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2015 Issue 1 Simply Destination Weddings

Published by Simply Destination Weddings, 2015-01-11 19:54:13

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NOTES First and foremost I want to thank all of our contributorsfor this issue of Simply Destination Weddings Magazine.We are so grateful for your hard work and are blessed tohave you on board. ! “To Unpathed waters, to undreamed shores” ~ William Shakespear ! Cheers, Kris Holland Simply Destination Weddings 2






Your DreamWedding Awaits…….. 8

Specializing in All- Inclusive Destination Wedding Travel. ! 9



Valentin ImpFEATUREDBY 12

erial MayaRiviera Maya, Mexico 13

SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya 14

OFFICIAL OVERVIEW Hotel Valentin Imperial Maya is the new definition ofparadise. Our 5 star Adults-Only (18+) All-Inclusive Resort islocated a short 25 minutes from Cancun International Airport inthe Riviera Maya. Set amid lavish gardens on a half-mile-long stretch of whitesand beach named Playa Del Secreto (The Secret Beach), thismagnificent award-winning resort boasts one of the largestswimming pools in México. The location is ideal as one can easilyreach Cancun and the world famous Mayan archaeological sitessuch as Tulúm, Cobá, and Chichen Itzá, yet be removed enoughto enjoy the casually elegant ambience of Valentin ImperialMaya. Escape into a world where your every wish is our command.Come indulge yourself….you deserve it! Valentin Imperial Maya Hotel & Spa is committed to preservethe environment by reducing the consumption of naturalresources, promoting among our guests and staff, protection andrespect for the environment through good environmentalpractices. 15

SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya Sugary white sand surrounded by turquoise waters, no question the Riviera Maya has the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. We polled our Brides and Grooms to see what their favourite resorts were. Valentin Imperial Maya was in their top 10 favourite resorts in the Riviera Maya and for good reason. 16

We are privileged to present to you the beautiful Valentine ImperialMaya Resort on the Playa Del Secreto beach in the Riviera Maya,Mexico. We had the chance to talk with Ana Muñoz, Weddings andGroups Supervisor with Valentin Maya Resort & Spa  - Valentin Hotels.Here is a what she had to say about her stunning resort. 17

SDW: Valentin Imperial MayaGUEST QUESTIONS 18

~ Is there a charge for guests toparticipate in sports at the resort?We have non motorized watersports included as well as all kind ofactivities such as football,!volleyball, yoga, Pilates, etc. !~ Can you arrange a special tour oractivity for our guests? No but wehave tour operator representativesavailable close to the lobby for!that.!~ Do you offer discounts for theBride and Groom’s guest’s rooms?We do if they sing a contract withterms, conditions and cancelation!policies.!~ How many guests are permittedat your standard destinationwedding? What do you charge ifthe Bride and Groom exceed thatnumber? The largest package wehave is for 30 registered guestincluding the bride and groom thatcover ceremony, cocktail hour andreception dinner, all extra guest willhave an extra charge for (toast,cake, dinner, cocktail hr,appetizers) if they are registered atthe hotel, if not the charge will be!the extras plus a wedding pass.!~ Do you have a dedicatedhoneymoon suite? No. 19

SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya WEDDING PLANNER QUESTIONS~ Is there a dedicated wedding planner on !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!site? Yes we have 3 wedding coordinators ~ How far is the resort from the airport? 30 ~ How many weddings take place at the same!available for any consultant.! time? 3 at the same date all of it must be at !minutes!~ Can they be reached by email? Yes !different [email protected], ~ What is your cancellation [email protected], In the unfortunate circumstance that you ~ What type of Internet access is available at have to cancel or postpone your confirmed your property? Wi-Fi in all the property [email protected] ! booking at any time prior to the wedding, cancellation charges will be made as follow: ! !no extra charge.!~ What services does your wedding planner Cancellation at any time:!provide? They offer quotes, planning the ~ What is the cost of a destination weddingwedding, and handle the wedding in all !100% of the initial deposit! at your resort, or is it included in the price of the Bride and Groom’s stay? The price!process with personalized service.! ~ Postponements:! 6 to 24 months prior to wedding date 50% !depends of the package to choose from.!~ Is there a fee? The wedding coordinator (The other 50% will be moved to the newservices are included in all packages if the wedding day selected) Date changes after the ~ Do you offer a set destination weddingpackage is customized there is a fee for the confirmed booking will be subject to package, or can the Bride and Groom choose the elements individually? We offer both!service.! !availability.! packages and/or we can customized their~ How much time would we need to reserve a ~ What time of day do most destination !needs.!wedding in advance? Normally one year for weddings occur? 4-5 pm Because most of thebig weddings, but we have taken 1 month ~ Do you make arrangements for transfers to !!couples looking for the sunset! and from the airport? Yes, actually some of!booking prior the ceremony.! the package already includes it for groom & bride.~ Do you require a down retainer? Is so how 20!much? Yes we require a $1,000 usd deposit. !~ When would the balance due? Balance is!!due 1 month prior the wedding.!


SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya DETAIL QUESTIONS 22

~ Do you provide photography/ ~ What can you supply in thevideography services? Yes all way of a wedding cake? Wepackages includes the service, send the couple an extendthe lasting will depend of the catalogue where they can choose the shape, color and!package.! flavor. Some packages also~ What is the cost and what do !!!!include the cake.!they get for that amount? Ifthe package is with ceremony, ~ Is live music available? Wecocktail and reception they will have the option for the biggesthave 5 hrs of service with 36 package Marimba or Mexican(4x6) photos including an trio for 45 min or they can addalbum. If is just the ceremony 2hrs are included with no !it to any of our packages. !!pictures just the service.! !! !! ~ Are you able to email the ~ Is there a florist onsite? No Bride and Groom an mp3 file of we work with an external the house musicians? No but !company.! !we can ask the supplier for it.! ~What do you offer in the way ~ Can the Bride and Groom of decorations? We have all supply their own music on CD? kind of, also we have a large Yes if their bring their own catalogue to choose from speakers if not we have the Dj (Mexican, vintage, thematic, option or speaker (extra fee will etc).! apply for those)! ~ What type of flowers are 23 available locally? We have a large catalogue with all kind of !flowers local and imported.!

SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya 24


SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya CEREMONY QUESTIONS 26

! !~ Can you make a webcam available during the ceremony? ~ What private indoor and outdoor areas of the resort are available for a wedding? For ceremony we have the beach!Yes with extra charge (external supplier)! location, the gazebo, and a beautiful bridge id is small ceremony. Also we have a catholic church where we offer~ Are the Bride and Groom able to do a rehearsal of the religious ceremonies. Cocktail: could be at the Gazebo, foyer,ceremony and have a rehearsal dinner? The rehearsal steak pot, beach bar, and Mexican terrace. Reception:ceremony is subject to the wedding coordinator´s availability Fountain area, le Marche restaurant, steak pot, gazebo,!and the rehearsal dinner is with extra charge and fix menu.! !Mexican terracr and the Italian terrace. !~ Is there someone who can handle the details for the Bride ~ Are indoor spaces air-conditioned? No, but we can use oneand groom for the rehearsal and on the wedding day? Yes of the restaurants for reception with extra charge.!every couple has their own wedding coordinator to handle all 27!matters before, during and after the wedding. !

SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya ~ How many people can each of them accommodate?! Maximum number of people and reception with out~ What is the set up like for a beach style dance floor:!wedding? All set up in white linen with white Gazebo! Mexican Terrace! Le Marche!!tiffany chairs and a minister table.! ! Ceremony 140! ! Cocktail 120! ! Cocktail 300! ! Cocktail 100! ! Reception 80! ! Reception 300!~ Do you have an online photo gallery or are you ! Reception 80! Fountain area! Beach bar!able email the bride pictures of other destination Steak Pot! ! Cocktail 300! ! Cocktail 100!weddings that have taken place at the property? ! Cocktail 84! Coffee salon!Yes we have pictures that we can send them.! !!! Reception 300! ! Cocktail 50! !! Reception 50! ! Reception 50 28


SDW: Valentin Imperial Maya RECEPTION QUESTIONS ~ Is there a private terrace or outdoor area where we can hold a rehearsal dinner? Yes we offer 2 terrace !options for that. ~ Are you able to email the Bride and Groom suggested menus for the reception? Yes actually we have a wedding kit with all kind of food to choose from. 30




SBM: How to choose the best wedding photographer HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!Written by:Justin ZubeckSagebrush Media 34


SBM: How to choose the best wedding photographer So you’re getting married! Choosing a photographer to capture this momentous event, can be a daunting task. Photos are one of the few things you can’t replace, so you want to make sure you “get it right”.The first thing you will need to decide is what style of photography the unexpected and what may have seemed like a good deal turnsyou prefer. Are you a fan of all black and white, HDR (high-dynamic- out not to be. Remember, if it is too good to be true then itrange, a higher range for the bright areas and the dark areas of the probably is!image), lots of bokeh (aesthetic quality of the blur produced in theout-of-focus parts of an image) or the natural look. Deciding that is !your first task, then finding the right photographer in your area iskey. Make a list of potential wedding photographers , taking time to While researching the photographers, there are some key things toresearch each of them. Keep in mind that when booking for a look for. One of the first things is the locations used in their, good photographers will get booked first. If at all This will tell you a lot about the photographer. Look for differentpossible, try to reserve your photographer a year in advance and types of locations. Now, if you see a lot of their photos and theyremember that you “get what you pay for.” The good consistently look good, then you can assume they know what theyphotographers will give you amazing images, and know how to are doing when it comes to light. Understanding light and how tocalmly deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may arise on use it to one’s benefit to create an amazing photo, is a sure sign ofyour special day such as :what to do if it rains, what to do when or a good photographer. Inexperienced photographers will not knowif their memory stick crashes or if they have a back up camera how to use light to their benefit. Lighting is really the key to ashould their first camera drop and break etc.. The question you great photograph. Understanding lighting is a lifelong learninghave to ask yourself is how important are your photos. The low process.priced, “good deal” photographer might not know how to deal with ! 36

A question everyone should ask a photographerthey are considering hiring is, “Do you shoot in raw?”Ok, now it’s time to set up some interviews with the list of your !potential photographers. Don’t be tempted to pick a photographerby just looking at their online images. Ask to see two or three albums Once you’ve picked your photographer, confirm with them as soon asof their actual work. Check their fees, and make sure they are possible about having them shoot your wedding. They will offer youavailable on the day of your wedding. You will need to be able to talk several packages, as previously discussed in your initial meeting. Youto your photographer, so make sure your personalities mesh. Don’t will need to decide how many prints you want, how many albums andunderestimate the importance of liking your photographer, as they of course sizes and styles. Most packages will cover anywhere from 4will be shadowing you all day, on one of the most important days of to 12 hours, in order to include exactly what you want covered. It’syour lives. always better to pay for more than you think you need, that way if something happens, such as someone is late, you’ll still have plentyA question everyone should ask a photographer they are considering of time to get all those important photos you need and want. Don’thiring is, “Do you shoot in raw?” Shooting in raw, is a format the forget about the engagement session. Ask the photographer if theycamera takes the images in. Most dslr cameras will shoot in jpeg low, have a package that includes one or any other events the bridaljpeg med, jpeg high, raw and raw+ jpeg. A skilled photographer will party will be having.shoot in raw or raw + jpeg. I’ve seen more than a few photographerswho have shot in one of the jpegs without raw or shot in the wrong 37white balance or are unable to print a photo because the size theyshot in was too small or their dpi was too low.

SBM: How to choose the best wedding photographerLast but not least, it is time for the contract. If you haven’t dealt !with contracts before, this can be intimidating. Take the contracthome to review at your own pace. Read it carefully to see If you You’re ready to make the deposit . Just in case, you could ask if theneed anything modified or amended. Do not rush or feel pressured deposit is refundable although many photographers will require ato sign, but when you are ready, go ahead knowing that a seasoned non-refundable deposit. Make sure you know the final total and anyprofessional , your photographer, will help you. Now you’ll come to additional costs before you sign the contract. There should be noa part in the contract where it says the photographer owns and has hidden charges after the wedding. Listen to your gut! This is a bigall the rights to the images. Don’t be scared off by this, as it is the decision, so don’t rush it, but remember good photographers willlaw in Canada that the photographer who takes the images owns get booked first. Once you have made that deposit, be sure and askthem and has every right to do with them what they want, such as for a receipt. Remember, reserve your photographer a year inadvertising them for their promotional use, using them for advance, and make sure your personalities mesh. You need to bemarketing or even submitting them for publication. Most able to talk to your photographer and make sure your personalitiesprofessionals will offer to not post or publishing them ,for an mesh.additional fee. PHOTO CREDITS: AM RESORTS 38

Asking about postproduction is often overlooked but is an important Remember to check your contract to see if you can post or sharequestion and should be asked at your initial meeting. On average, these. Most contracts say you can’t. The majority of photographersyour photographer will tell you there is a minimum wait of 4 to 8 will only allow you to share the images with a water mark or aweeks before getting your final images. You will however most credit to them on the image.likely have a review about half way before that time. Professionalphotographers will shoot in raw but only give you the jpeg version. You’ve picked a photographer and you’ve paid the deposit. Keep inThis is because raw images are huge, making them easier to correct mind that a wedding photographer is also an excellent resourcethings such as colour levels and so on. Now with your package, when you are looking for other people such as make-up artists, hairyou’ll get your digital proofs. stylus, caterers and even venues, to help make your special day a magnificent celebration.! Written by: Justin Zubeck ! ~SAGEBRUSH MEDIA~ Photo Credit & Special Thank you to: AM RESORTS 39



TTKHD: Say I DO In Style Say “I Do” In Style !Written by: Amy Holland Tie The Knot Hair Design 42

Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts Picture your perfect destination wedding. Imagine your fiancé, a beautiful warm and tropical atmosphere and being surrounded by your closest friends and family. Tying the knot should be relaxing and romantic so the last thing that you need to worry about is your hair. In my 12 years of styling both local and destination weddings I’ve seen it all. From sweet and simple hair styles to big elaborate up-styles, from fabulous to flops! Here are some of my secrets to ensure that you have perfect hair for your destination wedding. 43

TTKHD: Say I DO In Style Even if it seems like a fairly simple hair style to execute, professional stylists are equipped with the right tools, products and tricks to keepHire a Pro & your hair looking amazing all day long. Many resorts have high end Schedule a Trial salons that offer bridal hair services and some even build hair styling into the overall wedding package. Increasingly, it has become more popular for the bride to bring along a stylist that specializes in on location or destination weddings. This is ideal for the bride who likes to feel prepared, as it gives her a chance to get to know the stylist ahead of time and iron-out any details. Hiring your own stylist also gives the bride and her girls the flexibility to choose a time and a locale that works for them. Either option is great as it eliminates the need to drive off-site just to get your hair done, so you can relax and pop the champagne! ! A trial is very important for any bride, especially if you’re having a destination wedding. This is the perfect time try out your favorite style to see if it looks as good on you as you imagined. This will also help your stylist get a feel for your hair and how it will react on the wedding day. Allowing the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments ahead of time. A trial is also a great opportunity to “test drive” your style for longevity. Try to book the trial in the morning or around the time that you would have it done on your wedding day. Go for lunch, go dancing and wear it all day long. See how it holds up and if it reacts the way you and your stylist expect it to. 44

Pre - PlanMake sure your hair looks fabulous before you leave for yourdestination. Book your hair cut and color appointments wellahead of time, do not leave this to the last minute. I usuallyrecommend booking any haircut, color or highlights one to twoweeks before you depart. This not only leaves enough time foryour color to set but also gives your stylist the chance to makeany corrections, if your hair is not quite as you would like it.Remember, fresh color and hot sun do not mix. Use an SPF hairmist to avoid excess fading while in the sunshine. My favorite isAVEDA “Sun Care Protective Hair Veil” which can be used ondry hair. 45

TTKHD: Say I DO In Style Be Sensible It is crucial to work with the hair that you have, and not fight your hair’s natural texture. Do not flat iron your curly hair poker straight (especially when wanting to wear it up) or chemically curl your straight hair. Instead, work with your stylist to choose a style that can be achieved and will suit the climate of your destination. By doing this your style will last longer and look more natural. Fine Textured Hair ~ Humid Climate ~ Choose an up style that is soft and romantic. Loose curls and lightly gathered works best. ~ Dry Climate ~ Any up style, or a low side-swept hair style is ideal. Avoid static strands by adding a shine spray or gloss if wearing your hair down. My current favorite is Davines “Defining Gloss”. Medium Textured Hair ~ Humid Climate ~ Opt for a half up and curled style, this hair type will hold the style well and will not be as hot as wearing it all down. Touch up your strands using an anti-humectant spray such as Keratin Complex “Straight Day Spray” to avoid frizz. ~ Dry Climate ~ A swept back or chignon up style is ideal, but a half up or down style will work as well. Be sure to keep your hair looking glossy by using a deep conditioner a few days before. Try Davines “LOVE” for best results on medium textured hair. Coarse Textured Hair ~ Humid Climate ~ Go big and curly, and wear it either up or down. Use your natural texture in a messy updo or soften your look with beachy styled waves. Tame your volume between photos using a small amount AVEDA “Anti-Humectant Pomade” which gives a pleasant satin finish. ~ Dry Climate ~ Avoid wearing too much hair on your neck to prevent perspiring, instead try a fresh style using fish tail braids. 46

Hair Accessoires What about hair extensions, veils and hair pieces? Hair extensions are very popular to fill out your hairstyle or to add length. Always choose a brand of extensions that is Human Remy Hair, pick a length that will blend naturally with your current hair length and get your stylist to match the color. If you are wanting to wear a veil I always recommend a shorter veil length or a bird cage style and to remove it after the ceremony. Both of these veils are great if the wind chooses to pick up and as a bonus they are small and easy to transport. The last thing you need is an unscheduled cathedral length veil parasail ride! With all the choices for bridal hair accessories the best one is a hair clip. They are small to pack, add a beautiful sparkle and the best part is they do not have to be removed until the day is done. Whether it’s custom made, to a boutique find, they come in a variety of designs and sizes. 4477

TTKHD: Say I DO In Style Touch Up KitZoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya & Prep  ! Every bride’s best friend! Ask your Maid of Honor to keep it close by for after the ceremony, before pictures and throughout the day for quick touch ups. A typical touch up kit should include a few basic items. Take a look at our blog post on how make your own. If making one seems too daunting, there are plenty of varieties out there to buy, like this one \"Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit\" ! Get the most out of your wedding day hair style by prepping the hair properly the night before. Your hair needs to have more texture to keep the curls holding and your pins in place. Start your routine by shampooing your hair using a clarifying shampoo, then lightly condition and lastly apply a medium hold mousse to your slightly damp hair. I usually suggest these Kevin Murphy products: Kevin Murphy “MAXI.WASH. SHAMPOO”, Kevin Murphy “HYDRATE. ME. RINSE”, Kevin Murphy “BODY. BUILDER. MOUSSE” for this steps as they seem to have the best results when used together. 48

After CareNow that the wedding is over your hair will need alittle TLC. Start by giving it a break by using agood sun care deep conditioner. My favorite isAVEDA “Sun Care After Sun Hair Masque”. Also,try wearing a braid instead of pulling it into apony tail the day after the wedding. This will relaxthe tension on your hair which causes breakage.!After all, your hair needs a little love too. Zoëtry Augua Punta Cana 49

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