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Make professional product sales enablement catalogs from PDF online; Delivers World-Class Sales Enablement for Mobile Sales Teams

PUB HTML5 sales enablement catalogs Maker - our digital catalog will not only be a gorgeous sliding book, but a digital business marketplace that achieves tremendous sales engagements.

Digital shopping catalog Online shopping engagement Mobile sales

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A Completely New Yet Effective Mode of Business

Want a completely new yet effective mode of your business? Pubhtml5 does it! The very program is not simply initiated to convert files into riveting sliding books that achieve fast, enjoyable reading experience, but to be an effective platform of doing business!
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Create Your Digital Marketplace!

With multiple custom setting tools, you may perfect your product information and self design your own beautiful digital market shop! Your customers may directly pick items they like and realize a deal without opening the home page of your business in your digital catalog. Because of its effectiveness and distinctiveness, your sales enablement catalog maker can exactly become a cutting age mode of business in the age of E-commerce.

How Pubhtml5 Works On Business

1. PUBhtml5 helps a lot for mobile sales teams

The program is designed to create digital catalog that is compatible with all the main stream mobile devices such as IPAD, IPHONE, KINDLE FIRE, and Android etc. Your digital shopping catalog gets the possibility to reach a wide range of different customers. Mobile sales teams can use the digital shopping catalog to boost their business sales and promote their business through different kinds of mobile platforms. Because of its rich media content, your digital shopping catalog can greatly boost page views and achieve customer engagements. The interactive sliding catalog allows you to effectively connect with your customers

2. cloud-based hosting service

PUBhtml5 offers a cloud-based hosting service to publish your digital catalog online. Once you are authorized to use the service, you get unlimited right to store and online share your publication. You may either share your publication on social networks, or send link to your friends or other individuals who prefer emails. All this can tremendously help you reach your potential clients.

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