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What's new 1.1.52

Published by scisursuport, 2017-01-04 13:17:54

Description: What's new 1.1.52


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Unified Fleet & Fuel Management SolutionsWHAT’S NEW?VERSION 1.1.52

INTRODUCTIONThis document contains the release notes for FleetSAP 1.1.52 Web. The following sectiondescribes the release in detail and provide the latest information that supplements the maindocumentation.GLOSARYGeneral: 1. FleetSAP, new version with changes in design, function and new look and feel.Reports: 1. More complete reports, also new conciliation report. 2. Fuel dispensing reports, new company settings for vehicle visualization type: standard or history.Security and Access to FleetSAP: 1. FleetSAP secure, certification Https:// 2. Authorization by modules depending on the access of the company. 3. Automatic lock out for wrong password.Customer support: for more information or support, please visit our websiteor email us at [email protected] 3

4 FleetSAP ¡Changes for the better! FleetSAP, new version with changes in design,function and new look and feel.


6 Reports Fuel Dispensing: Now FleetSAP allows you keep a history of the fuel transactions of your vehicles regardless of the permission code used on it. In the case of reassigning a permission code to another vehicle, the past transactions will remain unchanged. It will be easy to know the vehicle and the permission code used in every transaction. You can start to use this option right away by activating it in the company information menu in FleetSAP. Use the new field “Vehicle transactions display type” in the Company Information section, to set the preferred vehicle visualization in refuel transactions. Standard: The transactions will show the current vehicle that is associated with the permission code used to generate the transaction (option by default). History: The transactions will show the vehicle used at the moment the transaction was generated.

Reports Fuel Storage:More complete reports, also new conciliation report. 7

8 Security and Access to FleetSAP: FleetSAP secure, certification Https:// Now your queries are confidential. Automatic lock out for wrong password. Authorization by modules depending on the access of the company.

Problems solution:- Report special events: adding new columns: event, water level and temperature level.- Reports Detail events & tank stock control: adding station column and removing tank group column.- Reports visits by region, now it’s possible generate it in the right way.PRODUCT RELEASE INFORMATIONProduct: number: 1.1.52 9

10 Unified Fleet & Fuel Management Solutions WHAT’S NEW? VERSION 1.1.52

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