been placed FIRST and bestowed the top FOSFA Special Merit Award. The prestigious accolade was presented by FOSFA President Mr Remond van Dorland (left) and Master of the Tallow Chandlers Mr Anthony Green (right) at the FOSFA Annual Dinner cum Awards Ceremony at the Beurs van Berlage, also known as the Amsterdam Conference Centre, at Amsterdam, on 23 October 2019. Congratulations to Ms Rachael, a worthy winner as a result of her performance in the course and her paper on palm oil in a biofuel aspect!

CORPORATE UPDATES 11BERITAIOI Understanding Your Paper Supply Chain Sustainability practices in the workplace can be done in many ways such as ensuring the supplies or resources used in the workplace are sourced and produced in a responsible manner and contribute to low carbon release. With that in mind, IOI Corporation Berhad (IOIC) conducted a talk titled Understanding Your Paper Supply Chain: Managing Environmental, Social and Reputational Risks on 29 November 2019 at IOI’s headquarters. Invited speaker, Dr Leong Yuen Yoong from WAYY Consulting, focused on the paper supply chain in IOI Group (IOI). Dr Leong explained the different standards of sustainable production in paper supply, and their roles in ensuring responsible and sustainable paper production. The audience learnt to differentiate sustainable and non-sustainable paper production, and discover their impacts towards the environment. One of the common ways is to check the availability of endorsed sustainability standard information on products – the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) labelling certifies that the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests, produced responsibly and emit lower greenhouse gases (GHG) which contribute to lower carbon footprint. IOI is currently using FSC-certified paper in its operations and Sustainability Reports. To further enhance IOI’s environmental leadership, IOI can encourage the usage of FSC-certified products to suppliers, internal and external stakeholders, and adopt responsible procurement by sourcing sustainable and certified products from responsible companies. Sustainability Management Review Meetings IOICorporation Berhad (IOIC) successfully conducted its 1st Sustainability Management Review Meeting at PT Sawit Nabati Agro (PT. SNA), Kalimantan, Indonesia on 23 November 2019. The meeting was attended by IOIC Plantation Director Mr NB Sudhakaran, Group Head of Sustainability Dr Surina Ismail, the senior plantation management team, central and regional sustainability teams, stakeholder engagement team and other key employees from IOI’s headquarters, mills and estates. The key topics that were discussed included the The 1st Sustainability Management Review Meeting at PT. SNA. improvements needed prior to the upcoming Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification, social and environmental concerns, preventive measures on fire, landscape initiative and future sustainability focus areas. The meeting also served as a platform for the ground operation to provide feedback to the management team, identify gaps in implementation and ways to improve IOI’s sustainability practices and operations. The meeting was a success which led to the agreement on various issues and solutions by the team of senior management and ground team members. Moving forward, a yearly meeting with the PT. SNA team would be organised. A 2nd Sustainability Management Review Meeting was held at Sabah Region on 2 December 2019. Aside from the matters that were highlighted during the sustainability certification audits, the meeting focused on important issues such as foreign workers’ legalisation status, updates on sustainability initiatives and partnership projects such as fair and decent wage, Project ILHAM, orangutan conservation project with PONGO Alliance and smallholder sustainability certification programme. The 2nd Sustainability Management Review Meeting at Sabah Region.

CORPORATE UPDATES 12 BERITAIOI IOICorporation Berhad (IOIC) Commodity Marketing (Responsible Sourcing Team) successfully completed the 2nd Stage Labour Transformation Programme (LTP) with Bell Palm Industries Sdn Bhd (BPI) in support of IOIC’s customer, ADM, on 17 December 2019 in Batu Pahat, Johor. The programme was designed and delivered by non-profit organisation, Earthworm Foundation (EF), which focuses on environmental protection and human rights to ensure that workers’ welfare is upheld. The LTP covers issues such as freedom of movement, grievance mechanism, employment contract and ethical recruitment. During this 2nd stage visit, BPI has demonstrated significant transformations, and attributes its successes to its proactive team which was very concerned with workers’ rights; and the BPI team maintains regular communication and dialogue sessions with the workers and staff for them to voice their concerns. IOIC Responsible Sourcing Lead Ms Yeo Lee Nya (right in picture) said: “IOIC is very pleased to see such favourable response and notable results, and will continue to maintain a close collaboration with our suppliers together with EF to deliver positive impact to our stakeholders.” Supplier Engagement Workshop On 10 October 2019, IOI Corporation Berhad (IOIC) participated in a Supplier Engagement Workshop in the furtherance of its No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) policy commitment within the palm oil supply chain. The workshop, organised by Keck Seng (M) Berhad (Keck Seng), was held at Tanjung Puteri Golf Course at Pasir Gudang, Johor, and was attended by 32 participants from 20 of IOIC and Keck Seng’s mutual palm oil suppliers. IOIC showcased its NDPE policy commitment towards a sustainable palm oil production as well as the values it delivers to the environment, the people, the community and the economy, including the practice of transparency and traceability to eliminate deforestation. trainEiFnCgoonnsuthlteaTn4t Tprpolvaitdfoinrmg . Group photo of the workshop participants. Earthworm Foundation further guided the participants to use the Tools for Transformation (T4T) platform effectively to encourage the self-assessment of their supply chains, and received valuable feedback in identifying and closing the gaps to meet the NDPE requirements. Training was also provided on various topics such as satellite monitoring of deforestation, High Carbon Stock (HCS) and High Conservation Value (HCV) approaches on environmental protection, ethical recruitment, grievance management, best practices, human rights and freedom of movement. The workshop enabled IOIC and Keck Seng to support and encourage the transformation towards responsibility and sustainability through the sharing of resources, systems and best practices.

PLANTATION 13BERITAIOI IOICorporation Berhad (IOIC) chalked up a historical milestone with the signing of the first Collective Agreement with the National Union of Plantation Workers (NUPW) on 23 December 2019. The agreement, recognising NUPW as the representative of IOIC’s plantation employees, comes after a hiatus of nearly 20 years since IOIC ceased to be a member of the Malayan Agriculture Producers Association (MAPA). The momentous effort is in line with IOIC’s commitment to its Sustainable Policy on the Freedom of Association and IOIC’s determination to take care of its plantation employees. Three Collective Agreements – IOI/NUPW Field and Other General Employees and Fringe Benefits, IOI/NUPW Agreement on the Wages of Harvesters, Harvesting Mandores, Loaders and “Other Loaders” on Oil Palm Estates, and IOI/NUPW Palm Oil Mill Employees’ Agreements – were signed by IOIC Plantation Director Mr NB Sudhakaran on behalf of IOIC and NUPW General Secretary Yang Berbahagia Dato’ G. Sankaran on behalf of NUPW at IOI’s headquarters. The agreements, which take effect from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022, will provide a win-win platform for a more positive working environment and benefits for the plantation employees and take IOIC to greater heights. IOICorporation Berhad’s (IOIC) mechanisation programme has been successfully initiated in Gomali Complex comprising Gomali Estate, Paya Lang Estate and Tambang Estate in December 2019. Using a mainline bin shuttle system, fresh fruit bunches (FFB) are now collected and loaded via a 55 HP mini tractor cum hi-lift trailer onto a 10 MT bin, which is then evacuated directly to Gomali Palm Oil Mill via a 100 HP prime move tractor. This pilot project on the Main Line Evacuation started in March 2019 in Gomali Estate. From 800 hectares, the area soon expanded to a mature planted area of 2,171 hectares in September 2019. In December 2019, an agreement was made with service provider, All Planters Sdn Bhd, to establish the successful mechanisation system in Paya Lang Estate and Tambang Estate. With mechanisation, IOIC will be able to gain various advantages such as reduced labour dependency which will lead to cost savings in labour recruitment, enhanced productivity, increased employee earnings, efficiency in FFB transportation and improved FFB quality through optimised vehicle usage. The programme will be implemented in other estates in line with IOIC’s estate mechanisation programme towards improved productivity, greater operational and cost efficiency. Thumbs up to mechanisation!

14 BERITAIOIPLANTATION IIOOII--MMPPOOBB SSuussttaaiinnaabbiilliittyy EEffffoorrttss ffoorr SSmmaallllhhoollddeerrss In line with IOI’s sustainability commitment, a meeting was conducted between IOI Plantation Services Sdn Bhd (IOI Plantation) Sustainability Team and the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) at Lahad Datu, Sabah, on 3 December 2019, to review the certification of 48 of the Group’s external Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) suppliers (both smallholders and outgrowers) which are supplying FFB to Unico Oil Mill and Unico Desa Oil Mill, and to explore potential collaborations with MPOB. The meeting focused on key issues such as the effort to assist smallholders to be certified under the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) scheme and eventually to attain the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification, which is in line with the jurisdictional effort of the Sabah government to be a RSPO-certified state by 2025. Plans for smallholders were also discussed such as the possibility of having a team to be in charge of smallholders’ sustainability efforts, setting up a joint programme to assist smallholders on certification requirements and implementation, to conduct periodical on-site monitoring visits and co-organise activities with third-party FFB suppliers. Last but not least, the discussion also covered potential social issues that may arise from mills that no longer receive FFB from uncertified smallholders, land issues and how to resolve them as well as to formalise any engagement with MPOB. Some of the challenges in managing the smallholders and outgrowers were also brought to light such as the high statistic of unregistered smallholders for certification, delayed visits due to remote locations, low participation in planned activities, the presence of smallholders with abnormally high yields, and withdrawals from certification despite extension of assistance. Attendees of the meeting at MPOB of ce at Lahad Datu, Sabah. Visi s b H -KOCP & PO GO lli ce IOI’s commitment towards the identification and management of High Conservation Value (HCV) area in its plantations as stated in the Sustainability Implementation Plan (SIP) has led to the collaboration with HUTAN Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme (HUTAN-KOCP) and PONGO Alliance (PONGO), which is an alliance of oil palm growers, businesses and non-governmental organisations who jointly advocate for and support the conservation of orangutans and other wildlife. The win-win collaboration will produce an ecological study based on the orangutan population located at IOI Plantation’s Kinabatangan site, and provide valuable data on the patterns of land use and critical habitat needs of orangutans in oil palm landscapes to facilitate co-existence. The collaboration, led by PONGO Project Director Dr Felicity Oram, took place from 16 to 19 December 2019. It consisted of familiarisation visits to various operating units (such as Morisem 3 and 5 Estates, Leepang 1, 4 and 5 Estates, Permodalan 3 and 4 Estates), specifically areas with orangutan sightings. The researchers were briefed on the estate location, total land title and planted hectarage of the estate, location of estate’s forest boundary, hotspot location of orangutan sightings, name of forest reserves, and length of forest buffer zones. Throughout the visit, they observed the presence of orangutan nests, identified key tree species, types of forest covers, vegetation and damages on oil palm trees, and explained the classes of orangutan nest (Class 1 – 5), its morphology and behaviour. For the highlights, the team spotted an actual flanged-male orangutan at the boundary of Permodalan 3 and Permodalan 4 Estates and Sungai Simpang Forest Reserve. They also sighted a few orangutan nests located on oil palms. At Morisem 5 Estate, the team found evidence of orangutans in isolated steep hills with no nearby forest reserve and has earmarked the area for future study. The study provided the researchers with preliminary data of the study site, including its geo-coordinates and determined the orangutan hotspots for future visits. On the last day, a simple close briefing session was held at IOI Plantation Lahad Datu Region Safety & Health Office. A summary report will be produced by PONGO by mid-January of 2020. SAFE HAofNDLING FARM TRACTOR The Health, Safety & Environment Department of IOI Sandakan Region collaborated with the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) Sandakan to organise a training on Safe Handling of Farm Tractor on 12 December 2019. A total of 25 estate farm truck drivers and mechanics attended the training at Ladang Sabah Palm Oil Mill, which consisted of both theoretical knowledge and practical demonstration. The training was important and relevant to the workers in ensuring their safety at work while minimising risks and hazards. A practical and useful demonstration for all.

Mr Zainal Abidin (second from right) receiving a brie ng at the exhibition booth. PLANTATION Environmental Engagement with 15Interland Plantations BERITAIOI Education Carnival Plantation Services Sdn Bhd (IOI Plantation) continues to engage its third-party suppliers On 10 October 2019, IOI Sungai Sapi Estate and IOI Laukin Estate collaborated with Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Seri IOIin line with its sustainability commitment. This Pagi Beluran to organise a Beluran District Environmental Education Carnival, with the theme, Kelestarian Kehidupan has led to the engagement with Interland Plantations Sdn Bhd Melalui Pendidikan. The carnival was officiated at IOI Sungai (Interland) which supplies fresh fruit bunches to Unico Oil Mill. Sapi Estate by Beluran District Deputy Director of Education Mr Zainal Abidin Mahmud. Since 2016, IOI Plantation has provided consultations and follow- up estate visits to Interland coupled with monitoring visits and The carnival aimed to highlight the importance of environmental awareness training to its management and workers. In September protection, promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), encourage 2019, Interland has formally requested for a sustainability schools and organisations to actively participate and maintain consultation from IOI Lahad Datu Region for a Malaysian inclusiveness in environmental education activities, strengthen Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) audit. the partnership and network among schools, organisations and other agencies, and build and empower schools, teachers and Meeting with Interland’s directors and senior management at Kota Kinabalu. students. Following the request, Interland’s management team visited Visitors from various schools including SK Holy Cross, SK Pekan IOI Plantation’s estate on 31 October 2019 to understand Beluran, SK Sungai Sapi and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan IOI’s sustainability measures. With the assistance of IOI Lahad Beluran attended the carnival, which hosted a myriad of Datu Region Sustainable Palm Oil (SPO) Department, several activities such as site visits, exhibitions, health screenings, management plans (from the social, environmental and safety talks, workshops, cooking and colouring competitions, karaoke aspects) such as the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and sessions, sales booths and lucky draws. Representatives from IOI Social Impact Assessment (SIA), that are in compliance with the Sungai Sapi Estate and IOI Sandakan Region Sustainable Palm MSPO certification, had been developed. The documents are to Oil Department also showcased IOI’s best sustainability practices be reviewed annually and to be served as guidance in daily estate including the use of personal protective equipment by plantation operations. workers, recycling of wastes, sustainability certifications and policy commitments. The successful visit led to a further discussion on the MSPO compliance and implementation for Interland’s next MSPO Stage 1 Audit in December 2019. IOI Plantation Lahad Datu Region SPO Manager Mr Agos Atan and Interland Company Director Mr Isaac Lim had a productive session at Interland’s headquarters in Kota Kinabalu on 25 November 2019, and looked forward to a fruitful partnership. Work Safely & Be Healthy IOISakilan Group organised the 1st Group Safety Campaign with the theme, I Choose to Work Safely & Be Healthy at All Times, at Sakilan Palm Oil Mill, Sakilan Estate, Linbar 1 Estate and Linbar 2 Estate in Sandakan. The campaign, which ran from 3 to 26 September 2019, was officiated by IOI Sandakan Region General Manager Mr Leang Hon Wai at Sakilan Palm Oil Mill. The campaign featured various internal and external programmes which included talks from the Department of Occupational Safety & Health, Department of Environment, Health Department, Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD), Immigration Department, Energy Commission, PERKESO and Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan as well as IOI Plantation’s regional Health, Safety & Environment and Sustainable Palm Oil teams. Various exhibition booths were also set up, thanks to the participation of Lembaga Penduduk Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN), Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK), Polis Penjara and SWD. There were other activities such as a blood donation (by Hospital Duchess of Kent, Sandakan), a children’s colouring competition and a lucky draw. The campaign may have ended, but the practice of safety and health at work is well adopted by employees.

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT 16 BERITAIOI Business Wr ing Skills There are three essential methods of communication in the business world: verbal, non-verbal and written. Yet, written communication is the one method that most struggle to master but is most used in all areas of jobs, ranging from management and supervision to executive development and interpersonal communication. As such, IOI Corporation Berhad Corporate Learning & Organisational Development Department organised two different Business Writing workshops: Level One (27 to 28 November 2019) and Level Two (2 to 3 December 2019) to teach or introduce practical business writing skills, techniques, and ideas. All participants had to undertake an English Language Proficiency Assessment before the workshop. Both Level One and Two workshops were conducted by Ms Irene Wong, a senior consultant from Attune Consultants, who has over 22 years of experience in teaching the English Language as well as being a recognised counsellor. Level One introduced the best English Language practices for clear and concise communication in business documents, while Level Two focused on a more in-depth coverage on grammar and ways of structuring documents and reports in a professional way. Maintaining Lifts & Escalators IOI Properties Group Berhad General Manager of Facilities Management (Property Investment) Mr Toh Boon Chiew (right) presenting a token of appreciation to Mr Wong Weng Sum. Lifts and escalators, as with all machinery, require regular maintenance and it is the responsibility of owners and contractors to ensure regular preventative maintenance are carried out in order to keep the equipment in optimum condition, while increasing their longevity, safety and reliability, and also lowering running costs in the medium to long term. On 27 September 2019, IOI Corporation Berhad Corporate Learning & Organisational Development Department invited United Lift (M) Sdn Bhd Managing Director Mr Wong Weng Sum, an expert with over 28 years’ experience on lifts and escalators, to share more on the topic. He touched on the importance of the safety and maintenance aspects for both lifts and escalators and provided notable case studies involving residential and commercial mishaps and what important precautions should be taken to avoid such incidents. He also highlighted the many regulated codes in Malaysia and the criteria to designing and planning that will influence the building structure. Lastly, he introduced several safety practices that a business can adopt. The fruitful session had 66 attendees, namely from Contracts, Building Services, Engineering, Security, Sustainability and Safety Departments.

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT 17BERITAIOI It is important to have a proper fire prevention system (FPS) as fire can spark in an instant and spread within seconds. By understanding the functionality of the different FPSs, it is easy to design the most suitable system to detect fire, and protect its building, occupants, and valuables. With that in mind, IOI Corporation Berhad Corporate Learning & Organisational Development Department invited experts from Mark Jaya Engineering Sdn Bhd (MJE) and Steel Recon Industries Sdn Bhd (SRI) to give a talk on Fire Prevention System on 5 December 2019, and involved colleagues from various departments such as Building Services, Security, Engineering, Contracts, Operations and Food & Beverage. The objective was to create an understanding on the basic requirements of fire protection services and also to share the guidelines in maintaining tools and equipment in their working environment. The half-day session covered topics like: 1. Basic Requirements – by Ir. Ng Tak Meng (MJE Technical Director), where he presented the requirements of the FPS tools and equipment, based on the Malaysian Standards and Regulations; 2. Bomba Inspection & Submission – by Mr Wong Kim Lin (MJE Deputy General Manager), who spoke on the application processes and methods; 3. Maintenance Guidelines – by Mr Edward Wong (MJE Maintenance Manager), who emphasised the importance of conducting timely scheduled maintenance check in fire detection, monitoring and firefighting systems as well as working fire alarms; 4. Fire Suppression System – by Mr Shahrudin (SRI Sales Engineer), who explained the domestic system and shared videos on how suppression system works during a fire emergency and the three types of suppression agents that are available. Each personnel was reinforced with the need to comply to safety handling and regulations and to be knowledgeable in troubleshooting and preventative maintenance in FPS, to avoid any potential mishaps. Fire Classifications Ordinary Flammable Electrical Combustible Oil/Grease Liquids/Gases Equipment Metals Fires Wood Cloth Gasoline Transformers Magnesium Paper Kerosene Computers Titanium Wool Zirconium Plastic Diesel Electric Ovens Sodium Methane Wiring Potassium Propane Lithium Fuse Boxes Uranium

PROPERTY IOIPG Chief Operating Of cer (Property Investment) Mr Cheah Wing Choong (10th from left) and Chief Operating Of cer (Johor) Mr Lim Beng 18 BERITAIOI Yeang (eighth from right) with staff during the awards ceremony. IOIPG Wins Top Ten Property Developer Award IOIPG Wins 3 iProperty Development Excellence Awards IOIProperties Group Berhad (IOIPG) has once again emerged as one of the best property IOIProperties Group Berhad (IOIPG) has developers in the country when it won the triumphed at the third edition of iProperty Top 10 Property Developers’Award at The Edge Malaysia Development Excellence Awards (iDEA) Property Excellence Awards 2019. 2019 by winning three coveted awards, namely the Best Developers in the People’s Choice Award, the Best Office Mr Teh Chin Guan (centre) receiving the award from Development (Future) Award for Stellar Suites and the Mr Ho Kay Tat (second from right). Best Luxury High-Rise Development (Completed) Award for [email protected] Cove, on 9 October 2019 at St. Regis Hotel IOIPG Chief Operating Officer (Property Development) Kuala Lumpur. Mr Teh Chin Guan represented IOIPG to receive the coveted award from The Edge Media Group Publisher & Group Chief Stellar Suites is a transit-oriented development and Executive Officer Mr Ho Kay Tat at an awards ceremony in Small Office, Versatile Office (SOVO) tower located in Kuala Lumpur on 31 October 2019 that was attended by Bandar Puteri Puchong which received recognition for its over 400 industry players and experts. exceptional working environment based on architectural The award ranks Malaysia’s best property players based on design excellence (including landscape, urban design, their qualitative (including expertise, image, innovation and interior, sustainability, security and design innovation), creativity, product quality and value created for buyers) and facility innovation, security, safety and connectivity, while quantitative (encompassing shareholders’ funds, turnover, [email protected] Cove serviced apartment in Johor Bahru is profitability and cash or gearing) attributes. recognised for offering a luxurious lifestyle for homebuyers Congratulations to IOIPG! in terms of architectural design excellence, fixtures and fittings, facilities, connectivity and neighbouring amenities. Mr Ho Kwok Wing (second from left) receiving the award during the ceremony. iDEA, organised by Malaysia, recognises the IOIPG Triumphs at industry’s most accomplished developers and their projects. All awards, except for the People’s Choice Award which was Graduates’ Choice Award based on public votes, are judged by an independent panel of esteemed property industry experts. IOIProperties Group Berhad (IOIPG) was once again fully voted by university students to be one of N,Dira Townhouse Bags the Top 5 Most Attractive Employer in the Real Estate/Property category for the second consecutive year at the Innovative Design Award Graduates’ Choice Award 2019. IOIPG Senior General Manager Mr Ho Kwok Wing received the award on behalf of IOIPG at N’Dira Townhouse, a collection of modern distinct Sunway Hotel Resorts & Spa on 18 October 2019. homes located within a gated community in 16 Sierra, The award recognises outstanding organisations that have has bagged the PropSocial People’s Property Award demonstrated exceptional employer branding within universities 2019 (PPPA 2019) in the Innovative Design category. across Malaysia. It provided a strong affirmation of IOIPG’s ongoing The thriving township of 16 Sierra, Puchong offers all the sustainability initiatives in engaging and developing youth, which modern amenities and is surrounded by lush greenery and is in line with its sustainability strategic theme of Young Urbanites. serenity that embodies a modern lifestyle. The award reflects N’Dira Townhouse’s unique implementation of architectural excellence both externally as well as within its residence. IOI Properties Group Berhad (IOIPG) Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Mr Jason Tie received the award on behalf of IOIPG. The PPPA 2019, currently in its second year, is a community-based property accreditation that was bestowed upon various projects completed in 2018. The winners were voted by the public in recognising the most outstanding projects located in the Klang Valley. Mr Jason Tie (right) receiving the award from PropSocial General Manager Ms Alison Lim.

PROPERTY 19BERITAIOI IOIPG employees with the award after the awards ceremony. Special Recognition at Sustainable Business Awards IOIProperties Group Berhad (IOIPG) has been awarded the Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) Malaysia 2019 in recognition of its sustainability commitments. It received the Special Recognition for Land Use and Biodiversity, which acknowledged IOIPG’s commitment to conserve urban biodiversity in its developments and its efforts in creating awareness on biodiversity among the community. IOIPG General Manager of Corporate Communication & Sustainability Ms Kristine Ng represented IOIPG and received the award from the Minister of Entrepreneur Development Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof in Kuala Lumpur on 26 November 2019. The SBA, organised by Singapore-based Global Initiatives, aims to increase awareness on sustainable business best practices and demonstrate how sustainable businesses can benefit companies, the environment and stakeholders. On 27 November 2019, two teams, each from IOI Corporation Berhad (IOIC) and IOI Properties Group Berhad (IOIPG), participated in the 19th edition of The Edge Kuala Lumpur Rat Race 2019 charity run which took off in a new venue at Perdana Botanical Garden this year. The 5 km run attracted 91 teams, with five runners per team from 60 different companies. A total amount of RM1.398 million was raised this year, of which IOIC and IOIPG have donated RM18,000 respectively. The funds raised will be disbursed via The Edge Education Foundation to 20 selected beneficiaries towards projects or programmes related to education, training and skills development. Ateam from IOI Properties Group Berhad (IOIPG) charged through the streets of Kuala Lumpur on 14 November 2019 during The Bursa Bull Charge 2019 challenge, which was organised by Bursa Malaysia Berhad. IOIPG participated in the charity run that aimed to raise more funds to build stronger communities in education, community investment and preservation of environment and wildlife, which is in line with its sustainability commitments of promoting community investment and encouraging volunteerism.

PROPERTY Opening of Bandar Puteri Puchong Interchange 20 BERITAIOI On 16 November 2019, IOI Properties Group Berhad Beach Clean-Up wi You (IOIPG) officiated the opening of the new Bandar Puteri Puchong Interchange located along Lebuhraya IOIroperties Group Berhad (IOIPG) actively Damansara-Puchong. The RM70 million infrastructure engaged Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman expansion and upgrade was wholly funded and constructed (UTAR) undergraduates in a Beauty & Our by IOIPG to further enhance the connectivity of Bandar Beach initiative, aimed at raising awareness on the impact Puteri Puchong and improve traffic flow. of plastic debris on marine environment and improving the coastal and ocean ecosystem. The event attracted over 100 Member of Parliament for Subang Yang Berhormat (YB) people who participated in an array of activities, including Tuan Wong Chen, Selangor State Assemblyman for Kinrara a beach clean-up and a trash audit, mini exhibition as well YB Tuan Ng Sze Han and IOIPG Chief Operating Officer as workshops and talks by non-governmental organisations (Property Development) Mr Teh Chin Guan were present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the official opening  (NGOs). of the interchange. The event was also graced by Timbalan Yang Dipertua Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) Tuan The event, which was in support of United Nations’ Haji Zulkurnain bin Che Ali, Pengarah Wilayah Tengah Sustainable Development Goal #14 (Life Below Water), took Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia Ir. Mohd Hadzmir bin Yusoff, place at Pantai Bagan Lalang in Sepang on 16 November Lingkaran Trans Kota Holdings Berhad Assistant General 2019. IOIPG hopes to build sustainability stewardship Manager Mr Francisco Anthony Doss and MPSJ Councillor among Young Urbanites by encouraging initiatives that Mr George Yap Kok Weng. ensured well-rounded, quality education and empowerment of youth, as well as to influence sustainable lifestyle. It was The interchange was of ciated by YB Tuan Wong Chen also in line with IOIPG’s IOI Connects to Earth campaign ( fth from right), Mr Teh Chin Guan (fourth from right) and focused on waste minimisation, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. YB Tuan Ng Sze Han (third from right). International Young Leaders Conference 2019 IOIProperties Group Berhad (IOIPG) actively engages the youth in line with its sustainability strategic theme by supporting the International Young Leaders Conference 2019 organised by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) on 25 and 26 October 2019. Representatives from IOIPG, Ministry of Energy, Science, Sharing Joy & Laughter on Technology, Environment & Climate Change and UTAR. World Kindness Day The two-day conference, themed Youth Empowerment and Inclusion in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Employees from IOI Properties Group Berhad (IOIPG) (SDGs), also attracted regional young student leaders from and Four Points by Sheraton Puchong teamed up the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei. It aimed to inspire with student volunteers from Ariston Club of Heriot-Watt and empower young leaders in achieving the United Nations University Malaysia to bring cheer to the children of Rumah SDGs by gathering various stakeholders to share and Shalom in Bandar Puchong Jaya on 8 November 2019. exchange ideas while moving forward to a more inclusive and sustainable development within communities. The conference During the visit, the children were treated to an entertaining also attracted young student leaders from the Philippines, magic performance, games and fun-filled activities as well Indonesia and Brunei. as scrumptious food. Adding to the fun and laughter, IOIPG also presented the home with essential household items. The launching ceremony was attended by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change The charity visit coincided with World Kindness Day which Deputy Secretary-General (Environment & Climate Change) is celebrated annually on 13 November. The visit was also Dr Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu, UTAR President Ir. Professor part of IOIPG’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative Dr Ewe Hong Tat and IOIPG General Manager of Corporate and was in line with its sustainability goal of developing Communication & Sustainability Ms Kristine Ng. sustainable communities.

Enhancing Customer Service PROPERTY IOIProperties Group Berhad (IOIPG) has organised a Service Ownership 21BERITAIOI Workshop 2019 and launched the IOI Customer Service Month 2019 in line with its vision to become a leading corporation in the property sector and to deliver products and services of superior values to sustain consistent and long-term growth in volume and profitability. The workshop was organised by IOIPG Customer Relations Unit (CRU) and emphasised the importance of delivering the IOI Branded Customer Service Experience to 260 employees from IOIPG townships located in Klang Valley, Bahau, Negeri Sembilan and Bandar Kulai, Johor from 15 to 17 October 2019. IOIPG Executive Director Ms Lee Yoke Har led the three-day workshop, mostly attended by customer service frontliners to refresh on the attributes of the RATER (Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Responsiveness) model, the five intended outcomes of delivering the IOI Branded Customer Service Experience and to brainstorm the Wow Service or Serve It Forward Ideas to deliver better customer experience. Participants were later placed in groups to contribute ideas to the management for consideration and improvements. The IOI Customer Service Month was held in conjunction with the International Customer Service Week to create awareness of the importance of customer service and to recognise as well as to reward employees who have delivered service excellence to IOIPG’s customers, in line with IOIPG’s commitment as a customer-oriented organisation. IOIProperties Group Berhad, Johor Bahru (IOIPG JB) has organised a Basic Life Support & First Aid at the Workplace course on 18 and 19 December 2019 for 31 employees from various divisions and sites. The programme was aimed to equip the participants with sufficient knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator (CPR & AED) as well as to train them to be mentally and technically prepared to respond effectively to emergencies. Airfoz Resources trainer Mr Christopher Yong, who is a certified instructor from Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, the National Heart Institute of Malaysia, conducted the training using advanced training aids including a one-to-one manikin training in order for them to have the practical experience and confidence in conducting real CPR & AED. Conscious Festival 2019 More than 4,000 people descended upon South Beach Singapore to participate in the 5th edition of The Conscious Festival by Green is the New Black on 2 and 3 November 2019. The festival marketplace was filled with offers from over 100 curated brands that embody socially conscious values, with everything from plastic- free beauty products to plant-based dishes. Attendees were treated to delicious and healthy eats, organic alcohol, live music and took part in a series of transformative talks by experts, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners who are also agents of change in their respective industries. This year’s event was also entirely vegan, a first in Singapore. The festival further cemented South Beach as one of Singapore’s most sustainable and environmentally-friendly development, which has recently been accorded with the Energy Ef cient Award - New and Existing Building Category of the ASEAN Energy Award 2019. South Beach Consortium General Manager Ms Samantha Tan said: “From its inception, South Beach was designed with the intention to embody top design and environmental sustainability.”

OLEOCHEMICAL 22 BERITAIOI The facilitator demonstrated CPR and As per the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994, IOI the right way to use an oxygen mask. Pan-Century identified selected first aiders to undergo a two-day Basic Occupational First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Participants learnt how to address spinal injuries. Resuscitation (CPR) & Automated External Defibrillator AED is a type of life-saving equipment (AED) Training Course on 18 and 19 November 2019. used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. Held at the IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd’s Excellence Centre, 24 participants attended the two-day training session which covered the methods on how to apply Basic Occupational First Aid to situations like Primary and Secondary Survey, fracture, fainting, shocks, open wounds and spinal injury. Basic life support skills were also demonstrated such as actions to take during choking, application of CPR/ AED for adults, children and infants as well as other first aid- related topics such as splinting, tying knots for bandaging and making arm/elevation sling. Each participant was also exposed to real-life simulations and they stayed for both practical and written examination at the end of the course, in order to be a certified First Aider. Through this course, each First Aider are now ready to respond to various emergency situations at any given time. Industry School Adoption Programme On 31 October 2019, an appreciation ceremony was IOIPan-Century held at IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd’s Oleochemicals Excellence Centre to recognise the winning teams of IOI Sdn Bhd (IOI Pan-Century’s (IOI Pan-Cen) FunctionalTeam Programme Pan-Cen Oleo) received a (FTP) from January to June 2019. certificate of appreciation during the National Environmental A total of 28 Functional Teams participated and were Day 2019 – Johor State Level evaluated in the half-yearly FTP. A total of 20 exemplary celebration on 20 October 2019, teams qualified for Cash Awards where five teams achieved for installing a gas detector at the Good Performance category, and the rest of the 15 Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Alam 2, teams achieved the Exceeding Requirement category. The as part of its commitment to the top three Cash Awards went to Electrical & Instrumentation Pasir Gudang Industry School (E&I) Soap Noodles, E&I Refinery and Fatty Acid (FA) Adoption Programme. IOI Pan- Fractionation 1 & 2. Trophy Awards were awarded to FA Century Safety Manager Mr Tajuddin Fractionation 1 & 2 (Team Achievement Award), Utility bin Mohamad Yunos received the Refinery (Key Performance Award), Utility FA & Glycine certificate from Perling assemblyman (Best Improvement Award), E&I Soap Noodles (Best 5S/ Yang Berhormat Tuan Cheo Yee How Total Productive Maintenance Implementation Award), during the appreciation ceremony. Logistic Soap Noodles (Best Presentation Award) and Logistic Refinery (Best Leader Award). IOI Pan-Cen Chief Operating Officer cum Quality Council (QC) Chairman Mr Gurdev Singh and other QC members proudly presented trophies and cash awards to the deserving teams.

Fire Safety Awareness OLEOCHEMICAL 23BERITAIOI On 23 October 2019, IOI Pan-Century conducted an awareness talk on Fire Safety at IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd’s Excellence Centre to enhance employee knowledge pertaining to fire prevention and how to react in the event of a fire. The Fire Prevention Centre Malaysia conducted the talk to a total of 41 participants where they learnt the characteristics and components of fire, types of fire, the immediate steps to take in overcoming fire, and familiarised with the vicinity’s fire escape routes. They also gained understanding on how to handle gas leakage as well as survival methods in any type of vehicle accident. Other topics covered included the threat of fire to the community, property and environment, types of fire-related hazards and what are the available firefighting equipment in the vicinity and how to use them appropriately. Smoke escape masks are crucial to minimise exposure Fire prevention is better than re ghting. to airborne contaminants during big re emergencies. IOIPan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd (IOI IOI Pan-Century Quality Assurance Manager Ms Arokia Mary Pan-Cen Oleo) was shortlisted as the top nine out (second from left) receiving the certi cate on behalf of the company. of hundreds of entries in its maiden participation in the SIRIM Quality Award 2019. The SIRIM Quality Award is a formal recognition to SIRIM clients who have achieved high level of excellence in quality management systems and products in various sectors. Prior to this, IOI Pan-Cen Oleo was being evaluated based on SIRIM’s criteria such as Management Commitment, 5S – Towards A Quality Working Environment, Quality Management System Based on Standard, Quality, Productivity & Innovation and Organisation Performance. IOI Pan-Ceo Oleo received a certificate of appreciation for its nomination during the Majlis SIRIM Industri 2019 on 8 November 2019, at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya. IOIOleochemical Industries Berhad (IOI Oleo) held four modular training sessions for 25 executives and engineers in order to equip them with competency skills to manage their respective employees, and to increase their abilities as leaders. The training was in line with the Operational Excellence (OE) practices, and was conducted by Dr Alvin Tan from Prima Link, who is known for his energetic and practical training methods.

OLEOCHEMICAL 24 Technical Sharing 2019BERITAIOI IOIAcidchem Sdn Bhd (IOI Acidchem) jointly The employees were divided into four groups, namely Fatty held a Technical Sharing Session from 25 Acid, Hydro, Glycerine as well as Mechanical Electrical & to 26 November 2019 with IOI Pan-Century Instrumentation and Facilities, to facilitate the exchange of Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd (IOI Pan-Cen Oleo) involving Plant know-how and to discuss ways to utilise and manage operations Engineers and Production Engineers from both companies. properly. The young engineers were also exposed to presentation techniques and communication skills. The ultimate aims of the The session, held at IOI Acidchem, was led by IOI Oleochemical technical sharing were to improve knowledge, reduce losses, Industries Berhad (IOI Oleo) Executive Director Mr Tan Kean Hua create high productivity and satisfy customers internal and and IOI Oleo (Prai) Chief Operating Officer Mr Lai Choon Wah. In externally. his opening speech, Mr Tan pointed out that team effort can make an impact in having good safety, high efficiency and productivity The Hydro Group members as well as good business performance. He emphasised the goal in a discussion session. of IOI Oleo to be the Best-In-Class Oleochemical Company in the world with Operational Excellence as the basis. Mr Tan encouraging all participants to improve positive team dynamics to strengthen overall team performance. A total of 28 employees attended the training and learnt the benefits of the two-day session:  tUPTUJNVMBUFJOOPWBUJPOBOEHSPXUI  tUPJODSFBTFQMBOUVQUJNF SFEVDFUIFMPTTPGLOPXIPX   tUP FOBCMF CFUUFS QSPCMFN VOEFSTUBOEJOH BOE GBTUFS   QSPCMFNTPMWJOH  tUPIBWFUIFCFTUQSPCMFNTPMWJOHFYQFSJFODF  tUP JNQSPWF DPNNVOJDBUJPO BNPOH FNQMPZFFT GSPN UIF two operational sites. EFFECTIVE TPM Upgrading to IOI OinLEO FSSC 22000 v5 On 20 and 21 November 2019, IOI Oleochemical Industries Berhad organised a Total Productive IOIOleochemical Industries Berhad organised Maintenance (TPM) training for 31 selected engineers. a Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) The objective was to eliminate losses tied to equipment 22000 v5 – Implementing Changes maintenance and enhance good product productivity training for 22 selected managers and executives to provide without unplanned downtime. The two-day comprehensive updates on the new food safety management regulations. training was conducted by Mr Joseph Clarence from The training, which took place on 27 November 2019, was Directive Training International Sdn Bhd, who introduced conducted by Mr Adrian Kueh from BSI Services Malaysia theories, case studies and examinations on TPM. The Sdn Bhd. The training also covered the framework for the participants learnt the tools and techniques to implement new ISO HLS (high level structure), the key differences and TPM effectively, the new changes of TPM as well as the the changes that need to be implemented with the new concepts and practical applications of TPM. transition.

CSR at Work OLEOCHEMICAL IOIOleochemical Industries Berhad (IOI Oleo), 25BERITAIOI through its Community Service (CS) Department, engaged in three meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility activities from October to December 2019. Healthy Eating with Organic Produce Market Visit in Vietnam Following the good response, the CS members On 12 November 2019,the Marketing team of IOI Esterchem organised the sales of fresh organic produce again on 10 October and 8 November 2019 Sdn Bhd visited Vietnam for the first time to build to encourage healthy eating. Organic rapport with existing agents and explore potential business. vegetables and eggs were purchased from The team delivered a technical application presentation on BABA, an established organic vegetable the versatility of four groups of ester products (IP Esters, farm at Tasek Simpang Ampat. MCT, GMS and EH Esters) in five different industries, namely cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial (lubricants), food and Special Deepavali Treats beverage, and animal feed. There was also a demonstration On 21 October 2019, the CS members of cosmetic samples such as the popular hand lotions and distributed popular sweets and savouries face masks, and how they are incorporated into formulation such as laddu (sphere-shaped sweet) and to become finished products. omapodi (small pieces of crunchy noodles snack) to all employees to foster the spirit of The meeting was productive and resulted in a two-way learning togetherness at IOI Oleo. which enabled both parties to have a better understanding of the latest demand of esters and the current ambience of Special Christmas Treats the oleochemical market. The agents were responsive and On 19 December 2019, the CS members provided useful feedback on the products’ characteristics spread Christmas joy by distributing and their potential applications in the industry while being classic fruit cakes to delighted encouraged to identify the availability of different cosmetic employees at the cafeteria. channels which may draw increased sales volumes and serve as the foundation of a business expansion. The marketing team also gained a deeper understanding of customers’ background while the agents were equipped with a better knowledge of the product applications. Distribution Meeting & CPhI Frankfurt IOIOleo GmbH participated recently in the 30th edition of the CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt from 5 to 7 November 2019. The established pharmaceutical event drew 48,961 visitors from more than 170 countries that represented the pharmaceutical world. Prior to the show, IOI Oleo GmbH took the opportunity to invite its partners to a Distribution Meeting which included a plant tour and laboratory session at Witten, Germany. IOI Oleo Pharma had an appealing booth at CPhI Worldwide, which drew a large number of visitors comprising new customers, active customers and distribution partners throughout the three days. Product information via flyers, brochures and sample kit boxes were dispersed to 42 distributors from all over the world. For the first time, the Cleansing Handfoam To Go, made of raw materials manufactured by IOI Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd, was chosen as a giveaway in order to demonstrate the functionality of the product. New flyers on product applications, which are also available on IOI Oleo GmbH’s website, were also distributed. IOI Oleo GmbH finished the first day at the CPhI with an invitation to indulge in German beer, sparkling wine and finger food including Ahle Wurst, the typical favourite Frankfurt sausage. It was widely accepted by customers and distribution partners. It was a very successful event which ran smoothly due to the good organisation. In addition, feedback from the different markets and partners were very positive. Altogether, there were 163 leads with existing customers/distribution partners.

EDIBLE OILS 26 BERITAIOI A26 November 2019 group of 21 people from Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) Lahad Datu, led by SESB Lahad Datu Safety Officer Mr Gri Margono bin Selamat, visited IOI Edible Oils Sdn Bhd (IOIEO) in conjunction with their SESB Safety Campaign Week. IOIEO Safety, Health & Environment Executive Mr Antoneus bin Simon presented a talk on the safety practices at IOIEO while Production Manager gave a talk on the palm oil processing. The visit also included a tour to the LNG Burner at Refinery 2. 28 November 2019 A group of 50 undergraduates from University Malaysia Sabah’s (UMS) Faculty of Chemical Engineering who were in preparation of their internship had an educational tour at IOIEO under the guidance of IOIEO Assistant Production Manager Mr Ryan Chong and Production Executives Ms Ewie Asfahanie and Mr Wong Wai Chung. The students had a first-hand view of palm oil processing and gained a deeper insight of palm oil and chemical processes. 13 December 2019 IOIEO welcomed Fuji Oil Co. Ltd (Fuji Oil) Oils & Fats Section Manager (Quality Control Department) Mr Koji Kamaya and Raw Material Procurement Manager Mr Araidani Jun as well as Itochu Corporation Oil (Itochu) Fats & Grain Products Manager Mr Akio Matsunaga for an audit to assess and approve IOIEO as a qualified and quality supplier to Fuji Oil. The site audit started after a preliminary discussion, introductory presentation and safety briefing. It covered all aspects of receiving, segregation, production, storage and shipment, and included departments such as Procurement, Quality Assurance, Refinery, Palmitic Dry Fractionation, Lauric Dry Fractionation, Kernel Crushing Plant and Operation. IOIEO also gained valuable insight from the buyer’s perspective. The site audit ended with success, and with further discussion, IOIEO is set to supply products to Fuji Oil via Itochu. IOIEdible Oils Sdn Bhd (IOIEO) and IOI Bio-Energy Sdn Bhd (IOIBE) celebrated their Annual Dinner with the theme Glamorous Nyte on 7 December 2019 at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Sandakan. It was attended by 231 employees. The evening started with a Tarian Pelbagai Kaum in Malaysia and was then officiated by IOIEO General Manager Mr Shyam Lakshmanan. Throughout the night, the managers danced to the tune of the Sabahan Dance, which was led by IOIEO Human Resources/Admin & Operation Mr Hassan Abas. Some of the main highlights were the Best Dressed Lady and Gentlemen competition which was won by Mrs Fatimah Ajak (HR/ Admin Department) and Mr Mohd Eizlan Shah bin Jeffrin (Accounts Department) respectively. A total of 50 prizes were given out in the lucky draw session in celebration of the joyous time.

27Bunge Loders Croklaan at FiE 2019 EDIBLE OILS BERITAIOI BLC Presents Largest Floor Space Ever BLC Wins Innovation Award with Betapol® Plus Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) presented its largest floor space ever at the Food Ingredients Europe BLC also took the opportunity to unveil Betapol® Plus, (FiE) 2019 and showcased its mouthwatering worlds of the next generation of premium quality Oleic-Palmitic- Confectionery, Bakery, Culinary, Savory and Nutrition for Oleic (OPO or SN-2 palmitate) lipids for infant milk customers to experience and taste at the largest ingredients formula. It is the most advanced OPO product of its fair in Europe, which was held from 3 to 5 December 2019 kind, delivering on BLC’s promise to provide the best in Paris, France. From donuts with a flexible coating to alternative for mothers when breastfeeding is not an pastries with shea-based margarine and marinades, customers option. With Betapol® Plus, BLC provides an option that were able to taste products from all categories. Capitalising is closest to nature and sets a new industry standard on market trends, BLC also entered the veggie burger category with its range of 100% plant-based fats that mimic by coming closer in matching the fat composition of the “real thing” and which were designed as compelling mother’s milk than any offering available in the market. meat-replacements. Like previous years, IOI Oleochemical Because of this success, Betapol® Plus was awarded the Industries Berhad also had a table at BLC’s booth, which had Fi Europe 2019 Innovation Award for Functional an interactive wall that was used as a showpiece to visualise Innovation. some of BLC’s key messages and supply chain story. radd System Bunge Loders Croklaan has jointly collaborated with the world’s major palm oil producers and buyers, including Cargill, Golden Agri-Resources, Mondelez International, Musim Mas, Nestlé, Pepsico, Sime Darby Plantation, Unilever to Detect Deforestation and Wilmar, to support and fund the development of a new, publicly available radar-based forest monitoring system known as Radar Alerts for Detecting Deforestation (RADD). This system will make it much easier for companies and other stakeholders to see deforestation happening in near-real-time and with greater accuracy, which will enable them to quickly mobilise follow-up actions on the ground and work to improve the sustainability of commodity supply chains. The RADD system is currently being developed for Indonesia and Malaysia. Preliminary results for Indonesia and Malaysia indicate that the new RADD system can detect tropical deforestation several weeks earlier than optical-based systems. Developed by Wageningen University and Satelligence, and facilitated by World Resources Institute, the RADD system will augment existing publicly available monitoring tools that rely on optical-based satellite imagery, which can be delayed when clouds obstruct the view of forests. Through the use of radar waves, the new system can penetrate cloud cover and gather forest change information without being affected by clouds or sunlight. It is the first radar-based monitoring system of this scale that will make deforestation alerts publicly available. Once the system is complete, the alerts will be available on Global Forest Watch and Global Forest Watch Pro, and the methodology behind the alerts will be published. The new system will utilise freely available radar data from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel- 1A and B satellites, which orbit the earth every six to 12 days. These satellites provide high spatial detail that will also improve detection of smaller clearing events. Throughout the RADD system development over the next two years, partner companies will receive alerts about detected deforestation events and will provide crucial feedback to improve the system. The open nature of the system will enable companies – plus governments, civil society organisations and concerned stakeholders – to monitor forests using the same information source and standards. Bunge Loders Croklaan Sustainability & Government Affairs Senior Vice President Mr Robert Coviello said: “Bunge has long believed in the power of technology to help create a more sustainable future. That’s why we’re proud and excited to see our long-term partnership with Satelligence extended to Global Forest Watch to improve transparency and enable a more sustainable supply chain.”

IOI MALL The Vibrant Colours 28 BERITAIOI Deepooaff vali IOICity Mall, in collaboration with the Malaysian Department of National Unity & Integration, welcomed Deepavali in unity and diversity by lighting up 1,000 diya (oil lamp made from clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or vegetable oils, signifying purity, goodness, good luck and power in Hinduism) on 18 October 2019. The event was joined by IOI Group employees, 35 underprivileged children from Pure Life Society, shoppers, mall tenants and partners. Over at IOI Mall Puchong, the Blooming Garden of Diwali was brought to life from 11 to 31 October 2019. The garden was decorated with all kinds of flowers, complementing the beautiful kolam (a form of traditional Hindu art symbolising auspiciousness) created especially for the occasion. Some of the activities organised specially for the festive occasion were henna art, Diya Painting Workshop and Coloured Rice Art Workshop.

IOI MALL 29BERITAIOI A Dazzling & Enthralling Christmas IOICity Mall (ICM) was all Sparkle, Shimmer & Shine from 22 November 2019 to 1 January 2020 as family, friends and loved ones celebrated the festive season with joy. There were amazing performances such as Amazing Man in Balloon, Modern Acrobatic Circus Show, Winterland Puppet Show, and Splitting Body Illusion along with workshops like Santa Claus Making and Christmas Tree Making for the little ones. On 2 December 2019, ICM hosted 60 underprivileged children and their seven caretakers from Rumah Keluarga Kami and Pusat Jagaan Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The children enjoyed the day as they spent their time at the Icescape Ice Rink, had lunch at Texas Chicken, collected goodie bags, courtesy of SuperSave Group, and went to Golden Screen Cinemas to watch the latest animated movie, Frozen 2. Meanwhile, at IOI Mall Puchong, the magic air of Christmas was felt as soon as one walked into the 7.5-metre-tall magnificent dome, which housed the Enchanting Garden of Wonders that came to life from 29 November 2019 to 1 January 2020. From Santa Claus making his special appearance to the Marching Pipe Band to the performance of nearly 100 talented music prodigies at the Christmas Symphony to the most creative “twist-and-turn” balloons by Calico the Clown, it was show-stopping and a holly jolly Christmas for all. IOI Mall Kulai brightened up the Christmas mood by rewarding shoppers with a galore of special promotions, performances and contests. The mall organised a Grab & Win contest from 1 to 31 December 2019 which rewarded mall patrons with the chance to win selected gifts upon a minimum spend of only RM80 at any shop. The shoppers were thrilled with the various prizes ranging from electronic products to shopping vouchers to food containers. At the same time, an Enchanted FB Photo Contest was held which invited shoppers to submit and vote for the best picture.

HOTEL 30 BERITAIOI In a magical setting, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel (PMH), Palm Garden Hotel (PGH) and Palm Garden Golf Club (PGGC) held a joint Christmas charity lunch, themed A Fairytale Magical Christmas, at PMH on 18 December 2019. A total of 72 underprivileged children from Kumpulan Ibu Bapa & Sokongan Anak-Anak Kanser, Persatuan Bunga-Bunga Syurga Down Syndrome Malaysia, Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Ampang and InsideAutism Malaysia were treated to a lovely outing. The children were treated to a sumptuous Christmas spread, and enjoyed the games and performances arranged, which included the appearance of the d’Flaming Reindeers (whose members are from PMH, PGH and PGGC) belting out famous Christmas songs such as Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock, Merry Christmas Everyone and Feliz Navidad. PMH’s lounge was fully decorated with fairy lights, Christmas ornaments, and an upcycled Christmas Tree, which was put together by used, clean mineral bottles. A charity drive was also held to raise funds by selling a limited-edition water tumbler, priced at RM25 nett each, where proceeds were channelled back to the four charity groups. It was a breezy Saturday morning on 30 November 2019 as associates from Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Palm Garden Hotel and Palm Garden Golf Club came together for a 3 Business Units’ (BU) Fun Run around IOI Resort City. They competed in the Open Category, Men’s and Women’s Veteran (45 years and above), and Men’s and Women’s Open (18 to 44 years). Winners from each category returned home with a special plaque and certificate of participation. Winners of the Women’s Open. Winners of the Men’s Veteran.

HOTEL 31BERITAIOI In an annual tradition, the d’Flaming Reindeers, whose members are associates from Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Palm Garden Hotel and Palm Garden Golf Club, made their carolling tours at several locations from 6 to 19 December 2019. The group visited the Ambassador’s Residence of the United States of America and performed for their Christmas Party on a Saturday afternoon as well as putting on a marvellous show in front of 200 audiences at the Maybank Training Centre in Bangi and Shell Business Centre in Cyberjaya. A surprise Santa Claus appearance delighted many as he gave out candies during the mid-performances. Putrajaya Marriott Hotel (PMH), Palm Garden Hotel (PGH) and Palm Garden Golf Club (PGGC) came together to host 80 underprivileged children and their caretakers from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai, Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Nur Ain on 7 November 2019, for a charity buffet high-tea at PGGC, in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration. The joyous celebration started at 3 pm, and children from each home showcased their best performance during the event. The children had a lot of fun, having participated in various games and activities prepared and they were presented with goodie bags filled with yummy snacks and chocolates before departing. PMH Hotel Manager Mr Louis Chiew, PGH Hotel Manager Ms Lee Ai Meng and PGGC Assistant General Manager Mr Terence Lee were also present to hand out angpows to the children.

HOTEL 32 BERITAIOI Over 70 guests turned up at Tuscany Restaurant Well done, Mr Vincent! at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel in their best costume and indulged in a buffet spread, specially prepared for Palm Garden Hotel the Pirate’s Halloween Fright Night on 31 October organised a birthday party 2019. Hotel associates made their appearances in their to celebrate October babies’ special pirate attires and the band played throughout birthdays on 21 October 2019. the night as guests enjoyed the games and activities, Hotel associates were feted with a such as Halloween Gold Hunt, Minute to Win It, Cookies Face and Best Costume. The highlight of the sumptuous buffet. In the night was the appearance of Scary Clown and the same event, Putrajaya lucky draw raffle where four lucky guests walked Marriott Hotel Senior General Manager away with attractive prizes. Mr Simon Yong presented tokens of appreciation to Mr Vincent Kua (from Front Office Department) and Ms Masrina bt Abdullah (from Finance Department), who were both awarded as Employee of the Month for Front of the House and Heart of the House, respectively. Well done, Ms Masrina! A happy birthday to all October babies. Le Méridien Putrajaya celebrated its third anniversary on 6 December 2019 with loyal customers and partners, in a mystical theme of Aladdin. Guests were greeted by dancers as they made their way to the main ballroom, passing food stalls of various delicacies. IOI Properties Group Berhad Chief Operating Officer (Property Investment) Mr Cheah Wing Choong relayed his gratitude to all guests of honour for their endless support and trust. Celebrations continued into the night as guests wined, dined and danced away. There was no shortage of laughter and excitement as some guests walked away with attractive lucky draw prizes which contained hotel stays and dining vouchers.

FOUNDATION 33BERITAIOI Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng (Yayasan TSLSC) successfully completed its Santa Shoebox Charity Project 2019 this Christmas where 60 underprivileged children aged between four and 13 were delighted to receive their box of surprise containing various educational supplies, toys and sweets, and a personal message from the benefactor. This campaign was open to all IOI Group employees who were given to chance to pick their chosen child from three selected homes, namely Pertubuhan Kebajikan Astana Kajang, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai Selangor and Rainbow Home. On 9 December 2019, the children and their representatives came to IOI City Mall (ICM) for a morning workshop, courtesy of Hogan Bakery, where Chef Taylor led the children on a fun Gingerbread Man decoration session. This was followed by a Christmas-themed origami lesson where the children folded and decorated their very own Santa Claus. Then, they were treated to lunch at Texas Chicken before adjourning to the Lower Ground Centre Court of ICM to enjoy a carolling session of Christmas songs by the d’Flaming Reindeers, whose members are associates from Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Palm Garden Hotel and Palm Garden Golf Club. This was followed by Jack Li the Magician who wowed everyone with his seven Grand Illusion tricks. A surprise appearance of Santa Claus further delighted many as he gave out candies during the mid-performances. After the performances, Yayasan TSLSC Executive Director Datin Joanne Wong handed out each shoebox to each child and also presented a mock cheque of RM8,000 each to the three homes. Each home was also presented a box of household supplies and food items, sponsored by Yayasan TSLSC. The children had a joyous day and departed home with their gift boxes and beaming smiles.

FOUNDATION 34 BERITAIOI Awards RM173,000 in Scholarships Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng (Yayasan TSLSC) has awarded RM173,000 in scholarships to six outstanding students who are pursuing their full-time undergraduate studies at recognised local and international higher learning institutions. The scholars were recognised for their excellent academic achievements and extra-curricular activities with cheques sent out on 27 November 2019 to each deserving scholar. To date, the foundation has disbursed more than RM9 million worth of scholarships to 283 scholars since its introduction in 1998. The scholars expressed their gratitude towards the scholarships granted by Yayasan TSLSC that lightened the burdens of their parents. Congratulations to our six scholars - Mr Sukdarshanan Ragupathy, Mr Rahul Nair a/l Bhaskaran, Mr Tan Kok Heng, Ms Goh Siaw Shuen, Ms Pravena Ramachandran and Ms Saran Raj Dhava. IOICorporation Berhad, together with Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng, supported the Monsoon Food Relief Project by sponsoring 5,000 bottles of IOI Pan-Century Edible Oils’ one-litre IOI Century cooking oil worth RM19,250 to the orang asli communities that were affected by the year-end monsoon season. The project was initiated by Pastor Moses Soo of Gospel to the Poor, a Christian mission organisation that raises food items for orang asli in Kelantan and Pahang. The volunteers travelled to the jungle on a four-wheel drive to deliver 42 tonnes of food relief comprising rice, cooking oil, canned food and other food items to the orang asli. The project benefitted 7,000 orang asli in Gua Musang, Kelantan and Cheroh, Pahang. Some of the orang asli have had to walk for hours to reach their homes after collecting the food supply. Dream It. Believe It. Do It. Ms Vivien Ng, a Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng scholar and currently IOI Properties Group Berhad Internal Audit Executive is the living example of the adage. She has been interested in fencing ever since she first saw the sport on television. Fencing is a lesser known sport in Malaysia as it is expensive to obtain proper gears and equipment as well as lessons. Nevertheless, with her passion, she began to train seriously in sabre fencing in March 2017, with no official training. In 2019, she victoriously emerged in the Top 4 during the ranking selection of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, and successfully advanced to the quarterfinals for Women’s Fencing in the Philippines 2019 SEA Games. She is proud to be able to represent her country and is looking forward to participate in the 2021 Vietnam SEA Games. Well done, Vivien! We are proud of your achievement! Ms Vivien (fourth from right, front row) believes that if we conquer our minds, we can achieve anything.

SPECIAL 35BERITAIOI 3 Mar|IOIPG 14 Mar|IOIC Garden Nation Most Improved Initiative Award Carbon Disclosure Program Performance 15 Mar|IOIPG in Hong Kong and Southeast Best Developer at Asia Award ASEAN Property Awards 2018/2019 21 Mar|IOIPG QLASSIC (Pavilion Service Apartment and N’Dira Townhouse) 12 Apr|IOIPG Property Guru Asia Awards for Pavilion Service Apartment: tBest Mass Market Condo/Apartment Development tBest Universal Design Development 19 Apr|Palm Garden Golf Club 19 Apr|IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd ParGolf People’s Choice Awards: and IOI Acidchem Sdn Bhd t Best Maintained Golf Course 11 Chemical Industries Council of t Best Corporate Tournament Venue Malaysia (CICM) Responsible Care Awards 2017/2018 24 Apr|IOIC Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards 2019

36 SPECIAL 2 Jul|IOIC BERITAIOI Special Mention 3 May|IOIC Award for PIPDA Top 10 Developer Award Leadership Trust 11 Jul|Palm Garden Hotel tTraveloka Hotel Awards 2019 (Best Guest Experience in Food) tAgoda 2019 Customer Review Awards 4 Sep|South 19 Sep|IOIC Beach Residences The Edge BRC Awards: t#FTU$3*OJUJBUJWFTGPS#JH$BQ$PNQBOJFT Energy Efficient tHighest Growth in Profit After Tax Over Building Award Three Years tHighest Return in Equity Over Three at ASEAN Energy Years (Plantation Sector) Awards 2019 9 Oct|IOIPG iDEA 2019: tBest Developers (People’s Choice Award) tBest Office Development (Future) Award (Stellar Suites) tBest Luxury High-Rise Development (Completed) Award ([email protected] Cove) 18 Oct|IOIPG 23 Oct|IOIC 31 Oct|IOIPG Top 5 Most Most Outstanding The Edge Top 10 Company in Malaysia Attractive Employer (Plantation Sector) Property Developers’ at Asiamoney (Real Estate/ Asia’s Poll Award 2019 Property) 20 Nov|IOIPG 26 Nov|IOIPG PropSocial People’s Sustainable Business Property Award Awards Malaysia 2019 2019 (N’Dira (Special Recognition Townhouse) for Land Use and Biodiversity) IOIC: IOI Corporation Berhad IOIPG: IOI Properties Group Berhad

SPECIAL 37BERITAIOI UNIQUE 34 COMPOSITION PALM OIL APPLICATIONS CHOLESTEROL FREE Palmis tOhelein NATURALLY Liqouf PidaFlmractiilon BALANCED NATURAL RESTAURANTS / HOTELS HOMES VITAMIN E french fries home cooking fried chicken fryingATeSpicunphplFniecoiarcoiatoidlolryns seafood 17 confectionery mayonnaise sauces baking FOOD FACTORIES chips 32 frozen foods instant noodles ApPpallmicaOtiiolns chocolate spread  24

38 SPECIAL BERITAIOI A DAY IN YOUR LIFE WITH PALM OILThe important ingredient in various food & non-food products Cereal, bread, bun, cheese Skincare & Body Care Fried food, sauces Cosmetics Household Detergents cake, muffin, ice-cream, chocolate The Malaysian Palm Oil Industry tMpoclrpaaoomTarlvnaghlimitlydeelrisieobeoMisnaucilsatloaiii,lovnnanmendoydlsuamsihtsikthaoioticernnoygd world. Malaysian PalTmheOCilhInadlleunsgtreys: mMoasltahyisgiahnlypreaglmulaotileidndaugsritcryulitsiunroatnhleeseowcfottorhlrdes. bunrontinbgu”rnTptthohilresiecyipynalcairnlneuwtdetoehdosicathaaftdleolhritleo2pr0iban-elg2m5htotayrretevheaeesrss“tanearodes. tThhwaenhpiycraaihelpmlmdespeoelafaenondsitl,inpysgoauulnbmfunlotieswae5rede-r9laeatbsnimsldelesatsoonydhhbafimegoravhroeneorseri,lt. #loveMYpalmoil #sayangisawitku

CCHHIINNEESSEE NNEEWWYYEEAARR 10 December 2019 - 8 February 2020 RREEUUNNIIOONN SSEETTMMEENNUUSS 10 December 2019 - 8 February 2020 RRMM9988 Celebrate Reunions in conjunction with Chinese New Year CewleitbhraateheRaerutynmionesalipnrecpoanrjeudncbtyioonuwr tiethamChoifnCehseinNeseewanYdeaTrhai wCithheafsh.earty meal prepared by our team of Chinese and Thai Chefs. FoFrorrerseesrevravtiaotniosn, s, plpealesaesecaclla8ll98493432223233o3r o0r1001306376671601101 Paallmm GGaarrddeennHHootteell IOII RReessoorrtt CCiittyy,,6622550022PPuutrtarajajayyaa, ,MMaalalaysyisaia Tel :: 660033--8899443322223333 FFaaxx::660033-8-899443366556688 y

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