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The Next Level Magazine Issue#7

Published by The Next Level Magazine, 2017-09-03 16:01:11

Description: Ji Prince of Ny Cover Featuring Manolo Rose DJ Envy,Cuban Link and many more

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he Next Level Magazine is committed to covering the urban Entertainment, Fash- ion and Hip-Hop industries from a fresh and passionate perspective. Since its in- ception, Hip-Hop has been rooted in the wealth of creativity and perseverance that emerges from the urban community. With that same determination and drive to cre- ate a unique statement, The Next Level Magazine is committed to being a clear and vibrant voice for Entertainment, Fashion and Hip-Hop fans everywhere. When profiling established artists in Hip-Hop, The Next Level highlights the ideas and practices which have propelled them to prosper as artists and individuals. Equally important, The Next Level is committed to covering independent/emerging artists and companies on the rise, documenting their unique journeys on the road to success - like no publications have done before. The Next Level also provides readers with an insider’s view of the urban Entertain- ment, Fashion and Hip-Hop industries; where the lights are not so bright and the cameras are not aimed. From respected A&R’s to music video professionals, The Next Level also profiles industry players who work hard behind-the-scenes to keep Hip-Hop Culture blaz- ing hot. This credo has been the driving force of The Next Level and will continue to be the key factor in the success of this magazine. Publisher / Founder

f you are looking to mash up di place at the blessed he was to have the opportunity to tour all around the bambam, make sure that the sound boy world. When asked, “While on tour what was one of your ‘on crank up the sound system and play some top’ moments?” Dynasty smiles and proudly states that he Dynasty.  Dynasty’s music will sure recently was the opening act for Redman and Method Man have everyone rocking to the in Germany.  I couldn’t help, but, react with a hand slap and rhythm and beat. What makes a “that’s what’s up”. He credits DJ Camillo on NY’s Hot 97 ra- Dynasty different than the dio station for helping his solo career take off by playing his rest?  This prince of dancehall music on the radio. Currently, he is working with Juganot doesn’t hail from Jamaica – he for his video production and music licensing and was is Latino. Growing up on the streets of East signed to the independent label, Lunchtime Records. BP New York, he immersed himself in the West records one of reggae’s biggest labels is distributing his Indian culture, sounds and vibes around music. Dynasty is on Fiyah. Catch him on Soundcloud him. Inspired by dancehall’s finest by clicking on artist, Dynasty was hooked ing . You can also buy his single on youtube or to this unique blend of googleplay. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to music by his late uncle his youtube page - who also had an com/user/ThePrinceofDancehall so instant passion for you can watch his latest videos dancehall and and be on the up and up reggae. Listening when he drops new singles.  to artists like TNL Buju, Devonte & Tanto, Supercat, El General and Sean Paul; Dynasty knew that this genre of music was going to be a drug of choice. His musical talent also spans to salsa and hip hop genres which appealed to many musical groups looking for differ- entiating talent and he was signed by various record labels as early as the age of 12.  His success is driven by his fan base; he doesn’t believe in giving up and makes sure that his fans are motivated.  He quickly mentions that he enjoys connecting with his fans and appreciates when his music has helped others get through tough times or crazy scenarios.  A true testament of his perseverance comes from his traphall anthem, “Neva Give Up”, …. Meeting this mega artist you can tell that he is real and has a humble side. While kickin’ it with him he mentioned how truly

iffany has a natural raw talent for creating music that emerges from different music genres and her lyrics can be poetic justice. You might quickly try to classify her music as having a neo soul vibe but then she will elegantly switch the track up on you and have you bopping your head or twerking.  This amazing artist hails from Brooklyn which is why she intertwines hip-hop, pop, R&B and jazz in her style of music. Her sound is collective, creative and her voice is melodic, sensually breathy and dulcet. It is quite evident that Tiffany isn’t afraid of breaking barriers or exploring uncharted musical territories. She finds contemporary music losing itself and emerging into something new and different. By creating and producing her own music she doesn’t have to lose herself to a mass produced sound, style, lyrics or look. She began writing poems that later emerged into songs. She warns that her relationships and situations that she is exposed to in her life become the lyrics in her songs.   She credits her style to the influences of classic artists such as; Anita Baker and Bob Marley. Tiffany looks forward to grow and hopes to musically collaborate with the ever so innovative duo, Missy Elliot and Timbaland. Her biggest supporter was her dad. Sadly, he passed away from lung and throat cancer but even when he struggled he comforted her and made her believe that everything would be fine. She feels like she channels his energy through her music. “Tough Skin” a track on her latest EP lays the foun- dation for the struggles faced within life. Writing and producing is not her only endeavor. Tiffany is passionate about acting.  Her latest endeavors have been working with iHeart radio, The Breakfast Club and The DL Hugely show. To find out more about Tiffany Denise click on her website:!about/ c10fk TNL

merging from the birthplace of hip-hop; brotherhood of eight artists.  It exemplifies gaining a success- that is Bronx, NY, Frank Ramz is out to ful breath of Knowledge and More O’s or money. Knowl- reclaim the rap game by spitting bars edge seems to be an important part of Frank composition that are thought provoking, positive and  his lyrics educates the listener to common urban and deal with his reality. Frank isn’t themes and complex situations but also offers positive driven to fabricate the commercial resolutions or encourages optimistic dispositions.   garbage playing on the radio or On his free time, Frank connects with the youth  in his send a monotonous message that community by offering mentorship and talking to them doesn’t inspire, isn’t relatable or about different topics that they can relate to. He doesn’t has no connections to the audi- only provide academic nurturing but he empowers them ence. Instead, Frank wants with positive values and by encouraging them to to give the people the defy  some of the cultural norms. He values the “ medicine and the power of carrying yourself in a positive light candy” to make and breaking stereotypical barriers. good music In his latest project, Medu$Aville Frank that  represents mesmerizes with his sonically dope and who he is.  This self-conscious rapper hypnotic beats, taking listeners through concentrates on creating substantially a lyrical journey of his life. His creative raw, vivid, quality masterpieces that way of mind flows throughout this are true reflections of his life and the tour de force. His ultimate goal when environment that surrounds him. talking about his hardships is to in- Crafting a quality project takes pre- spire, motivate, and  breathe posi- cision, patience, and confidence. tivity. He wants to give back what Frank believes that rappers with hip hop gave to him. He wants true skill tell their story, have his fans to take something out a passion for inspiring the of his music. His  biggest listener and the quality of their projects comes from payback is inspiring oth- their delivery system. He ers through his lyrics. appreciates realness Frank keeps it real and found inspiration from all time great rappers such as Big Pun, Tupac, Kanye, Eminem, DMX. What is also interesting is that he also has a great respect but stays humble. He credits his family for for the late George Carlin. Frank credits these shaping him into who he is today. He re- individuals for creating and sharing stories that mains grounded, confident and true to self. weren’t superficial and he could relate. Frank You can find Frank’s music on iTunes, stands for individuality and his music will Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube. To be never be about burners, making it rain, poppin’ on the up and up, be sure to follow Frank bottles, girls, cars, or the fast life. Of course, he Ramz on Twitter wants the good life and to make money, but he FrankRamz or follow him on Instagram – recognizes that it is achievable through hard ramzyy.  work and a strong social and ethical foundation. He refers to KAMOstyle as a lifestyle and

etta J is a unique soul and recording artist that definitely will make you feel some type of way. At three years old Letta J started singing in church congregations of thousands of people under bishop T.D Jake’s leadership. Letta J credits the church as well as her Pastor Parents for providing her the foundation for her music. Although her substruc- ture is Gospel music, Letta J loves telling stories to country songs. At the age of seven, J started writing her own music; She says that she feels as if “Contem- porary music as well as R & B are just extensions of gospel.” Gospel music helped her convey her most intimate feelings and thoughts which would later transpire into her music. When asked to give advice to songwriters Letta J says, “If you keep it honest and authentic it is relatable because you are just giving a piece of yourself.” J says she grew up with love songs and enjoys singing it because “once you hear the right song it connects to a piece of you, you might not know.” She likes going “beyond borders and parameters” due to the fact that she is multiracial. J Implements that in the cross over of her music. What has inspired J to make music is the pureness of music. She cannot remember a time when music wasn’t a focal point in her life. Growing up she always had an instrument in her hand or was singing before she could even talk. Even without words, J says the music was so gripping that once the words came into play it was just another add- ed element hooked on emotion. She goes on to say that music is her purpose and that without music she feels like she is not “even living”. When asked what’s the next level for you, J smiles and responds,  “I mean for me, award winning recording artist, i’m already a published songwriter”. J says that in  the next 5 years her goal would be to utilize her entrepreneur interests in creating organizations for inspiring young artists. She wants be be able to creatively provide an outlet for these artists to be the best they can be while crafting their talent. J on her free time enjoys writing and is a part of a publication called Diary of a writer. She writes about the music industry in hopes to inspire and empower all who read. She laughs and says, “Of course the goal is to have a best seller under my belt”. Well TNL wishes you the best of luck, Letta J and keep reaching your goal. You can catch Letta J via her social media platforms such as Instagram (@letta- jmusic), soundcloud (lettajmusic), and Facebook (jayewattsmusic).

he City is emerged with Jewelry from gold to diamonds which Hip hop has been known for its lavish chains and Watches. Gee The Jeweler better known through the industry as “Money L” is no Stranger to Jewelry in Hip Hop. He Has made his mark on it for years, starting as a intern for Bad Boy Records at a early stage in his life under Marketing Di- rector Shawn Prez. While learning from Shawn,Gee built his Reputation in Hip hop which lead him into Fashion. In 2006 Gee Started up his own Fur Company called Money L Furs. Form his History in the industry Gee was able to create furs for Artists like 50 cent, Ja-rule, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. shortly after dabbling in the Fash- ion world He decide to get involved with Jewelry partnering up with his brother in law who at the time was partners with Jacob the Jeweler and The Notorious Big’s first Jeweler.Picking up the trade from both of the top selling jewelers in the game.he states “The Jewelry Game is a Competition it has changed, You have your old school Jewelers and you have the New” Gee has mastered his craft hes quotes “its all about who makes the best designs and highest quality” designing Pieces for Floyd Weatherman Jr, French Montana ,Chinx Drugs Rick Ross and Many more.being a true professional he knows creating a good piece is Important and his reputation has proven that. Still having love for the fashion world while making incredible Jewelry for some of the top artist in hip hop he becomes President and Branding Ambassador for a clothing line called” Micheal Cherry” owner and designer who was co-owner of Dada Supreme in the past. between gee and Micheal they have dressed artist like Future and Fred the Godson. He states these clothing lines are more sweatsuits and the Micheal Cherry line is more elegant with there styles denim jeans and fancy tee shirts branching into belts and sneakers.His futures goals are to enter into the movie industry and design jewelry for actors as well as dress them. With gee extensive histo- ry in this area its not long before hes reaching that goal. We look forward to it. We wish you the greatest success.

ibrant, persistent, optimistic and rap’s future… JI The Prince of NY is only 14 year and has conquered the streets of NY and beyond with his rap style. There is a con- fidence that pours out of him but it’s not cocky, stubborn or annoying. This lyrical genius is driven by humbleness and charisma. His attitude developed from the “do or die” streets of Brooklyn where he came up from and his Puerto Rican background. This young superstar realizes that being a hip hop star comes from the ability to have respect for the streets and other artist, but more importantly, having the ability to spit raw and quality bars! The kid is nice and doesn’t succumb to the cookie cutter rap game ghostwriters that create one hit wonders! He is here to stand up and claim the whole rap kingdom, so watch out! JI is trend setting and isn’t afraid of admitting he was inspired by rap legends such as, Tupac, Big Pun, Nas and Biggie. Growing up in Crown Heights, he found that music ran through his veins and he had a story to tell so he would practice freestylin’ with his brothers. He only started writing about three years ago and is reppin’ his city right by killing the rap game. So, when he started watching the first season of The Rap Game, he knew that he had an opportunity to body that ‘ish and went on Instagram to claim the fame. His social media posts quickly caught the attention of Jermaine Dupri and he was invited to compete on Season 2 of The Rap Game on Lifetime. The show is intense and young artists are invited to participate in a 10-week rap boot camp to claim a music contract with SoSoDef. He didn’t win, but he came really close, killing challenges and impressing bloggers enough to predict he’d win despite his inexperience. Don’t sleep on the kid, his YouTube videos gain followers by the minute. From his freestyle videos “Uber Everywhere”, “Look at Me Now” and “No Static” his followers are in the triple digit figures. He credits, Mike Mor for his dope beats and his Mo

mager for her support and management. He has also caught piring rapper, he realizes that breaking the walls of the hip-hop the attention of Hot97’s DJ Enuf and graces the cover of Hip empire is going to be hard because he is Puerto Rican but he will Hop Weekly and The Next Level Magazine. Currently, he’s continue to focus on giving fans what they want – the music! JI’s working on a collabo with a surprise artist but also looks for- motivation to continue comes from the haters! Early on the haters ward to creating projects with rappers, such as, J.Cole, Drake, criticized, telling him he was too short to play basketball or do Fat Joe, Young MA, Remy Ma, Aye Boogie, Eminem and NY other things. He found solace in his music, hip hop has no height rappers. He wants to focus on becoming a big artist but in the requirements he proclaims and the kid is right! TNL future, he wants to be independent. Although this kid is an as

iffon “Pop” Dunn Creator,Writer And Director of Project Heat a webs series about his Life in Pink House Born in Queens and moved to Pink Houses in his early teens. its where he met Caddillac Tah who was signed to Murder ink. he quickly learned the Business by running around with Tah. Shortly after he faced incarceration for a few years. When “POP” came home he started managing inde- pendant artist which led him into co-managing DMX wife at the time Tashera Simmons. along the way while he’s still fresh in the business he met partners Chalita Drayton and Doug “Kd” Apparico together they started up a film company called Show-Up Films . Learning film production on there own They produced there first film called “Tycoon” which was released in 2012. After good success on the first project “Pop” along with partners created Project Heat a Web Series Based off “Pop”s Life in “Pink Houses one of the most dangerous Housing develoments in Brooklyn.N,Y. The basis around the web series is real life episodes of action which took place in his life and the housing development . “alot of people dont know what goes on in the projects I,m Explaing and Showing Them” quotes Pop which paints a pictures of some of the dangerous scenes taking place. In Season One of Project Heat the show you a reenact- ment of a incident which took place in the stairways of pink houses where a young man Akai Gurley was shot by a undercover police officer. This episode got so much attention. Every News Channel throughout NYC interviewed “Pop” cause the case has still yet to be resolved with the nyc police officer. Working on there Season 2 which he says is coming to a close pops mentioned he would like to take “Project Heat” to the Big Screen “every Project has a stort to tell” Already planning there next move on taking project heat to every housing development across america. venturing into other project he explains like childrens books and urban series awards.”Pop surely has eyes on this film business. we look forward to seeing him become one of the best film producer in the game. The series on you tube is becoming one of the most poplur urban shows to watch. we see big things for there furture TNL

lthough the hip hop culture emerged through the cracks of the concrete jungle in the 70’s, it gained its respect and rose from its underground success in the late 80’s into the 90’s. Attracting the mainstream and invading the music world, record labels sought out hip hop artists to strengthen their bankroll. There was Bad Boy, Roc-a Fella, and so on. Many rappers gracing these labels brought their crew with them. In the Bronx, a unique group of Latin brothers were rising to the top, the Terror Squad. As rap music emerged on the scene and saturated the market, the people backing the music did not always have a business background and artists sought out opportunity to get in the game by any means necessary. Vulnerable, these performers decided to shine and grace their presences on mixtapes and albums even without deals or contracts. Some would agree to verbal contracts they didn’t quite understand, just to try to get that paper and get out of the ghetto. As much as it was a golden era, it was also a messy time in hip hop as tension and violence grew from coast to coast and within the music groups. By the 2000’s, technology was emerging and music consumption was changing; in effect, record sales quickly declined. In order to keep rising rappers looked to differentiate themselves to con- tinue to live and rise to the top. Some embraced different areas of the music industry, some went on to acting or producing reality shows, while others decided to settle down. The Next Level Magazine re- cently sat down with Cuban Link an original member of the Terror Squad to talk about Big Pun, how Cuban rose to the top and what projects he has been working on.From the start, Cuban Link knew the struggle was real. During the time that hip hop was gaining widespread popularity, Cuban Link took refuge in the United States immigrating from Cuba as part of the Mariel boatlift. Along with his family, he was detained in a US Immigration Processing Center for about six months. Once his family received their green cards, they moved to Puerto Rico and later, to the mean streets of the Bronx. Coming up from the “Halls of Hell”, this lyrical

assassin learned early on that music runs through his veins and that and then Atlantic records finally cut him a deal. For one year, he worked success comes from having a sick work ethic, having a tremendous on his album, 24K and sporadically on other projects with Pun and the amount of perseverance and taking risks. Cuban Link attributes Terror Squad. Much to his dismay, the album was never release, but, his early success to Triple Seis and Big Pun. He recalls that Seis, in- instead it leaked out to the streets. Working with a group can be stress- spired him to continue to rise, by taking the game seriously and set- ful coupled with street negotiations can cause multiple issues, and after ting up writing sessions in an apartment located in a Bronx housing a violent fight, Cuban and Joe went separate ways. Backed by M.O.B. project. Big Pun, Triple Seis and Cuban Link would meet up to Records, Cuban went back into the studio to work on his next album, write lyrics and practice their skills. They soon realized that they Chain Reaction. The album sold over 100,000 independently.Currently, truly had a gift and could make it happen.Cuban’s friendship with he’s been working on a new album, Missing Link. His mission is to bring Big Pun was more like a brotherhood. It wasn’t always about the back the true essence of hip hop but also adapting to what’s out there. music, they played ball together and would go to the gym to box. Although hip hop music doesn’t have clear rules; except as, a voice for Big Pun was always inviting and he helped open the door to the free expression, Cuban feels that the new music is hollow and doesn’t start of Cuban’s career. The two would formulate a group, Rough have a message. Cuban believes that music should have a message and and Rugged. At the time, Triple Seis was working with another make you analyze things. He calls good music - “trivia in your head”. group but would later join Big Pun and Cuban Link to form the He’s also working on his first Spanish album, Hijo De La Calle (Son of group, Full A Clips.The group decided to make its mark by entering the Street). Music is not all he is focusing on; Cuban Link is working on a hip hop contest hosted by Video Music Box VJ, Crazy Sam at the his acting and dabbling in some movie projects. Sadly, the Fat Joe and Victoria Five in Harlem. Uncle B from LES invested in the group Cuban Link beef still exists, Cuban talked about BET’s recent Big Pun by arranging performances for them and getting them recognition. tribute and disagrees with what was aired. Cuban mentions, “The show The group worked with the likes of The Beatnuts. Uncle B also in- didn’t feature the team effort that was behind the music.” He credits Fat troduced them to Fat Joe and from there they got on Hot 97. At the Joe for destroying the unity behind the Terror Squad. “Fat Joe focused time, Fat Joe was at the peak of his career and doing big things with more on building his business up rather than on the music”, Cuban D.I.T.C. So, he was someone the group looked up to and wanted to laments. Cuban states, “Back in the days, a lot of things were done by work with. Big Pun spit fire outside a bodega for Fat Joe, impressed street negotiations, everything was verbal. When Fat Joe offered Big Pun Joe brought Pun into the studio. Pun’s album went platinum.Cuban a deal, they went half on everything. So, Fat Joe took half of anything didn’t get a contract at the time, but, Big Pun made sure he was on Big Pun did. When Big Pun proved himself, going platinum, Fat Joe the album. Cuban continued to work as a free agent to get his name didn’t want to renegotiate the deal.” Cuban states that Big Pun was the out there and worked on different projects. He did whatever it took biggest door opener, he supported everyone’s music. TNL to get out there. For example, he shared that he wrote the hook for Puff Daddy’s Senorita, but didn’t get credit for it. He got himself on remixes with Fat Joe and Pun

ahna is extremely creative and knows the formula graduating from the Russian Academy of Music. While to stand out in today’s music industry. She sets in Russia, she moved away from the practicality of herself apart from other artists because she has music to starting a  Reggae and Funk band. Later the ability to create music from start to finish. she moved to London for college and her sound Jahna takes pride in her work and changed again, she was exposed to genres like has developed the dubstep and grind music. Also, she started taking skills to write and production lessons and started creating her own produce music, and to create pieces.  On her musical journey, she experimented beats not only for herself but with sounds and different genres to develop her own for other artists. Her talents also sound which she references to the Jahna Sebastian blend into the engineering side too; sound. therefore, she can lay down some heavy  Jahna notes that the music industry can be tracks on the technical side and the singing side. challenging for women. In Russia, for instance, Driven by the adversity she faced throughout if a woman wants to be successful in the in- her life she has evolved her artistry into multi- dustry she may have to sleep with many men faceted areas in the music industry so that she or be very wealthy in order to get a record could remain creatively independent and she deal. Women are treated pretty badly and wouldn’t have to sell herself short to the indus- are taken advantage of. Women producers try. She strongly continues her mission to  create do not exist, Jahna states possibly on the music with a message and not fall into the music underground circuit but chances are very industry’s  traps that so many artists do. It is also unlikely. In London, women have a little important for her to have creative freedom so that more freedom and they can be producers she can produce music that can appeal to the and gain control of their career. Depending world rather than one type of group and that on others in the music industry can be difficult; showcases her musical skillfulness. She is ex- however, having control of your career eliminates the tremely open-minded and thrives on growing lack of respect for women that many men have. Jahna professionally.   stated, “My most successful projects are those that I have  Her works emerge from a variety of ele- managed and controlled.” She strives on working really ments including fashion, art, literature, hard and advises to survive in this industry you have to be philosophy, culture and other things that willing to prove yourself!    intermingle in her daily life. She found  Her latest EP, Love over Hate is the third installment to Edge of inspiration from Che Guevara in her Love and I’m Free. It strikes the balance between love and hate, emo- EP,  Edge of Love. She goes on to say tions that people feel in relationships. She meshes EDM, R&B and trap love is a larger than life phenomenon into this album. Working with different producers and tracks will make that can keep lovers at the edge. Che this EP exciting! has had a love-hate impact which is She urges those in the music industry to take charge or their career and why he influenced this work. Love has the work hard. Have drive and understand what the goals of the project ability to transform, it is an extreme emo- are and why your producer is pushing you in a certain direction. tion that breeds amongst us all. She pulls and Don’t just create music for the money and fame, instead, be pas- draws from many different influences and art- sionate about what you are doing and change the industry if you ists. When writing I’m Free, she was motivated by want to stay successful, money will come. Think out of the Oscar Wilde. In creating the music video, she wanted box and don’t stop recreating yourself! to focus on art because she dreamed of becoming an  She sees herself diving into the television business, cre- artist, she wanted to show how art imitates life or how ating a music, starting a  career in the fashion industry life imitates art. in the future so watch out for this amazingly talented Music was always a part of her life and early on she Miss Independent.  emerged herself in music. As a young child, she partici- pated in  the Russian orchestra learning folk music and

reatness glows over Tjuan As he patiently success as waking up everyday,setting goals and reaching those waits to set up for his photo shoot at Man- goals which makes him a more success person. He Gives Thanks hattan Motor Cars in Midtown Manhattan. to people like DJ Envy and Angela Yee for helping him reach We see a certain Star quality about Him, certain goals and opening doors so he can continue to do what From the clothing and Sparking Jewerly. he Loves . He’s worked with many Diffrent types of artist Like His confidense and Friendly persona Shine Fred The Godson who he recently did a song together with called as brite as the Diamonds in The Jesus head “Came Up” along with a Music Video. Given his Focus and drive Dangling from the Heavy Chain he wears to make his music heard on everyone’s playlist. We see a great fu- around his Neck . T-Juan aka The Mystery ture for this young man. He quotes, His music is here to inspire kid Coming from Jacksonville Florida is no stranger to publicity. the people. His music is never negative He Has Been working his music for several Years now as a RnB/ and what he Hip hop Artist. Running from Record Label to Various Radio Sta- tions while trying to get in as many interviews as possible in one day. He knows what it takes to be a Star which he shows preparing himself for the cameras making sure we capture his best side. His Music is some what of a mystery Which he quotes. Listening to his track “I’m Outside” we hear a southern style Flow along with a edgy hook and Bass Booming production to His “Pray For Me” Track which shows more of his Vocal Talents and Gospal Edge. His Music Varies From Hiphop to Rnb, Pop to Gospel. He loves all types of music which explains his diversities within his music. He certainty takes a big interest In His religion, Midway through sings or raps about is a true reflection of his life’s experiences.we his interview he stops us to Pray along with his mother who certainly looking forward to seeing whats next for this Artist his manages him to thank god for the feature in the magazine. The music and personality distribute nothing but greatness. Look for Mystery Kid is a Family Man who gives credit to his Mother and him on Youtube and Everything “Tjuan” Social Children for His success . They Travel along with him on the road, Media. taking on the day to day struggles of a artist. surrounding himself with positive people he says is what keeps him going. He tells us the everyday person inspire his music from the garbage man to Grocery clerk, which speaks alot about him and what type of music he is creating. Tjuan defines

merging from the streets of Brooklyn & Far Rockaway, Manolo Rose never envisioned his life as a rapper; but, for this natural born rapper, fame and fortune has been on the rise practically overnight. Recently, he was signed to Memphis Bleek’s Warehouse Music Group under RocNation and is looking forward to gain exposure by taking his album on tour around the US. His lyrical energy bleeds the gritty darkness of the mean streets were violence is king. From “Superflexin” featuring French Montana to “Run Rickey Run”, Manolo Rose provides the harsh reality of the hustle and grind found on the hardcore streets of the urban jungle. Not only has he collaborated with French Montana on several projects but his album, Concrete Rose features Fame School Slim and Telli. As he rises to the top, this overnight sensation is looking forward to work with producers and artists all over the world like Roy Woods, Audio Push, WizKid and Tory Lanez. His formula for prosperity in the rap game is built on the foundation that producing quality pieces requires time, patience and various points of inspiration but that’s what real talent is all about. Although his music is inspired by the violence he observed in his community and depicted in classic urban flicks, he states that it is also a place to have fun and he wants his music to represent both as- pects. Fame and fortune isn’t everlasting and Manolo Rose is differenti- ating his portfolio by looking at getting into tech companies and possibly opening up a marijuana dispensary. In addition, prior to evolving as a hip hop artist he went to the Art Institute and was an inspiring designer. On a personal level, this talented dude has a positive, inspiring demean- or that isn’t really seen in his music. He also envisions being a lobbyist so that he can persuade the government to enact legislation that is im- portant to him and most of all, his fans. Besides the music and his other inspiring goals, he shared with the Next Level Magazine that he enjoys reading and wants to start a book club and get people to think differ- ently, improve their outlook and rise. For more on this inspiring artist, you can find him on Twitter @manolo_rose, Instagram @manolo_rose and Facebook. For features/booking email: [email protected] .

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