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Published by Rqd Dqr, 2021-11-08 10:29:04

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My Autobiography (Performance task) Submitted by: Keith Allen Red 11- Stem 2 Personal Development

….Autobiography…. My name is Keith Allen Red and I was born on August 10, 2004 in Angono City, Rizal. I am 17 years old and I currently live in Antipolo City. I am the only child in our family, and I live with my parents. My mother is a housewife and my father is a high-ranking police official. They are both my treasures in my life, so I want to become successful and make them proud of me. My hobbies are playing basketball, hanging out with my friends, listening to music, working out, and watching anime. My favorite food is Sinigang. I have lots of friends, and I love hanging out with them. We share silly jokes with each other and do some funny stuff. That’s why we get along. We also have a dog, and it’s a Chihuahua. He’s small but loud and brave whenever he barks, and always makes a funny face. I also have 2 doting grandparents on my father’s side, but sadly, my grandfather passed away. On my mother’s side, I am not close to my grandparents, and we did not have much conversation, but I think it is because they have many grandchildren, but sadly they are both deceased. In my early childhood, I grew up in Bicutan, Taguig city. Well, during my childhood days, it wasn’t that much interesting if people looked at it, but I had a fun and carefree life during that time, and I want to go back in time to experience it one more time because I felt true joy. At that time of my childhood, I usually just kept on playing outside and playing computer games, where you never think that problems exist. Also, I can just sleep anytime during the day at that time. I met my first friend during that time. She is the same age as I am. We became friends because our fathers were friends, and they were our neighbours. She is kind, playful, talkative, and has boyish behavior. We spent a lot of time with each other and had a lot of fun playing around with each other, until my parents decided to move to Antipolo and live there, and then my friend’s family moved to Pampanga, but I will never forget those fun times. Another memorable event during my childhood is at my school in Bicutan, where I got scolded multiple times because I was noisy and playful. Then there was a time when my classmates and I were playing beyblades in the classroom when I was in grade 1, and a teacher came in to our classroom and confiscated them and brought us to the guidance office, but we tried to run away but still got caught, then we got scolded by the principal. Things are changing a little by little in my adolescent stage, but I didn't realize it when I was 13 to 14 years old, because it was just the same me when I was in grade school and I didn't really have a dream or goal at that time. But the difference is that I have learned a new hobby, which is basketball. I only

thought of getting better at it, and because of that, I learned how to make friends. During that time, I didn't really know what I was doing. I just thought of things that kept me happy and relaxed until I was 15 years old and finally thought about what I wanted to become in the future, but I didn't really think of it seriously because my habits are still the same. I was also a varsity player at the time, though I wasn't very good, so I didn't really enjoy it. However, the good thing that happened in my life was that I was blessed with true friends who were there with me. I was really unconfident and kept hoping and thinking if I could get better at doing things at those times. During the pandemic when I was 16 years old, I thought that I should do more than I was before. After that, I started to simply take care of myself and put my mentality where I would do everything I could at school to develop. I also started thinking more seriously about what I wanted to become in the future. Because of the pandemic, there weren't many memorable experiences during this time, but me and my friends became closer friends because of the online platform called Discord. We usually spend the whole day just talking there and playing mobile games with each other. We also use it even when we are in class, because it feels boring when you have no one to talk to during class, but now we can't do it because we transferred to different schools. At that time, I was building my confidence, but it was not yet enough and I realized that it would take time and effort up until now. I also became closer to one of my friends, although he makes fun of me, but it's fine as long as he sees me as a friend. I see him as confident, but sometimes annoying, just like me. He is also a very aggressive and fun person. If there was no pandemic, this year could have been the most memorable and fun because of Prom and other school events. My friends and I could have told each other goodbye properly before transferring to other schools. From the last few months until today, it feels like I have been lacking something, which is talent. I felt that if I had more talent and if I was only smarter, I could do anything just like my friends and other people. I feel envious, especially of my friend, who is smarter and more talented than me. I think that he is better at anything than me, and I am secretly comparing myself to him. He has everything that I don't have and is better at things that I do have, especially in academics. But I don't want to lose to him. All this time, I don't really know what my strengths are, or I just don't really have any. I have too many weaknesses, but I hope one day I can develop them and achieve my dream because I want to become a seaman and a successful person someday. My life wasn't that much interesting at all. This is my life.

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