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Engineering Post December 2021

Published by Empire Online, 2021-11-30 08:50:24

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WAPDA to add 9000 MW of Hydel Power to grid by 2029 The Pakistan Water and mately 10 projects are being supposed to be completed one at Power Development Au- foreseen under the program of a time and will prove to be ex- thority (WAPDA) is work- Decades of Dams which include tremely beneficial as these may ing towards increasing the increase the total water storage water as well as energy capacity capacity from 13 million acre of the country in a phased man- feet to more than 24 million ner. acre feet along with an overall Chairman WAPDA Lt Gen rise of 9000 MW of electricity. It MuzammilHussain (Retd) re- will also help the conditions of cently announced that after a water supply of the country as span of almost five decades Pak- a total of 950 million gallons of istan government is going to in- water will be provided to vest in development of dams Karachi and Peshawar. and water reservoirs for the con- WAPDA will utilise Green Eu- servation of water in the coun- DiamerBhasha Dam, Mohmand robonds and Syndicate loans try. Dam, Dhasu hydropower and K- etc. for implementation of its For this purpose, approxi- IV project. These projects are projects.

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Swat ceramics to acquire Karam Ceramics Arif Habib limited (AHL) ar- listed companies. Arif Habib lim- guably the Pakistan’s ited is to organize and manage the largest investment banking transfer of the shares under their and broker firm, publicly an- supervision. This step will play a nounced their major role in the objective to ob- increment of the tain up to 95.5 market worth of Percent market the receiving com- shares of Karam pany along with a ceramics to be transferred to their bright chance for the betterment company, the Swat ceramics pri- of the stock market in Pakistan. vate limited Company, according The details and technicalities of to the provision of the securities the deal have already been sent to act and the regulations of the the Pakistan Stock exchange. 02

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 JUBILEE CORPORATION Introducing Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB) in its portfolio Jubilee Corporation is pleased industries and infrastructures. poles with the vacuum intercep- VCB’s rust-resistance capability to share the addition of The VB4P-12(24) VCB fully tor with the low resistance. The and operating performance im- Farady Electric’s Medium meets the requirements of IEC- primary main electrical circuit prove, making the VB4P VCB a Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker 60694 and several other interna- are cast in insulating cylinders by perfect choice for humid and hot (VCB) in its portfolio. The VB4P tional standards like GB, DL, epoxy resin. This structure gives regions. Series MV Vacuum Circuit DIN and VDE. Further, the VCB VCB a more reliable insulation. Farady Electric is a specialized Breaker is applicable for three- is fully type-tested as per IEC and Moreover, it reduces the power manufacturer of MV Switchgear, phase AC Power Systems of rated GB standards. It is equipped with consumption and temperature MV/LV AVRs, Transformers and voltage upto 24kV with frequency modularized spring operating rising due to long time running of other HT equipment. For further 50/60Hz. The applications include mechanism which has character- VCB. product related details and power distribution and trans- istics of more convenient mainte- All of the mechanism’s surface queries, you can reach out to Ju- forming systems of power sta- nance, rapid replacing of parts of VB4P-12(24) is disposed with bilee Corporation’s Sales and tions, power generators and and more reliable performance. special process and self-lubricat- marketing teams or visit our web- secondary substations of mines, The VCB adopts embedded ing technique. This way, the site. 03

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Naya Pakistani will lead to Naya Pakistan A candid conversation with Engr. Fahim Iqbal Siddiqui, CEO, FND Consulting Engineers One of the most important ket conditions. During the conver- being used extensively in the Pak- anti-corrosion coatings on the con- and cost intensive part of sation he said that as new con- istani market, but we get to hear denser and the entire outdoor unit any construction project is struction projects keep of many issues even now after so is of thicker metal with anti-corro- its air-conditioning system,which materialising there is no shortage many yearsof VRF application in sion coating and also has PCBs needs to be reliable as well as ef- of business in the market for now, Pakistan. Secondly, especially in provided with conformal coatings fective for the project to be success- but for the past few weeks a slow- coastal areas like Karachi the out- for protection of electronics against ful. As the construction activities down is noticed. door units suffer damage because corrosion. Other manufacturers are accelerated across the country, W h i l e of the corrosive envi- should also follow suit. the HVACR industry is flourishing s p e a k i n g ronment. Just re- During the exclusive interview as well. One of the most prominent about the cently LG and with Engineering Post, Engr. names in the field of HVACR con- p r o d u c t s Samsung have Fahim Iqbal Siddiqui discussed at sulting is \"FND Consulting Engi- being used in launched units de- length the influx of Chinese prod- neers (Pvt) Limited, a firm the projects signed for coastal ap- ucts in the Pakistani market. He consisting of Consulting Engi- he said “VRF p l i c a t i o n revealed that although China is neers, specializing in Mechanical- s y s t e m s and these producing many HVAC products, Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) a r e units have but the quality of AHUs is not at Building Services. The firm special par with Turkish and European is based in Karachi with AHU’s. He indicated that Turkish an office in Lahore products, especially air-handling and has to its units, have improved in quality creditprestigious very substantially over the past 10 projects all over to 15 years, and they are getting the country. Eurovent certification for their Engineering AHU’s. He opined that for Pak- Post went to istani manufacturer’s it would be Engr. Fahim pragmatic to study the Turkish Iqbal Siddiqui model and understand what steps CEO&Principal were taken both at government Mechanical Con- and private level that caused very sultant of FND substantial improvement in their Consulting Engi- product quality and range of man- neers to try to un- ufacturing of air-conditioning derstand his products. perspective on While commenting on the local the current mar- manufacturing, Engr. Fahim Iqbal 04

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Siddiqui stated that there is a movement neering Post,Engr. Fahim Iqbal Siddiqui spoke breaking up from early ‘70s when the skilled among the local manufacturers that advocates at length about the declining standards of ed- workforce started getting jobs in Dubai. “The “Buy Pakistani”. Consultants are singled out ucation from the educational institutes of the movement for the construction of Dubai re- for not specifying Pakistani products. Under- country and therefore the resultant decline in sulted in a huge amount of skilled workforce standably this slogan is beneficial for the local building up Pakistan. With the passage of leaving the country. All the “Ustads” left the manufacturers, and appeals to the emotions of time the overall quality is declining from en- country leaving a huge vacuum. This vacuum all Pakistanis, but the local products fail to pro- gineers to technicians” he said. In previous was filled by the Shagirds left behind who vide the level of quality and reliability were not as proficient. These weak required by Clients of high-profile Shagirds became Ustads and resul- projects. Products imported from tantly produced weaker Shagirds and manufacturers of established brands the process continued. Even today provide good service and last a long when we see the quality of work done time. Certification from 3rd parties by hand it is lower in quality than the like Eurovent, AHRI, CTI, etc., give a one done in 70s and 80s” he ex- high level of confidence to the Consult- plained. It is the need of the hour to ant & Client. work on the establishment and Pakistani manufacturers of air-con- upgradation of vocational institutes ditioning products need to shift gears. in the country otherwise this sector They need to make major investments will suffer even more.Someone once in collaboration with established in- said to me the only difference be- ternational brands and achieve tech- tween a Pakistani and a European is nology transfer. Their products must that a European is well trained; we have 3rd party certification. Govern- need to invest heavily in vocational ment must be moved to give them the training, he added. required incentives. They should At the end of the interview Engi- study the Turkish modal and learn as neering Post asked Engr. Fahim Iqbal what caused the spurt in growth in the Siddiqui to share a word of advice for past 10 to 15 years in the air-condi- the upcoming engineers and entrepre- tioning manufacturing sector in neurs in the market who want to work Turkey. After all cars manufactured in in the country and will be the future Pakistan are readily purchased by the of the industry in a few years’ time. “I vast majority. Well manufactured and think the most important thing a new certified air-conditioning products will engineer can do for now is to become a always be preferred over imported good muslim according to the moral products both by the Consultants as values dictated by Islam. This will well as Clients, as they too stand to lead him to be a good professional as gain due to lower costs, faster delivery due to times the education of a technician used to be well. When one inculcates the qualities of a savings in freight time as well as cost and read- the responsibility of an Ustaad. The one true good muslim his character, honesty, integrity ily available after-sales service. Unfortunately, professional who knew what he was doing and determination discipline, he is bound to be suc- the vast number of business houses prefer to would train his Shagird. This transfer of skill cessful in his personal as well as professional work as agents of established foreign manufac- was seamless and a thing of beauty which life,” he said. “We are in much more need of turers. They also need to think “Buy Pak- forged a proper professionally skilled worker Naya Pakistani than Naya Pakistan. The istani”. whose skill and expertise would be at par with change in the behaviours of individuals can During the exclusive interview with Engi- his Ustad if not better. This chain started bring change in Society”, he concluded. 05

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 17th ITI Fair successfully held from 16th-18th November at Karachi The 17th ITI Fair As many as 54 local was successfully and foreign delegates held from 16th participated in the to 18th November at expo. Several compa- Pear continental nies from Belarus and Hotel, Karachi. Gover- Iran setup over 100 nor Sindh Imran Is- stalls showcasing mail inaugurated the their products. Busi- fair and appreciated ness-to-business (B2B) the measures taken by meetings also held. the government to Andrei Metelitsa, control Covid-19 pan- dent from the partici- gations in the 17th In- Industrial Fair. Iran and Belarus also Ambassador of the Re- demic, which was evi- pation of foreign dele- ternational Trade and The diplomats from visited the exhibition. public of Belarus to 06

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Pakistan Cables bags the Prestigious 36th Map Corporate Excellence Award 2021 Karachi: Pak- strate outstanding per- istan Cables formance, progress won the presti- and enlightened man- gious Corporate Excel- agement practices con- lent Award 2021 in the sistently. Cables and Electrical Goods category at the Founded in 1953, Management Associa- Pakistan Cables is the tion of Pakistan’s premiere and most (MAP) 36thCorporate reputable cable manu- Excellence award cere- facturer in Pakistan. mony held at a local Being the only wire hotel in Karachi. Mr. and cable manufac- Fahd K. Chinoy, CEO turer listed on the Pakistan Cables Lim- PSX since 1955, it is ited was presented the also a member com- award by Mr. Shabbar pany of the Amir S. Zaidi, former Chair- Chinoy group. The man Federal Board of company has the Revenue (FBR), who largest geographical was the Chief Guest at footprint in Pakistan the ceremony. with presence in over 180 cities. It is The Corporate Ex- ISO9001:2015, ISO cellence Awards was 14001:2015 AND instituted by MAP in OHSAS 18001:2007 1982 to recognize and certified and various honour companies in cables type tested by Pakistan that demon- KEMA, Netherlands. 17th ITI Fair successfully held from 16th-18th November at Karachi Continued from page 6 stated that bilateral ties are based intentions to further improve bi- national brands showcased alter- on mutual connectivity. Council lateral relations with Pakistan. nate energy, auto engineering and Pakistan discussed bilateral rela- General of Iran, Hassan Nourian Vice President Ecommerce transport sector products.” Over tions. He welcomed all kinds of co- also appreciated the trade and in- Gateway Pakistan, Umair Nizam 10,000 persons visited this exhibi- operation with Pakistan and dustrial exhibition and expressed said that “Leading local and inter- tion. 07

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 General Electric to break up into three different companies U.S. industrial giant General Culp said “We are putting our tech- Aviation the company said in a under the late Jack Welch, getting Electric will split into three nology expertise, leadership, and statement. The company also ex- into financial services and back into different companies looking global reach to work to better serve pects to reduce debt by more than broadcasting with the purchase of after different market sectors. Ac- our customers.” The company ex- $75 billion by the end of 2021, com- NBC, sporting enviable earnings cording to a press release the com- pects to take a one-time charge of pared with 2018. growth and returns for investors pany will be divided into separate $2 billion related to separation and General Electric was co-founded along the way. units focused on aviation, health operational costs and tax costs of in the late 1800s by Thomas Edison Despite the recent outperfor- care and energy. GE plans to spin less than $500 million. and went through several transfor- mance, GE shares have badly un- off the health-care unit by early Scott Strazik will head the com- mations over the last century as the derperformed the market over the 2023 and the energy unit by early bined Renewable Energy, Power U.S. economy changed, becoming a last two decades. The stock has lost 2024. and Digital business and Peter Ar- leader in appliances, jet engines 2% annually since 2009, compared In a statement accompanying the duini will lead GE Healthcare, and power turbines. The conglom- with a 9% annual return for the announcement the CEO Lawrence while Culp will become the head of erate expanded rapidly in the 1980s S&P 500, according to FactSet. 08

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Mr. Ahmed K Gulzar Miss Adeeba Mehboob Engr. Ibad Hasan Mr. Muhammad Abbas Sajid President, ASHRAE Convener Conference HVAC Treasurer 2021-2022, Chair – Organizing ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter, Pakistan Chapter Trends 2021 Government Affair Commit- Committee HVAC TRENDS ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter Assalamualikum, tee Chair, Iwould like to congratulate President 2020-2021 Life Member PHVACR and appreciate Engineering I, as President of ASHRAE Director, Y. H. Associates Post for coming out with a Pakistan Chapter, welcome Global market research re- souvenir on the occasion of our all of you to the inaugural ports indicate that the Icongratulate the entire com- first ever ASHRAE Pakistan HVAC Trends Expo at the Mar- VRF system market will munity of HVAC Industry on Chapter Expo and Conference iott Hotel from November 27th likelyalmost double to $30 billion behalf of my BOG, Ashrae titled “HVAC TRENDS” being / 28th, Insh Allah. by 2025, growing at a CAGR of Pakistan Chapter and Pakistan held at the Marriott Hotel approximately 12%! And, Pak- HVACR Society for active partici- Karachi on the 27th and 28th of An Expo like no other, we will istan is part of that growing mar- 09

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Messages Continued Mr. Ahmed K Gulzar Miss Adeeba Mehboob Engr. Ibad Hasan Mr. Muhammad Abbas Sajid bring you a 5-star ex- ket. pation in HVAC Trends, the First Expo & perience during your Once predominantly aircondi- Conference being held on November 27-28 in November 2021. visit, from having the Karachi Marriott Hotel. The current ‘HVAC leading brands dis- tionedwith split units, projectsare played at the Expo to gradually being designed and re- HVAC Trends need arises when we see a TRENDS’ has an expo a technically rich con- placed with VRFs, especially in com- big vacuum due to COVID situation which and a conference run- ference. mercial and multi-residential made our HVAC industry suffered a lot. New ning concurrently with buildings. Even specialized or Products, Technical Advancement in HVAC the expo which will pro- By the end of the 2 higher end developments with typi- Field and Vendors penetration in the market vide an opportunity to days, we hope to cally Chilled Water Systems Design were at a lack. all the participants to have answered all are now giving way to VRFs in many fully appreciate, discuss the questions you instances. This choice is driven by HVAC Trends is all about to educate the and learn from the ex- may have from de- various reasons, from energy and End User on selection of Airconditioning Sys- perts of the industry ciding what technol- space efficiency to comfort, mainte- tem, responding to their questions and clari- both local and interna- ogy suits your nance or easier billing advantages. fying their misconceptions. Why should one tional. specific needs, future But with every technology comes its go for VRF AC System or select any other trends in our indus- challenges.The need for a greater type of AC System like Split Units, Chillers, As the Chair of the Or- try and what we can understanding of the technology, its Etc. to fulfil end user requirement with econ- ganizing Committee of do individually to correct application, installation and omy and effectiveness. Basically HVAC this first ever event of its keep our environ- care, becomes more crucial with an Trends is providing an opportunity to the End kind it gives me great ment Green. increase in its popularity. User to select right value of their valuable in- pleasure to inform vestment and the HVAC Industry to have everyone that the Or- In addition, this The ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter close interaction with the End User. ganizing committee has Expo will give you an is therefore excited to host its first worked very hard to or- opportunity to net- ever Expo and Conference - HVACR HVAC Trends is going to be a Trend Setter ganize this event in very work with leaders Trends! focusing on VRF Technol- in the coming Years for the HVAC Industry. little time after the and trend setters of ogy. The event will bring together opening up of the Hospi- our industry, from the various stakeholders of our- This is the First Event for a very Targeted tality industry after the leading consultants, Building and HVACR Industry Audience to give a brighter Chance to all the terrible Pandemic. contractors, building where knowledge and experience of Exhibitors, Local Industry, Sponsors, Market material and equip- VRFs shall be shared, discussed and Leaders, Manufacturers, Distributors to have The eagerness to ment suppliers and debated, and help shed light on the one-to-one interactive sessions and discussion showcase the latest tech- end-users. VRF market and its future trends. for their Potential Products and Services to nology by all the Vendors the End User like Builders & Developers, In- is really testament to I would also like to So whether you are a Building dustrial & Commercial Sector, Pharmaceuti- the timely organization welcome our Turkish Owner, Consultant, Architect, De- cals, Architects, Government Organizations of this event. Bothers who have veloper, Contractor, Vendor, Manu- etc. been active support- facturer, Academia or Home Owner, The Organizing Com- ers of our Chapter we hope to see you all in that room, In the end, I want to Congratulate the en- mittee has worked out and Country. wherewe can together learn and tire team of the Organizing Committee of the programs with great build better, more viable, healthier HVAC Trends, our Sponsors, Exhibitors and detail to provide a truly Looking forward to and sustainable buildings for all! Able guidance & dedicated efforts of our Sen- memorable experience to welcoming all of you. iors without which it was not possible to the attendees. arrange such a mega event. 10

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Zulfiqar Engineering Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd Providing the Highest Quality Services in Mechanical Ventilation, Centralize Air Conditioning & Plumbing Work Zulfiqar Engineering Enter- cal Plumbing and Ducting instal- engineering following review and Plumbing Work. prises (Pvt) Ltd has over 25 lations audit, Conceptual and prelimi- The company endeavour to years of experience as a me- Their aspiration is to become a nary design, Construction specifi- achieve this mission by: chanical engineering contracting sustainably growing and prof- cations and contractor bid Having a whole lot of satisfied company serving commercial, in- itable MEP engineers and con- Evaluation, Detailed design, customers andstayingup to date stitutional, and industrial cus- tractor through building effective Equipment specifications, Equip- with the latest market tomers both large and small. and efficient operations in global ment and materials procurement, trends.Maintaining good Quality The company focuses on excel- markets and to consolidate Project and construction cost Products and providing safe, lence and personalized service to ZULFIQAR ENGINEER- estimating, Construction healthy and natural environment provide the highest quality profes- ING ENTERPRISES PVT management and Inspec- to our workers.Training their sional design and installation on LTD as a recognized tion/QA/QC. workmen and providing them a Heating, Ventilation and Air Con- brand in all our fields of The mission of the for self-actualization. Seeking co- ditioning Systems. activities. company is to provide operation of all their vendors and Their staff is experienced work- Zulfiqar Engineering to their customers, associates in fulfilling our mis- ing with architects, engineers, provide Engineering value products and sion. owners and developers, plant Consultancy Services Services in the field of Zulfiqar Engineering Enter- managers, and other contractors of HVAC, Plumbing & Mechanical Ventila- prises (Pvt) Ltdquality policy aims to deliver the highest quality Firefighting Designs. tion, Centralize Air to achieve total customer satisfac- product within specifications and Their broad range of engi- Condi- tion and expectations at an ac- on schedule. neering services and solu- tioning & ceptable standard / level. By virtue of all-round capabili- tions include: Therefore, it is the company policy ties and high standards of engi- Design review & to provide all customers with a neering which has been audit, Sys- product and / or service that meet demonstrated by Zulfiqar Engi- tems re- the contractual and applicable neering Enterprises (Pvt) regulatory requirements of time Ltdsince its inception, the Com- and quality. pany has been honored to have To continuously provide quality participated in the majority of the ducts to their valuable customers most prestigious projects which il- at affordable price, they build lustrates the scope and versatility strong and permanent relation- of the Company. ship with domestic partners Zulfiqar Engineering Enter- under the umbrella of quality, re- prises (Pvt) Ltd are a fully regis- liability and affordability. The tered and approved Mechanical company Focus on their cus- Engineering Contractor with au- tomers and always put them on thority to execute major mechani- Mr. Malik Zulfiqar (Director) first priority. 11

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Total PARCO Installed first EV Charging Station at Lahore The introduction of new EV Charging Station dignitaries at Packages Mall Lahore. This ‘Rapid by TOTAL PARCO is another millennium in Charge’ station delivers a blisteringly fast charg- technological history of Pakistan. This new ing time of 20 to 45mins. As continuing the history, EV Charging Station provides an environmental Total PARCO has always played a responsible role friendly solution and convenience to electric vehi- of Energy Company by offering valuable products cle owners in the form of a new technology called and services. Again this company has set another ‘Rapid Charge’. The inauguration ceremony was mille storm of evolution by offering changing dy- held by CEO of Mehmet Celepoglu, Managing Di- namics of the automobile sector and revolutioniz- rector PARCO Shahid Mehmood Khan, CEO Pack- ing the industry by launching the EV Charger ages Mall Khurram Raza Bakhtayari and other facility in the premises of Packages Mall. 12

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Monitor Cables steadily gaining market share in the industry Mr. NaveedBoghani, Director, Monitor Cables talks to Engineering Post Monitor ca- hances the quality a significant advan- subjected to dur- sures that erance to heat” he bles was es- and results in cost tage to the company ing operation t a b l i s h e d saving as well because PVC is and will have a our cables added have ex- In the past few by Mr. Hassan Ali which is beneficial used extensively in high probability to cellent tol- years Monitor Ca- Boghani in 2005 in for us the manufacturing melt or deform bles has established a humble facility i n of cables. If the “Our PVC is of a large network of where they started b e a t - quality of the PVC the highest dealers and distrib- the production of i n g is not up to the q u a l i t y utors across the enameled wires, t h e mark it will not be w h i c h country which en- used majorly in compe- able to sustain the e n - sures the easy motor winding. tition” high degree of heat availability of their Monitor Cables he said. it is product all over then diversified This is Pakistan. A large their product range chunk of the prod- and started produc- uct is being used in tion of cables as KPK where monitor well.The company cables has has since blossomed into a large network with multiple dis- given an agency to its authorized ven- tributors all across dor. the country with Monitor cables has the experience special focus to- of working not only with distributors wards clients in but also on projects which gives them an Sindh and KPK edge. Currently the company is working province. on a couple of proj- ects for Pakistan Engineering Post Navy as well as some projects in the held an exclusive private sector. As the demand for their interview with com- products is increas- ing consistently the pany director Mr. company has de- cided to enhance Naveed Boghanito their manufacturing capabilities to en- gain insights re- sure that the prod- uct is readily garding the work- available for the consumers when re- ings of the company quired “We are working on increas- and their plans for ing the scale of our in house manufac- the future. While turing to cater to a larger clientele in explaining the jour- the future,” he ex- plained. ney of the company “Currently the in the last decade company is focused on producing single Mr. Naveed- core wires for the market and for fu- Boghaniexplained ture prospects we will move towards that Monitor cables manufacturing multi core cables as started working in well,” he said. With the expansion of the manufacturing their manufactur- ing capacity of enameled cables through induction of new machinery and gradually di- and by increasing their product range, versified their pro- Monitor cables is looking forward to file by including the increasing their market share and manufacturing of providing a larger number of clients cables wires and with their high quality product. PVC in their portfo- lio “We started pro- duction of single core wires in addi- tion to enameled wires,” he said. During the con- versation Mr. Naveed Revealed that the manufac- turingfacility at Monitor Cables is equipped to PVC as well which is used in cables. This has gained them a superior ad- vantage over their competition “Only a handful of compa- nies have the in- house expertise and capability to pro- duce PVC. Manu- facturing our own PVC ensures that our cables are pro- tected by grade A material which en- 14

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 AIRCON SOLUTIONS Pakistan’s most trusted ventilation and air conditioning providers The director of Aircon Solutions, Mr. Javed- try. Especially in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, of the largest fans manufacturing company all Naseem Siddique, is a gentleman with a which are considered to be the cities with largest across the globe. Solar and Palau has been suc- vast experience in the field of HVACR, market and opportunity as compared to the other cessful in achieving a huge market recognition working for more than 40 years in handling and cities of the country, Aircon Solutions has always across the whole world only because of the quality maintenance of the Building Management Sys- been one step ahead in providing the fundamen- and reliability of their products, improving and tem from Honeywell and carrier products. He is innovating with the most professional and sys- a valuable person with a very strong knowledge tematic ways. Created in the year 1952, S&P has of the ventilation and air conditioning equipment factories in Spain (Ripoll, Sils, Torelló) and including AHUs, FCUs, and ventilation fans and Madrid France, England, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, Parking ventilation fans. Through his hard work, USA, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. he has been a major pillar for the development of Furthermore, Aircon Solutions are also repre- the HVACR industry. He is also one of the found- senting a very high quality, top of the line brand ing members of the HVACR society. which is certified by the Eurovent certification, a Aircon Solutions is one of the largest names in world leader in the third- party certifications the field of ventilation and air conditioning. With dealing in the fields of heating, ventilation, air- a rapid rise in the number of clients and fan fol- conditioning and refrigeration, for the distribu- lowing, this company is said to be in the list of the tion in the local markets. A wide range of equip- top ventilation and air conditioning system ment and can be found up for the taking. All the providers across Pakistan. They claim to be the products of the company are very high quality specialists of fan and air movement products to a and superior as the Aircon Solutions are main- very diverse national client base. The company taining their top place in the world of HVAC sup- has always been able to gain the trust of their plies. They also supply all the products related to clients by advising them the right solution for the HVAC category and are able to fulfill the their queries and providing them with the finest needs and provide their client with any sort of products available in the market, meanwhile giv- ventilation solution that is required. The equip- ing them awareness on a short term as well as ment includes AHUS & FCUS, energy recovery long term bases. units, heat recovery units, air purification units, Aircon Solutions has been a part of a wide air devices and VAV boxes, specialized valves for range of large as well as small scale projects all tals and fulfilling the requirements of their large HVAC applications, and high quality parking across a Pakistan. They have proven themselves amount of clients in the said cities and proudly management systems. in the field of HVAC by being accurate, smart and strived all the way. The success of this company Please feel free to contact Aircon Solutions for economical with their products and solutions and can be estimated by the fact that they have re- any type Ventilation requirement in Pakistan. thus have been able to provide assistance in the cently been honored to start working parallel We hope and assure you to provide the best solu- ventilation systems of projects all over the coun- with the Solar and Palau Ventilation group, one tion for your requirement. 16

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 17

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 IMS Engineering: The pioneers of building management systems in Pakistan Engr. Zaheer Uddin, General Manager, Extra Low Voltage Division talks to Engineering Post IMS Engineering Pvt Ltd is an in- monitoring of all these systems can tals being services by IMS Engineer- istan’s first manufacturer exclusively dependent business entity of be done from a single room in the ing include Agha khan hospital, for anti-cancer medicines,” he re- HAQ HOLDINGS serving a di- building” Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, Mul- vealed versified range from Power Genera- IMS Engineering has collabora- tan. RecepTayyipErdogan Hospital- During the exclusive conversation, tion to Building Management tions with renowned brands from all Muzaffargarh, CMH Rawalpindi and Engr. Zaheer Uddin explained the including Security Surveillance and over the world including Schneider many others. While com- importance of the automation sys- Fire Protection systems. Electric, ABB, Honeywell (for Fire menting on the working tems being installed in the buildings Engineering post had an exclusive Alarm, CCTV), Mamac, KELE of the company Engr. Za- specifically for controlling of HVAC interview with Engr. Zaheer Uddin, and ACI. IMS is the ex- heer Uddin said “We system as it consumes 70% of build- an energetic engineer working as clusive representa- have a head office in ing electricity load. IMS engineering General Manager Projects – ELV at tives of Barcol Air Karachi with our regional claims to reduce the energy con- IMS Engineering, to gather in-depth and Diehl metering offices in Islamabad, La- sumption of the building by more information about the workings of systems in Pak- hore and Interna- than 30% which can lead to long IMS and their future prospects. istan. tional office in term savings,” he explained. The ef- Engr. Zaheer Uddin is a graduate of IMS engineer- Dubai. Our ficiency and effectiveness of solutions HamdardUniversitywith Masters in ing has served a biggest clients provided by IMS engineering is re- Industrial Electronics from NED huge number of are from the flected in their most recent project of Universityand has been working in clients all over Pharmaceuti- GETZ PharmaAstola project. Pak- the industry for the past decade deal- Pakistan. Some of cal istan’s largest facility for the manu- ing with local and foreign projects on the more notable facturing of medicines specifically different scales. ones include designed according to the interna- During the discussion while ex- Emmar Pakistan, tional standards. The industry is lo- plaining the working of the company UBL Head office cated in the Korangi industrial area he said “ IMS Engineering deals with building, AWT and specifically designed for the ex- all kinds of automation and control Building and port of medicine “We have automated systems which are required in a H B L more than 100 AHUs in the building. building including HVAC control, The project included Environment Fire alarm system, Access control, monitoring of more than 80 rooms in- Gas detection system, Audio inter- tower. Many of the Pharmaceutical industry from where we get repeated cluding temperature, pressure & hu- com system, CCTV systems, wa- manufacturers also utilise the serv- business due to the reputation and midity. We have successfully terand gas metering systems. We ices of IMS engineering including level of work delivered with highest completed the project according to provide one window solution for the GSK, Abbott, GETZ, Searle, SAMI, priorities. Our newest project in- the specifications of the client” he installation of these systems and the ATCO and many others. Some hospi- cludesOncogenPharma which is Pak- concluded. 18

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Jubilee Corporation organized Technical Seminar in Peshawar Jubilee Corporation (JC), a well- senters also highlighted the long- Jubilee Corporationis the author- The company takes pride in col- reputed name in the engineer- serving sixty years history of the ized distributor of more than 30 glob- laborating with most renowned com- ing community of Pakistan, company, milestones and its contri- ally renowned and specialist panies in Pakistan. With its Head organized a one-day seminar in Pe- butions towards the technological manufacturers. JC’s long history of Office in Karachi, Regional and Liai- shawar for its customers. advancements in Pakistan. The success in a highly competitive mar- son offices in Lahore, Islamabad, The seminar covered technical event was attended by consultants, ket largely stems from its commit- Faisalabad and Multan, JC also presentations regarding products panel builders, contractors, and in- ment to highest standards of quality maintains a distribution network and solutions of the company includ- dustry professionals from Peshawar in their products along with its un- spread nationwide and aspires to ing product demonstrations. JC pre- and surrounding areas. paralleled customer support service. continue growing its network. 20

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Amcon to install VRF system at Chase Mall Faisalabad and Best Western Islamabad Equipped with the Vision of awarded with complete HVAC 136HP, convenient installation and Equipment for some other remark- Providing Clients with supe- works at this iconic building in Is- Maintenance. able projects of Squarenine, Habib rior products and services to lamabad. Amcon TCL collaborated Due to our successful delivery of Bank Limited, United Bank Lim- make user’s life easier and enjoy- with Skynine project of Best West- Chase Value project in Multan, we ited, One Eleven head office, able and yet affordable. In addition ern hotel to enable smart living are honored to be awarded with Hilton Pharma, IQVIA and many to Amcon rapid growth over the last that entails everything. With the complete M&P (Firefighting, residential projects. With the col- decade, we are excited to announce addition of VRF system Amcon will Plumbing and HVAC) works for laboration of TCL, we are commit- our new upcoming VRF Projects, also be supplying all the appli- CHASE VALUE Mall in Faisal- ted to providing sustainable and Chase Value Mall in Faisalabad and ances related to Hotel. The project abad. After Sales and Support sys- energy efficient solutions with mis- Best Western Hotel in Islamabad. will be equipped with best VRF tem is the key of every project. By sion of making life intelligent with Amcon TCL after being qualified equipment series of TCL with providing best services Amcon has innovative technology. of Technical evaluation process highly efficient features of full DC been able to attract repeated To keep yourself updated with and subsequently winning the Fi- inverter, EVI Scroll Compressor, clients and has emerged to be the our latest products and services nancial bid of Best Western Hotel. High IPLV value to 10.0, Low con- most trusted solution providers in find below our website and Face- Located in the heart of twin cities, sumption and energy saving, En- the industry. book link. Bahria town Paradise commercial, hanced comfort, Stable and Amcon is delighted to be a part Website : Skynine launching Best western Reliable performance, Intelligent of these marvelous projects. Along Facebook : hotel with 2 floors of Commercial control, 4 modular combination with these big achievements and 5 floors for hotel. Amcon is covering wider capacity 8HP- Amcon has also supplied VRF NENG 22

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 The Dominion Mall and Apartments, Islamabad Haier Pakistan won Gigantic Project of 5000 Tons Centrifugal Chiller In the superb area of Pakistan at brand has been trusted one again gal chiller, along with Air Handling The Dominion Mall Apartments, Bahria Town Phase 8, Iqbal and we are going to provide one of Units (AHU & MAHU), Fan Coil Multi-use Complex comprising Real Estate & Builders (Pvt) the biggest capacity oil-free cen- Units (FCU), Cooling Towers (CT), Mega Mall on 5 floors, Apartment Ltd brings an exquisite and the trifugal chiller in Pakistani Market, Pumps, Light Commercial AC, com- Building on 8 floors and Roof which largest mall and apartments com- with capacity of more than 5,000 plete Building Management System is apportioned for Swimming Pool, plex, right next to a natural lake tons. The project is also the largest (BMS) and related allied equipment Community Center and Restau- with dancing fountains. The com- capacity water-cooled magnetic for project. rant. The Project is planned on pany is having number of proper- bearing centrifugal chiller’s project Dominion Mall & Apartments is 36.18 Kanals having building foot- ties under its banner, and is truly in Pakistan, which will contribute a not only the largest shopping and print of 26 Kanals, which is equiva- committed to bring Pakistan’s most lot to energy-savings for residential residential complex of the twin lent to a total built-up area of iconic and 2,200,000 astonishing Sq.ft. The fas- projects. The cinating view only aim of of Eden Lake their lead is on Front side to gain and and attractive sustain your green hills on trust in another side them, and together with provide their clean, green, valuable and serene and honorable magnificent investors an community of exceptional the Bahria platform of investment. They and commercial sector in country. cities but it’s also equipped with Town adds to architectural beauty dream to enhance the standards of Haier Pakistan has been awarded world-class features and luxurious of the project. living in Pakistan and to make the with HVAC (Heating Ventilation & amenities at the most prime loca- Haier Commercial AC has estab- standard living reachable to every Air Conditioning) works at this tion of Pakistan. Be it shopping or lished numerous magnetic bearing Pakistani so that they all may give iconic mega project of Mall and living, nothing matches the experi- centrifugal chiller reference proj- their best in bringing a productive Apartments, by successfully com- ence that Dominion Mall and ects in various industries, world- economic change in Pakistan. peting with other renowned brands, Apartments will provide. The Proj- wide. As Haier’s vision is “Inspired Haier Pakistan has been be- both technically and financially. ect enjoys prime location having living”, we shall keep on inspiring stowed with this marvelous oppor- Being a high-profile project in our theme park, cricket stadium, golf people with our top-notch technolo- tunity to be a part of this gigantic portfolio, we have offered an effi- club, international standards gies by bring comfort and luxury in project in the capital city. Our cient and top-notch oil free centrifu- schools and hospitals. their lives. 24

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 MyTech Engineering serving with excellence in HVACR to Fire fighting sectors Mr. Munwar Hasan, CEO, MyTech Engineering shares his success story with Engineering Post MyTech Engineering ects,” he revealed. needs to make a robust plan latest technology of fire fight- fire suppression which en- Company (Pvt.) Ltd In the recent years the to make it happen and at- ing and fire suppression sys- tails that adequate measures are the pioneers of Turkish manufacturers of tract foreign companies” he tems available in the market. should be taken to avoid a providing state of the art Fire HVAC products have gained said. From early detection fire fire or if a fire is started it can protection and fire suppres- massive popularity with the Although MyTech Engi- alarms to fire suppression be suppressed in a closed sion technology in Pakistan consumers as well as consult- neering has progressed rap- systems, MyTech Engineer- area rather than spreading in addition to working with, ants in Pakistan be- ing provides all over the building. MyTech Air Conditioning and Me- cause of the high the complete Engineering specialises in chanical, electrical and standards of Quality fire safety so- handling such installations. plumbing (MEP) projects so- maintained during lution to its The training of all the staff is lutions, manufacturing. The d i v e r s e ensured by the factory and MyTech Engineering is the products are manufac- range of these trained professionals first company that brought tured in different parts clients. “The are sent out in the field for American technology and of Europe following best fire installation and handling of American standard fire fight- European standards of f i g h t i n g all the equipment “We con- ing equipment to Pakistan. manufacturing which equipment in duct inhouse trainings for Mr.Munawar Hasan, CEO results in a high qual- the world is our engineers as well as fac- MyTech Engineering Com- ity reliable product. m a n u f a c - tory trainings before allow- pany (Pvt.) Ltd while talking Mr.Munawar Hasan tured by ing handling of critical to Engineering Post in an ex- while talking to Engi- A m e r i c a n equipment” revealed Mr.Mu- clusive interview revealed neering Post said “We companies. nawar Hasan. “We are also that the company is gradu- are currently import- It is made ac- working to increase certifica- ally increasing its market ing and are the sole cording to tions of our manufacturing share in the HVAC market distributors of the Ameri- area. In addition to ISO cer- by introducing Turkish prod- renowned Turkish can stan- tification we recently had a ucts which are extremely re- brands including IMBAC, idly in the field of HVAC dards and they also provide successful audit from liable and efficient in ENSOTEC and MIA AIR. installations but the core after sales services for their Siemens after which we will working “We are currently The Turkish companies are business of the company is clients. That is why we deal be able to include products working on installation of air very interested in technology still fire fighting and fire sup- in products manufactured in from Siemens in our portfo- conditioning systems at Pano transfer and establishing pression systems. Keeping America” he said. lio. This way the team as well Aqil cantt and Malir cantt in manufacturing plants here in up with the market trends, With time the world has as the company is constantly addition to other small proj- Pakistan. The government the company provides the moved from fire fighting to being improved” he added. 26

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 MG Group of companies and Commander Builders signed agreement Keeping in view the purpose middle class, nearly 300 plus to serve humanity, in ac- house has been designed and pro- cordance to the vision of vided for services. As this project Commander M. Zakir, an MoU aims to provide one million has been signed between the rep- houses in the long run, the main resentatives of MG Group of com- issues were the electricity black panies and Commander Builders. out all over the country. Thus, the The MoU entails the provision of only option was to shift to alter- housing property at very minimal nate energy with natural sources cost. As MG with uninter- group of com- rupted provi- pany’s deals sion of with sole wave, e n e r g y. MG Engineer- Since, ing WAPDA and Services,Metal- K-Electric lic gallery, De- are unable to sign and Décor, fulfill the and Electricity, basic need; this is actually this MoU will the core of help the folks every home. to get their Sole Wave Com- own property pany has been at lower a long term budget with part of Com- all facilities. mander Com- CEO of com- pany with mander sys- operation of all tems aim to appliances on lift the mid- Solar panels dle class with rather than de- sole commit- pendences on any other form of ment to empower the women and energy. Since Commander children providing industrial fa- Builders are doing a social wel- cilities and business hubs on the fare project on zero profit with 500 acres of donated land to this aim to lift the middle or lower particular project. 28

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Sustainability o alternate sour Engr. Dr. Muham Abiogas methane fixations around half. plant is Progressed squander treatment the innovations can deliver biogas name regu- with 55%–75% methane, which for larly given to reactors with free fluids can be ex- an anaerobic panded to 80%–90% methane uti- digester that lizing in-situ gas cleaning treats ranch procedures. As created, biogas squanders or contains water fume. At times, energy crops. biogas contains siloxanes. They It very well are shaped from the anaerobic dis- may be delivered utilizing anaero- integration of materials usually bic digesters (sealed shut tanks found in cleansers and cleansers. with various setups). These plants During burning of biogas contain- can be taken care of with energy ing siloxanes, silicon is delivered harvests like maize silage or and can join with free oxygen or biodegradable squanders includ- different components in the igni- ing sewage muck and food squan- tion gas. Biogas can be utilized for der. During the cycle, the power creation on sewage works, miniature organic entities change in a CHP gas motor, where the biomass squander into biogas waste warmth from the motor is (mostly methane and carbon diox- helpfully utilized for warming the ide) and digestate. Biogas is deliv- digester; cooking; space warming; ered by microorganisms, for water warming; and cycle warm- example, methanogens and sul- ing. Gas-lattice infusion is the in- fate-diminishing microscopic or- fusion of biogas into the methane ganisms, performing anaerobic framework (petroleum gas net- breath. Biogas can allude to gas work). Until the forward leap of delivered normally or mechani- miniature consolidated warmth cally. The arrangement of biogas and force 66% of all the energy shifts relying on the substrate cre- created by biogas power plants ation, just as the conditions inside was lost (as warmth). Utilizing the the anaerobic reactor (tempera- network to ship the gas to buyers, ture, pH, and substrate fixation). the energy can be utilized for on Landfill gas normally has location age, bringing about a de- 30

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 of Biogas as an rce of Energy mmad Nawaz Iqbal crease of misfortunes in the trans- scoured by falling water running portation of energy. Biogas is es- counter-stream to the gas. This sential for the wet gas and game plan could convey 98% consolidating gas (or air) classifi- methane with producers ensuring cation that remembers fog or mist most extreme 2% methane misfor- for the gas stream. The fog or mist tune in the framework. It takes is predominately water fume that generally somewhere in the range consolidates on the sides of lines of 3% and 6% of the absolute en- or stacks all through the gas ergy yield in gas to run a biogas stream. Biogas conditions incorpo- updating framework. Ultrasonic rate wastewater digesters, land- stream meters are one of a hand- fills, and creature taking care of ful of the gadgets equipped for es- tasks (covered animals tidal timating in a biogas climate. The ponds). Biogas can be utilized in vast majority of warm stream me- various sorts of inward ignition ters can't give dependable infor- motors, for example, the Jen- mation on the grounds that the bacher or Caterpillar gas motors. dampness causes consistent high Other inner burning motors, for stream readings and nonstop example, gas turbines are reason- stream spiking, despite the fact able for the transformation of bio- that there are single-point addi- gas into both power and warmth. tion warm mass stream meters The digestate is the excess inor- prepared to do precisely checking ganic matter that was not changed biogas streams with negligible into biogas. It very well may be strain drop. Biogas can be cleaned utilized as a farming compost. Bio- and moved up to gaseous petrol gas can be utilized as the fuel in norms, when it becomes bio- the process for creating biogas methane. Biogas is viewed as an from agrarian squanders and co- inexhaustible asset since its cre- producing warmth and power in a ation and-use cycle is ceaseless, joined warmth and force (CHP) and it produces no net carbon plant. The most predominant dioxide. As the natural material strategy is water washing where develops, it is changed over and high strain gas streams into a sec- utilized. It then, at that point, re- tion where the carbon dioxide and grows in a consistently rehashing other minor components are cycle. 31

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 55 Years old Frontier Works Organization’s Performance Engineering Post Report formance has steadily grown ac- cumulating diverse technical ex- Frontier Works Organiza- periences, financial muscle and tion (FWO) as a progres- corporate strategies and become sive development firm, a national indomitable outfit having motto of “Sustaining Ex- that has undertaken the con- cellence” is committed to im- struction of bridges, roads, tun- prove country’s infrastructure nels, airfields, railway lines and and has to its credit of accom- dams with irrigation setups all plishing nu- over Pak- merous istan. mega proj- According ects during to informa- its 55 years tion gath- existence in ered from daunting FWO environ- sources, the ments such supreme as the great dedication game accompanied changer by sophisti- China-Pak- cated tech- istan Eco- nology and nomic machinery Corridor has enabled (CPEC) FWO to be road net- trusted as work in the first southern choice of any Balochistan client. various im- Beyond portant projects in different the frontiers , the FWO has also areas of Punjab, Khyber quite successfully and commend- Pukhtoonkhwah, Sindh and ably undertaken construction Gilgit-Baltistan. projects in Kuwait, Afghanistan, FWO which has just com- United Arab Emirates (UAE) pleted 55 years of creditable per- and Liberia (under the United 32

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Nations). FWO is surely the most relied The FWO has always re- upon organization in Pakistan. mained committed to vision and FWO’s tremendous journey of mission with integrity and hon- 55 years is backed by its small esty and is genuinely proud of but dedicated workforce which cultivating the culture of quality has demonstrated its compe- works. Although FWO has tence in various domains of in- mostly been engaged on civil en- frastructure development. In gineering projects in peace, but achievements of goals and tar- it has with the same spirit made gets, the FWO has sacrificed its appreciable contribution in more than 1300 workforce for national calamities/disasters the national cause. like situations as well. FWO has FWO is specialized in numer- always quite promptly re- ous engineering sectors includ- sponded to all calamities and ing Infrastructure Works, natural disasters such as earth- Energy, Mining, Information quakes, seasonal floods, glacier Technology, Tourism, Technical avalanches and land sliding. Education and Corporate Social With an appreciable record of Responsibility under which so working and achievements, the many significant projects are FWO quite genuinely is looking being accomplished across Pak- forward to greater challenges istan. Sector-wise details of such and is better equipped and or- projects will be presented some ganized than ever before to other time for want of space, squarely and determinedly meet please. them. Frontier Works Organization The sources maintained that (FWO) had started its historic as Pakistan braced for the chal- journey from October31, 1966 lenges of a new decade of devel- with the construction of Karako- opment followed by scarce ram Highway (KKH)—the one national resources and adverse and only road link between Pak- geostrategic environment, in istan and China. also needs national strategic or- KKH at times has also been ganizations that can be relied attributed as the 8th Wonder of upon to reach , resilience , com- the World because of its phenom- petitiveness and cost-effective v enal altitude that traverses the solutions . mountain ranges at heights The FWO in recent years has above 4000 meters. emerged as the most trusted The sources pointedly stated strategic organization that has that the FWO has progressed created engineering marvels. By leaps and bounds hence rightly introducing new trends in tun- being considered as one of the neling, mining, tourism and in- largest civil engineering firms of formation technology and as Pakistan contributing im- such, the sources claimed, the mensely in nation building. 34

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Gas Transmission and Distribution Projects Engineering Post Report will be carried out for supplying Special Economic Zone. The mission mainline from Barki to v30 MMCFD gas to Rashakai pipeline construction is expected Sunder and 10 km supply from Following are six projects Special Economic Zone . The proj- to commence in the second quar- Dial to G.T.Road is expected to be which are being imple- ect is expected to be completed by ter of financial year 2021-22. completed by December 2021. mented by two gas compa- the end of December 2021. However, in SSGCL nies i.e. Sui Northern Gas Gas supply to Allama Iqbal In- order to Projects Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) and dustrial City Special Economic supply 5 Bin Qasim Sui Southern Gas Company Lim- Zone: The project costing Rs 785 M M C F D Industrial ited (SSGCL) in their respective million funded through the Pub- gas to Al- Park jurisdiction across the country. lic Sector Development Pro- lama Iqbal Karachi: The SNGPL Projects gramme (PSDP) of the Federal Industrial project at an Gas supply to Rashakai Spe- Government is meant to provide City on estimated cial Economic Zone:The project 40 MMCFD gas by laying of 20 temporary cost of Rs implementation for laying the km pipeline from Chiniot to ter- basis, 2 km 149,41 mil- remaining 12 kilometers pipeline minal point of the Allama Iqbal main sup- lion envisag- ply line has ing supply of since been 13 MMCFD laid and gas to Bin commis- Qasim Indus- sioned by trial Park has extending since been the existing approved by network of the Depart- M-3 Indus- mental De- trial City. velopment Working Party Charsadda-Khazana-Tangi (DDWP).The project is being fi- Pipeline: In order to address the nanced through PSDP 2021-22 acute low gas pressure issues and is expected to be completed during winter season in Mardan within 18 months. and Peshawar regions, a project Bostan Special Economic Zone, at an estimated cost of Rs2296 Balochistan: The project at an es- million is planned to be launched timated cost of Rs 731.447 mil- during current financial year lion envisagingsupply of 10 for system augmentation of MMCFD gas to Bostan Special C h a r s a d d a - K h a z a n a -Ta n g i Economic Zone has been ap- transmission pipeline. proved by DDWP and funds for Lahoe City Augmentation Proj- its construction have been pro- ect Phase-11: Phase-11 of the vided in PSDP 2021-22. The proj- project at a cost of Rs 2363 mil- ect is expected to be completed lion for laying of 22 km trans- within 18 months. 36

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Exploring the world of solar energy with Engr. Ghufran Ali Khan Managing Director, R & R Engineering (Pvt) Ltd With the passage of of our systems are de- the working philosopy of brands.” security, and ultimately a time the reliance signed using industry- the company Mr.Ghufran R & R also offers asset solid return of invest- on fossil fuels for leading specifications and Ali said “We provide only management services to ment.” He explained. the generation of energy equipment and our record the best quality products its clients. When asked to R & R engineering Pvt. is decreasing and the of accomplishment in our to our clients which is explain the concept and Ltd. has been a part of a world is looking towards sector is the best,” real world appli- large number of major green and renewable he said. cation of Asset projects in Pakistan in- sources of energy without R & R designs M a n a g e m e n t cluding Artistic Fabric further damaging the en- and installs the Mr. Ghufran Ali Mills, Pfizer, CNCD, vironment. In this sce- Solar PV system said “We offer a Artistic Garments Indus- nario Solar energy is one based on the fully comprehen- tries, United Medical and of the best options for gen- unique energy sive Asset Man- Dental College, Artistic eration of clean and re- profile of the agement service Denim Mills, Nueplex newable energy. client, ensuring that provides plus hundreds of domes- R & R Engineering Pvt. maximum effi- total peace of tic and commercial proj- Limited is one of the com- ciency and optimal mind. We have a ects. During the panies providing reliable maximum ROI. deep understand- conversation we asked and cost effective solar so- The company spe- ing of not just the Mr. Gufran Ali about the lutions in Pakistan. To cializes in Solar technology un- final goal of the company. know more about the PV solutions, derpinning your He very eloquently workings of the company lighting and elec- solar panels, but replied “We want to help Engineering Post went to trical systems, also the regula- the country utilize maxi- Mr Ghufran Ali Khan cable networking tory and legal mum gains possible from who is currently serving and data commu- processes that the Solar PV technology as the Managing Director nication systems, govern them, so and help in being a major (MD) of R & R Engineer- importing of the we can take care step in the advancement ing Pvt. Limited. During highest quality of everything of the power development the conversation he re- solar panels and invert- why we are working with from preventative mainte- to provide an ecologically vealed that R & R is pro- ers, EV chargers, electri- Jinko, Longi and Trina, nance to enhancing per- friendly, sustainable and viding world class Solar cal transformers, for solar panels while for formance through conflict free energy to PV solutions, including automatic voltage regula- inverters we use SMA, detailed data analysis. overcome the huge Solar PV, Battery stor- tors (AVR), Control and Fronius and Huawei. This provides you with re- dilemma of load shed- age and EV charging monitoring equipment’s Out EV charger are from duced carbon footprint, ding, thus, boosting the and asset management and battery storage solu- Rolec and Zappi which cost savings, enhanced technological develop- solutions in Pakistan“All tions. While explaining are UK manufactured energy independence and ment of Pakistan.” 38

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Expo Center Project is ready to begin in Faisalabad While giving a speech at come the “Manchester od Pak- virus. communicating with the members the business delegation istan”. The CM also stated that a very of the national and provincial as- led by the president of Faisalabad has always been the major developmental work has semblies. chamber of commerce and indus- city with comparatively lesser been done in the city of Faisal- This can prove to be a big step try in Faisalabad, the Chief Min- governmental activity previously abad during the years of the PTI in the development of the cityand ister of Punjab Usman Buzdar because of their major attention government and that the main beneficial for the business com- said that the problems that the being on the cities like Lahore focus of the government is the munity. The opportunities for in- business community is facing now and Islamabad. According to the equal development and uprising vestments and industrial a days will soon be resolved and CM Punjab, government has in all the parts of the province. He developments may increase which that the expo center project is made the best steps possible to also announced that a technical will definitely help run the eco- ready to begin in Faisalabad. He keep the business community sta- university would also be estab- nomic wheel of this country in a also said that Faisalabad will be- ble during the time of corona lished here in Faisalabad while much better pattern. 40

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 41

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Rolls Royce secures funding KE to introduce ‘Black Start’ for Nuclear reactor capability for power plants Rolls Royce the UK aircraft engine vast majority of manufacturing and assem- Keeping in view the step has been taken. This demand of 3.2 mil- technology allows power lion consumers plants to go from shut- maker has received funding for its bly is done in a factory, before transporting while providing safe and down mode to generating planned mini nuclear reactor for the to the site. reliable power, K-Electric power without any assis- production of clean energy.Rolls-Royce has The investment by Rolls-Royce Group, (KE) has successfully im- tance from the external created a new Small Modular Reactor BNF Resources, Exelon Generation and the plemented a ‘Black Start’ power grid. (SMR) division after clinching a cash injec- government will go towards developing capability. This makes the utility tion of £405 million. According to the state- Rolls-Royce's SMR design and take it Continuing its mission self-sufficient that re- ment released by the company it has through regulatory processes to assess to secure Karachi’s en- stores power in the case received £195m cash injection from private whether it is suitable to be deployed in the ergy future at the Ko- of black outs. From a firms and a £210m grant from the UK gov- UK. It will also identify sites which will rangi Power Complex standby generator to ernment. It is hoped the new company manufacture the reactors' parts and most (KPC) which is responsi- jumpstart the main gen- could create up to 40,000 jobs by 2050. of the venture's investment is expected to ble for generation of 247 eration complex, this will SMR reactors are far cheaper to build be focused in the north of the UK, where MW of electricity for energize KE’s fleet and than large-scale nuclear plants because the there is existing nuclear expertise. Karachi, this productive network. 42

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 HVACR Society Organised Distributors & Manufacturers Convention, 20th November, Karachi 44

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Pakistan HVACR Society Karachi Chapter organized presentation on Indoor Air Quality PHVACR Society, The poor IAQ causes ef- fects on health of people and Karachi Chapter or- reduce cognitive ability. He emphasizes to give aware- ganized another de- ness to the people such as owners, designers, installers tailed presentation on Basic etc. His focus was on energy recovery to improve the IAQ Guideline of HVAC System and reduce the operational cost as well as electricity. Design to Improve Indoor Besides, public sector Air Quality, Covid-19 En- level such as Federal Gov- ernment, Provincial Gov- ergy Recovery System. Mr. ernment and Mayor of city shake hands with HVACR Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui of- Society office and shake hands together to imple- fered the presentation in an ment these guidelines for the better health of our peo- amicable and professional ple and healthy Pakistan. manner. The presentation was also attended by society mem- Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Sid- bers and professionals from all corners of the city in a big diqui completed his second number. The participants highly lauded the efforts of article on above topic. He PHVACR Society in dissem- inating professional knowl- highlighted the effects and edge among members. its sources of Indoor Air We never know the COVID or any virus spread Quality. After COVID 19, out again. So, we need to prepare for future from this topic has got more im- today and implement these guidelines as highlighted by portance worldwide. the writer both existing and new buildings. 45

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 ITIF Asia from the lens of Engineering Post held from 16-18 November at PC Karachi 46

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Group wise analysis of Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) Engineering Post QIM . This sector had spurred from resump- products had also led to and sale accordingly duction inched up by Report bounced back with tion of transportation increase in demand for increased by 20.1 and 1.66 per cent during 11.73 per cent increase activities accompanied domestic products. All 31 .5 per cent respec- July-March FY2021 as In continuation of an as compared to 1.69 per by robust sales of auto- these factors had thus tively. Trucks and compared to 7.96 per insight into three cent decline previous mobiles. Comparatively provided cushion to the buses production and cent dip in the same pe- sub-sectors of Man- year. Sugar, cigarette lower prices of retail otherwise dwindling sale on the other hand riod last year.The fed- ufacturing Sector i.e. and wheat milling fuels during the period petroleum industry. declined by 7.5 and 1.5 eral government had Large Scale Manufac- came up with signifi- also pushed up the pe- Automobile sector per cent respectively. announced multiple in- turing (LSM), Small cant growth which troleum sales by 14 per had witnessed a broad- Total tractors produc- centives for the con- Scale Manufacturing boosted the overall sec- cent thus encouraging based growth of 23.38 tion and sale, however, struction sector which (SSM) and Slaughter- tor. the petroleum produc- per cent against 37.66 remained promising had already started ing, presented last Coke and Petroleum tion. per cent in the previous and recorded as high as bearing fruits. month i. e. November industry production In the wake of gas year. Reduced interest 57.5 and 57.1 per cent Fertilizers produc- 2021, here is a group expanded by 12.71 per shortages, furnace oil rates, stable exchange growth, respectively. tion grew by 5.69 per wise analysis of LSM cent against double use for electricity gen- rate and huge invest- Automobile sector was cent as compared to during the period of digit contraction of eration had increased ments by the new and still working below its 5.81 per cent growth July-March FY 2021 17.54 per cent in the the fuel’s demand.Be- existing players were potential thus offering during last year. The versus July-March previous year. Produc- sides, Federal Bureau having positive impact a lucrative opportunity fertilizer subsidies of FY2020. tion of petrol, furnace of Revenue (FBR) on this segment as well for manufacturing sec- the federal government !5 LSM groups , per- oil and diesel grew sig- crackdown against as enhancing competi- tor. had incentivized man- formance of which is nificantly as demands smuggled petroleum tion .Car production Iron and Steel pro- ufacturers to expand being reported here, in- capacity and upgrade clude Textile; Food, plants by offering gas Beverages and Tobacco; at lower rates. That Pharmaceuticals; also attracted invest- Chemicals; Automo- ments in this sector biles; Iron and Steel and enhanced local Products; Fertilizers; urea production capac- Electronics; Leather ity. Improved farm eco- Products; Paper & nomics, lower input Board; Engineering costs and better sup- Products; Rubber Prod- port prices offered by ucts; Non-Metallic Min- the government had eral Products and Wood duly supported this in- Products. dustry. According to the in- The electronics ex- formation available hibited lackluster per- from official sources formance and plunged concerned, Textile sec- to 20.77 per cent tor has the highest against 15.58 per weight of 20.91 in slump in corresponding Quantum Index of period. Electric motors, Manufacturing (QIM) bearing the highest thus having a signifi- weight in this segment, cant impact on overall had so far been respon- performance of LSM. sible for overall elec- During the period un- tronics dip. During the derreport, textile pro- period under review, duction had increased electric motors had by 5.90 per cent during dived by 31.8 per cent July-March FY2021 and dragged down the against 2.58 per cent whole electronics in- decline in the same dustry. Likewise, elec- period previous year. tric fans, tv sets and Major jump had origi- deep freezers also wit- nated from woolen nessed decline as pan- segment production . demic had affected the Pandemic of Corona spending patterns and Virus had proved as a majority was focusing blessing of disguise for on essentials only. garments manufactur- Non-metallic Min- ers as there was a eral Products had flurry of export orders surged by 24.31 per from European and cent as compared to American markets for 1.87 per cent increase Pakistan’s garment last year. This was sector due to the se- mainly driven by 17 vere impact of COVID- per cent jump in ce- 19 on our regional ment production. Total countries. Cotton yarn cement dispatches dur- production and cotton ing July-March FY2021 cloth had also con- had increased to 43.32 tributed well as they million tonnes from had grown by 3.1 and 3 37.03 million tonnes per cent respectively. last year. The federal govern- Engineering prod- ment had also facili- ucts had plunged to tated the sector i.e. tax 25.53 per cent as com- refunds and dury pared to 7.28 decline drawbacks, which was last year. This drag had bearing fruits and this mainly come from sector started picking sewing machines and up the pace. bicycles production Food Beverages & which had declined by Tobacco had the high- 43 and 59 per cent re- est weight of 12.37 in spectively. 47

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 Building Capabilities for Sustainable Growth Engineering Post Report mission sources, Pakistan needs vocational education and training Technology sector in order to to improve its production growth, sector had led to the adoption of make Pakistani products compet- Building capabilities is the increase the skill levels of its National TVET Policy through itive in the international mar- key to sustaining economic workforce and consequently move National Vocational Qualification kets. growth and development in towards better living standard for Framework and upgrading the The incumbent federal govern- the country. It requires sufficient its people. These multifarious Competency based Training and ment was committed to supporting investment in the sectors of Infor- challenges could only be ad- A s s e s s - development mation and Telecommunication dressed by adoption of technology ment. How- of knowledge- Technologies (ICT) , youth and on widespread level in the coun- ever, the economy based skill development, science and try. skill gap for on three main technology, higher education and Sectoral unemployment is the s o m e verticals: ac- institutional reforms and gover- main capability issue pertaining trades and cess, quality nance. to youth that needs to be ad- geographic and relevance According to the Planning Com- dressed. The reforms in technical, regions still to economic existed, development. which are Although, ac- being ad- cess to higher dressed through upgradation of education has appreciably in- existing TVETs and establish- creased, yet Pakistan lags behind ment of new TVETs in less devel- comparable countries in this re- oped districts in the provinces. spect. The other two objectives, Second main issue of the sector namely equality and relevance was gender equity. To exploit the also needed significant improve- full potential of youth, gender- ment. wise equity in terms of female The governance referred to the contribution was also being main- process of and structures that are streamed in the TVETs skill de- designed to ensure rule of law, ac- velopment programmes. countability, transparency, re- Science and Technology Sector, sponsiveness, stability, equity and the sources pointed out continu- inclusiveness, empowerment and ingly, has vast potential to im- broad-based participation. prove the standard of living of The present government was general populace as investment cognizant of the importance of im- in this sector offered numerous proving governance as a key en- cross-sector linkages, ventures in abler of effective service delivery, other sectors of socio-economic successful outcomes of various importance. Building knowledge public policies and programmes economy architecture required in- that were critical for sustainable vestment in human resource de- economic growth and develop- velopment in Science and ment of the country. 48

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 ADIPEC 2021 successfully held in Abu Dhab ADIPEC 2021, the global policy measures, projects and energy industry’s largest, programs to address greenhouse most important and influ- gas emissions. ential eventheld in Abu Dhabi Tayba Al Hashemi, CEO of from 15- 18 November. ADNOC Sour Gas and ADIPEC The four-day business-critical 2021 Chair, underscored the im- platformwas held under the pa- portance of industry collabora- tronage of His Highness Sheikh tion as the event drew to a Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, conclusion. President of the United Arab She said: “ADIPEC 2021 re- Emirates, and hosted by the turned as an in-person event at Abu Dhabi National Oil Com- a crucial time for the energy in- pany (ADNOC). dustry as we take stock of the During the Strategic Confer- outcomes of COP26. ence, four themes were dis- Other conferences included cussed throughout the week, theTechnical Conference, Down- including new market dynamics stream Technical Conference, in a changing energy world; fu- Offshore and Marine Confer- eling the future: the new energy ence and the ADIPEC Forum for agenda; building the energy Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. company of the future: new ADIPEC 2021 also provided a business models and investment forum for several landmark in- flows; and transformational dustry deals. technologies: unlocking the en- These included the $6.2 bil- gines of change. lion agreement between Bore- Addressing the themes,H.E. alis and ADNOC to expand Mohammad Barkindo, Secre- Borouge’s output, and the deal tary-General, OPEC, said: \"The between Petronas and Baker challenge is managing how to Hughes to collaborate on tech- reduce greenhouse gas emis- nology to support the energy sions that have been impacting transition. our climate. In addition, a major new The Intergovernmental Panel green hydrogen venture be- on Climate Change (IPCC) and tween ADNOC and TAQA was many other reputable scientific agreed, and a partnership be- institutions have called upon tween Mitsui, GS Energy, and the global community many ADNOC to develop a world- times to deploy their resources, scale low-carbon blue ammonia their ingenuity, come up with facility was also concluded. 49

ENGINEERING POST December 2021 50

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