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Hitlers Secret Backers
This is a scary book if you have a larger prospective. The banksters sat down and decided that there needed to be a revolution in Germany, not unlike most other revolutions. This is a very cold calculating thing that ignores the human physical and spiritual costs of such an action. They wanted at one level their money, created out of thin air, and at a deeper level to finish destroying Europe as one more step to the NWO. The EU is a major step.

Who gave these men the right to decide there should be a revolution and eventual war? They are luciferians, or "god" men. Liars, murderers and thieves. Anytime you get a huge conflict, look at how active the occult was in the daily life of the country, you will see that it's saturated with occult concepts and beliefs. There's a link between destruction and the occult.

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Hitlers Secret Backers