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Published by mamidogad, 2017-02-12 11:58:05

Description: MNU

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Muscat National United Interior Design Studio

WELCOMEM.N.U Interior Design Studio is a creative design firm with its operations in the Sultanate of Oman specializingin Interior Design and Landscaping. M.N.U creates design that provide site sensitive, exciting and liablearchitecture with extensive experience in the Muscat infill market, the company has compiled a portfolio ofits projects.Spaces are created that merges with the values, the culture and the art reflecting the place and its people.Concepts and designs are evolved, considering the Architectural design theme. The process of brigingdesign evolution is as important as the final design itself.An Interior is vital and enduring because it contains us: it describes space, space we move through, enter inand use. Thus it is very important to create a comfortable interior with all its aesthetical values incorporatedwell within.Landscaping in and around the building is as crucial as the architecture itself. It adds to the beauty andhelps to carry the landmark well in the location. Lush green terrain, colourful flower beds, shady trees, waterfeatures and hard-scapes are always a visual treat.Lighting is yet another design factor that decides the night look, both inside and outside the edifice. Intricatedetails and fundamental features are always highlighted with the aid of lights.

AHMED M. GADGeneral manager and chief designer, has spent several years with the Royalcourt of affairs in Oman, serving the Royal Palaces ana Cavalries. He hasdesigned interiors of villas, Mosques showrooms, and deals with designing andimporting of furruture. His han s have gone through many projects in Omanand Egypt, for individuals, Iocal and international firms, in Islamic classic andcontemporary style.The experience gained over the years better equips him to provide andanticipate all the various elements of a design. The contacts he has made ithvarious traders and suppliers can also be of benifit to his clients.Ahmed Gad strives to infuse each interior with a level of aesthetic detailand ensures to bring in a different outlook. He works with custom dentsin meeting their specific needs, striving to meet all requirements whileadhering to the architectural style. No modern amenity is overlooked,for those with up to date lifestyles who are looking for the comfort oftraditional design.

PRIVATE VILLA COMPOUNDA very prestigeous project that included 5 Villas and Entrance Foyer Entrance Foyer - Flooringa formal guest building, had its site located in Rabit A1Qurum, which happens to be an elevated and slopingterrain, giving a spctacular view to the main highwayand the sea far beyond.Even though all the villas bad similar elevations, wemade each interior unique. Classic style for the formalareas and modern style for the family areas madeeach villa different from one another.The guest building (majlis building) comprise a skylitclassic entrance foyer a typical Arabic style called ArabicMajlis, an european dining and other annexe area.Individual andscaping all villas alqng with private road,park and playground made the plot an independentcompound. Arabic MajlisGuest Buliding Guest Buliding

Formal Living Formal LivingMaster Bedroom Villa 1 Dining

Master Bedroom Family Sitting Formal Living Dining Villa 2 Formal Dining

External Doric Column Marble Medallion Foyer Marble MedallionELEVATION Entrance Foyer with Marble Medallion PLAN Marquetry Villa 3 Typical Door

Formal Living ViVlliall4a 4 Main Staircase AreaDining

Formal Classic LivingDining Master Bedroom Villa 5

Villa 5Villa 4 Site Lighting Layout Elevation of Villa 1, 2, and 3 from Road Compound Landscaping

Classic Style Formal Living Arabic Modern Fusion - Living PRIVATE VILLAFamily Living Master bedroom A private Villa got in hand afer the intial stage of civil work was done, Few external and internal changes were brought to the deisgn, to make it something different from the usual look. We designed the external lighteing and the compelete interiors along with the furniture. Villa Elevation

Arabic Majlis Modern Kitchen MushrabiyaEntrance Foyer Bath Mirror Way to Living Door to Arabic Majlis

Master Bedroom Proposed Sketch Mushrabiya Pattern TV UnitTypical Door Main Door Proposed Sketch Arabic Majlis

Dining for PrivateVillaDining for a private villa - thoughit sounds easy, it was a challenge.Simple yet elegant with a totallydifferent modern look. The use ofwood and glass was kept in mind tofeel it and to feel it an extension ofthe rest of the house. Dining table,chairs, and the buffet counter wereall custom made. The timber glasscombination for the counter wall,and the strip lighting within the diningtable are the highlights of this diningroom. Buffet Counter

Rennovation of a Conference Room in the Conference Table Government office. Self designed table and other loose furniture, timbor dado, etched translucent glass and wood ceiling, special paint finished walls and travertino marble flooring are the keys features that make it a high end classic space.Typical Door Government Conference Room Marble border pattern

Proposed Master Bedroom Before Renovation Arabic ScriptBefore Renovation Proposal Proposed Sketch Proposed Timber Screen in Master Bedroom Renovation Renovation of the Main Entrance Area, Main Door, Master Bedroom and the Terrace swimming Pool Area.

Main EntranceVIP Entrance Main Entrance ReceptionTypical Corridor Government Club House Club House for the Covernment is always a golden feather to our crown. Corridor VIP Entrance Lobby Arrabic Coffee Room

Restaurant Views

Health Spa Views

Four Star Hotel

Private Majlis





GET IN TOUCHAddress: P.O. Box, 508, Muscat P.C. 100Tel: +968 9511 5091Website: [email protected]

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