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Published by agl_design, 2019-10-14 10:47:40

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European Patent Practice DOING BETTER LAW.

Our Proven Model for Success Months Search Report Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig not only assists applicants in seeking patent protection within the U.S., but―thanks to our patent attorneys’ broad range of experience―we also help clients seek international protection for their inventions. Whether you want to reach international markets, use supply chains outside the U.S., or worry that you may be vulnerable to overseas counterfeiting, we can help. DBL assists patent owners obtain international patents in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible. Facts About European Filings Europe's economy is second only to the U.S. (nominally) and China (according to purchasing power parity). European patents give you the same rights as your national patent, giving you the choice to apply for protection in any or all of the member countries of the European Patent Convention (EPC). The basic criteria for patentability under the EPC are similar to those employed at the USPTO. Most IP firms usually have European Patent Office (EPO) accounts for fee payment to reduce costs. These accounts can be supplemented with funds directly by clients, which could dodge their tax responsibilities. We’ve Been There and Done That. Let Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig | P. 800-747-9354

Simplified European Patent Grant Process & Timeline This process can typically take a total of 3-5 years. Patents last 20 years. Renewal fees are paid annually. Withdraw? Patent Granted 51 57 18 24 48 Publication Examination National Validation Visible to Competitors Opposition Period What Our Clients are Saying \"We want to compliment and give high praise for the services of DBL for the unbelievable professional integrity and workmanship. Running a small business, it is extremely reassuring to know we can trust them to take care of everything, especially the items that we never would have thought of.\" ―Tammi Citron \"I was very surprised by DBL's professionalism, speed, and good pricing for their services. They helped us with our trademark, and it made a huge difference for our business.\" ―Gosia Reed, CEO/Founder Gosha's Organics, LLC t Us Help You Go There and Do That. 4 | F. 855-226-8791 |

Our EU Patents Practice North America Trouble enforcing your patent Atlanta, GA Charleston, WV rights in the U.S. and around Chicago, IL Fort Collins, CO the world? Dunlap, Bennett & Leesburg, VA New York, NY Ludwig offers a complete Los Angeles, CA San Juan, PR range of International Richmond, VA Tulsa, OK Intellectual Property Toronto, ON Vienna, VA Protection services, Waco, TX Washington, DC including affordable Wilmington, DE trademark monitoring Asia services and patent, Beijing, PRC trademark, and copyright licensing and registration. Our experienced team handles complex international IP prosecution in addition to managing IP portfolios. Protecting your IP rights is the key to securing your brand Europe identities and your competitive edge in London, UK the global marketplace. Our attorneys have the specific knowledge and experience you need to successfully defend your patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Contact for more information call Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig at 800.747.9354

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