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Engineering Post September 2021

Published by Empire Online, 2021-10-27 10:34:43

Description: Engineering Post September 2021

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1530MW Tarbela 5th extension project Inaugurated Prime Minister Imran 4,888MW to 6,418MW. The to construct 10 dams within 10 Khan performed the project would be completed at years including Dasu and ground-breaking of the an estimated cost of $807 mil- Bhasha dams. We may face Tarbela 5th (T5) expansion lion within 3 years. water shortage in the future project which is aimed at pro- Pakistan’s rivers get 80% of and would be unable to cope tecting the Tarbela Dam with the needs of people and against silting besides helping farmers unless we have stor- generate 1530MW electricity ages,” and provide 1.34 billion units At the occasion the prime of power to the national grid minister particularly appreci- annually. ated the performance of Chair- The construction of Tarbela man of Water and Power 5th expansion project would water inflow within three to Development Authority Lt help generate approximately four months and this water General (Retd) Muzzammil 3,000 jobs and would also en- needs to be stored affectively. Hussain for keeping up the con- hance power production capac- While speaking at the occasion struction work of dams despite ity of Tarbela dam from the PM said “We have decided COVID-related restrictions.

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Renewable energy share in Energy Sector Engineering Post Report The transmission capacity will also be en- hanced by 2250, 2750 and 4000 MVA capacity Presently, the share of renewable energy on 500 KV, 220KV and +660 KV networks by is only around 4 per cent, however, the June 2022 for evacuation of additional power. potential and incentives to switch to- wards renewable resources is significant. To boost industrial develo0ment in the country, electricity and gas supply schemes to Appropriate planning and implementation of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Rashakai, Al- a number of power generation projects have lama Iqbal, Bin Qasim and Bostan under helped energy sector overcome the protracted CPEC are expected to be completed by June demand supply challenge as 3556 MW was 2022. quite expectedly plugged into the system by June 2021. Energy Sector has been allocated an amount of Rs 228767.54 million under the By June 2022, an additional 5981 MW en- Public Sector Development Programme ergy is expected to be plugged into the system (PSDP) for energy sector projects during fi- including 1536 MW from renewable sources. nancial year 2021-22. 02

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Energy Management Solution by JUBILEE CORPORATION Energy Management has main, provides the comprehensive and power factor controllers. The envisaged in ISO 50001 and the grown more important over solutions for monitoring, control company also offer industry 4.0 energy monitoring activities de- the time with escalating en- and optimization of energy con- compatible energy management manded for energy audits. While ergy costs and regulations sur- sumption. The company also as- software, Synergy, for monitoring installing Synergy, JC ensures rounding energy industry. Energy sists industrial professionals in energy vectors online and in real that it is properly integrated into performance when monitored and making a detailed analysis of time. the existing management systems controlled intelligently yields major their energy consumption to de- Synergy is a web-based super- of their customers. competitive advantages to organi- fine parameters and accordingly vision and energy management Keeping customer service as the zations, such as reduced energy allocate investments capable of software by Lovato Electric. It prime objective, Jubilee Corpora- wastages and maximized energy reducing costs significantly. provides all the functionalities tion facilitates one-to-one commu- savings, minimized operational ex- JC with its partnership with needed to monitor and manage nication and on-site assistance to penditures, and supports environ- Lovato Electric, provides a wide electrical energy systems simply its customers to resolve queries, mental sustainability. range of products including en- and effectively. The software, with provide customized technical solu- Jubilee Corporation (JC), with ergy meters, power analyzers, the facility to log all the parame- tions, and carry out maintenance its experience of almost 30 years synchronization controllers, auto- ters and generate custom reports, activities, in support of all the in the Energy Management do- matic transfer switch controllers is a valid support for the activities their products and solutions. 03

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Ravi Riverfront project can generate $40bn Ravi riverfront project the one of its kind towards the timely completion of the project. Urban Development project which has The Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority is also work- the potential to generate up to $40bn in ing on 1500 projects across Punjab, including revenue. This was said by Prime Minister Lahore, which will provide clean drinking water Imran Khan during the launch of country’s first to about 8 million people and all these projects ‘smart forest’ in Rakh Jhok Forest, will be completed by December 2021. Sheikhupura. The smart forest is a part of the Ravi river- While commenting on the Ravi project the front urban development project which spans PM said that it would also help solve the long- for over 24,000 kanals of land. The smart forest standing issue of water in the city of Lahore. For has been equipped with surveillance systems this purpose three barrages will be constructed and sensors in collaboration with the tech giant on River Ravi while filtration plants will ensure Huawei who will be the smart partners in the the provision of clean water to public. The PM project. Thee sensors would be utilised to keep asked Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman an eye on the cutting of trees as well as their Buzdar to remain steadfast and work diligently growth. 04

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 A tribute to Engr. Abdul Waheed Mir (Late) By Zeeshan Haider, Managing Editor, Engineering Post Engr. Abdul Waheed low of Royal Institute of surveyors in the country tal mapping in Pakistan at TAMS, New York, USA, Mir left this tempo- Chartered Land Surveyors Engr. A.W Mir was en- the time of design of La- Dastoor Survey Company rary world for his (RICS) in Pakistan and gaged on a variety of land, hore-Islamabad Motorway. and Dastan Computer heavenly abode on August was considered as the Fa- geodetic and engineering He was renowned for his Services, Iran, Montreal 07, 2021. He breathed his ther of Digital Mapping in survey jobs. He had the dis- work internationally as Engineering Company last at his home sur- Pakistan. tinction of being a part of well. His land surveys (Monenco) and NESPAK in rounded by loved ones and Engr. A.W Mir began his almost all major Hy- spanned from the jungles Pakistan. But despite hav- family members. education from a of East Africa to ing a highly successful ca- Engr. Abdul Waheed Mir school in Sheran the Sahara reer abroad he was a true had a very charismatic per- Wala Gate. He Desert in Libya. patriot at heart which sonality and was well liked then received his He was also a forced him to leave every- in the engineering commu- BSc from Civil keen believer of thing behind and settle in nity. Not only was he active Lines College La- dissemination of Pakistan for good. He spent in his professional life and hore and went on knowledge and the rest of his life providing career interacting with col- to complete his used to be to go- services for the betterment leagues and young engi- BSc. Engineering to guy for any of the country. He often neers/technicians, he also in Surveying and problem related would say that, “You can had a very active public Photogrammetry to his field. He take the Lahori out of La- life. He had a passion for from the Univer- was an avid hore but you cannot take travelling and photography sity of East reader and a the love for Lahore out of a which was perfectly Africa, Univer- used to write Lahori.” aligned with the nature of sity College, highly informa- With the passing of Engr. his work. Nairobi. With his tive pieces which Abdul Waheed Mir, the en- He was also involved in passion for trav- were published gineering community has the Management Commit- elling he was in Engineering lost an institution. The tee of the area he resided in perfectly suited Post as well as whole Engineering commu- Model Town, Lahore. He for the occupa- other newspa- nity is saddened by the loss was elected as Member of tion of a sur- pers of the coun- of such a gem. Engineering the Model Town Society’s veyor. In the try. Post shares the loss of such Management Committee course of his Engr. A.W Mir a delightful person and a twice. work he travelled had an illustri- core member of its consult- Engr. A.W Mir was the across the world and dropower projects in Pak- ous career and worked for ing editors and offers its CEO of Geomatics and En- worked in different coun- istan in addition to some of the most distin- sincerest condolences to gineering Services (Pvt) tries including Pakistan, extending his services for guished companies in the the family of the deceased. Ltd and was also on the Iran, Kenya, Tanzania, major motorways and high- world including Hunting May Allah bestow him with panel of Honorary Consult- Libya, Nigeria, Oman, ways all across the country. Surveys and Consultants the highest ranks in Jan- ing Editors for Engineering Afghanistan, Indonesia. In fact Mir Sb was instru- Limited, Boreham Wood, nah and grant Sab’r to the Post. He was the only Fel- As one of the few land mental in introducing digi- Herts, England, M/s bereaved family. 05

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 IPCC 2021 Report Critical Role of Battery Storage Systems By Mr. Umair Nabeel, Renewable Energy and Environmental Entrepreneur Co v e r I for one would highly recommend this motive Parts Manufacturers Associa- average thus far. And instrument record S t o r y : to other national governments as a ref- tion). And they in turn will now look into keeping dates back to 1880. This further T h i s erence case study. With overall emis- various design models covering the en- corroborates the IPCC-2021(Inter-gov- month’s cover sions based target policy set for this tire drivetrain/powertrain , which of ernmental Panel on Climate Change) story takes us decade, 2026 will mark a major shift ei- course passing through various pre- report, published recently. And I highly to Singapore. ther partially or fully as Sing Post qualification stages will be scaled up for recommend chapter II & IV respectively And a very par- makes the switch. mass manufacturing. Project Arrow, of that report to everybody, just browse ticular reason Global News Desk: Canada is all made in and by Canada. through it. If I were to put it in one sen- why I chose geared up to be the latest entry to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric tence, it’s quite obvious that the earth’s this as the list of countries beginning to invest in Administration (NOAA) in its latest re- inner/lower atmosphere has been leading story is and lay out infrastructure plus policy port officially declared July-2021 to be breached, to a significant degree, thus the fact that leading to a higher probability of expo- urban transport, especially intra-city sure to extreme weather events due to commute and travel is a major factor the imbalance which is a consequence. when we account for global GHG emis- In all five data modelling based scenar- sions. A point I’ve explained in my pre- ios in this report, the 1.5 degrees C bar- vious articles correlating to the role rier is seemingly an elusive target but courier/cargo companies can play. Singa- we can and must make the next 0.5 de- pore Post (Sing Post) has begun trials of grees C “dance to strings held by us’ and e-scooters and e-vans as part of its plans not the other way round. Last but not for a phased out delivery fleet switch least, Asian Development Bank is work- from ICE to all electric. In partnership ing on a pioneering project with Turk- with BYD, the T-3 electric vans are part menistan which aims to make an of a five year plan (initially) to replace existing gas-fired power plant transition the existing 140 petrol driven delivery to a hybrid system, whereby the steam vans. Similarly, the IONA Rap three to the turbines can be fed from both nat- wheeler e-scooters are on road trials to ural gas and solar-thermal/CSP. Apart eventually replace the 700 strong exist- from the initiative, developing countries ing ICE motorcycles plus scooters deliv- plans for local EV manufacturing indus- the hottest month ever. All records bro- can and should access such avenues of ery fleet. The best part about this entire try. This is indeed pleasing to hear, ken, since recording such data began. green financing since it caters to both project is the comprehensive study something I’ve advocated for in my arti- Both land and sea/ocean surface tem- the financial and technical assistance & which forms the basis of the entire ini- cles not just in theory but with qualified peratures sent mercury to rather un- support needed. With approximately tiative. From the choice of e-vans/e- data from around the world. The federal wanted levels. Just to give all my 114Gwh of lithium-ion batteries in- scooters, to comparative analysis based government through one of its agencies readers an idea, the land surface tem- stalled/which ended up in electric vehi- on drivetrains/powertrains, local factors Fed Dev Ontario has set aside $5 million perature for July-2021 stood at 1.54 de- cles registered and sold in the first half and Sing Posts operational routes/map, which will be directed to APMA (Auto- grees C above the recorded global of 2021, a perfect note to sign off. 06

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 To help inactivate coronavirus in filtered air Carrier introduces infinity return air purifier As part of a strategy quality solutions, offers a ate Director, Indoor Air airborne viruses and sitely charged, pleated for improving in- quiet-operating, MERV 15 Quality Products, Carrier. pathogens in their home MERV 15 rated filter and door air quality in measure of efficiency for “Carrier is constantly as part of a mitigation captured at an extremely the home, the return air residential strategy in- high rate. purifier should be consid- air filters. cluding hand Step Three: Kill – cap- ered essential In addition, washing, san- tured airborne microbes Today’s tightly con- it’s ideal itization remain on the pleated fil- structed, energy-efficient for appli- a n d ter instead of recirculating homes have one disadvan- c a t i o n s o t h e r back into the home and tage – it can be difficult for w h e r e m e a s - are subjected to an intense airborne pollutants to es- the fur- u r e s electric field. There, 99% cape. In order to address nace air r e c o m - of select viruses and bacte- this, Carrier recently handler is m e n d e d ria are inactivated. launched the Infinity® re- not easily ac- by health Carrier Founded by the turn air purifier, its latest cessed by the experts.” inventor of modern air indoor air quality solution homeowner. Mini- The Infinity conditioning, Carrier is a designed to help create a mal maintenance is return air purifier world leader in high-tech- healthier home. Installed required, including features Captures nology heating, air-condi- and mounted in the return filter cartridge re- & Kills® technol- tioning and refrigeration air duct, the air purifier placement and oc- ogy, which treats solutions. Carrier experts offers proven, third-party c a s i o n a l the air using a provide sustainable solu- tested effectiveness in in- inspection/brush t h r e e - s t e p tions, integrating energy- activating 99% of select cleaning of the “ C h a r g e / C a p - efficient products, airborne viruses and ionization panel. t u r e / K i l l ” building controls and en- germs, including coron- Plus, the Infinity process: ergy services for residen- avirus1 trapped by the return air purifier Step One: tial, commercial, retail, MERV 15 filter. Carrier is is installed inside Charge – the pu- transport and food service a part of Carrier Global the living space, rifier creates a customers. Carrier is a Corporation , a leading allowing for con- “cloud” of electri- part of Carrier Global Cor- global provider of healthy, venient and easy filter striving to innovate and cally charged ions that at- poration, a leading global safe, sustainable and in- cartridge replacement. create products that will tach themselves to provider of innovative telligent building and cold “Americans spend an av- help families make their airborne dust, pollen, healthy, safe, sustainable chain solutions. erage of 90% of their time indoor environments viruses, germs and other and intelligent building The Infinity return air indoors, where concentra- healthier. The Infinity re- particles as they pass and cold chain solutions. purifier, a part of the tions of some pollutants turn air purifier provides through. Smart Climate Solutions Healthy Homes suite of are often two to five times an effective and low-main- Step Two: Capture – the (Pvt) Ltd. is the exclusive Carrier’s Healthy Build- higher than outside air,” tenance option for home- ionized particles are partner of Carrier in Pak- ings Program’s indoor air said Holly Rhodes, Associ- owners to help inactivate pulled toward an oppo- istan. 07

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Three day technical Digital Government Summit held session held for PSGP Communication app Pakistan and Russia jointly (Gas), Directorate General (Liquid being developed for arranged three day technical Gas), the Sui Northern Gas government employees session parleys the Pakistan Pipeline Company Limited, and the Stream Gas Pipeline (PSGP). The Sui Southern Gas Company Lim- three-day technical session was in ited. Ministry of Information and is working on development of Technology and Telecom- infrastructure required for 5g in furtherance to the Heads of Terms Both sides deliberated on the munication hosted the Pakistan which is expected to be agreement that was finalised dur- technical specifications of the ing the last meeting. At the 3 day pipeline, design parameters and Digital Government Summit at rolled out for public by December technical parleys both the parties transport of RLNG from Karachi to Aiwan e Sadar Islamabad. This 2022. agreed in principle to finalise the Kasur. was the first of its kind of summit While sharing the government’s Shareholder Agreement of the proj- During the meeting both sides focused on innovative technologies vision of a Digital Pakistan, he said ect at the earliest, so that Project reaffirmed that adequate provisions transforming the public sector his ministry would collaborate Company can would be powered by Google. with Google Cloud and TechValley be incorporated planned to con- Tech Valley, a in adopting the in Pakistan by nect the strategic part- cutting-edge Pakistan and pipeline with ner on digital technology in Russian par- Underground transformation areas including ties. Gas Storages with the Min- block-chain tech- The Russian Projects in istry of IT is nology, artificial delegation was Sindh and the working on intelligence, find- led by Vladimir I TAPI Gas bridging the gap ing industrial so- Shcherbatykh, Pipeline cross- between the lutions and CEO and other ing point in government and building smart representatives Multan. the tech giants. cities. of Pakstream Both sides Federal Minis- Managing Di- LLC, a Russian nominated entity will continue to exchange notes, ter for Informa- rector Google under the Inter-Governmental relevant data, and information on tion Technology Cloud for Asia Agreement (IGA) signed between design documents. This project will and Telecommu- Pacific Paul Wil- Pakistan and Russian Federation in be the forerunner of the growth of nication Syed son, in his video May 2021. the SUI companies in terms of en- Aminul Haq while addressing the address from Singapore, said The Pakistani side was repre- hancement of technical and opera- summit said that the extensive Google was collaborating with pub- sented by Dr Arshad Mahmood, tional capacities. work is being done on developing a lic agencies to support economic secretary, Ministry of Energy (Pe- Both the delegations reaffirmed digital communication app for gov- development aligned to the situa- troleum Division), Syed Zikria Ali their commitment to the project en- ernment employees which will be tions, especially during Covid-19. Shah, Managing Director, ISGS, suring highest standards of technical, able to work just like Whatsapp. Head of Managed Services (Pakistan side nominated entity quality parameters and maximum The government is also focused Providers Google Sean Lim also under IGA), Directorate General utilisation of Pakistani resources. on introducing new technologies joined via video-link 08

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Sazgar Engineering to export Rickshaws to Ethiopia Sazgar Engineering Works Limited Pakistan's engineering products have a lot (SEWL) the manufacturers of of potential in Africa. three wheeler Rickshaws in Pak- \"I urge the exporters to aggressively istan are all set to export the first batch market their products to new destinations of Rickshaws to Ethiopia Africa where in order to diversify Pakistan's export the demand for three wheelers is at an portfolio\" he said. all-time high. A batch of 170 Rickshaws SEWL has recently added the all-elec- will be exported to Ethiopia in the tric rickshaw to their product line up. This month of September. diversification of portfolio has provided Adviser to Prime Minister for Com- SEWL the opportunity to market its prod- merce and Investment, Abdul Razak ucts in countries with better Electric Ve- Dawood while posting on his official hicle (EV) ecosystems. With the export of twitter account also appreciated Sazgar three wheelers SEWL will become the auto for becoming the first Pakistani company said that this is a vindication of Govt's \"Make- only exporter of three-wheelers or any indige- to export 3-Wheelers to Ethiopia. The Adviser in-Pakistan\" policy. Razak Dawood said that nously produced vehicle in Pakistan. 09

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 F&M Engineering celebrated Independence Day with zeal and zest F&M Engineering Group of & CEO, Mr. Imran Muhammad Arif were also distributed among the book activities like video and photo Companies celebrated the In- while addressing the participants of participants. contests were arranged by F&M dependence Day of Pakistan the ceremony emphasized on the At the end of the ceremony, spe- Engineering for the purpose of en- on 14th August with fervour and significance of the Independence of cial prayers were made for the in- gaging the followers on Facebook. enthusiasm. For this occasion, the the country and how one should al- tegrity, solidarity and development Social media users from all over the head office of F&M engineering lo- ways be grateful and never take of Pakistan and the company. The world connected and participated in cated at B-227 Gulshan-e-Iqbal 13- this freedom for granted. The Chief participants of the ceremony really the events and shared their love D-1 was lit with beautiful guest and guests of honor also ad- appreciated the backdrop of attrac- and respect for the beloved country decorative lights according to the on F&M Engineering Facebook occasion. The company celebrated page. Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day F&M was established with the with a proper ceremony befitting aim to provide one window solu- the event. The company also tions for the Industries of Pakistan arranged a flag hoisting ceremony with respect to international codes in remembrance of the day when and standards, quality and in- our homeland was declared inde- tegrity. The company believes in pendent and appeared on the map providing innovative services and of the world as a sovereign country. solutions that will assist the cus- In this regard a beautiful event was tomers in realising their goals. arranged which was attended by F&M Engineering also has a con- the company staff and high ranking sultancy with Pakistan Engineer- officials. ing Council (PEC). Engr. Sohail Bashir (Chairmen F&M Engineering provides a IEP) graced the occasion as Chief wide range of services in the coun- Guest while the, Guests of Honor try including Building were Engr Muhammad Shafique Inspection/Structural Integrity, Soil (GB Member PEC) & Engr Yousuf Investigation, Non Destructive Qaimkhani (GB Member PEC). Testing in Building Structure, Non Managing Director & CEO, F&M dressed the participants and ex- tive media wall with the logo of Destructive Testing in Soil, Sur- Engineering, Mr.Imran Muham- pressed their views about the \"F&M Engineering\" and kept tak- veys, Laboratory Services (In mad Arif received the guests and importance of this occasion. A cake ing pictures in front of it. Refresh- House Services). thanked them for their participa- cutting ceremony was also organ- ments were also served. The company also deals with tion in the Independence day cele- ized by the company with regard to In addition to organising a grace- Steel Testing, Concrete Testing, bration. High officials of this occasion. After the cake cutting ful ceremony at their head office, Material Testing, which includes Management and staff also at- ceremony Badges of Pakistan’s flag F&M Engineering Group of Compa- Mechanical Inspection & Testing, tended the ceremony. were distributed among the Guests nies also organised virtual events Electrical Inspection & Testing as The event started with the & colleagues which they adorned on for the engagement of their follow- well as Lifting Equipment/Gears recitation of Holy Quran. The MD their clothes with pride. Small flags ers on social media. Various Face- Inspection. 10

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 EP Shanghai 2021 to held in November Jointly organized by China Elec- ues its strong recovery from pan- gration of big data, artificial intelli- is held alongside with International tricity Council and State Grid demic. The Chinese Academy of So- gence and information technology Data Center and Cloud Computing Corporation of China, co-orga- cial Science has estimated that the fosters the use of digital applica- Industry Expo (CDCE) and Interna- nized by Adsale Exhibition Services growth of GDP will hit 9.4% this tions. IoT in electricity and digital tional Intelligent Building & Green Ltd., “the 31st International Exhibi- year. EP Shanghai 2021 in Novem- grid are playing a critical role in Technology Expo (IBG), which cre- tion on Electric Power Equipment ber, as an industrial exhibition to be combating epidemic, ensuring pro- ates great synergy for both ex- and Technology (EP Shanghai held offline under normalized epi- duction and optimizing quality serv- hibitors and visitors. 30+ concurrent 2021)” and “the 23rd International demic prevention and control, rein- ices. forums/ conferences and new prod- Exhibition on Electrical Equipment” forces the confidence and motivation “IoT in Electricity/ Digital Grid” uct galleries, covering topics from will be held from 30 November to 2 to promote the recovery of power in- zone is one of the highlights of EP IoT in electricity, digitalization, December 2021 at Shanghai New In- dustry. The demand of power indus- Shanghai 2021. The zone gathers power information, power demand- ternational Expo Centre (Hall N1- try has also catalyzed the promotion over 100 brands/enterprises that will side innovation, power safety and N4), PR China. of “IoT” and “digitalization”. Captur- showcase the latest solutions and ap- emergency, intelligent buildings, in- Although the outbreak of COVID- ing the opportunities under the na- plication related to smart grid, IoT ternational building energy conser- 19 has brought upon unprecedented tional initiative of “new platform, power big data, intelligent vation, smart building integrated challenges, China’s economy contin- infrastructure” in China, the inte- monitoring, intelligent inspection, cloud management and operation, etc., fostering the implementation of data center construction and main- key technologies and equipment for tenance, and more, offering ways to the Internet of Things and digital analyze and understand the indus- power grids. Renowned exhibitors in- try’s dynamics and also providing cluded Acrel, China Electronic more brand-new opportunities to the Cowan Science & Technology, Power- market. keeper, Shanghai Nanyue Electric EP Shanghai 2021 welcomes over Automation, Guide Sensmart, 1300 brands/enterprises from all Shanghai Narun Electric and Fuzhou over the world with a floor area of Bofeng Intelligent Electric, etc. 55,000 sqm. Leading brands include The total area and number of ex- Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, hibitors far exceed the same period CHINT, Acrel, CYG, NARI, Xj of 2020, of which the growth ac- Group, Murge, China Electronic counted for about 30%. EP Shanghai Cowan Science & Technology, Hi- 2021 covers 5 specialized theme precise, Rocoi, CET, Good EP, Shang- zones for the “14th Five- Year Plan”, hai Nanyue Electric Automation, including IoT in Electricity/ Digital Staubli, Nanyang Electric, Ningbo Grid, One-stop Power Transmission JinTian Copper, Emerson, TBEA, and Distribution, Testing and Smart Sifang Automation, Hongsheng in- Metering, Electric Power Automa- telligent, Label & Mark, etc. tion, and Intelligent Manufacturing, For more information of the fair, offering a one-stop procurement please feel free to contact Adsale Ex- platform for construction and opera- hibition Services Ltd or visit the fair tion, products, services and solutions website at for the electric power field. The show 12

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Smart Climate Solutions serving the Health Care segment with the best HVAC Equipment and Services In addition to SCS simultaneously. SCS rapid growth in all chooses its partners segments, its mark with a common vision in Health Care seg- to”Make Indoor air ment especially stands quality optimized for out. In recent times, comfort, productivity SCS is honored to be and hygiene” suppling HVAC equip- After Sales and ment at Nishtar Hos- Support system is key pital –II Multan, to health care seg- Institute of Cardiology ment. SCS believes Dera Ghazi Khan, that After Sales and DHQ Gujranwala, Fa- Support structure of rooq Hospital DHA, the company is more Hayyatabad Medical in the attitude than in Complex, Fazal Deen the process. With this Mediequips , Mediland attitude, SCS has and many more. These been able to attract re- projects are being peated clients and has served with best emerged to be the HVAC equipment most trusted solutions ranging from Carrier provider in the indus- International Chilled try. With services such Water systems to as 24/7 after sales hot- Hisense VRF Solu- line, free inspection tions. Carrier and and diagnosis of in- Hisense VRF have stalled machines for been working together Carrier, Hisense & with SCS to come up Baltimore and focused with solutions, catered solutions to emphasize in- Slow Spread of COVID-19. These negative ions are car- tools such as Carrier’s to specific requirements. door air quality and intro- Hisense VRF came up with ried throughout the room Connected Services and In response to Covid 19 duced the New Carrier the AirPure Kit that can re- with air-conditioned airflow Hisense HiMit Solutions, Pandemic, SCS worked with OptiClean™ Negative Air lease negative ions, improv- whereby obtaining air condi- SCS is revamping the after its partners to come up with Machine to Help Hospitals ing the indoor air quality. tioning and air purification sales support. 14

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Consistent growth in IT & IT-enabled services Engineering Post Report ware Export Board (PSEB) regis- tered IT & ITeS companies as of There has been a consistent March 30,2021 was 3013 com- growth in Information pared to 2474 as of March 2020, Technology (IT) & Informa- showing a growth of 21 per cent. tion Technology (IT)-enabled Foreign Direct Investment services (ITeS) remittances over (FDI) in telecommunication dur- the last five years, with a com- ing July-February FY2021 was $ pound annual growth rate 101.1 million. Telecom operators (CAGR) of 18.85 per cent, the had invested an amount of $ highest growth rate in compari- 363.9 million during July-Febru- son with all other industries and ary FY2021. the highest in the region. The main driver behind this in- Micro enterprises, independent vestment was the cellular mobile consultants and free-lances have sector which had invested $ contributed an estimated $ 500 253..5 million during the period million in IT & ITeS exports. The under report. annual domestic revenue exceeds The overall investment in the 1 billion. telecom sector during the two IT export remittances, includ- quarters of FY2021 crossed $ ing telecommunication, computer 465.0 million. Cellular mobile and information services have subscribers (number of active surged to $ 1.298 billion at a SIMs) in Pakistan reached 182 growth rate of 41.39 per cent dur- million at the end of March 2021 ing July-February FY 2021, in compared to 167.3 million at the comparison to $ 918 million dur- end of June 2020, showing a ing the corresponding period of growth of 8.6 per cent in nine FY2020. months period. Broadband con- ITeS export remittances com- nections as of end March 2021, prising of computer services and increased to 100 million register- call centre services have also ing 19.7 per cent increase as com- surged to $ 1.113 billion at a pared to FY2020. growth of 41.65 per cent during Meanwhile, PEMRA has issued July-February FY2021 as com- 258 licenses for FM Radio and pared to $ 785.686 million during 4173 Cable TV Licenses and has same period last year. deposited Rs 105.0 billion in the The number of Pakistan Soft- national exchequer. 16

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Going green through efficient space utilization in warehouses Ever thought about that why BeechTree - PepperLand under friendly, and are looking for the isting fabric storage capacity in industries have caught at- Ahead Brands is a high-street latest technologies that will help the same building. What they tention towards Hybrid pret brand dedicated to create us achieve that,” says Mr. Rashid needed is a practical and afford- warehousing? What are the driv- beautiful stitched garments for Adeel, Manager Warehouse at able solution that would help ers that forced industries to rede- ladies and kids. Throughout their Beechtree. “Increasing our ware- them to be more efficient in stor- fine their warehouse spaces to journey, management of Ahead house storage capacity upto 300% age and operations. optimize storage capacity and uti- Brands always encouraged and with the help of revolutionary de- Green Build Concepts on the lize saved space to manage oper- adapted latest innovative and sign is an example for the indus- request of Beechtree Manage- ations in warehouses? How are sustainable practices to grow and try to find endless possibilities of ment; proposed their project de- industries managing to save in- sign that enhanced warehouse curring costs in warehouse ex- storage capacity from 400 to pansions? It is a result of human 1,200 pallet spaces and also im- realization about significance of proved the operations. The layout caring for the environment that of their hybrid warehouse had 4 drives us to implement green spaces. i) Storage Racks (30% practices in production processes Area), ii) Fabric Cutting/Packing and warehouses. Likewise, other Process (30% Area), iii) Fabric industrial segments are optimiz- folding process (30% Area) and iv) ing energy consumption, cutting Offices and Delivery/Dispatch costs on fuel, electricity and gas procedures (10% Area). Project and taking substantial measures design was based on the concept to improve the environment. of utilizing space above storage “Utilizing warehouse space ef- racks to manage operations. A ficiently and effectively is very Mezzanine was built above the important for the industry in im- existing racking space to add ad- proving revenues and production ditional space within the same process flow”, says Mr. Abdul premises and moved Fabric cut- Wahab (CEO – Green Build Con- ting and packing operation above cepts). “Our mission is to achieve Mezzanine. This leveraged 30% sustainability for our planet. We floor area completely free to be onboard stakeholders from all utilized for the installation of around the world and support multilevel racking in result. The them to promote green practices. extended multilevel racks were Our trading currency is reduction put minimum impact on the envi- managing warehouse efficiently” designed with center picking area in carbon footprint and we value ronment. Beechtree continued to After experiencing an unprece- to eliminate the need of energy our clients by providing free grow by leaps and bounds and op- dented growth in recent years in consuming pallet lifters as well. warehouse consultancy in addi- timized one of its Warehouses Online market, Beechtree needed Do more with less, Beechtree tion to providing economical and storage capacity upto 300%. to enhance the storage capacity of has set an example. Let’s take feasible environment friendly “We’re always trying to be big- one of their hybrid warehouse to similar initiatives and play our products and services” ger, efficient and environment accommodate double of their ex- role in saving the planet Earth. 18

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Amcon delivered special projects for Pakistan Air force Amcon Pakistan, the pio- provided by the firm enabled the istan from all other companies for the distribution of its commer- neers of TCL VRF in Pak- organization to complete given working in Pakistan. Amcon Pak- cial air conditioners. To appreci- istan have successfully projects with cost effectiveness istan is known for providing the ate the services of the company completed special projects for well within the targeted time highest quality of services at the Mr Frank Liang the Sales Direc- Pakistan Air Force in Karachi. frame. The well-thought-out most reasonable costs in the coun- tor of TCL personally visited Pak- Due to the superior quality of the process of planning and future- try. istan from China on a 10 day trip. work done by Amcon Pakistan oriented outlook distinguishes This is one of the many acco- Amcon Pakistan has worked on they have been issued a letter of some of the most distinguished commendation by Pakistan Air projects in the country including Force appreciating the work done Chase value centre, Agency 21, by them. Squarenine international, Hoora The letter issued to Amcon Pak- Pharma, Iqvia and many more. It istan appreciated the profession- is testament to the outstanding alism with which the work was quality of products being provided completed as well as the knowl- by Amcon Pakistan and that up edge and discipline displayed by till now of all the projects that the engineers and workforce at have been undertaken the com- site for the completion of the said pany has received no complaints projects. whatsoever. The work at Masroor Base was Acknowledging this technical completed with such high degree know-how and efficiency of of professionalism and efficiency Amcon Pakistan the letter of com- that the airbase on behalf of Pak- mendation from Pakistan Air istan Airforce felt compelled to Force read “… I on behalf of Base appreciate the efforts of the com- Administration, PAF Base Mas- pany in writing. roor Karachi wish you success in The letter which was issued by your commendable endeavours the Officer Commanding Admin- and look forward to work with the istrative wing PAF Base Masroor contractor firm on a durable Group Captain Imran Sohail basis,” TI(M) read “This is to certify that The letter ended with “Well M/s Amcon undertook prime proj- them from other contractor firms lades received by Amcon in the re- done, Ms/ Amcon”. Amcon Pak- ects of Pakistan Air Force Base, working with this base. Pakistan cent past. Amcon Pakistan is the istan is a role model for all the Masroor with the highest degree Air Force is pleased to gain bene- same company which pioneered other companies in the country of professionalism, displaying fit from the professional expertise the TCL VRF in Pakistan. Owing and has demonstrated that if good total commitment, discipline and of M/s Amcon in future projects.” to the exceptional quality of serv- quality services are provided by sincerity. Knowledgeable and This high degree of competence ices provided all across the coun- local companies there would be no pragmatic engineering solutions is what distinguishes Amcon Pak- try TCL partnered up with Amcon need to engage foreign companies. 20

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Engr. Najeeb Haroon wins PEC Elections 2021 The National Engineering Al- He has the distinction of being the liance (NEA) has turned out first elected president of the stu- to be victorious in the elec- dent body of NED University. He tions of Pakistan Engineering is also one of the only surviving Council 2021 held on the 8th of founding member of PTI other August 2021. than Imran Khan. He is an MNA The NEA was able to win the from NA-256 (Karachi Central- elections with such a huge major- IV). ity that all six management posi- The NEA has been actively ad- tions of PEC went to the vocating for reforms for the better- candidates of the ment of Engineers in NEA. The winning the country. During candidates are Engr the election cam- Najeeb Haroon paign, Engr. Najeeb Chairman, Engr Haroon said that it Nayyar Saeed-Sr has been the misfor- Vice Chairman, Engr tune of this country Prof Dr Niaz Ahmed that the Engineers Akhtar- Vice Chair- in this country have man Punjab, Engr not been given their Mukhtar A Sheikh- due share of respect Vice Chairman and authority. The Sindh, Engr Ejaz NEA has repeatedly Hussain Ansari-Vice Chairman called out for the improvement of KPK, Engr Nasir Majeed- Vice Engineers in the country. From re- Chairman Baluchistan. serving key positions for local en- The new Chairman elect of PEC gineers in engineering related Engr Najeeb Haroon is a Civil en- organisations and projects issuing gineer from NED University a technical stipend for engineers, Karachi. For higher education, he the NEA has promised it all. went to America for a Master’s de- The Engineering community gree in Civil Engineering from has high hopes from the newly Oregon state university. He is the elected chairman and manage- founder of Principle builders ment of PEC. Engineering Post which he established at the age of congratulates Engr Najeeb Ha- 31. roon and National Engineering Al- Engr Najeeb Haroon has been liance on this victory and wish actively participating in politics them the best of luck for the fu- since his days in the university. ture. 22

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Applications an Biodegradab Engr. Dr. Muham Bi o - b a s e d assembled into two bundling materi- enormous gatherings als have been dependent on their presented as a green construction and com- option in the previous bination. One of these many years, among gatherings is agro- which, palatable polymers, or those got movies have acquired from biomass. consideration due to Polymers, explicitly their harmless to the biodegradable poly- ecosystem attributes, mers, have amazingly immense assortment solid carbon spines that and accessibility, non- are hard to break, to for drug conveyance harmfulness, and min- such an extent that de- where it is basic to imal expense. basement regularly be- gradually deliver the Biodegradable poly- gins from the medication into the mers have a long his- end-gatherings. Since body after some time tory, and since many the degradation starts rather than at the same are regular items, the toward the end, a high time and that the pill is exact timetable of their surface region is nor- steady in the container revelation and use mal as it permits sim- until fit to be taken. El- can't be precisely fol- ple access for either the ements controlling the lowed. One of the prin- compound, light, or life pace of degradation in- cipal therapeutic form. Crystallinity is corporate percent crys- employments of a frequently low as it tallinity, sub-atomic biodegradable polymer likewise represses ad- weight, and hydropho- was the catgut stitch, mittance to end gather- bicity. which traces all the ings. A low level of Perhaps the most way back to in any polymerization is regu- significant and most event 100 AD. larly seen, as indicated contemplated gather- Biodegradable poly- above, as doing so con- ings of biodegradable mers will in general siders more open end polymers are poly- comprise of ester, bunches for response esters. Polyesters can amide, or ether bonds. with the debasement be blended in various As a rule, biodegrad- initiator. Biodegradable manners including di- able polymers can be polymers are utilized rect buildup of alcohols 24

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 nd Processes of ble polymers mmad Nawaz Iqbal and acids, ring opening Polyanhydrides are a improve strength, yet polymerizations (ROP), functioning space of ex- additionally process- and metal-catalyzed amination in drug con- ability, through damp- polymerization re- veyance since they just ness obstruction, sponses. An incredible debase from the sur- diminished gas porous- impediment of the pro- face as can deliver the ness, and have shape gression insightful medication they convey memory/recuperation. p o l y m e r i z a t i o n at a consistent rate. Biodegradable poly- through buildup of a Polyanhydrides can be mers are of incredible corrosive and a liquor made through an as- interest in the field of is the need to cease- sortment of techniques medication conveyance lessly eliminate water additionally utilized in and nanomedicine. The from this framework to the union of different extraordinary advan- drive the balance of the polymers, including tage of a biodegradable response forward. This buildup, dehydrochlori- medication conveyance can require cruel re- nation, dehydrative framework is the ca- sponse conditions and coupling, and ROP. pacity of the medica- long response times, The mechanical tion transporter to bringing about a wide properties of focus on the arrival of dispersity. A wide as- biodegradable poly- its payload to a partic- sortment of beginning mers can be upgraded ular site in the body materials can be uti- with the expansion of and afterward debase lized to blend poly- fillers or different poly- into nontoxic materials esters, and every mers to make a com- that are then wiped out monomer type enriches posite, mix, or from the body through the last polymer chain copolymer. A few fillers normal metabolic path- with various attributes are normal fiber fortifi- ways. The polymer and properties. While cations like silk gradually corrupts into polyesters overwhelm nanofibers, bamboo, more modest sections, both the exploration jute, notwithstanding delivering a character- and mechanical spot- nano-earth, and carbon istic item, and there is light on engineered nanotubes as choices to controlled capacity to biodegradable poly- give some examples. deliver a medication. mers, different classes Every one of these up- The medication gradu- of polymers are addi- grades have an excep- ally delivers as poly- tionally of interest. tional property that mer degrade. 25

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 NESPAK ranked Top Global Firms list on US-Based ENR Magazine NESPAK, under the leader- ity in the field of engineering con- ship of Managing Director sultancy. It was envisaged as an Dr. Tahir Masood, has been institution which had to lead the ranked this year on ENR (Engi- consultancy market of Pakistan neering News-Record) Magazine and compete abroad with excel- Top International/Global Con- lence. Time has proved that NES- struction Management/Program PAK has succeeded in fulfilling its Management Firms list, published objectives to a large extent owing as part of the ENR Top Interna- to the unprecedented struggle of- tional/Global Contractors feature fered by its professional brigade in the August who left no stone 2021 issue of unturned to ENR, a US- achieve their based ran stated aims. At king maga- present, NESPAK zine. is not only play- The rank- ing a lead role in ing has been the consultancy published in services for the the latest construction of issue of the two mega hy- magazine and dropower projects NESPAK has i.e., Mohmand been ranked Dam and Diamer 17 among the Basha Dam Proj- top 20 Non-US firms in total ects but also providing engineer- global construction management ing services in eight other and program management. The countries. Till to date, NESPAK feature story can be found at: has provided consultancy services h t t p s : / / w w w. e n r. c o m / e x t / r e - in 38 countries and has proved it- sources/static_pages/Top-600/Top- self as an international player in Lists/2021/Files/ENR08232021_T the engineering consultancy OP250_combined_compressed.pdf. world. The professionals of NES- NESPAK was envisioned by its PAK have been putting up a good founders as an organisation free show to boost the Company's per- from foreign dependence and capa- formance in these testing times ble of delivering the highest qual- due to COVID-19 pandemic. 26

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 ECNEC requires updated proposal for Attabad Lake hydropower project The Executive Committee of requisite approval,” a statement the National Economic said. Council (Ecnec) has asked The project is proposed to be for an updated proposal before built on the bank of Hunza River the 54 MW Attabad Lake hy- towards downstream end of At- dropower project can be approved. tabad Lake and will be able to This was said during a recent produce 54 MW. The energy gen- meeting of ECNEC chaired by erated from the project will be Minister for Finance and Rev- transmitted to the load centres in enue Shaukat Tarin. “After due Hunza Valley. While commenting deliberations, the committee di- on the project Shaukat tareen rected the government of Gilgit- said that the development of Baltistan and Wapda to work out Gilgit Baltistan is a top priority an updated proposal ensuring for the government and this proj- sustainability of the project and ect will be a step towards the up- present before the committee for lifting of the region. Rawalpindi ring road to be built on PC-1 mode Public-Private Partnership ing to the projects on a priority Policy and Monitoring Board basis so work can be initiated on has decided to withdraw the these projects. Revised project pro- Rawalpindi ring road project from posals of Multan-Vehari Road and the public-private partnership au- Faisalabad-Chiniot-Sargodha thority. The project will now be Road were also approved along built in PC-I mode with the re- with the endorsement of the re- sources of the Punjab government. vised proposal of the water meters This was decided during the 8th project in Lahore. meeting of the Public-Private Provincial C&W Minister Sar- Partnership Policy and Monitoring dar Asif Nakai, Advisor Dr Board which was chaired by Chief Salman Shah, Chief Secretary, Minister, Punjab Sardar Usman ACS (Home), Secretary Housing, Buzdar. Chairman P&D, administrative During the meeting the CM di- secretaries, CEO PPPA and others rected to resolve the matters relat- attended the meeting. 28

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 GREENTECH Engineering Concern the up and coming HVAC services provider GREENTECH ENGI- firms. Absolute Filters, Activated System is the culmination of duction lines, which make it NEERING CONCERN Another company that Carbon Filters, Filter Equip- experience over the years to- the largest vertical production was established in GREENTECH engineering ment and Accessories like gether with continuing im- plant in the Air-Ventilation 2014. It is one of the fastest concerns is affiliated with is HEPA Housing, Plenum provement through Research sector in Greece. The produc- growing companies in the field MGT AIR FILTERS – Turkey Boxes, Diffusers, Grills, Con- and Development. SAIVER tion process is certified by of HVAC equipment, Air Fil- (Air Filters and Filtration stant Volume Regulators, SRL and its client can bet on SWISS APPROVAL ISO 9001: ters and Filtration Products Products) Laminar Flow Ceilings, and the performance of the Air 2015, TUV Rheinland ISO supplies and after sales serv- MGT Air Filters was Dispensing Booths etc. Handling Unit: SAIVER pro- 14001: 2015 and the products ices in Pakistan. Currently, the founded in 1992 in Istan- duces efficient, economic bear CE marking. company is working as the au- bul Turkey and high quality PER- GREENTECH E.C has a thorised representatives of the ( MGT SONALIZED unit, highly trained team equipped following high quality brands products are manufac- thanks to its fully auto- with sophisticated trainings to and leading manufacturers of tured in an ISO mated production line provide services to its cus- the world. 9001:2015, ISO and his team of engi- tomers in all the sectors and KLS KLIMA - Turkey (HVAC 14001:2015, OHSAS neers and technical ex- areas of the country. The com- Equipment & Accessories). 18001:2007 certified fa- perts. pany has worked in different KLS KLIMA was estab- cility. MGT is one of the Greentech is also asso- areas of the country especially lished in 2003 in Izmir Turkey finest Air Filter manu- ciated with a Greek com- in Hospital, Pharmaceutical, ( KLS facturers in Turkey and pany AIRTECHNIC Food, Textile and Hotels. The products are manufactured in is producing filters to be which works in the pro- clients of GREENTECH are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO used in Clean Rooms, duction of HVAC Equip- extremely satisfied with high 14001:2004, OHSAS Hospitals & Laborato- ment & Accessories, quality and performance of the 18001:2007 certified facility ries, Pharmaceuticals, AIRTECHNIC HAT- supplied equipment & prod- and the products have CE, Power plants, HVAC sys- ZOUDIS LTD is a 30 ucts. The clients include Aga TSE, DIN 1946/4 Hygienic, tems in many Industrial years old company Khan Hospital, Otsuka EUROVENT and GOST-R cer- and Commercial sectors ( in Pharma, Getz Pharma, Bar- tification. KLS product line and areas. MGT Air Fil- Mr. Iftikhar Ali, CEO, GrEEnTECh. Greece. With several rett Hodgson Pakistan, B.H consists of Air Handling Units, ters & Filtration Products are Another important com- years of experience having cut- University, Getz Ceph, Getz Hygienic Air Handling Units, exported to more than 70 coun- pany that Greentech is repre- ting edge and modern solu- Astola, Aspin Pharma, Hygienic Packaged Air Condi- tries on 5 continents of the senting is the Malaysian tions for the entire spectrum of Hameed Latif Hospital, Jin- tioners, Pool De-humidifica- world. HVAC Equipment & Acces- Air Management (Air Condi- nah Hospital Kabul, Next tion Units, Condensing Units, MGT has acquired Euro sories provider SAIVER. tioning, Ventilation, Cooling, Pharma, Far Eastern Impex, Fan Coil Units, Heat Recovery vent Certification for Bag Fil- SAIVER was founded in Heating, Filtration, Hygiene). DG Cement, Bahawal Victoria Units, Water Cooling Towers ters and Hygienic Certification 1959 ( and The AIRTECHNIC plant is lo- Hospital, Hilal Foods, Bar B.Q with Axial / Radial Fans, Unit for HEPA Filters. MGT manu- has been manufacturing high cated in Thebes , on a privately Tonight, Pinnacle Biotech, Al Heaters and Sound Attenua- facture very long range of Air quality Air Handling Units for owned 24 acre plot of 5,900 m², Rahim Textile, IBA Aman tors. Water Chillers are being Filters and Filtration Products almost half of a century now. equipped with state-of-the-art Tower, Novatex Gatron Group imported from specialized like Pre- Filters, Fine Filters, The Series A1 Air Handling technology and automated pro- etc. 30

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 31

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 NESPAK celebrates Independence Day with fervor LAHORE: NESPAK celebrated MD nESPAK addressing the ceremony. and its importance. He paid homage the 74th Independence Day to Muslims who rendered sacrifices by arranging a simple but im- for the creation of a separate home- pressive ceremony at NESPAK land. He said that NESPAK ac- House, Lahore on 14th August. The quired a business of more than Rs. ceremony was started with recita- 13.3 billion during the last year tion from the Holy Quran and which is very commendable. He ap- prayers were made for the national preciated the hard work and efforts unity and progress of the country. of NESPAK employees. On this oc- casion, the MD gave away shields to On this occasion, Dr. Tahir Ma- those employees who demonstrated sood, Managing Director NESPAK, good performance during the year. hoisted the national flag and na- In the end, MD NESPAK cut a cake tional anthem was played. Speaking along with senior officials to mark on the occasion, MD NESPAK ex- the celebration. pressed one’s love for the country 32

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 33

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Oil and Gas discovered in Kawagarh formation KPK Oil and Gas Development try. OGDCL announced this dis- Company Limited covery through a notice sent to (OGDCL), has made a gas Pakistan Stock Exchange. and oil condensate discovery The structure of well Wali # 01 over Kawagarh Formation from was drilled and tested using its exploratory efforts at well OGDCL’s in house expertise. The Wali # 01 which is located in FR well was drilled down to the Lakki, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa depth of 4727 meters Kawagarh province . OGDCL is the opera- formation. tor of Wali Exploration Licence Based on the good oil/gas with 100 percent working inter- shows during drilling, interpre- est. tation of open hole logs data i.e. This is the first ever discovery presence of fractures in lime- made in Kawagarh formation in stone based on image logs data, Pakistan and has the potential Drill Stem Test (DST) was con- to open new avenues for explo- ducted in the Kawagarh Forma- ration of oil and gas in the coun- tion of Late Cretaceous age. Engr. Aizaz Ahmad takes charge as MD NTDC Engr Aizaz Ahmad has been ect Management Professional and appointed as the new Man- acquired multiple training courses aging Director from renowned insti- of National Trans- tutes of Canada and mission and Saudi Arabia. Despatch Company He has already (NTDC). He has worked in the NTDC taken charge of his so is well aware of the new post. problems and short- Engr Aizaz Ahmad comings of the com- did his Bachelors in pany. The outgoing Engineering from MD NTDC Engr. UET Lahore, MBA Muhammad Ayub from Institute of would continue to Business Administration (IBA)- perform his duties as Deputy Man- Punjab University, Certified Proj- aging Director (P&E) NTDC. 34

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 PC-1 of Kharian- Rawalpindi Motorway sent for approval The Executive Board of the Na- also approved the award of works tional Highways Authority for “Rehabilitation and Upgrada- (NHA) has recommended the tion of Jhaljao–Bela Road to the PC-1 for Kharian-Rawalpindi 4- lowest evaluated bidder M/s JHCE- lane Motorway having 6-lane struc- CABD (JV) (JV of M/s Jiangsu tures to the Central Development Haitong Construction Engineering Working Party (CDWP) for consid- Co Ltd and M/s Aitmaad Builders eration and approval. The esti- and Developers at their evaluated mated cost of the project is Rs88.32 bid price of Rs7.208 billion. This bid billion. The is 24.61 per- 117.1 kms cent below motorway the engi- once build neer’s esti- will become mate of a part of the Rs9.56 bil- Kharian- lion. Sialkot mo- Further- torway more M/s which will be Sachal Engi- going neering through Works (Pvt) some of the Ltd has been most popu- awarded con- lated areas of Punjab. tract for rehabilitation and con- The Board of NHA has directed struction in SWAT district namely that when inviting bids for any na- Rehabilitation of National Bridges tional level project (a) Local and in- Behrain-Kalam (N-95) KM 106+025 ternational bidders be invited to KM 132+675 (12 Bridges) Lot-1: through Request for Proposal (RFP) Behrain-Kalam (8 Bridges) Km for the construction projects for mo- 106+025 to Km 122+626) and Lot- torways on PPP/BOT basis; (b) a 2: Behrain-Kalam (4 Bridges) Km clause be incorporated in “Instruc- 127+157 to Km 132+675) at their tions to Bidder” that prospective quoted bid price of Rs504.869 mil- bidder must have experience of suc- lion for Lot-1 and Rs348.032 million cessful execution of the PPP proj- for Lot-2, which is 19.10 percent ects at national/international level. and 25.95 percent above Engineer’s The NHA Executive Board has Estimate. 35

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Century steel to invest $50 million in Rashakai SEZ Chinese iron and steel con- electricity at the economic zone glomerate which owns had already been arranged steel mills in Indonesia, through 11kV feeder, while Myanmar, Cambodia, and work is in progress on the Ethiopia is planning to invest 160MW, 132 kV grid station. north of $50 million at Rashakai Utility facilities including elec- Economic zone in setting up a tricity, gas, water, and others for steel manufacturing plant in Rashakai Special Economic Pakistan. Zone are expected to be com- The enterprise has been allot- pleted at the end of this year. ted 40 acres of land at Rashakai Due to its strategic location SEZ. on the motorway and close prox- The project will consume imity to the Torkham border 45MW electricity and will create and Central Asia, the Rashakai more than 1,000 direct and indi- SEZ is expected to be the game- rect employment opportunities. changer for Khyber- The company will produce 0.25 Pakhtunkhwa. The 1,000-acre million tons of steel products at SEZ will create 200,000 direct Rashakai SEZ and will consume and indirect jobs and is expected 45MW of electricity. to attract Rs347 billion worth of According to sources 10MW of investments. 36

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Initiatives under CPEC Framework Engineering Post Report during current financial year 2021-22.The concessional Financ- The second phase of great ing Agreement for landmark game changer China-Pak- Main Line-1 (ML-1) project is ex- istan Economic Corridor pected to be finalized in the first (CPEC) has since been initiated quarter of just commenced finan- with emphasis on industrializa- cial year and subsequently tion and development of Special arrangements will be made for Economic Zones (SEZs) in differ- ground breaking of the mega ent parts of the country, agricul- project. ture, modernization, science and The following projects are most technology cooperation and socio- likely going to be proposed for in- economic development. clusion in the CPEC framework The overall objective, according in 2021-22 and will be discussed to the official sources, is to reap in the Joint Working Group meet- dividends of the investment made ing and subsequently in the Joint in the first phase (2015-20) that Cooperation Committee (JCC): has created an enabling environ- i).Swat Expressway Phase 11 ( ment for investment in other sec- 82 km),ii). Dera Ismail Khan-Pe- tors as existing gaps in shawar Motorway (365 km, and infrastructure and energy have iii).Dir Expressway (26 km). been filled. Several deliverables Regarding industrial coopera- have been identified for the Joint tion under CPEC framework, the Cooperation Committee (JCC) by sources said that significant all stakeholders. progress, in terms of utility provi- Talking about the targets and sion, has been made under the in- proposed action plan for 2021-22, dustrial cooperation during the sources said that on the west- financial year 2020-21. ern alignment , Hakla-Dera Is- The new financial year will see mail Khan and Zhob-Quetta more progress in terms of market- sections are under construction ing of the prioritized SEZs. More- whereas the Dera Ismail Khan- over, joint industrial diagnostic Zhob section is under discussion studies since also have been com- with the Chinese side for financ- pleted for some sectors and major ing and is expected to be impediments have been duly launched during 2021-22.Joint identified. Both policy support Working on Transport Infrastruc- and allied enabling environment ture is anticipated to be notified have also been formulated to im- to prepare proposals of Realign- prove the functionality of the pri- ment of Thakot-Raikot Section oritized SEZs. 37

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Public Private Authority’s role in Infrastructure Development Engineering Post likely to be awarded Report in October 2021. Feasibility study of Role of recently NHA’s Kharian- established Public Private Rawalpindi Motor- way is in advanced Partnership Author- stage of preparation, ity (P3A) is pivotal in its tenders were terms of enabling the floated in July 2021 government in pur- and likely to be suing the develop- awarded in Decem- ment agenda ber 2021. through private sec- Feasibility study of tor partnership. NHA’s Karacho- P3A’s support to Quetta-Chamman the implementing Road is under prepa- agencies in develop- ration. Its tenders ing Public Private were scheduled to be Partnership (PPP) floated in August bidding Sukkur-Hyderabad bility study has also ders were floated in 2021 and likely to be transactions is of ut- preparing most importance as documents for Motorway, its feasi- been completed, ten- June 2021 and are awarded in Decem- PPP transactions, by ber 2021. default, are complex Mianwali-Muzaf- in nature, PPP fargarh Road feasi- agreements need to bility study is under be structured to max- preparation and in imize prospects for advanced stage of its creating a win-win completion. Its ten- for both the public ders were also sched- and the private sec- uled to be floated in tors. August 2021 and To date, the Board likely to be awarded of P3A has already in December 2021. approved the projects Pakistan Railway’s worth Rs 264 billion. four projects are Up- The Board of P3A gradation of Hospi- also expects to ap- tals on PPP basis, prove projects worth Thar Coal Block 11, Rs 978 billion (not Karachi Pipri mutually exclusive) Freight Corridor and in the first quarter of Karachi Circular 2021-22. Out of the Railway. Feasibility two federal road sec- studies of all four tor projects, Sialkot – projects have been Kharian is expected completed , tenders to be awarded to the floated and likely to concessionaire be awarded between around this time and September to No- Sukkur-Hyderabad vember 2021. Motorway is ex- PIA’s three proj- pected to be floated ects are Islamabad in the market after Blue Area Plot meas- its tender documents uring 4608 square are approved by the yards, Karachi Hos- Board of P3A. pital Plot measuring P3A is currently 48061 square yards working on various and Sialkot Plot projects. Details of measuring 1778 P3A’s high –impact square yards. Feasi- projects which are at bility studies of all advanced stage of three projects have preparation and are not yet been received expected to be by P3A.However, awarded to the pri- tenders for all three vate sector in 2021- projects were floated 22 is given below. in June 2021 and Twelve high im- scheduled to be pact projects under awarded in October PPP Mode include 2021. five NHA, four Rail- The Authority ways and three PIA shall complement , projects. support and further Financial bids the development of evaluation of NHA’s sectoral infrastruc- Sialkot-Kharian Mo- ture projects of the torway evaluation Federal Government was underway when and will also facili- the last reports came tate the IA’s to in. Its feasibility achieve their infra- study has already structure develop- been completed, ten- ment goals, ders have been according to the in- floated and are likely formation available to be awarded within from officials sources these days. concerned in Islam- NHA is busy in abad. 38

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 A look at the Gas Sector of Pakistan Engineering Post Report in the country’s logistics during the pe- riod pf July-March 2021 at the cost of Rs Pakistan’s crude oil’s local extraction 5786.8 million. reached to 68.9 million barrels in July 2020-March 2021 from 58.6 Four licenses for construction and one million barrels in corresponding period license for operation of Lube Oil Blend- last year while share of import in July- ing, Reclamation and Grease Plants were March 2021 remained .2 million barrels issued. Five licenses for setting up of Lu- as compared to 38.8 million barrels in bricant Marketing Company (LMC) and same period last year. three Operational Licenses for LMCs were also issued during the period under Similarly in July-March 2021, con- report. sumption of petroleum products in- creased to 14.7 million ton from 12.5 These provisions of licenses will obvi- million ton in period under report,. Oil ously enhance the domestic supply of storage of 38579 metric tons was added crude and hopefully will also decrease the country’s import bill. 39



ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Private Power and Infrastructure Board’s working Engineering Post Report Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) acts as a one-widow facilitator/one-stop organ- ization to promote, encourage, facilitate and safe- guard investment in the power sector of the country. PPIB approves and facilitates the development and implementation of power projects and related infrastructure in private sector, public-private part- nership and specified public sector projects. The performance of PPIB is evident from the fact that under 1994,1995,2002 and 2015 Power Policies, the PPIB has so far managed to commission forty inde- pendent power projects (IPPs) totaling 17551 MW with a cumulative investment outlay of around US $ 20 billion . Out of these 40, nine IPPs of more than 8500 MW have since been commissioned within a short period of three years i.e. 2017 to 2020. 42

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 Consultant loungE ENGINEERING POST 43

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 PM inaugurates Ship lift and Transfer System at KS&EW 7300 ton capacity Ship lift and ing in the country’s waters. This his government is laboring for the can be recovered from sea, trans- Transfer System at Karachi will enhance the business for maritime sector. The Ship Lift and ferred to any of the repair stations Shipyard and Engineering Karachi Shipyard. With high Transfer System will provide dock- and the Ship Lift can then be im- Works (KS&EW) is inaugurated hopes that the drive towards ing and repair facilities to marine mediately available to lift/lower by PM Imran Khan. Talking to the higher grounds will continue in fu- vessels up to 7300 ton. This prior next ship, thereby increasing pro- ceremony, PM highlighted the im- ture and maximum benefits will system was dedicated to handle ductivity exponentially according to pact of the fishing industry. PM re- be accumulated from the invest- and repair only one ship at a time number of available parking emphasized on the commitment of ment for poverty alleviation. This but this new docking technology spaces. At a time, it can accommo- the government to support the industry will boost the local mar- will boost the work threshold on date 12 ships. The works generated local industry. The government is ket in the targeted area. The stan- broaden horizon. The new docking from enhancing the ship repair ca- actively working on friendly poli- dard SLTS will be remembered as tech will provide facilities to the pacity will outflow to the public and cies to enhance shipping and fish- the ancestor of the revolution as ships in any area of the sea: a ship private industrial sectors. 44

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 45

ENGINEERING POST September 2021 A cursory look at Trade and Industry with regard to remittances Engineering Post Report Export of goods also grew by 6.5 per cent during July-April Amidst the uncertain and FY2021 and stood at $ 21 billion precarious global eco- as compared to $ 19.7 billion in nomic environment, the same period last year. Im- where the global economy was port of goods grew by 13.5 per lurching under the impact of the cent to $ 42.3 billion as com- unprecedented COVID-19 pared to $ 37.3 billion last year. shock, Pakistan ‘s external sec- Consequently, the trade deficit tor appeared as a key buffer for increased by 21.3 per cent to $ resilience during financial year 21.3 billion as compared to $ 2020-21.. 17.6 billion last year. The comfortable external bal- Pakistan’s total liquid foreign ance position of Pakistan was exchange reserves increased to duly supported by surplus cur- $ 22.7 billion by the end of April rent account balance on the 2021, up by $ 3.8 billion , indi- back of robust flow of home re- cating a growth of 20.1 per cent mittances from Overseas Pak- over the end-June 2020. On ac- istanis and a sustained recovery count of increased foreign ex- in exports. change reserves, supported by Furthermore, the improve- home remittances, exports and ments in the services and pri- financial support from Interna- mary income account also tional Financial Institutions, provided a cushion to turn the the Pakistani Rupee started to current account deficit of $4.7 appreciate. billion in FY 2020 into a surplus The introduction of a market- of $ 773 million during July based exchange rate regime also 2020-April 2021 period. helped to stabilize the Rupee The inflow of workers remit- and the exchange rate reached tances in Pakistan has been ris- Rs 153.5 per $ by the end of ing consistently since FY2018 April 2021, effectively appreci- and the trend continued in ating by 9.5 per cent over end- FY2021 with a meritorious June 2020, according to the growth of 29.0 per cent and information available from the reached $ 24.2 billion during official sources on being con- July-April FY2021. tacted. 46

400MW Solar and Wind plants planned for Karachi Industries The Sindh government with the collabo- able to generate 400 MW of electricity. This ties. Sources claim that all the legal matters ration of Industrialists of Karachi has project will be specifically designed to provide pertaining to this solar and wind power project decided to set up a wind and solar electricity to the industries located in have been agreed upon by all parties and only power project, which on completion will be Karachi. the signing of MoU is left. Sindh Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh has revealed that his department, Engro Energy Limited and a group of Karachi-based industrialists would soon ink a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to es- tablish a 400-megawatt solar-wind electricity generation power house to provide low-cost and uninterrupted power to the industrial units in Sindh. As per the details available of this unique power project, the Sindh government would provide land at Jhimpir where the proposed power plant would be set up. The power plant would initially produce 50MW of electricity in the first phase and later on at completion its full capacity would be to produce a total of 400MW of clean and green energy. To ensure that the produced electricity is transmitted properly to the industries the Sindh Transmission and Dispatch Company (STDC) will also install a grid in addition to erecting transmission lines to supply uninter- rupted power from this power plant. It is ex- pected that work on the project will start soon after the signing of MoU between all the par-

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