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Instructional Coaches Newsletter (4)

Published by blgarza24, 2020-08-08 10:48:38

Description: Instructional Coaches Newsletter (4)


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Tit le 1 Inst ruct ional Coaches' Newslet t er - August 7, 2020 I N STRU CTI O N AL CO ACH ES N EW SLET T ER M eeti ng Dates and Z oom Li nk s SUPPORTI N G Click Her e IM PROVING STUDENT ACADEM IC I N STRUCTI ON SUCCESS

Link t o Q & A Fr ien dly r em in der t o Par k in g Lot please com plet e t h e su r vey f r om ou r f ir st Click Here In st r u ct ion al Coach m eet in g h eld on Au gu st 7, if you have not already don e so. Th an k you . Click Here For Survey YOU ARE AN I N STRUCTI ON AL COACH SUPER STAR! Tit le 1/ SCE Of f ice Ph on e Nu m ber BUI LDI N G CAPACITY (361) 695-7528

High Sch ool Cor n er Her e is t h e Over view of Edgen u it y t h at w e view ed TO THE DOOR du r in g t h e Au gu st 7t h Pr of ession al Developm en t PRIZE Br eak ou t Session f or High Sch ools. As a r em in der , w e w ill be u sin g t h is f or cr edit r ecover y f or ou r WI N N ERS! iden t if ied pr ior it y st u den t s (secon d-year YOUR PRIZES f r esh m an an d sen ior s). WILL BE SENT OUT NEXT WEEK. /Q Ways You Can Support Your Teachers During Remote Learning - Join in on Planning Sessions - Ask to Join in on Classes - Share the Load - Record Some of the Lessons - Be a Guest Reader - Help Students and Parents Who May Be Struggling - Help Field Questions and Su p p o r t Assign m en t s - Teach a Lesson - Coordinate with the Teacher to Conference with St u d en t s - Offer to Help the Teacher Contact Students and Par en t s

A TTENTI ON ELEM ENTA RY A ND M I DDLE SCHOOLS HERE A RE SOM E HELPFUL LI NK S A ND I NFORM A TI ON FROM THE EDUCA TI ON GA LA X Y TRA I NI NG. A f ew h elpf u l docu m en t s? 1. PPT with Training information for Elementary 2. Best Practice Guide 3. Teachers Quick Start Guide for Elementary (middle school PPT and Q.S. guide are coming soon) Cor pu s Ch r ist i M iddle Sch ool Tr ain in g Recor din g Lin k : h t t p s:/ / ed u cat ion galaxy.w ist / m ed ias/ kd vvlq s8ey Cor pu s Ch r ist i Elem en t ar y Sch ool Tr ain in g Recor din g Link : h t t p s:/ / ed u cat ion galaxy.w ist / m ed ias/ q 69r r f xt cr Cor pu s Ch r ist i?s Recor din g of t h e Zoom Live Tr ain in g on 8/ 7/ 20: h t t p s:/ / ed u cat ion galaxy.zoom .u s/ r ec/ sh ar e/ 4d QkM 4jW90h IGZXH7BjlZIkn IJ_lT6a80ycX_KULyBt 3gRlsm 97LVM 7gI-6Ie3BM ?st ar t Tim e=1596811666000 THANK YOU FOR A GREAT START TO THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR! YOUR ATTENDANCE, ATTENTIVENESS, AND PARTICIPATION IN OUR AUGUST 7TH PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPM ENT SESSION WERE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THE TITLE 1 TEAM IS VERY EXCITED ABOUT WORKING WITH SUCH AN AM AZING GROUP OF EDUCATIONAL LEADERS. TOGETHER, WE WILL HELP EACH AND EVERY CAM PUS REACH NEW HEIGHTS. IT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR OF SUCCESS FOR CCISD!

TECHNOLOGY TRAINING WILL TAKE PLACE DURING SCHEDULED M EETINGS FOR INSTRUCTIONAL COACHES INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES The following instructional/technology resources have been purchased by Title 1 for the District: - Education Galaxy - Imagine Math - Edgenuity - ThinkUp! - Sirius

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