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Published by The Music Crew, 2017-11-04 22:46:03



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About Me Hey! I’m Sandra Hendrickson and I’m the creator at Sing Play Create. I love to do Yoga, Dance, Hike and Play the Guitar, Ukulele, Piano and hope to keep adding to the list. Most of all I love composing songs. I am a General Music Teacher and I get it!This job is sooo fun and at the same time, sooo challenging! Theschedule, the programs, the number of students, keep us busy-So, Ihope you’ll take a look at this catalog and see which of the hundreds ofsongs, lessons and other resources I’ve created that can help makeyour job easier and more productive by having readymade teachingmaterials at your fingertips. So, let’s get together and createsomething to inspire learning in your classroom.TEACHERSPAYTEACHERS STORE BLOG and RESOURCE LIBRARYFACEBOOK PINTEREST YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM

The SING PLAY Create BLOGI love reading about other teacher’s journeys in their classrooms. I’velearned so much about how other teachers teach and felt validated as Iread how their experiences and feelings are so much like mine. That’swhy I blog too! I think sharing our experiences not only helps otherteachers-but writing helps me grow and learn too.I’ve created a FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY on my website where I add anew free resource every month. All you have to do to have access tothese Freebies is to subscribe to the website. I’m super respectful ofyour email address and your time. You’ll get an email once a week withthe latest blog post and some occasional updates-but mainly, you’llget the PASSWORD you’ll need to gain access to the LIBRARY. Feel freeto email me [email protected] for help. Click on the link! BLOG and RESOURCE LIBRARY

Check all these Amazing Categories! MUSIC RESOURCES K-6!

RESOURCE CATEGORY INDEXClick on the Category boxes to see the individual resources.

Music ESSENTIALS Set up your curriculum using original hello songs, get to know you games, class rules, décor, planner, games and chants. New and established music teachers agree that this bundle can help you create a highly functioning classroom built on a solid music curriculum.

Buyers love this!

Teach K-4, K-5, K-6? Then bundles arethe way to go. Each monthly bundleincludes a variety of lessons, songs,games and activities for the K-6Music Classroom. All bundles alsoinclude thematic worksheets andvocal explorations.

Buyers loveMonthlyLessonBundles!

This resource providesessential music class rhythmlessons for upper elementaryand middle school/junior highstudents. Bring your studentsnotation skills to a higher levelusing the teaching pages,worksheets and video games.This is a sequential Unit thatcan be used beginning 1st gradeup to Junior high level Buyers love this!

November Music Classlessons all in one bundle.Students will sing, play andmove through NovemberMusic Class filled with Kodalyand Orff lessons. This MusicLesson Bundle includes 6different resources to helpyou teach all grades inNovember. Kodaly Orff Mp3’s Instrument Parts!

Creative MOVEMENT Creative movement is an essential part of the music curriculum. Sing Play Create offers creative movement resources in Holiday and school themes which include videos with music, for movement, scarves, dancing and bean bag activities.

Engage your Elementary, Preschool,P.E., Special Needs and Home SchoolStudents with this BUNDLE of ScarfActivities using Directional andMovement Slides. Build GROSS MOTORskills while having fun. Add in yourown music. Video Activity includesmusic. A Great addition to yourmovement activities. Movement is apowerful learning tool, particularlyfor students who are bodily-kinesthetically inclined. Perfect for All Students!

John Williams lessons withScarf and Rhythm activitiesnever like you've seenbefore. Students will beunderstanding, identifying,expressing and relating tohis music through Beat,Rhythm, Creative Movementand other relevantconnections. Perfect for All Students!

Great for AllStudents!

Music GAMES Games are a great way to teach concepts and to assess student learning while keeping students engaged. Using a variety of activities also enables you-the teacher- to reach all students. You’ll find bean bag, flash card and interactive games that support all of the National Music Standards.

Music teachers will have funwatching students flip, slapand match up note and restvalues. Great for review,subs, or introducing the notevalues. Imagine standing inline, hold up a flash cardand \"BAM\" every studentshows the value of the noteor rest correctly! Easy andEffective!

Kodaly inspired music classlessons with original andfamiliar songs for studentsK-6 to learn solfege andsight singing. Many lessonsinclude a variety of learningopportunities through,singing, moving and playinginstruments. Resourcesinclude practice Mp3 Tracksand worksheet activities.

A meaningful Thanksgivingsong \"We Are Thankful\"which expresses gratitudefor trees, body, families andfriends and touch thehearts of parents, staffand students. Perfect for aThanksgiving music program,Classroom ThanksgivingFeast. Elementary and MusicClassrooms. Simple &Heartfelt!

Do you love to get yourstudents playinginstruments? How aboutplaying games and thenlearning the solfege andplaying instruments. Orffarrangements provideopportunities for creativemovement, dances, solfege,instrument parts andimprovisation. Many includeaudio files.


Pirate Music for Talk Like aPirate Day, Halloween oranytime you want to findthe buried treasure!Adorable original Song andDance with Vocal and Mp3Tracks for K-6. IncludesOrff Arrangement, SheetMusic and Dance directions.Easily adaptable for allgrades. Perfect for Pirates!

Sing, Play, learn about notes, Form andMartin Luther King Jr. using this CatchyOrff arrangement and lessonresource. Mp3 Vocal and KaraokeTracks. This resource has a powerpoint show with Sound Files embeddedand also a PDF file for easy printing.The song is simple and catchy. You canteach it with NO PREP at all. You andthe students can learn it together! Ithink grades K-4 will love it. Great Visuals &Activities!

Games songs are most likely theBEST way to teach studentsmusic concepts. And- theyremember them so much better!Mostly original-but based onnational music standards andmodeled after your standardfavorites. Add some creativegames and songs to your musicclass this year.

Dance your way through your March Music Class lessons with \"Who Will Catch the Leprechaun\" a creative and original TOP SELLING resource with Dance/Game Activity and Vocal/Accompaniment Tracks. A student favorite! K-6 Top SellingGame Song!

Vocal Explorations for K-3students. Resources includeoriginal vocalizations, andlesson ideas to helpdiversify student learningexperiences. HalloweenVocal Explorations includesongs to sing. Farm AnimalExplorations are animated!The HOLIDAY VocalExplorations offerChristmas, Kwanzaa andHanukkah graphics.

Farm animals are going tohelp your students open upand explore their voiceswith this creative set ofvocal exploration cards,games and a fun gamesong. Use the printablesfor reinforcement or for asub lesson. Perfect forPre-K too!

Worksheets can be great for your SUB TUB and days when you need torest your voice. You’ll find thematic music classworksheets that engage students in a variety of types of activities. Each month focuses on different concepts including: Solfa street,Notes, Symbols, Dynamics, Expression, Notation,Composing, Assessments

April Printables are easyand quick lessons forstudents to reinforcecomposition, notation andmusic symbols skills. K-6!

Guitar songs and lessonsinclude teaching powerpoints with chord diagrams,sheet music and strummingpatterns. These resourcesinclude original and familiarsongs. Many come withpractice and performancetracks.

Teach your Music Class to sing this fun, “bluesy” Thanksgiving Song or to play the Guitar. “I’ve Got the Turkey Blues”, is perfect for your November Music Class. The vocal and performance tracks can be used for teaching or for a concert. Great for K-6!Catchy & Fun!

Teaching recorder in theelementary classroom is anessential element in yourcurriculum. You’ll find originaland familiar songs andlessons in this alwaysgrowing category. Eachinclude teaching visuals,worksheets, sheet music andteaching pages.

This Halloween resource willhelp students learn to playG-A-B on the Recorder, colornote instruments, guitar andukulele. Perfect for 2ndthrough 8th grade! Thesongs are each 8 bars longand meant to be shortsongs for student’s toeasily achieve success andbuild confidence in order toplay more advancedmaterials. Color note pagesare placed at the beginningof the file for easyprinting.

Original songs, and scripts with audiotracks to help you put on your musicprograms. Current programs areCHRISTMAS and PATRIOTIC withNEW PROGRAMS coming out all thetime. You’ll find scripts, staging ideasand songs with lessons included.

Character education songsare perfect for the musicteacher who needs topresent a character basedmusic program or integratecharacter education withthe music curriculum.

Teaching ukulele in the elementary classroom is becoming more and more popular. Many of the Guitar lessons also include Ukulele lessons. Each include audio files and teaching pages. NEW UKULELE resources are coming out all the time. Soon to be released: Hawaiian and Pirate Ukulele Songs. ChordsStrummingSheet MusicMp3 Tracks

Original songs for choirs,music programs, andclassroom activitiesincluding Science, Patriotic,Character, Holiday, WorldPeace and Friendship.Perfect for elementarystudents. Many files includeVocal and Accompanimenttracks.

Original SONGS

Sing this Easy 2 Part Choralsong to celebratefriendship-unity-peace.Perfect for your Multi-Cultural Celebration or yourConcerts. \"All Around theWorld\" Elementary Level. Around the World!

Sing this Easy 2 Part Choralsong to celebratefriendship-unity-peace.Perfect for your Multi-Cultural Celebration or yourConcerts. \"All Around theWorld\" Elementary Level. New Song 2 PartEasy Elementary

FREEBIES! Spark someMusical Creativity using “HeartBeat” Video, Song andActivities to learn SteadyBeat, Rhythm andImprovisation throughsinging solfege, tappingrhythms and creativemovement activities. Try thetop downloaded “FEEL THEBEAT” for a fun movementactivity.


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