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Sales Catalog Software - Turn Your Printed PDF Documents to Interactive Digital Catalogs

With the use of PubHTML5, your digital catalog can be created using existing PDF files, images and Office files. Free to share this catalog on social networks to maximize your reach.

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Catalogs help spread your business information, dig potential customers and increase sales. Now, you can create a catalog without any difficulty with this sales catalog software. There is a large gallery of sales catalog examples on different subjects like car, skin care products and more. Explore this gallery to find design inspiration to create a professional-looking catalog. You are allowed to convey information in compelling way with rich media. For example, use YouTube or Vimeo videos to explain abstract content. Create slide shows by combining a selection of local images to display product images from different angles. Add cameras to create zooming effects to make it natural and amazing for content transition. Furthermore, you can share the catalog via a unique QR code.
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PubHTML5 Free Sales Catalog Software

Introduction to Sales Catalog Software

1. Abundant Media Assets

This sales catalog software features vast libraries of media assets. These assets include but are not limited to flash images, shapes, buttons, ecommerce icons, spirits, websites and hotspots. Browse through these libraries and apply assets that fit your needs in one click. You can even change the property of these elements with regard to the size, angle and more.

2. Powerful Management Tool

PubHTML5 not only enables you to upload the catalog online, but offer powerful tools for you to manage the publication on the Cloud in no time. On one hand, you can make editing to the book setting. For instance, change the book information such as the title and description in meta tag. On the other hand, you are able to embed, share, delete and download the publication with simple clicks.

3. Convenient QR Code Sharing

When creating with this sales catalog creator, you get the option to make a QR code visible at the top right corner of this catalog viewer. By scanning this code, customers get an instant access to your contents on their mobile devices. They also have the ability to share this code with their friends to promote your products further.

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