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ContentsFront Cover photo by Amber Starling Photography,, 469-226-12767 Four Activities to Mix Up Your 22 Hotdogs (and Other Pets) Summer Fit Fun 25 Beach-worthy Abs The Right Way 26 In the Kitchen8 Student of the Month 28 Summer Landscapes14 How to Make the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Space20 Neighborhood Newcomers4  Business of the Month 10  Family of the Month16  Pet of the Month 18  Super Senior 1

Brentfield Life Brentfield Life Letter from the Editor Publisher Kyla Obert I t certainly seems like we were just writing about the start of summer, and now it’s time to get back to Editor school. I don’t have kids to get out of summer mode Teri Hebert and in to school mode. But I’m certainly ready to get back to cooler temperatures! Ad Sales Nancy Luttinger The summer isn’t quite over yet, and if your yard looks anything like mine, it could use more water. Mike Obert Check out our feature about water-wise gardens in this issue of the magazine. I love plants that can survive our Assistant Publisher Texas heat, and we have an expert who can help you Amber Starling plan your landscape to look beautiful all year long. Designer We’ve also included a feature about keeping your pets safe outside during the Jerulf Ruiz summer. If you are too hot outside, your furry friends are too. Joshua Atok Open Look Business Solutions We are excited in this issue of Brentfield Life to feature The Shlesinger family. Whether you already know them or not, you’ll enjoy getting to know Fred and Client Relations Specialist Barbara and their kids as you read their story and check out their family photos. Donna Laluna Did you know that we love feedback? We LOVE to hear from you. Contributors Lisa Parelli, Wilson Allen • You can send us a message, leave a comment, or share an article through our Facebook page ( Special Thanks Alex Mitchakes, Dean Balo, The Murray Family, • We also post each issue of the magazine digitally at You can read and share the magazine electronically. Billie and Harry McCalla, The Cohen Family, The Laude Family • You can also send nominations or article ideas to me at any time at [email protected] For Advertising Questions, please email [email protected] And speaking of nominations, we are looking for more pets! We take pets of all shapes, sizes, types, etc. If you or someone you know has an amazing pet that we need For Editoral Requests, please email to feature, let me know! [email protected] [email protected] Have you met a new neighbor recently? If not, go meet one! Then let us know HyperLocal Media who they are. We are also looking for Neighborhood Newcomers—your newest Brentfield area friends who have lived in the neighborhood for a year or less. Don’t 2701 Custer Parkway, Suite 706 let them be shy . . . send them my way! I’d love to meet them, too. Richardson, TX  75080 We hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer! Stay safe, stay cool, cook up Managing Partners one of the new recipes we have for you. And enjoy this latest issue of Brentfield Life! Mike and Kyla Obert 2 Principals Campbell Kerr and Dustin Shaffer

Brentfield LifeBusiness of the Month Photo by JosephMark PhotographyiCode North DallasIf you have a child who loves computers or gaming, iCode school months. We are offering Summer Camps that run through August might be a great place for an extra learning experience. We are 17th and we will then begin our “Belt System” curriculum starting pleased to introduce Bobby and Shari Johns and learn more about August 20th. You can find us online at North Dallas this month! Tell us about your business (what do you do, where do youWhat is your name and the name of your business? How do it, etc).long have you been in business? We teach Computer Science, Robotics, and Coding to kids and We are Bobby and Shari Johns and we own iCode North Dallas. teens K through 12. We encourage our students/coders to Collaborate,Our grand opening was June 2nd of this year, so it’s been almost two Innovate and Create. Our Belt System Curriculum is similar to martial4

Brentfield Life Business of the Montharts (white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, black). Studentsacquire more skills as they move up the belt color system.What inspired you to do what you do? Bobby has been a technology geek since he was a childand both of us have a passion for encouraging and inspiringothers. We were looking for something for our two boysto do to learn more about computer science, but we couldnot find anything that focused on the “why” of technology.Most of it was just the “how”. The “how” changes over timeas computer languages and technology devices come intofashion and go out of fashion, but knowing the “why” oftechnology allows you to adjust to the new “how”. Technology is a tool to learn more timeless skills. We Photo by JosephMark Photographywanted our boys to be producers of technology, not justconsumers of technology. When we found this curriculumand belt system that focuses on critical thinking, logicalthought, collaboration, and the creative process, we decidedto bring it to our own community.Tells us a favorite story or two about your business. There are so many! Every week we have a new favoritestory. One would be a young boy in our Java with Minecraftcamp who was getting frustrated with a challenging piece ofJava code for a Minecraft mod he was working on. He wouldget frustrated and stop, but we would encourage him to keepat it. Finally when he did solve the problem, he throws hishands in the air and jumps up and down yelling “Yes! Yes!”.How long have you lived in the Brentfield Area? What brought you to the Brentfield Area? We’ve been here eighteen years. We bought our house here just after We were both native Texans and raised in Dallas. We picked this areawe got married. because it’s not too far North and not too far South. The school system is Photo by JosephMark Photography 5

Brentfield LifeBusiness of the Month Photo by JosephMark Photographywonderfulandtheneighborhoodsaregreat. Thefamiliesareveryfriendly. Share with us a funny or awesome story of living in theWe love it here! Brentfield Area.What do you love most about living in the Brentfield Area? There is a terrific sense of community and it’s very family oriented. We’ve been taking both our boys to the Campbell Green Park across from Brentfield Elementary since before they could walk. Some of ourThe location is also not far from anything you might want. best memories of playing with them are at this park. They learned to ride bikes there and loved to play at the spray grounds.Tell us about your family (names, ages, schools, work, etc.). Anything else you’d love for your neighbors to know about Austin Johns 13, Parkhill Junior High, Band, Boy Scouts (Troop 1077). your business or you? Wyatt Johns, 8, Prestonwood Elementary, Baseball, Cub Scouts(Pack 895). Come by and see us and let us give you a tour and chat for a while. Shari Johns, iCode North Dallas Director, Serial Entrepreneur, We are located at 14902 Preston Rd suite 411, Dallas, TX 75254PTA, went to Woodrow Wilson HS. (our campus is in the Pepper Square Market shopping center on the Bobby Johns, iCode North Dallas Technical Director, AppDev South East corner of Beltline and Preston Rd). And you can reach usConsultant, Old School Geek, went to W.T. White HS. by phone at (214) 306-4341. We love meeting new people from our community.6

Four Activities to Mix Up Your Summer Fit Fun by Teri HebertW armer temperatures are arriving, which means outdoor than walking and soon you’ll be moving faster and further than you activities are now in play! If you are looking for ways to thought you could. mix up your fitness routine for the spring, take a look atthese four fun fit ideas: Tennis Richardson has some great tennis courts, either within our parksYard work So maybe “fun” isn’t the best word to use if you are thinking of (free to use and lighted until 10:30pm!) or at Huffhines Tennis Center. Tennis is a great mix of strength, agility, and cardio. Even ifimpending “yard work” as pulling the mower out of the shed or garage you start by simply hitting the ball back and forth across the net withafter winter and that first time you weed and mow for the spring. But, a friend without too much running, you’ll get your heart rate up andyard work can be so much more than just battling weeds and bringing hone your hand-eye coordination, as well. Play for fun with friends,a dormant lawn back to life. Planting flowers that will soon bloom, or check out tennis lessons, classes, and leagues through the City offertilizing and watering your lawn, landscaping, and cleaning your Richardson at to enjoy spring weather are great ways to get outside and getactive this time of year. Cycling Dust off those bikes, grab the kids, and take a family bike ride to theTrain for and Run a 5k It is surprisingly manageable to walk or run a 5k, even if you’ve park or around the neighborhood. Richardson is such a bike-friendly city, the streets are begging to be ridden when the sun is out and thenever intentionally run a step in your life before reading this sentence. temperatures rise above winter cold. Bike trails and bike lanes can beWhen I completed my first 5k, I had such a sense of accomplishment found throughout the city with maps available online to help planwhen I crossed the finish line, even though I didn’t run the whole your adventure. See that first time. Grab a few friends or your family, pick one to see where it’s fun and safest to ride.of the many 5ks in the area, and make it a fun adventure. Start bywalking around the block. Gradually add more distance. Then start No matter what activity appeals to you, put away the cozy winterjogging in the middle of your route. Eventually you’ll be jogging more sweatpants, grab a buddy, get outside, and get moving!

Brentfield LifeStudent of the MonthNeighbors! Meet Bo Brewer, a senior at Pearce who plays Outside of schools and sports, what do you do for fun, football and loves the neighborhood. hobbies, work, etc.? I play Fortnite, watch Netflix, listen to music and hang out with friends.Tell us your name, what school you currently attend, and How long have you lived in the Brentfield Area?what year you are in school. I’ve been here ten years. I am Bo Brewer and I go to JJ Pearce (Senior Year 2018–2019) What do you love most about living in the Brentfield Area? I love all the people in the community and how everyone is so downWhat other schools have you attended? Brentfield Elementary and Parkhill Jr. High to earth.Tell us what sport you play and why you enjoy it. Tells us a favorite story or two about a big moment or fun I play football football. I enjoy it because it’s an opportunity to bond moment playing your sport.with your friends and get to know yourself better through discipline I remember when we played Naaman Forest in the first round of theand hard work. playoffs. We went to overtime and I ran the winning touchdown to advance us to the next round.Brag on yourself: Tell us your honors and awards in schooland for your sport. Share with us a funny or awesome story of living in the Brentfield Area. I have a 4.0 GPA and I was football MVP for my freshman andsophomore year. I also received RISD Offensive Newcomer of the My friend and I were passing notes in the second grade when ourYear Award and Offensive Back of the Year. teacher picked one right out of my hands and read it to the whole class.What’s your favorite subject in school (your sport doesn’t Anything else you would love for your neighbors to knowcount!)? about you? Audio Video Technology. I would love to meet more of you, so come to our games in the fall and stay after to say hello!8

COMBINED EXPERIENCE TO BETTER SERVE THE RICHARDSON COMMUNITY Dr. Fluellen and Dr. Roberts have joined together to form one great family dental practice! NEW PATIENT SPECIAL! $99 Exam and X-Rays!* *Call for details. Call 972.346.1575 For Your Appointment!Brianna L. Fluellen, DDS Matthew Roberts, II, DDS 1050 West Campbell Rd., Suite 200, Richardson, TX 75080 •

Brentfield LifeFamily of the MonthThe Shlesingers are in a great place. And it’s great to be a Shlesinger.Ispent time with Fred and Barbara Shlesinger to talk about their They had three phone calls filled with (per Fred) abysmal awkward family and life in Brentfield. Two things run true through every silence. Barbara gave him nothing to work with. She still wasn’t member of this family: comedy and an extraordinary work ethic. interested in Fred. But she finally agreed to a “parallel dining experience” with Fred.The Parents Fred and Barbara met in the late ‘80s here in Dallas. Barbara says it Not a date. They just ate at the same place, together, at the same time.was a Networking Event. Fred says it was a Mixer for Jewish. Whatever it truly was, Barbara was with a friend who happened to Everything indicated the time wasn’t right for them to be a guy. Fred had met another guy friend there. As Fred puts it, he Barbara had just bought a condo and had holiday plans in Floridalooked across the room, saw Barbara, and knew he had to talk to her. with friends. Fred was planning a move to New York with his business and had a ten-day trip planned to Mexico. The problem was, Barbara wasn’t interested. They chatted brieflyat the event but Barbara wasn’t interested. Fred, however, was But that didn’t stop Fred from thinking about Barbara. He calleddetermined. her from Mexico, more than once, and he still has the $500 phone10

Brentfield Life Family of the Monthbill as a keepsake. Barbara told him to stop calling her until he came With house full of young kids, Barbara and Fred knew they neededback to Dallas. to be in a neighborhood with excellent schools. The Brentfield area was their only choice. They knew their kids needed to be in Brentfield So, he did. Fred cut his trip five days short, called Barbara from the elementary and follow the path to Parkhill and Pearce.airport and told her to be ready in an hour for a date. And the rest ishistory. The perfect house was hard to find, however. Fred’s mother also lived with them. They needed a one-level home with five bedrooms Fred moved to Connecticut for business. A few months later, Barbara and room for kids to grow. When they first saw the only availablefollowed. They had a wonderful life in the northeast for several years. house fitting this criteria, it needed work.Fred worked in high-end men’s clothing, traveling around the worldmost weeks of the year. Barbara was in professional show business in But they had vision and knew they needed to grab the house or riskNew York. They played golf and traveled together. not having one at all. And they’ve been in their Brentfield-area home now for 22 years. In 1995, it was time to come back to Dallas to be closer to Fred’skids from his first marriage (Iliza and Ben). He and Barbara rented It was the perfect place to raise a creative family of funny, talented,a home in the Bent Tree West area and Ben moved in with them. hardworking kids.They started their own business and began looking in to adopting achild together through the Edna Gladney Center For Adoption. This The Kidswould be Fred and Barbara’s first child of their own. With two performers for parents, it’s no surprise that the Shlesinger Barbara was told she couldn’t have kids. But not a month in to kids are talented. Fred says the kids get their talent and sense of humorpursuing adoption she found out she was pregnant with a son they from his dad (their grandfather). But Fred is an entertainer, himself.named Brad. Then to their surprise, Barbara quickly became pregnantagain and thirteen months later, their youngest daughter Emily was He’s performed stand-up comedy, even working with Jerry Seinfeldborn. before anyone knew who he was. Fred also plays saxophone and was a professional music for many years. He played with Frankie Valli and other well-known 11

Brentfield LifeFamily of the Month He taught himself to play by playing a FIFA soccer video game. He came home one day that summer with a contract to play with FC Dallas as the goalie. He also made the Pearce soccer team after his first tryout. He played goalie and set a school record. The youngest Schlesinger is Emily. You might know her by her stage name Emeryld. She’s a singer and songwriter now living in L.A. But as her former neighbor, you might remember her first performance singing “Frosty the Snowman” in the first grade at Brentfield Elementary. Or maybe you caught some of her performances at Shady’s or Canyon Creek Country Club when was a teenager. Emeryld knew what she wanted to do early in her teens. With help from Barbara, they commuted from L.A. to Dallas for auditions and performances. During her 11th grade year at Pearce, Emeryld decided to homeschool and finish school early so she could follow her dreams in L.A. She’s released several songs and collaborated with Iliza on the music for her latest Netflix special Elder Millennial. Barbara performed professionally in musical theater, in both Dallas One thing Barbara and Fred love about the Brentfield area and theand New York. In fact, it was while they were in New York that she schools is how much the educators encourage children to follow theirtook Iliza (Fred’s oldest daughter) to her first audition. She got the dreams. As the parents of four ambitious kids with varying passions,job. And if you bought a tether ball set in the ‘90s, you probably saw Barbara and Fred made it a priority to support their passions and helpIliza on the cardboard box. them follow their dreams. Iliza went to Greenhill School and caught the improv comedy bug. Fred and Barbara were always involved with the kids growing up,She continued to study performance, moved to L.A., and eventually including PTA, coaching sports teams, the Brentfield Carnivals, andwon a little show called Last Coming Standing in 2009. She was the Buddy Fun Days. These days, Fred and Barbara enjoy a new phasefirst female and the youngest winner of the show (kind of a big deal . of their lives together as empty nesters. They travel and play tennis. . ). She’s done well since then with several Netflix specials, touring together. They enjoy watching their kids live their dreams.both nationally and internationally, and appearances on daytime andevening talk shows. She also released a book last year (Girl Logic). Barbara still helps manage Emeryld’s flourishing career. Fred is a financial advisor. His passion is donating his time to help the Her latest gig? She was married in May, 2018. transitional community through job changes, retirement, or other changes that affect finances. He teaches financial wellness workshops Next is Ben, Fred’s son. Ben has a wonderfully interesting array and works with teachers through Collin College.of talents. He does amazing things with art and clay, includingClaymation figures that he used to dry in the microwave. He creates Fred’s full-circle moment was Iliza’s wedding back in May. All fourcartoons and makes sound effects without using any artificial help. kids were together, happy and healthy, with Barbara to celebrate. TheYou’ve probably heard any one of the more than 2,000 organic sounds Shlesingers are in a good place.he’s recorded and sold to producers. Fred and Barbara, thank you for sharing your life and stories with Ben is also a rapper who goes by the stage name Ben Familiar. He us this month!performs his own work and collaborates with other big names in theindustry. To keep up with the Shlesinger Family performers: Iliza performs here in Dallas at the Majestic Theater on Nov. 1. Brad took his family’s work ethic to college. He’ll graduate from Learn more at Tech in December. One summer while still at Pearce, he Ben’s work can be found at he wanted to play soccer. He’d never played before. Follow Emeryld at

Brentfield Life Family of the Month UNCORKED MONDAYS½ PRICE BOTTLE OF WINE WITH ENTRÉE PURCHASECITYLINE1251 State St. • Richardson, TX 75082SHOPS AT LEGACY7161 Bishop Rd. • Plano, TX 75024www.jaspers-restaurant.comVisit us on: 13

Brentfield LifeHow to Makethe PerfectOutdoor Kitchen SpaceSummertime is for backyard BBQ’s and grilling. An outdoor maintain the view you currently have from inside the house to the kitchen expands your living space and allows you to cook, eat and outside, you’ll want to place the outdoor kitchen to the side or at an entertain. Incorporating interior kitchen ideas to your outdoor angle so that the view isn’t blocked. Most importantly, consider thesetting is a great way to add versatility, value and fun to your home. overall traffic flow of your yard and the safety of your family. A hot,Well-designed outdoor kitchens also combine the ease of outdoor outdoor grill shouldn’t be located right next to the area where thegrilling. There are a numerous challenges associated with creating the activities occur. Just like an indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen isperfect space for living and cooking outdoors. These tips can help you full of hazards so place it accordingly.overcome some challenges so you can plan a perfect space for cookingand entertaining. You will love bringing the indoors out! Choosing Your Appliances Think about what how many appliances you are considering forDefine Your Space Each homeowner may have a slightly different vision in mind of the your space and their size. You may want multiple cooking and refrigeration appliances - think about how all of the appliances willperfect outdoor space. Some may want a space that has a cooking area, fit within your allotted space. Always leave enough space on eitherand others may want a space that is more focused on conversation or side of the grill to accommodate platters and cooking tools. Counteroutdoor dining. Unless you have a very large yard, you may not be heights and work surface also allow for different functions within yourable to incorporate all of these elements into your space, and you may outdoor cooking space.need to consider what is most important to you. Think about theoutdoor living space that you and your family or friends would more Incorporate Greenery Into the Spacelikely use on a regular basis, and create a plan or design around that. For most people, a patio area simply would not be complete withoutThink About Usable Space beautiful flowers or lush greenery. You can add a built-in planter to While you are defining your space, it is important to keep in mind your patio design as one creative element. Another idea is to leave space for potted plants or to add flower beds around the perimeterthe amount of usable space that is available. A small slab patio can of your patio area. Hanging plants can add an additional element ofeasily be enlarged with poured concrete, pavers, or other elements, greenery to your space.but you want to ensure that you have enough leftover space in youryard for other elements that are needed, such as green space for the Control Lighting and Airflowkids to run around in. The outdoor living space should also have An outdoor living area should be comfortable for you and yourenough space for all of the furniture that you are planning. Room formaneuverability is also critical. The last thing you want is to crowd family or guests to be in. This means that elements like lighting,your patio area with so much furniture, a fire pit, a cooking area or temperature, and airflow will need to be moderated in some way. Youother features that you do not have space to walk around freely. can use umbrellas, awnings or other coverings to control light, and you can add lighting elements to brighten up the space at night. YouLocation, Location, Location can also use screens and other elements to block the wind as well as Where you decide to place your outdoor kitchen depends upon fans to create airflow when needed.several factors. Make sure that smoke from the grill doesn’t drift back Creating the most idyllic outdoor living space requires forethoughtinto the home. Orient the grill in an ideal location. If you frequently as well as time and effort. However, this effort will be rewarded withentertain, and don’t want to travel a long distance from the indoor the perfect outdoor living space for you to enjoy with family andkitchen to the outside, consider placing your grill and outdoor kitchen friends when you focus on these important factors.relatively near the entrance to the inside kitchen. But, if you want to14

an unforgettableADVENTURE AWAITSat The Clubs of PrestonwoodDISCOVER SOMETHING NEW AS A MEMBER FOR A DAY AND ENJOY AROUND OF GOLF AND LUNCH AT THE CLUB.*CELEBRATING 50 YEARS – Enjoy Anniversary OffersFull Golf, Young Professional, Young Executive, Tennis & Social Memberships available! • Complimentary fitness classes, golf and tennis clinics • New men’s locker room and card room • Daily Kids’ Club and after school programs • Paint ‘n’ Pour, Trivia Night, Salsa Dancing and moreTHE CREEK | Dallas, TX THE HILLS | Plano, TX972.239.7111 x 1024 972.307.1620 x [email protected] [email protected]*Offer expires 12/31/18 and may not be combined with any other promotion or discount. Membership is contingent on successful completion of Club’s enrollment process. Offer amount will varydepending on category and classification of membership selected. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply. Call for details. © ClubCorp USA, Inc. All rights reserved. 42080 0818 LK

Brentfield LifePet of the Month and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Elvis loves the green grass, pretending to chase squirrels, and all the great smells. Share with us a funny or awesome story of living in the Brentfield Area. We never had a pool at our house until we moved to the Brentfield area. We don’t think Elvis knew what a pool was. He would get very close to the water’s edge and growl at his reflection. One day we heard a splash and turned to see that he had fallen in! He still has staring contests with the water all the time, only now he knows not to get that close to the edge. Tell us about your pet: fun tricks, unique talents, quirky personality, etc. Elvis has mastered the fine art of begging for food by just looking at us a certain way. He has his humans very well trained to give him lots of treats, and he graciously returns the favor by giving his family a lot of love and devotion.Elvis He can sometimes be a bit quirky when meeting new people. We were told he was abused when we adopted him, so he doesn’t always like meeting other people or dogs for that matter. As a matter of fact, we are pretty sure he thinks he isn’t a dog! He hates many things other dogs love such as playing with toys, swimming, and walking on wet grass (he tiptoes in it). But he is the coolest dog ever! He has filled our family with more joy than we ever thought possible. Sometimes we wonder who rescued who.D id you know you have an Instagram-famous dog in the Anything else you would love for your neighbors to know about neighborhood? This month, meet Elvis. He calls Brentfield your pet? home and has many adventures that he loves to share online. He has his own Instagram page @elvisstern. Check it out. All of hisTell us your names and your pet’s name. sisters’ friends follow him and his adventures. We are Uri and Dori Stern. Our son (or dog as some people referto him) is named Elvis. He has two human sisters named Taylor (asophomore at UT Austin) and Lily (a senior at Pearce).What breed is your pet? We like to call him a “purebred mutt” when people stop and ask us.From the DNA test we did when we got him, he is mainly miniaturepoodle and Lhasa Apso.Where did you get your pet and how long have you had himor her? We found him (or should we say, he found us) at an adoption eventabout eight years ago when we were living in Florida. We were goingto lunch at our favorite sushi place, only to find out that we got theretoo late for lunch. There was an adoption event going on so we wentto just “look” at the dogs. Once we laid eyes on him . . . the rest ishistory.How long have you lived in the Brentfield Area? A little over four years now.What do you love most about living in the Brentfield Area? The area is centrally located for everything that we do/need, and welove being able to take Elvis on long walks around the neighborhood 16

Brentfield 17

Brentfield LifeSuper Senior Michael Brandenberger by Teri Hebert M ike Brandenberger has lived an interesting life. His wife, Karole, tells me when they first met a few years ago, she wasn’t sure she should believe his stories. She also notes there’s never a dull moment doing life with Mike. A spy? A musician? A pilot? Mike is all of these things. He grew up in a military family. His father served in World War II and was at the beach at Normandy on D-Day. Mike says there are published accounts of his father’s time in the military, where he earned a Purple Heart and both Bronze and Silver Stars. Mike is thankful that his dad served. That’s where he met his wife, Mike’s mom. They say Mike’s dad was in the hospital with a severely injured arm. His nurse met him and said, “That’s the man I’m going to marry!”. And she did. Eventually his family moved to San Antonio where Mike went to high school. He later went to the University of Texas to study business But, before he graduated he joined the military to be a helicopter pilot in the Viet Nam war. Mike loves to fly. But he wasn’t able to fly helicopters in Viet Nam because his heart literally skipped a beat. He was medically declined from being a pilot. But they had other things in mind for Mike. They needed him for military intelligence. He went to language school, then they sent him to Viet Nam as an undercover civilian. Mike’s service as a case officer earned him a Bronze Star before he came back to Texas. 18

Brentfield Life Super Senior He graduated from the University of Texas and his love of flying Karole’s booth is called Graceful Willow and specializes in itemstook over. He took flying lessons and landed a job in San Antonio to from the ‘20s, ‘30s, and feminine florals. She loves visiting estate sales(ironically) teach Vietnamese Air Force pilots how to fly. and thrift shops in search of the perfect items for her booth. In her spare time, Karole also works as a speech language pathologist for His career brought him to Dallas where he worked for an air craft Garland company. His business travels took him away from hisfamily all too often. So, in the 1980s Mike took a job with less travel. Both Mike and Karole love their Brentfield home and theHe worked in real estate appraisals and commercial lending. neighborhood. Karole has family who have moved close by, including her daughter. Their neighbors are wonderful. They say Brentfield feels Mike’s three kids grew up in the neighborhood and went to Pearce. safe, thanks to the neighborhood patrols. It’s close to everything theyThey’re since grown, moved away, and started families of their own. want or need, and they’ve loved watching the area grow over the years.Mike has five grandkids that he loves but doesn’t get to see as oftenas he’d like. Mike, thank you for sharing your very interesting life with us this month! We’ve enjoyed getting to know you and Karole. As the kids began to leave home, Mike picked up his guitar againnowa 40-year hobby. Here in Dallas, he played with several bands andduos, most notably Big Daddy and the Swell-tones. They played jazz,blues, and oldies at clubs and bars in the area, including the Holein the Wall bar. Mike has also played the Wildflower Festival, DeepEllum Arts Festival, and House of Blues. Over the last few years, he began writing his own songs, specializingin love songs and ballads. He joined the Dallas SongwritersAssociation and has been president for the last four years. He enjoysplaying at senior centers where his audience enjoys the older music heloves to play. One of Mike’s favorite places to play is the Kitchen Café. Hedescribes it as good food and good jazz. And that’s where he proposedto his wife of four years, Karole. Mike and Karole met when he asked her to dance one night. Hebegan telling his outrageous life stories that she wasn’t sure she shouldbelieve. Then they connected over their two rescue dogs: Rusty thechow/shepherd mix (Mike’s dog), and Maggie the 13-year-old bordercollie/shepherd mix (Karole’s dog). One night at Kitchen Café, Mike performed a very special love songthat he wrote. The last phrase at the end of the song was, “will youmarry me?”. And of course, Karole said yes. They were married in Hawaii and now live in Mike’s home inBrentfield. He’s been in his house for 19 years. He remembers thatbefore it was his, he used to look at it and wish he could one day livein this housenot knowing one day that dream would come true. Over the years, Mike has made several upgrades to the home,including new floors and paint. But both Karole and Mike love theopen feel of the home. It has great natural light to show off Mike’smusic memorabilia and photos of their kids and grandkids. Since his retirement two years ago, Mike and Karole work a boutiquetogether at the North Dallas Antique Mall. Mike’s booth includesguitars and musical 19

Brentfield LifeNeighborhood NewcomersM eet some of your newest neighbors: The Ehle Family! Unless it’s during an important sporting event . . .Share with us the names and ages of everyone living in your boxer mix. He knows a few standard tricks. But right now the mosthouse, including your pets. impressive thing is his patience with Brooklyn when she tries to brush him or give him hugs and kisses before going to bed. We are Kyle (33) and Alysia (32). Our kids are Brooklyn (two yearsold) and Charlotte (due 9/8) What do you do for a living? I completely switched career paths about three years ago. I Our pet is Barkley (seven years old). completed a PhD program in chemistry at UT Dallas in 2014.Where do your kids attend school? Unfortunately, it took me that long to realize although I was Brooklyn goes to Davenport Montessori. I plan to keep Charlotte passionate about science, scientific research wasn’t actually for me. I now work in marketing, specifically mobile data technology. Datahome with me until December or January, and then she’ll attend and research are what I really enjoy, so I get to do that in a differentDavenport as well. environment.Tell us about your pets: Where did you get them? Do they Kyle is a Project Manager at Lasco Lath & Plaster, Inc. in Dallas.have any unique tricks or quirks? They do large commercial construction projects throughout the DFW area. We actually found Barkley while looking for furniture on Craigslist!(obviously not too focused on furnishing an apartment.) He’s a white20

Brentfield Life Neighborhood Newcomers Tells us a favorite story or two about your family (funny, sentimental, etc.). The night Kyle and I met, a group of us were playing a card game call “Kings” at the bar. Kyle drew a King which meant he got to make a rule. He turned and looked at me and said I was not allowed to talk. First night I meet this guy and within the first hour this happens. Who would have thought that would end up working out? Sporting events might play a bigger role on our schedule than they should. Each football and basketball season, Kyle sends me Outlook calendar invites for his team’s full schedule so that I can avoid scheduling something during game time. The one time he forgot, I scheduled our first childbirth class, on St Patrick’s Day, during a March Madness IU game. He doesn’t forget anymore!How did the two of you meet? What do you do for hobbies or for fun? We went to college together at Purdue. We had several mutual We love being outside, and we both like to be active—going outfriends, but we didn’t actually meet until our last semester. We met for walks or hikes when the weather cooperates (or isn’t 100 degrees).through $1 drink specials at Purdue University. We were each out Once Charlotte is born I plan to invest in a bike so we can ride thewith a group of friends that met up at a campus bar called Jake’s. trail nearby. Kyle likes to play golf and basketball. Now that we’reDrinking games may have been involved, but at the end of the night approaching football season, Notre Dame games and our FantasyI still wouldn’t give Kyle my number. It took good ol’ AOL instant Football league will likely begin taking up a decent amount of ourmessenger (AIM) to connect for our first date. I guess you could say weekends! I also run a food blog called Slim Sanity. I enjoy cooking,the rest is history from there! and photography is a skill I’m constantly working to improve.When did you move to the Brentfield Area? What do your kids do outside of school? We moved in March of this year and we are loving the neighborhood Brooklyn hasn’t participated in any group activities yet, but we’dso far! like to get her involved in team sports. Basketball is a huge family sport in Kyle’s family. On the flip side, I never participated in team sportsWhat brought you to the Brentfield Area? growing up. It’s something I wish I had done when I was younger, so We actually made this specific move on a whim, but we couldn’t be we want to make sure Brooklyn has the opportunity to choose what she wants to do. I’ll likely be learning how to play a lot of sports withhappier about it. We’d been back and forth on moving for a while. Brooklyn along the way!One Monday morning Kyle sent me a Zillow link for what wouldbe our future home. We finally decided to go for it—so we walked Anything else you would love for your new neighbors to knowthe house and put an offer in the next day! We moved to this area about you?for good schools, but it’s also a better location for getting to the city.This house and neighborhood feel more like home than our previous We love to be social and entertain, and we’re always up for a cookoutlocation ever did. or pool party. We would love to meet more folks in the neighborhood! We’re looking forward to sitting out by the fire at night and watching football this fall.Where did you live before you came here? We lived in central Plano for four years before we moved to theBrentfield Area. Kyle is originally born and raised in Indiana and I amfrom Wisconsin. (Go Pack Go!)What do you love most (so far) about living in the BrentfieldArea? We enjoy the neighborhood feel and convenience of the area. Weare closer to the city and amenities we enjoy than we were before. It’san easier drive to work for Kyle, so that is a plus. We have also enjoyedmeeting new neighbors and 21

Brentfield LifePets in the Summer (and Other Pets) By Teri HebertI t’s summer and it has been hotter than I think anyone was ex- tend to be cooler in the mornings before 8am and in the evenings after pecting. This heat is brutal for us humans! And it is “ruff” (pun 8pm. If it’s possible, save your neighborhood stroll for those times of intended) for dogs, cats, and other pets that venture outside. day to help keep your pup’s paws safe. Since you and I (probably) don’t walk around outside with a fur 3. Provide plentiful amounts of water.coat on in 90-degree heat, it’s hard to relate to what an extra layer of It’s important to have plenty of water available outside in your dog’sfur could do to affect the comfort of our furry friends while they areoutside. Here are a few things to be mindful of when caring for your or cat’s water bowl. Add an extra bowl if you notice your dog runningpets in the summer. out of water while she’s outside. And when you take that morning or evening stroll with your pup, take some water with you for a water1. Keep them indoors as much as you can. break. Both of you will appreciate having a cold drink of water mid- I’m sure some of us have “outside” dogs and cats. These pets are walk!used to spending more time outside than inside. They might even 4. Watch them carefully.truly live outside full time and never come in your house. But if it’s If your dog is anything like my dog, she doesn’t have an “off” switchpossible, create additional shade for them outdoors or perhaps allowthem in to the garage or the house during the hottest parts of the day. or “slow” function when she’s outside. She constantly runs the yardEven a little relief can go a long way! following a variety of sights and sounds, (some of which I don’t think are really there!). So, it’s up to me to help her regulate her energy and2. Walk your dog earlier in the morning or later in temperature in the heat. She doesn’t know when to stop herself before the evening. she over-does it. When she seems to be breathing hard and slobbering everywhere, I know I need to bring her inside and help her cool down. You know what it’s like to walk barefoot on the pavement when it’salmost 100 degrees outside. Unless your dog wears flip-flops, their We hope you and your pets have a fun, safe, and cool (as much aspaws can be injured on hot pavement. But, temps on the pavement possible) summer!22

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Brentfield LifeBeach-Worthy Abs the Right WayY ou probably know that crunches and sit-ups alone won’t give 3) Eat a clean diet. Diet is a big stumbling block for most people. you sculpted abs. Only a drop in overall body fat will uncover If your diet is not aligned with your goals, the results will come much your stomach muscles. slower. Remember, you can’t out-train an improper diet! Keep calories It is fully possible for you to do this with an effective combination in check! Use an app to set goals and track everything you eat for a fewof fat burning cardio, resistance training, and clean eating. My clients days. This will give you a great starting point.routinely drop fat and transform their bodies. You can do it too. Eat more frequently and lose weight? Yep you read that right! The Here’s how to get beach-worthy abs… key here is to never let your metabolism “crash” by going hours 1) Exercise at least three times per week. It is important to without eating. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to skipdedicate yourself to working out a minimum of three times a week for meals. Stick with eating small meals every few hours and always avoidat least 30 minutes if you want to transform your body. Anything less stuffing yourself.than this won’t make a large enough impact on your progress. 2) Make sure your workouts are effective. What makes a workout Do you want to flatten and sculpt your abs once and for all? Simplyeffective? It includes intense cardiovascular training coupled with decide that you really want it. Commit to yourself—you deserve it.effective resistance training. Walking on the treadmill or elliptical for30 minutes is not a fat blasting routine. The truth is that you can Come see me for fat-blasting workouts that deliver results. Togetherdramatically increase your results while investing less time when your we will get you on a program that will melt the fat off your abs,workouts are effective. exposing shape and definition. Cardio exercise is all about maintaining an effective level of intensity.This doesn’t mean that you should be out of breath or gasping for air, Call or email me today to get started. Let’s do this!but it does mean that you need to push yourself. Resistance training is the second key part of a fat burning workout. - Trainer TomThis means working your major muscle groups against resistance in away that stimulates your 25

Brentfield LifeIn the Kitchen by Teri Hebert Ingredients • 1 large head romaine lettuceBactivitykyHitdelhalsptaettihnisasguttimantshmtteyhyeaerna,krdiietta’cbslhsoeoprnoehds(es.sliupbSpsloeeY,rtOvlheistUae’tsdw,gyiooivtufhecataohrumeermsehea)els.aogrmiivneegsthtfhirnoegmmtoayofduuonr! • 4 ounces whipped cream cheese • 1 cup baby spinach leaves, loosely packed • 8 large fresh basil leaves • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper • Four 10-inch flour tortillas • 8 slices oven-roasted deli turkey (about 8 ounces) • 1 whole roasted pepper from a jar, sliced into 1/4-inch strips (about 1/2 cup) • 1 cup shredded carrots Directions (Special equipment: Toothpicks) 1. Pull the largest four romaine leaves from the outside of the bunch and wash and dry carefully, trying not to tear the leaves. Cut the leaves at the base where they were connected to the root; the pieces should be about 9-inches long. Using a vegetable peeler, shave the center rib so the leaves roll up more easily. Set aside. Combine the cream cheese, spinach and basil in a food processor and puree until smooth. Season with 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt and a few grinds of pepper. From 2. Lay one of the tortillas on a clean work surface and add one of the romaine leaves to fit neatly on top. Place 2 slices of turkeyThese colorful pinwheels can be made in the morning and kept chilled next to each other, covering the lettuce. Spread 2 tablespoons offor an easy lunch or afternoon snack. For little kids: Let them wash the cream cheese mixture over the surface of the turkey and lineand spin dry the lettuce. For big kids: Let them layer the ingredients up a quarter of the roasted pepper strips along one edge. Lineand roll up the sandwiches. up 1/4 cup of the shredded carrot just above the peppers. Roll up the wrap tightly starting from the edge with the peppers and carrots, so the wrap holds together with the peppers and carrots in the middle. Place the wrap seam-side down. Cut the wraps into 1-inch pieces, then pierce each segment with a toothpick. From in the skillet; when it foams and bubbles, add the eggs and reduce the heat to low. Cook the eggs, stirring regularly withBoth little and big kids can help measure, and big kids can help a wooden spatula to break them up, until set, 3 to 4 minutes.scramble the eggs. 2. Line the center of each taco shell with about 2 generousIngredients tablespoons of the scrambled eggs. Top with some of the • 8 hard corn taco shells cheese, scallions and lettuce and a spoonful of salsa. Garnish • 6 large eggs with some chopped tomatoes and serve with olives and sour • 1 teaspoon taco seasoning with salt or chili powder cream on the side. • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter • 1 cup shredded Mexican-style cheese blend • 3 or 4 scallions, chopped • 1/2 cup salsa or taco sauce • 1 cup shredded romaine or iceberg lettuce • 1/2 cup grape tomatoes, halved or quartered if large • Sliced black olives and sour cream, for serving, optionalDirections 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Warm the taco shells on a baking sheet, about 5 minutes. Crack the eggs into a bowl, add the taco seasoning and whisk well with a fork. Heat a medium nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Melt the butter26

Brentfield LifeSummer Landscape By Noemi QuillinSummer gardens in Texas are a delight, but there are several key For the shade garden, dragon wing begonias top my list for showy factors to make any landscape a success. From water-wise, to full annuals. If you get morning sun, camellias are treasured for their glossy sun, to full shade gardens, the most important element is proper evergreen leaves and late winter/early spring blooms. Helleborus, alsosoil preparation. Although it is the most laborious part of planting, if known as Lenten rose, is a top shade perennial, oak leaf hydrangeasdone properly, the results are magnificent. Our hard clay soil here in and ‘emerald’ yews are beautiful shrubs, and ‘coral bark’ and ‘fireglow’the Metroplex makes it difficult for any plants’ tiny, hair-like roots to Japanese maples are majestic shade trees.expand and become established. By adding rich organic compost andsoil amendments like cotton burr compost and expanded shale, you Once planted, proper watering is of the utmost importance as mostwill create the ideal conditions for plants to thrive. plants and trees take a full year to become established. Water every morning for the first two weeks, then back off to two times a week in Once soil preparation is complete, the fun part begins: selecting the spring and three times a week in the summer. Plants and trees needyour plants! But remember, you will want to pick the best plants for deep watering and you cannot rely solely on sprinklers for adequatethe best location. Some of my full-sun favorites include: watering. Whatever your garden, thoroughly amend your soil, choose plants wisely, and water adequately, and you will be rewarded for • ‘Brake lights’ yucca, a perennial dwarf yucca with bright red years to come. blooms that last from spring to first frost and are a hummingbird favorite. Without the proper amendments, your garden will fail before it’s been • ‘Pringles dwarf’ podocarpus yew, a slow-growing dwarf shrub given a chance to start. Thoroughly prized for its evergreen leaves perfect for planting under low mix organic compost and expanded windows. shale for a magnificent start to your garden! • Periwinkles, a work-horse annual that comes in lots of different colors that bloom from spring to first frost; purple Angelonia, For more information on summer another long blooming anti-rabbit annual with soothing purple landscapes, or to get Noemi’s expert help, flower spikes that bloom all season long. contact her through her business listing (Blooming Vistas) at or by • Yellow esperanza and the hard to find ‘bells of fire’ orange phone at 972-897-0326. esperanza, both tender perennials that are usually treated as annuals with showy tubular flowers that give the garden lots of “wow” all summer long and look spectacular in pots.28

VALERIE NEELY.Serving our BrentfieldCommunity for 25+ YearsCOMMUNITY - Having lived and worked in the Brentfield community for more than25 years, no one is more passionate about maximizing our home values.FOCUS - My focus is to create a true partnership with clients so together we canachieve the highest and best results while meeting their real estate objectives.REAL ESTATE RESOURCE - Your real estate resource for staging, remodeling,contractors, investors, protesting taxes, and mortgage information.VALERIENEELY.COM - Visit the website for more Featured Homes, NewListings, Lifestyle Links, Real Estate NewsNEIGHBORHOOD SALES - For a list of active and sold homes in our Brentfieldneighborhood, go to: Call/Text: 214.289.7353 [email protected] 14144 REGENCY PLACE•ACTIVE 6405 REDPINE ROAD•ACTIVE 6812 CAULFIELD DRIVE•SOLD3 BED | 2.5 BATH | 2,281 SQFT | $437,000 4 BED | 3 BATH | 2,816 SQFT 4 BED | 3.5 BATH | 3,043 SQFT | POOL

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