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Published by anam.abrar, 2020-07-17 11:48:33

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CANAL SIDE GIRLS CAMPUS Highlights: Principal’s Message Results 2017 CIE and BISE Canal Side Grils Campus UP COMING EVENT Early Years Lower Primary Upper Primary Middle Section Senior Sectiont 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Dear Families, I extend my warmest wishes to you all for the New Year and hope that the session ahead brings forth moments of pride and success for all of us. CSGC is a caring community for learners that fosters pride in each student’s abilities by promoting the student’s social development. I understand that there can be no learning unless safe and supportive envi- ronment is provided to the students and hence we use Responsive Classroom Approach to teach our students. This enables them to act responsibly and treat each other with respect. Our students know we do not tolerate bullying at any level or in any form on the campus. We firmly abide by our Child Protection Policy to ensure our students’ emotional well-being eventually inculcating positive traits in our students. Our teachers are equipped with the latest academic procedures and teaching methodologies. We strive hard to instill a love for learning in our students which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. CSGC is committed to meet the individual needs of all the students and to motivate them to excel. Our results in CIE and BISE speak volumes about our excellent academics. We are resolved to remain consistent on this. Promoting literacy is our primary goal, but not the only goal. We endeavor to drive our students to think creatively and critically, to look beyond problems and be innovative problem solvers. This ensures our students steadily build capacity to be successful in their pursuit of higher studies. CSGC works very hard every year to run programs and organize events that are known to help students develop an appreciation for Arts, Music, Physical well-being, Science and Sports. For example we have orga- nized programs that inspire our students to explore the frontiers of science with annual Scifest organized by the Senior Section. Early Years organized Sportica to encourage healthy physical activity in its students. This year we have planned annual talent shows at all levels which will instill confidence and develop both natural and learnt talents of our students. We have complimented these programs and events through Clubs and House System at all levels from class one onwards which polishes skills of team work, healthy competition and gives our students a progressive direction. First term has been a thriving term as our students participated in variety of competitions and availed learning opportunities. To ensure their physical fitness sports days have been organized. Students also nurtured themselves by being a part of Declama- tions, Role Plays, Poetry Recitals, Poster Making and many more. Senior section will host its mega event VASSL in the second term and I anticipate this will be a great learning opportunity for our students. Over more than forty years we have developed a healthy parent school relationship where we have had parents actively participating in school activities. We believe and practice in keeping our communications open with our students and parents. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to collaboration. Once again I would like to welcome back my dear students and parents and look forward to a great 2018, full of learning opportunities. The administration and faculty will continue to work hard with the students to help them accomplish milestones and achievements. Best Regards Saima Lone 2 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

RESULT 2017 CIE AND BISE CSC Senior Girls Section is proud to share that the CIE result for the session 2017 was remarkable. Our students out performed in the Matriculation producing highest GPA in the entire central region. Indeed the hard work of students and their teachers bore fruit. Proudly Announces 100% O Level Result! HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO O Level HIGH ACHIEVERS 2017 Proudly Announces 100% Matriculation Result! HIGHEST GPA IN THE ENTIRE CENTRAL REGION HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO MATRIC HIGH ACHIEVERS 2017 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975 3

CANAL SIDE GIRLS CAMPUS GLOBAL DIGNITY DAY Beaconhouse Canal Side Girls Campus celebrated Global Dignity Day with great fervour and enthusiasm. All the sections held several activites to establish and recognize the right of every human being to lead a dignified life. Middle Section Student Council consisting of 39 members visited an underprivileged school \"Khidmat Un Nissa Welfare Organization\" in Lahore. Students Of Early Years were also shown videos and stories, which helped them to understand the importance of Human Dignity. Students expressed their thoughts and ideas by making Dignity posters, badges and Banners and Dignity Walk. Students held Banners and wore badges and headbands with different messages written on them about the Dignity Day. The day ended with the renewed spirit of respect for all. UPPER PRIMARY EARLY YEARS SENIOR SCHOOL To inculcate moral values in the students and to make them better human beings, Middle Section Student Council consisting of 39 members visited an underprivileged school \"Khidmat Un Nissa Wel- fare Organization\" in Lahore. 4 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

ELECTIONS OATH TAKING CEREMONY Elections are held at Canal Side Girls Campus to select our Executive Council Beaconhouse Canal Side Girls Campus organized their Oath Taking Members. This year online elections were held to keep them transparent Ceremony on the 11th November 2017 to acknowledge the newly and unbiased. elected Executive Council. Renowned guests were invited as the Chief Guests. Parents were also invited to witness their children’s proud moment. The newly elected council members of senior section, Middle section and Upper Primary took oath and pledged to carry out their duties with responsibility. It was a well organized event by the adminis- tration and faculty. UPPER PRIMARY UPPER PRIMARY MIDDLE SECTION MIDDLE SECTION SENIOR SECTION SENIOR SECTION 5 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

BSS BIRTHDAY The 42nd Birthday of Beaconhouse School System was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The whole School participated in the festivity with zeal and fervor. Students from all the sections participated and expressed their love in their unique ways. Students shared their experi- ences and paid tribute to Beaconhouse for imparting quality education. The balloons were released in the air which boosted excitement among the students. PRIZE DISTRIBUTION CEREMONY The annual prize distribution ceremony for the academic session 2016-17 was held in order to acknowledge the efforts of our students. They were given souvenirs for their exceptional academic achievements and performance in the previous academic session. The school’s annual report was presented by our esteemed principal Ms. Saima Lone. The students and parents rejoiced the fruit of their hard work on this day. The memorable moments made this event a beautiful experience for the faculty, administration, students and the parents at the same time UPPER PRIMARY MIDDLE SECTION SENIOR SECTION 6 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

TEACHERS DAY CELEBRATION Beaconhouse Canal Side Girls Campus celebrated World Teachers’ Day to acknowledge the untiring efforts of the Teachers. The students and administration of CSGC organized various activities to pay tribute to their respected teachers and to make it a memorable day for them. Students participated with great enthusiasm and teachers beamed with pride. Students of all the sections decorated classes; made cards the teachers were awarded certificates and gifts by our worthy SGH Ms. Mubashra Raza, Academic Manger Ms. Bushra Pervaiz and Principal Ms. Saima Lone. The teachers received appreciation for their dedication and constant consistent hard work towards inspiring young minds. ASSEMBLY PRESENTATIONS Assemblies are an effective tool to generate a larger impact on the students. We at Canal Side Girls Campus utilize it to our full potential to train and nurture young minds for their healthy growth. 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975 7

URDU WEEK To promote love for our National Language Urdu Week was celebrated in the entire Canal Side Girls Campus. Various skillfully devised activities allowed the students to be receiving correct form and meaning of Urdu language. EARLY YEARS UPPER PRIMARY SENIOR SECTION EXCURSION TRIP GRAND PARENTS DAY Excursion Trips are planned at CSGC to enable students to UPPER PRIMARY EARLY YEARS enhance creativity by rejoicing Realia. HAND WASHING DAY COLOURS OF EID Personal Hygiene is a great value to be inculcated amongst AND the students. Hand Washing Day ensured this by designed activities. FESTIVITY EARLY YEARS LOWER PRIMARY EARLY YEARS 8 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

EARLY YEARS “Sportica 2017” “Mother’s Workshop” Sports is an important educational Beaconhouse always believes in involving component for every child. Participa- parents in their child’s educational tion in sports and extracurricular activi- journey. In this regard “Literacy Club” was ties provide important health and social organized in which mothers were given benefits to all students. Early Years workshops on different topics related to arranged Sports Gala in school. In this English , Maths & Urdu. event children participated in following game: • Hurdle shuffle relay • Yoga • Ring posting • Aerobics • Relay race • PT & Gymnastic • Flower and banana display picking etc Pre-Nursery Orientation “Parental Involvement” Shared Reading is Fun! Pre-school years are the most exhilarating Parental involvement in school is a key Shared Reading is an interactive read- years a child can ever have. To begin this to improve students achievements. This ing experience that occurs when endless treat Pre-Nursey had a wonderful year Early Years has taken an initiative students join in or share the reading of a start in September 2017. The spectacular to involve parents in different activities. book. To inculcate the experience of activities arranged on the themes “School is Parents volunteered to create aware- shared reading and to make them fun” grabbed the attention of our young ness among students on different confident readers, activities were toddlers and kept them stimulated and health related activities, arranged arranged for Early Years students. active throughout the day. Their jubilation puppet show for student and helped was boosted up high when they bounced on teachers in preparation of assemblies jumping castle and of course the musical and functions. We are grateful to the chair. Puppet & magic show, Candyfloss and parents for their support. popcorns brought the real treat of sweets for them. Children had a great start to school and were extremely overjoyed on receiving goodie packs from their teachers. 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975 9

Learning Through ICT Fun with Colors Importance of Dental Hygiene The emergence of ICT has made an Celebrating different color days is a Dental hygiene is of the utmost impor- improvement on the education for great way for children to play and learn tance for growing children. The school every student. Use of ICT in teaching with colors. The colors indicate life and arranged a dentist’s visit for making the can cause effective learning to take happiness. Students of Pre Nursery students aware of the proper brushing place. Students of Early Years use learnt to recognize Red and Yellow techniques. The students were also EYER is and IQ board. They use interac- colour by participating in different fun shown interesting videos. tive white boards and tablets. filled activities. “Learning by Doing” Splash Splosh Pool Party! Learning through projects inculcates a A pool party was arranged for the students deeper knowledge and understanding of the of Early Years. The students looked concepts. Students of Early years worked on adorable in their colourful swimming gear. different projects using cooperative learning They were overjoyed when they all got to techniques making 3D models. play together in the pools, splashing around in the water to beat the heat. 10 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

LOWER PRIMARY Spooky Books Carnival Handwriting Competitions The Spooky Books Carnival was celebrated to inculcate a love Handwriting plays an important role even in today’s digital age. for books and reading among the students. It was a whole week It is not only a medium for expression and communication but it activity to familiarize students with the genre and vocabulary of also depicts a person’s personality. A legible and neat handwrit- horror stories. It included sharing of books, reading of horror ing must be developed. To promote this thought BSS Junior books in the library and a dress up activity where the children Primary held handwriting competitions for both English and dressed up as characters and gave presentations explaining Urdu. their character. Mothers were also invited. Students’ Exceptional Performance in the IKSC International Association ‘Kangaourous Sans Frontief “ ( KSF) is the largest and the most celebrated international science contest. This contest not only provides international recognition to the participant. We are highly delighted to acknowledge that our students have performed remarkably well in this contest. We are proud of our young students who have performed brilliantly well and received different medals and shields. Recycling Activity Sports Activities Educating children about the importance of recycling and the A number of sports activities were conducted throughout the environment provides a path to a greener future. Recycling term for all three levels. These interschool and interhouse activ- activity was held and grade-1 students really did a great job. ities involved football matches, Dodge the Ball and Tug of War Involving parents and children in recycling schemes to improve competitions. The winner houses were announced. We are the environment was a lot of fun. pleased to share that CSGC Junior Primary also won the inter- school junior games played with BSS Valencia branch. Rising Star Orientation workshop for parents Amazing orientation session was held for the parents of Grade-I related to the new Mathematics curriculum. Rising Stars has worked with a team of leading mathematiians to collaborate and share resources. Various activities were designed and shared for concept building. 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975 11

UPPER PRIMARY Magnificent Morning Assemblies Proud Achievements School Assemblies clarify school activities and programmes and Our budding champs, bagged four Bronze focus on cocurricular life. At Upper Primary Section morning Medals in the International Kangaroo assemblies have been conducted on various knowledge seeking Science Competition. Muhammad Hunain IV themes with maximum and active participation of students. Green Muhammad Uzair Ellahi IV Green Hamna Waseem IV White Tajaser Ali IV Red have made us really proud. Sports Activities Empowering Students The GIRLS' FOOTBALL TEAM and BOYS' Upper Primary Section was to empower the students conduct CRICKET TEAM of CSGC Upper Primary an interactive workshop for parents on PSHE (Personal, Social, won the Intra Region matches after a tough Health Education) and Robotics to update the parents how competition against Beaconhouse Valencia these new initiatives are being implemented to engage Campus. The Teams played outclass students in meeting future challenges. matches with immense dedication. Glorious Glimpses of Global Hand Wash Day Upper Primary Section A Morning with Fathers The Principal, Ms. Saima Lone gave away the Certificates of appreciation to the students Foreign Language Faculty of Upper who participated in the Singing Competition Primary Branch organized a Break- at Walton Campus. Soha Nadeem of Grade fast Activity to pay tribute to Fathers. V Purple was awarded as she grabbed third They familiarized our worthy guests position in the Solo performance. with the aroma and cuisines of other cultures. This unique experience was International enjoyable and interesting. Literacy Day Learning through Collaboration In connection with International Literacy Day an interactive and fruitful introductory Skype Session was conducted between Grade V students of Beaconhouse CSGC and Beaconhouse Bahria Town Campus to start an Online Project aimed at creating awareness and highlighting significance of literacy. 12 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

MIDDLE SECTION International Literacy Day Middle World Peace Day World Food Day School The international Literary Day was celebrat- celebrated Inter- Middle School celebrated World Food ed on 8th September 2017 at Middle School national Day of Day following the theme “Change the with planned activities to raise awareness Peace with zeal future of migration. Invest in food security among our students about the significance through meaning- and rural development” through mean- of this day. Class VI designed posters with ful posters made ingful activities during Science lessons. meaningful slogans. Class VII designed by creative Students were encouraged to propose awareness brochures. Class VIII shared write students of class- means to avoid wasting food in their own ups based on the research that suggested es VI, VII and VIII. way by making slogans and posters. solutions to improve literacy rates. Students displayed easels at different places in the World Space Week Collaboration in Action branch on the same day. Empowering Middle As declared by the United Nations School Clubs Orientation session General Assembly, World Space Week is of the parents held every year during Oct 4-10, in more CSGC Middle Section believes that the than 100 countries all over the world to true strength of a school lies in the An Orientation Session was conducted celebrate the contributions of Space collaboration of learners. successfully for Parents of Class VI. The Science and Technology for the better- purpose of the session was to share ment of the human condition. This year Middle School Vision. SUPARCO is celebrating World Space Week with the theme \"Exploring New Worlds in Space\" and Middle School is participating in various competitions for the first time at Canal Side Girls Campus. On 5th October, a Mobile Space Educa- tion Bus Lecture was held at BSS- CSGC Middle School Library from 12:20 to 1:30 pm to create awareness among students. 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975 13

Wear Green and Grow Green Day Healthy Food Project by Class VIII Middle Section Environment Club and Crafty Club have collab- To promote healthy eating habits among our students, an orated to hold a Wear Green and Grow Green Day. The day activity was conducted in which students participated enthusi- was celebrated by wearing GREEN COLOR DRESS and plant- astically and they learnt about the importance of nutrition in ing the saplings in pots. Students took an active role in helping food. to make their school greener. They planted trees using recycled plastic bottles and pots. Robotic Arm Project-Developing Cross Curricular links with Science and Robotics Middle Section Students reconstructed and designed a prototype of a simple robotic arm to simulate artificial intelli- gence. 14 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

SENIOR SECTION ORIENTATION SESSION FOR CLASS IX C JASHNE REKHTA AT AITC Orientation session for class IX C The students of CSC Senior Section participated in Jashne Rekhta was conducted at Senior held at BSS AITC and secured first position in Poster Making Section. In the session. Parents Competition and Mubahisa were introduced to the faculty members of O'level stream. The A2 Z CHAMPS ART & CREATIVE salient features of the facilities WRITING COMPETITION 2017 and range of extra curricular and co curricular activities offered at The students participated in A2 Z Champs Art & Creative Writing Competi- senior section were shared. tion 2017 and our brilliant student won Gold Medal in Poster Making compe- tition WINNERS OF HRCA We at Canal Side Girl Campus train students to carve their name in the stars. A special morning assembly was held at the CSC Senior Section on 24th August 2017 to acknowledge the winners of HRCA mega event 2017. Our principal and head mistress awarded the winners. Fatima imtiaz, Maheen waqar, Khadija Lodhi Tehreem Fatima and Sara Naeem were awarded certificates of participation sent by HRCA in the Art Competition OUR TABLE TENNIS CHAMPION MATHEMATICS QUIZ An other feather in the cap of Canal side We at Senior Section believe that rigorous Senior Girls : We are extremely proud to practice of mathematical concepts and announce yet an other victory of our talented quiz sessions can sharpen up students player Fatima Khan of XICB. She competed in problem solving skills. In this regard a quiz the Panasonic 24 Junior and Cadet National session involving the entire IX C students Table Tennis Championship at the Islamia Club. was planned. The session comprised of Fatima offered a tough resistance to her rival different rounds at class level. The final and retained her top position meticulously. She round is going on now. remained on top by scoring straight 11-9, 11-4, 11-9. We are proud of you fatima!!! INTER- HOUSE SOFT BOARD MAKING CONTEST An inter house soft board making OUR SWIMMING CHAMPS competition was held on 30th August 2017 on the theme of independence Beaconhouse Canal Side Senior Girls and defence day. campus feels proud to rejoice the JASHNE REKHTA AT AITC victory of its brilliant students. Our The students of CSC Senior students Mahdia Aqib from XCB and Section participated in Jashne Esha khan from XMB were declared Rekhta held at BSS AITC and Third at the Swimming Carnival held at secured first position in Poster Canal Side Girls Branch. Keep up the Making Competition and Mubahisa good work girls!!! URDU DECLAMATION WINNER We at Beaconhouse Canal Side senior Girls believe that public speaking is a crucial skill and must be acquired by every student. Our brilliant student Fatima Tu Zahra participated in Urdu Declamation Contest held at Bahria Town School and College and secured third position. Well done!! Fatima TuZahra. 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975 15

PUBLIC SPEAKING SESSIONS INTRA REGION BADMINTON TOURNAMENT Public speaking is a crucial skill. It We announce with is absolutely necessary for great pleasure that our everyone to acquire this to students secured third survive in the competitive world position in Intra Region today. Beaconhouse Canal Side Badminton Tournament. Senior Girls realises the impor- Umama Najam XICB, Mahin tance of this hence facilitates its Waqar XCC and Esha students to be equipped with this Shahzad VIII made us really skill. Mr. Nasir Hussain the coach proud at their avhievement. for public speaking conducts very impressive session. CHILDRENS DAY CELEBRATION CSC BAKE OFF Beaconhouse Canal Side Senior Girls Campus celebrated International Beaconhouse Canal SideSenior Girls Children’s Day with great enthusi- Campus strives hard to boost the creativi- ty of students by offering them variety of asm. The students were heartily tasks and competition. On 42nd Birthday greeted by the administration of BSS we organised a competition “CSC and staff. They were pleasantly Bake Off” the students of middle school were also invited to participate. Our surprised by lovely cards and Principal Ms. Saima Lone, Ms. Arneeb bookmarks that had heart Fahim and Ms. Zeba Naqi judged the warming messages from competition and declared the names of the winners. The winners were given prizes the administration and and certificate. teachers. INTER- HOUSE BAKE SALE ENGLISH DECLAMATION AT KALEIDOSCOPE BSS GARDEN TOWN IKLC AT SENIOR SECTION Beaconhouse Canal Side Senior Our brilliant student Aimun Munir of XCC CSC Senior Section conducted Girls strive hard to inculcate the won 1st prize in bilingual declamation International Kangaroo Linguistic attributes of BSS learner’s profile. contest ( English category) at Kaleidoscope Competition. We arranged a house based bake held on 12th November, 2017 at BSS Garden sale activity. The entire senior Town Campus. We are very proud of you section participated. The aim of Aimun!! the activity was to raise fund for the under privileged. The students HRCA SCIENCE AND ENGLISH QUIZ worked hard selflessly and enjoyed sumptuous food. Middle HRCA Science & English Quiz 2017 was conducted at CSC Senior Section and School administration and we share with immense pride the following achievements of our students: students also collaborated and Maham Basit Gold Medal Science supported the cause. Hayab Safdar Silver medal Science Soha Saleem Silver medal English INTER-HOUSE NAAT CONTEST Arfa Masood Bronze medal English Keep up the good work!!! CSC Senior Girls organized Inter house Naat Competition on COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT Monday 4th December 2017. The event was planned to pay tribute to Holy Prophet (PBUH) on account of 12th Rabi Al Awal. CSC Senior Girls firmly believe that it is every individuals responsibility to The students recited naats with enthusiasm and the competition contribute towards betterment of society. In this regard the students of was judged by our worthy Principal Ms. Saima Lone. The winners CSC Senior Girls organized a bake sale to raise funds for community were announced and the event was concluded by praying for the service. The funds were given to Khidmatun Nisa Foundation. The organi- success and prosperity of students, school and the entire nation. sation is committed to educate the underprivileged and disable children. Housemistresses and captains of all the houses accompanied by HM personally went to deliver funds. Another step towards realisation of responsibility! 16 1.5 KM Raiwind Road, Nawab Town, Lahore. Ph: 042-35311334, 35311341, 35304975

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