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E-Paper July 2022

Published by Empire Online, 2022-07-01 19:15:05

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Government to shift public offices to solar energy The government is plan- usage in the domestic sector. will be incentivized to utilize ning to shift the power The task force has been solar energy for normal use and supply to all the govern- given the responsibility to pro- decrease reliance on WAPDA ment offices and buildings to vide recommendations to the through various financial aids solar and green energy. More- government authorities to en- including subsidy and consider- over promotion of the usage of sure seamless transfer to solar able loans for installation. solar power is also being energy. The task force will also The task force created by the planned for the domestic sec- come up with a plan to execute Prime Minister includes tor. the process in a step wise man- Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Dr Mif- In this regard Prime Minis- ner in order to cause minimum tah Ismail, Ahsan Iqbal, ter Shehbaz Shareef has or- disruption to day to day busi- Maryam Aurangzeb, Khurram dered the organization of a task ness of government offices and Dastgir, Musaddas Malik, force to work on implementing convert them to solar energy. Ahad Khan Cheema, Secretary the installation of solar energy The task force has been Power, Secretary Petroleum, in the government offices and tasked to work for promotion of Provincial Chief Secretaries buildings as well as promoting solar energy in domestic sector and Energy Secretaries and the solar power to increase its as well. The small consumer Umar Saleem Cheema.

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Mega project initiated to generate 1650MW of energy During a ceremony held at completed under PPP mode ac- been increased to avoid evapora- personalities like Provincial Min- Nabirsar, Chief Minister cording to the Sindh government. tion loss. ister for Energy Imtiaz Shaikh, Sindh Syed Murad Ali CM stated that an investment CM Sindh said that the trans- Minister for Education Syed Sar- Shah laid the foundation stone of company based in Kuwait, M/s en- action plan for the project has also dar Shah, Minister for Irrigation a 100 billion rupee water infra- ertech Water Pvt. Ltd, was inter- been honoured with a couple of Jam Khan Shoro, MNAs Mir Mu- structure project for the genera- ested in establishing the basis of awards for the most innovative nawwar Talpur, Dr Mahesh tion of approximately 1650 MW of this project and a concession deal of the year and Pakistan deal Malani, CM Special Assistant on energy. The water will be supplied agreement was signed last year. of the year, and has also been a Investment Syed Qasim Naveed, to an independent power produc- The company will be constructing runner up in the category of Proj- Consul General of Kuwait Salim ing unit IPP which is committed a 60.7 km pipeline of 45 cusecs ca- ect and Infrastructure Finance Yusif Al Hamdan, CEO of Kuwaiti to generate the power through pacity from Nabisar to Vajihar deal of the year. Both the awards Company Enter Tech Holding coal firing in Thar Block-I. For the along with construction of two were announced by the globally Company Abdulla Al Mutairi, purpose of completion of this proj- reservoirs with a capacity of 45 reputed Islamic Finance News CEO Enertech Water Private Ltd ect, a canal is required to be con- and 30 days at Nabisar and Vaji- IFN. The project is said to be com- Yasser Malik, Chairman Pakistan structed which will take more har respectively. Two pumping pleted within a year and will gen- Kuwait Investment Company Mo- than the time provided by the IPP stations will be installed with a erate a total revenue of 35 billion hammad Al Fares, Chinese ex- and a huge amount of initial in- combined capacity of 60 cusecs. rupees for the province. perts working on the project were vestment, so the project will be The capacity of the reservoir has During the ceremony, notable present. Projects under CPEC 26 Projects completed 30 under construction across Pakistan Engineering Post Report billion are reported to be under var- Market Access; Industrial Develop- Economic Corridor so that it be- ious stages of their construction. ment & Global Value Chains; Socio- comesa \"Gateway of Prosperity \"for Great game changer China- Moreover, another 36 projects in- EconomicDevelopment & Poverty both the time-tested neighboring Pakistan Economic Corridor volving estimated total cost of US$ Alleviation; Agriculture Moderniza- countries as well as the regionat (CPEC)is a flagship and most 28.4 billion are also under different tion & Marketing; Science and Tech- large. activelyproject of the Belt and Road stages of negotiations for inclusion in nology Cooperation, and ;Blue Moreover, the Chinese and Pak- Initiative (BRI) where iron the overall China-Pakistan Eco- Economy. istani workforce, in a pretty large friendsPakistan and China have nomic Corridor framework. The sources maintained that the number, is employedto ensure timely quite successfully launched as many The sources pointedly stated that Pakistan Government considers completion of the infrastructure as 56 projets in different sectors the tremendous progress was a sign China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects and launching of new proj- across the country on the ground. of great efforts and achievement of as a long termdevelopment projectas ects such as Sukkur-Hyderabad Mo- According to the information gath- both the nations and realization of it has the potentialto serve as a cor- torway (M-6), Peshawar-Dera Ismail ered from various sources concerned, the dream of connectivity and inclu- ridor with multiple doors connecting Khan Motorway (M-14), Karakoram out of these 56 projects, 26 projects sive economic growth. Chinawith Central Asia, Middle Highway (KKH) Alternative Route worth approximately US $ 17 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corri- East, Africa and Europe. Accord- (Gilgit-Shandor-Chitral), Swat Ex- have since been completed so far and dor is being expanded in seven dif- ingly, the federal government isex- pressway (Phase-11) , Dir Express- another 30 projects worth US $ 8.5 ferent areas including Trade & panding the scope of China-Pakistan way, Karachi Circular Railways. 02

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 JUBILEE CORPORATION wins three awards for its brands Terasaki, TMC and Nancal Jubilee Corporation is proud to Voltage Switchgear. Jubilee Corpora- Resin Dry Type Transformers, has NANCAL, the specialist brand in share that it has won three tion has been associated with won the title of Brand of the Year power electronics products with the prestigious awards for its Terasaki as the Authorized Distrib- Awards 2021 in the category of focus on power quality, medium and brands Terasaki, TMC and Nancal. utor in Pakistan for more than 45 Transformers. Jubilee Corporation low voltage AC drives, has won the TERASAKI, one of the globally years. JC and Terasaki continue to is the authorized distributor of TMC title of Emerging Brand of the Year leading brands for Low Voltage Cir- move together from strength to in Pakistan. With TMC’s manufac- Awards 2021. Nancal’s Static Var cuit Breakers, has won the title of strength to further contribute in the turing excellence that result in prod- Generators and Active Power Filters Brand Icon of the Pakistan 2021 technological evolution of the uct of outstanding quality, and JC’s have demonstrated excellent per- under the category of Circuit Break- switchgear industry in Pakistan. technical strengths, it has success- formance for harmonic filtration and ers. Terasaki has over 90 years of ex- TMC Transformers, the leading fully installed TMC Transformers all power factor correction in the recent pertise in the manufacturing of Low specialist manufacturer of Cast over the country in the past decade. installations in Pakistan. 03

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Jubilee Corporation arranged series of seminars highlighting Lovato Electric Products Jubilee Corporation holds a se- visited Pakistan for these seminars. the Lovato Electric’s products. All products. Epic question answer ses- ries of seminars highlighting The Mr. Alnoor Sheriff, Mr. Adnan three seminars were attended by sions at the end of the seminars the efficiency of Lovato Elec- Sheriff and Mr. Saqib Abbas from large number of consultants and were also well participated. tric, Italy. Out of the three total Jubilee Corporation including wel- professionals from leading indus- The participants highly lauded seminars, two were held at Karachi comed the guests. Mr. Julian Mer- tries. The seminars were highly in- the efforts of Jubilee Corporation in and one at Lahore. Mr. Julien------- million offered detailed teractive and participants shown offering best products from the from Lovato Electric, Italy specially presentations on various aspects of keen interest in Lovato Electric’s world for the local industries. 04

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Honeywell introducing environmentally-friendly refrigerants in Pakistan A conversation with Amir Naqvi, regional business leader, Fluorine Products, Middle East, Turkey & Africa region The increasing global concerns the production of environmentally- “Honeywell’s Solstice® brand of re- to adopt environmentally-friendly about climate change and ex- friendly refrigerants and related frigerants offers our customers en- policies as it is one of the countries treme weather episodes in products for over a decade. “We are vironmentally-friendly, ready-now most affected by climate change. the world have put a lot of stress on leading in the development of low solutions to support their environ- Honeywell has identified Pakistan reducing the emission of green- global-warm- mental trans- as a key market for introducing house gases. This puts the HVAC ing-potential formations. low global-warming-potential HFO industry in a severe dilemma be- (GWP) and en- For example, solutions to support this effort. cause with increasing tempera- ergy efficient we intro- “Honeywell is here to help our cus- tures, the use of air conditioning in r e f r i g e r a n t s duced Sol- tomers within the HVAC industry buildings has become a necessity globally,” he stice® N40 in the Pakistani market as they rather than a luxury. So the usage said. (R-448A) as a work to make choices that are pos- of environmentally-friendly HVAC Due to the replacement itive for their businesses and the products and refrigerants is the Montreal pro- for high environment. We are working with only logical way forward to have tocol, espe- GWP R-404A a number of local distributors to comfortable temperatures and en- cially the in supermar- expand our reach in the market,” sure a sustainable environment for Kigali Amend- ket systems he said. the future as well. ment to the and other ap- The company is working with Honeywell is continually inno- Montreal Pro- p l i c a t i o n s , contractors and consultants to vating to produce environmentally- tocol, refriger- and it has a build awareness about its technol- friendly hydorfluoroolefin (HFO) ants have been lower global- ogy and to increase the usage of en- refrigerants for the HVAC indus- a highly regu- warming-po- v i r o n m e n t a l l y - f r i e n d l y try. A key supplier of Honeywell re- lated product. tential and refrigerants in Pakistan. In a very frigerants in Pakistan is Crescent The Montreal more energy short span of time Honeywell has Corporation. Crescent Corporation protocol is ba- efficiency” ex- already commissioned a project as is renowned to introduce best prod- sically the plained Mr. well and is working to increase ucts in the local market which are global agree- Naqvi. This their customer base in the country. very much according to the local ment to pro- product will “We recently completed an instal- ambient requirements. tect the ensure that lation of Solstice N40 in a super- During a recent conversation stratospheric the installa- market in Lahore and there are with Engineering Post, Amir ozone layer by phasing out the pro- tion has a minimal CO2 footprint more projects in the pipeline as we Naqvi, regional business leader, duction and consumption of ozone- due to the innovative refrigerant continue to support our customers Fluorine Products, Middle East, depleting substances (ODS) and being used in it. as they make environmentally-con- Turkey & Africa region, said that the Kigali Amendment envisions In the past few years Pakistan scious decisions for their busi- Honeywell has been working on phasing out high GWP products. has been working conscientiously nesses,” he said. 05

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Pictorial coverage of 27 HVACR EXPO held 06

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 on 9, 10 11 June at Expo Center, Lahore 07

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 S.A. Hamid & Co spearheading the IIOT in Pakistan A conversation with Mr. Jamal Nasir, Director S.A. Hamid & Co Pakistan is home to a large num- we offer any kind of information that tion but the critical detail here is does not have airflow monitor in- ber of industries working on customer may wish to remotely mon- that this is not just for the new in- stalled but wants monitor their air- manufacturing local products. A itor and control including machine dustries being established. S.A. flow, we can provide and install the lot of those industries were estab- status, temperature, humidity, vibra- Hamid & Co. claims that they can air flow meter for them. However, if lished a long time ago when there was tion, production etc.” he said. retrofit the equipment already oper- they have one already installed on little to no concept of remote monitor- By using this technology the man- ational in the industries and make site we will gladly use its data to be ing and have been operating on that agement of the company can make an it work on the platform of IIOT with relayed to the cloud instead of ask- model since then. informed decision about the utilisation minimal invest- ing the customer to make an unnec- Now in the era of automation and of resources and even maintenance of ment “We un- essary investment.” he added. Internet of things (IOT) S.A. Hamid machines “If a machine suddenly derstand that This can be very beneficial for the & Co. is offering a unique opportunity starts using more than normal energy the equip- clients who are interested in upgrad- to these industries to upgrade their the company will be able to know im- ment which ing their industrial equipment with- current setups by connecting them to mediately using IIOT. In fact artificial is operational out completely changing their the “Cloud” with minimal invest- intelligence systems can be pro- right now was equipment or injecting a lot of ment. During a recent conversation grammed to generate not designed to capital into it. Many of the as- with Mr. Jamal Nasir, Direc- emails and be connected to pects of IIOT service being pro- tor, S.A. Hamid & Co.; Engi- text/whatsapp mes- the cloud vided by S.A. Hamid & Co are neering Post asked about the sages to the con- but we easily customisable as their nature of services being pro- cerned staff so can in- software is developed by them- vided by their company and he that they can pre- s t a l l selves “We have developed the explained thoroughly. “We are emptively plan a software completely in house. now working in is the sector of In- maintenance. In case someone wants to get dustrial IOT or IIOT as well. To something added to it for ex- put it simply we basically provide ample some automation or se- solutions in such way that curity feature we can do it the owner or the manage- completely because we have ment of the industry can re- complete customisation capa- motely monitor and control bility,” the current working condi- S.A. Hamid & Co is an en- tion of their setup. The gineering concern and has biggest expenses of any in- been serving in Pakistan for dustry are related to its electrical en- The results can be extrapolated on sensors and systems or retrofit the more than 3 generations and over 50 ergy, steam, gas, water or air useage. graphs and future projections can be equipment in the industries in such years. The company is divided into dif- Our solutions provide not only live made as well,” he said. a way that it can start providing the ferent units which provide multiple monitoring of these utilities from This is a state of the art technol- desired data according to the need of services including provision of Electri- across the world but also have the ca- ogy being introduced in Pakistan by the client with very little invest- cal panels, Automation solutions, elec- pability to control them as per cus- S.A. Hamid & Co which is actually ment,” he revealed. “If someone trical installations as well as solar tomer requirements. Furthermore, the 4th generation of industrialisa- wants to monitor their airflow but installations for the clients. 08

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Smart Climate Solutions (Pvt) Ltd at PHVACR Expo 2022 Carrier, Hisense and Baltimore’s International representatives visited Pakistan HVACR Society or- timore. Mr. Zeeshan Ahmad of Chilled Water solutions and after SCS has achieved more than ganized the Pakistan’s AHI Carrier, Mr Andy Wu & Mr. sales displayed full determina- 40,000 Refrigeration Tons instal- Largest HVACR Expo at Alex from Hisense HVAC and Mr. tion to serve the clients beyond lations, with more than 200 proj- Expo center Lahore on June 09, Rob Hughes from Baltimore Air their expectations. The repre- ects in last 5 years. A robust 2022. Smart Climate Solutions Coil Company interacted with sented brands frequently come After Sales system has always Pvt Ltd had big presence along consultants, contractors and po- up with advanced technologies been a part of company’s culture, with world’s top HVAC Brands of tential clients. and novel ideas in product as well which is key to company’s pro- Carrier, Hisense HVAC and Bal- SCS team members of VRF, as customer services. gression. 10

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 27th HVACR Expo & Conference Lahore Chapter organized another record breaking event Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai, Chairman Lahore Chapter PHVACR Society talks to Engineering Post Post said that the success of invited through emails “The and not general visitors. This Commerce to ensure their the event was owed not to him conference of ASHRAE was was by design as the Pak- participation with their dele- as this success is due to bless- also well attended with more istan HVACR society had un- gations in the event for tar- ing of almighty Allah and the than 100 people in first two dertaken targeted marketing geting the professional & organising team members of days session but it goes to especially for the industrial- industrialist audience specif- the society who worked day more than 200 people on the ists and professionals to en- ically. Although the event and night to make the event last day, this was only made sure that the exhibitors was organised by the Lahore successful. “The whole society possible due to the close coor- received professional visitors. chapter but overall it is a win worked together to make this dination of the two organisa- “Our Organising team which for the Pakistan HVACR So- event successful which is why tions especially Thanks to Mr. consist of Mr. Muhammad ciety,”. the results were so posi- Aamir, Mr. Sajjad I especially thanks our tive. I want to congratu- Haider, Mr. Ham- President PHVACR society late all the organising mad Khan, Mr. Mr. Ahmad Nawaz who sup- team members of the Afzaal Malik, Mr. ported us everywhere & spent Pakistan HVACR society Agha Elias, Mr. lot of time in Lahore before for their hard work for Jafar Raza, Mr. expo. making this event suc- Nisar Mohyuddin, “Although many interna- The 27th Pakistan cessful,” he said. Mr. Safdar Ali, Mr. tional companies did not par- HVACR Expo & confer- PHVACR Society and Imtiaz Ch, Mr. ticipate at the last minute but ence which was organ- ASHRAE worked to- Syed Mukhtar Ali, the silver lining was that ised at Lahore was one of the gether in coordination to Mr.Tariq Mahmod, their absence provided space most successful events organ- ensure the success of the Mr. Adnan Liaqat, for the local manufacturers to ised by the Pakistan HVACR event. During the conver- Mr. Abdullah, Mr. be a part of the expo for the society till date. Even at the sation Mr. Ahmad Naeem Athar Shahzad first time on such a large scorching heat of 45 degrees Chughtai said that the liaison Abdul Rahman President Amir & Mr. Fakkhi Iftikhar scale and display their manu- centigrade at Lahore people helped a lot in making the ASHRAE CPC whose person- who worked day & night for facturing capabilities and flocked to the Expo centre to event as well as the confer- ally involvement and com- the successful event like ar- products for the visitors. This attend expo & conference ence successful for the organ- bined efforts of both teams ranging billboard’s in Lahore helped us in making this expo which was arranged after fac- isers and exhibitors. ASHRAE towards making the event & Faisalabad industrial the larges one till now with ing delays of more than 2 engaged universities and successful,” he added. areas, streamers on main the most exhibitors. With the years. other educational institutions The feature widely appre- boulevards & canal banks of import ban it was the perfect Ahmad Naeem Chughtai, especially top management of ciated in the expo by maxi- Lahore, we met with Presi- time to promote local compa- Chairman Lahore chapter Institute of Architect Pak- mum exhibitors was that the dents of FPCCI, Lahore, Gu- nies in the market and we did Pakistan HVACR society istan while the technical peo- visitors were mainly profes- jranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad it successfully Alhamdulil- while talking to Engineering ple from the government were sional with excellent footfalls & Rawalpindi Chambers of lah,” he said. 13

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Value addition is the key to customer satisfaction at IMS A candid conversation with Mr. Muhammad Wajahatullah Khan, Manager Projects & Services at IMS Electric IMS Electric (Pvt) Ltd is an in- Ltd has developed an edge to stay ers. Under the supervision of Mr. on time. “The key to successful dependent subsidiary of HAQ in the lead. While speaking about Muhammad Wajahatullah Khan, completion of a project in this mar- HOLDINGS and has the dis- it, Mr. Muhammad Wajahatullah IMS Electric has executed many ket is the management of supply tinction of being the longest-run- Khan said “With the acquisition of major projects including the com- chain and keeping the customers in ning partner of Schneider Electric HEC and manufacturing facility of plete substation of Getz Pharma’s the loop at all times. Even in case in Pakistan. The company deals Schneider Electric, HAQ HOLD- Astola plant and its extension, of delays if the customer is taken with all kinds of automation and INGS has become an independent complete electrical works for coal- into confidence he can understand, control systems that are required one window solution for the fired and Waste Heat Recovery but not at the last moment,” he in a building including HVAC con- consumers, and anyone who Power Plants of DG Khan Ce- said trol, Fire alarm system, Access con- wants to be successful in ment, Liaquat National Hos- With two major local manufac- trol, Gas detection system, Audio this market needs to work pital Power substations, etc. turing facilities at hand, IMS Elec- intercom system, CCTV systems, on providing value addition In addition to that He is also tric (Pvt) Ltd is set to take full water and gas metering systems. to their services and stick- leading a team of Expert advantage of these facilities for in- HAQ HOLDINGS has also ac- ing to timelines at the same Field Service Engineers who creasing their business. During the quired the heavy Electrical Com- time. This is a core value for are providing conversation, Mr. Wajahatullah plex Taxila recently and wants to our business at IMS,” he m e t i c u l o u s Khan said. With increasing busi- utilize the full potential of the en- said. services in ness the team and equipment of tity. IMS Electric has the local in- the company need to be improved During a recent exclusive inter- clients all across dustry. Al- as well and IMS is constantly view with Engineering Post, Mr. Pakistan, including though there working to arrange the best pieces Muhammad Wajahatullah Khan, PPL, IFL, Gatron, are cur- of training for its staff and getting Manager Projects & Services at DG Khan Ce- rently global the latest equipment for them as IMS Electric explained how the ment, Getz logistic is- well. The engineering team is also company is planning to increase its Pharma, and sues, still being extended so that the com- customer base in Pakistan. many oth- the con- pany can cater to more projects at “IMS Electric has acquired the tracts have a time. “IMS Electric already has manufacturing facility of been com- extensive expertise in the manufac- Schneider Electric which has pleted suc- turing of Medium voltage and Low resulted in an increased cus- c e s s f u l l y voltage switchgear. K Electric is a tomer base. Many companies major customer with many years of usually do not work on in- a working partnership. We are creasing their reach but after planning to increase our line of acquiring the facility IMS has products and gain entry into been able to engage many new WAPDA as well. Plans for Work- customers,” he said. ing on EPC contracts for grid In this era of modernization stations are also in the pipeline and increasing competition in and in last stages of finaliza- the market, IMS Electric (Pvt) tion,” he revealed. 14

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Automobile sector marked growth during first 3 quarters of 2022 Engineering Post Report locally manufactured hybrid sales taxreduced from12.5 per Pakistan's Automobile sector cent to 8 per centand Federal Ex- has showed a quite com- cise Duty (FED)reduced by 2.5 mendable vigorous growth percent upto 1300 cc for locally of as high as 54.1 per centduring manufactured cars. first three quarters of the last fi- Moreover, during July 2021 to nancial year i.e. July 2021 to Marc 2022 car production and March 2022 sale had also against increasedby rather de- 56.7 and 53.8 pressed fig- per cent respec- ures of 21.6 tively. per cent Trucks and growth dur- buses produc- ing the pre- tion and sale vious year. had in- New Auto creasedby 66.0 Policy pro- and 54.0 per- motingnew cent respec- technologies tively and including- tractor produc- Electric Ve- tion and sale hicles had also in- (EVs)and creased by 13.5 Hybrid and per cent amd accommoda- 12.1 per cent tive mone- respectively. tary policy to Though the promoteauto financinghad paved relief measures in form of waiv- the wayfor growing o automobiles ing of the taxes had pushed the production in the country. Be- sector,, in the meanwhilereduc- sides,tax incentives for the pro- tion in the revenues of the na- motion of locally tional exchequer and built up the manufacturedcars had also pent- pressure on imports besides cre- up the demand as well as the pro- atinguncertainty in the market ductionof this sectorsuch as sentiments. 16

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Pakistan to import 200MW from Iran after transmission line upgrade Pakistan and Iran have cuits on the TL from zero CEO Engineering Post, Zeeshan Haider with Managing Director, Jubilee Corporation, decided to improve the point to Gwadar port. The Mr. Alnoor Sheriff and GM, Industrial Sales and Support Jubilee Corporation Mr. Saqib transmission lines on imported electricity would be Abbas Khowaja at Jubilee Corporation's Seminar at Lahore. both sides to increase to im- supplied ton Quetta Electric port of electricity from Supply Company (Qesco). 100MW to 200MW. Currently Iran is provid- In this regard Iran and ing the electricity to Pakistan Pakistan will upgrade the ex- at 9 cents per unit but the isting transmission line by difficulty lies in providing doubling the circuits from payments to the country due Polan to Gwadar on their re- to the international sanc- spective sides. tions against Iran. According to sources Iran Previously the Federal would upgrade 27 kilometer government had installed transmission line from Polan diesel generators in 17 differ- to zero point on the border ent coastal locations to pro- sharing with Pakistan, fol- duce electricity during the lowed by doubling the cir- peak hours back in 1970s. National Business Development Programme for SMEs Engineering Post Report the projectis Rs 1954.978 million launched under National Business of Commerce and Textile (Textile out of which an allocation ofRs Development programme ( NBDP) Division) to boost value addition ANational Business Develop- 400 million has been made for . Over 180 Theme and Sector Spe- in the field of textile garments by ment Programme has been FY2022. cific training programmes have establishingindustrial stitching developed for providing Additionally, Early -Stage Start been conductedwith over 7400 units across the country. small and medium start-up sup- Up (ESS) grant has also been SMEs participants. Financial assistance through- port and business improvement launchedsince October 2021 Inaddition, Demand-Based- Matching Grantsis providedfor es- through practical on ground under ESS grants up to Rs Training and On-Premises Train- tablishing\"Industrial Stitching ground services to SMEs. 500000 will be provided to support ing Programmes for SMEs were Units. Under the project, support will SMEs and Start-Ups. During July also being executed at their busi- Under this project,60 per cent of be provided for establishing new 2021-March 2022 period, 1600 ap- ness locations. Certification Pro- grantin the form of machinery is enterprisesand building the ca- plications were received and are gramme for the capacity funded by the project and 40 per pacityof existingenterprises going through the evaluation buildingof Individual Business centcost is borne by the owner/en- throughprovision of Business De- process. Development Service Provider trepreneur of the stitching unit. velopment Services such asmar- Furthermore, SMEDA's largest (IBDSPs) by offering subsidy to The total cost of the project is Rs keting, technology, incubation, capacity buildinginitiativecom- cover upto the 80 per cent of the 350.564 million out of which Rs 100 research& development and orga- prising of 3800 training pro- programme costper IBDSP had millionhad been allocated for nizational development services. grammesduring five yearsacross also been initiated during just FY2022. The target for entire fiscal The programme envisages to fa- Pakistanincluding Federal Capi- concluded financial year 2021-22.. year was to establish 50 Industrial cilitate 314901 SMEs over a pe- tal, Azad Jammu and Kashmir & SMEDA is also executing a Stitching Units. Grants applica- riod of five years. The total cost of Gilgit-Baltistan has also been project sponsored by the Ministry tioncycle was already in progress. 19

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 NED University Karachi celebrates 100 years of service NED University arranged at the old Mr Hoshand Din- lished in 1922 as the pus in Thar. also running its mas- of Engineer- campus of the univer- shaw (Nadirshaw NED Civil Engineer- NED offers engi- ters and PhD pro- ing and Tech- sity. President of Edulji Dinshaw) also ing College with en- neering degrees in 19 grammes in six nology organised its Pakistan Dr Arif sent a heartfelt mes- rolment of 78 different fields; the faculties. And the centennial celebra- Alvi, Chief Minister sage congratulating students in 1923. The university houses university has 23 re- tion in June 2022 to Sindh Syed Murad the institute on the student population nine Bachelor of Sci- search centres focus- mark one hundred Ali Shah and Gover- event of its centenary. has now risen to ence programmes ing on research in years of service of the nor Sindh Mr Imran NED University nearly 7,000, both at and also offers an un- fields such as artifi- university. To com- Ismail congratulated named after one of undergraduate and dergraduate degree cial intelligence, memorate this the university on this the founding mem- postgraduate levels. in architecture. Apart cyber security, traffic unique event a fam- momentous occasion. bers Mr Nadirshaw The university has from the undergradu- analytics, affordable ily picnic as well as Ms. Nali Dinshaw Edulji Dinshaw three campuses in ate programmes, housing and renew- Gala dinner was Grand daughter of (NED), was estab- Karachi and one cam- NED University is able energy. 20


ENGINEERING POST July 2022 HVACR Society celebrates success of 27th HVACR Expo 27th HVACR Expo and Conference set new various parts of the society are arranging get togeth- Later, PHVACR Society arranged a Team Meet on records mainly because of the extra ordinary ers to encourage and highlight the efforts of Lahore 22nd June to celebrate the success of 27th HVACR hard work and efforts of the Lahore Chapter’s Chapter’s team. expo and to encourage the Lahore Chapter’s team. team. The success of the event has once again united In this regard, the executive council members President PHVACR Society, Mr. Ahmad Nawaz the whole society. Chairman Lahore Chapter, Mr. paid a surprised visit to the office of Mr. Ahmad graced the event with his presence with local lead- Ahmad Naeem Chughtai and his team’s efforts are Naeem Chughtai to appreciate his efforts. Cake cut- ership. Souvenirs and bouquets were presented to being appreciated across Pakistan. ting ceremony was also held which was participated the team members to encourage their efforts and A healthy trend among HVACR Society is that by senior members and Lahore Chapter’s team. hard work. 23

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 BloombergNEF top-tier ranking extends Trina Solar’s run of success Trina Solar has once again made manufacturers of solar modules on Product Qualification Program test Production capacity reaching it to the list of Tier 1 PV mod- the market. Trina Solar’s continued sequences, and for the eighth year in 65GW in 2022 ule makers in the Bloomberg presence on the Tier 1 list demon- a row, Trina Solar was named top Trina Solar said in its financial re- New Energy Finance (BNEF) mar- strates global industry recognition performer. Among the companies on port for 2021 that it plans to reach ket outlook for the second quarter, for its quality modules, brand credi- the Tier 1 list, only seven took part 65GW in module production capacity thanks to its outstanding reliability, bility and strong market competitive- in both tests, Trina Solar being one this year. PV InfoLink projected early 100% bankability and expanding ness. of them. this year that 210mm cell capacity production capacity. With the AAA Reliability: Passing rigorous tests Bankability: 100% and AAA rating will reach 297GW in 2022, and mod- rating, the highest category, in the of PVEL and RETC validating global trust ule capacity will rise to 300GW. The PV ModuleTech Bankability report The outstanding performance of Trina Solar has earned the trust new capacity is essentially the result published last week, Trina Solar has Trina Solar 210mm Vertex modules and recognition of customers world- of 210mm downward compatibility, become the only module supplier has been thoroughly confirmed by wide with its highly reliable prod- indicating that use of the 210mm has achieving both AAA rating by PV the comprehensive and stringent test ucts. Additionally, its bankability become an industry trend. Tech and Tier 1 PV module maker by sequences. The 210mm Vertex mod- remains at the top level. Trina Solar As a leading global PV and smart BNEF. ules have been tested by PVEL, scored 100% in the BNEF Bankabil- energy total solution provider, Trina BNEF has developed a tiering sys- RETC and many other world- ity Survey in each of the six years to Solar has long been committed to ad- tem for PV module products based on renowned third-party reliability test- 2021 and is a Tier 1 PV module vancing technology research and de- bankability and a set of strict crite- ing agencies. The entire Vertex maker, following the AAA rating in velopment, and facilitating the ria, to create a transparent differen- series, including 600W+ ultra-high- the PV ModuleTech Bankability re- application and popularization of tiation between the hundreds of power modules, have passed PVEL's port last week. green energy worldwide. 24

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Schneider Electric Evolves mySchneider IT Partner Program, Enabling Collaboration to Improve End Markets Experience Schneider Elec- ticipating in the first specialization, IT been completely inno- including the Local Rewards: With the re- tric™, the evolved program will Solution Provider, vated so partners can Edge Configurator, turn of one of Schnei- global leader in stay agile amid which is ideal for IT see real-time business which has configured der Electric’s most the digital transfor- today’s evolving mar- providers who are ex- updates and data. tens of thousands of popular rewards pro- mation of energy ket trends, and in perts in IT infrastruc- This new program solutions within the gram, mySchneider management and au- turn, produce approx- ture solutions within dashboard not only distributed IT space Rewards, members of tomation, today an- imately eight times distributed IT envi- provides partners across the world. the partner account – nounced its new higher revenue,” he ronments, is available with transparency, • Increased Prof- including sales, engi- mySchneider IT Part- continued. now. but also identifies core itability: IT solution neers, services, and ner Program, which Availability of spe- Key features of the focus areas, should providers will gain ac- other functions – can will provide a simpli- cializations will roll IT Solutions Provider partners choose to cess to unique deal earn points from var- fied, innovative and out over the next 12- Specialization in- level-up in the pro- registration discounts ious activities that collaborative ap- 18 months, through a clude: gram for greater com- that exceed normal can be redeemed for proach to enabling phased approach in- • Data Driven petency or benefits. discounts provided over 60,000 items, ex- partner growth. This cluding IT Solution Program Dashboard: • Business-Spe- through Schneider periences, merchan- re-vamped program Providers, Data Cen- To support new value- cific Tools: Certified Electric’s Edge Oppor- dise and more. focuses on enabling ter Solution Providers based and data-cen- partners gain access tunity Registration • Dedicated sup- diverse and evolving and Software & Serv- tric requirements, the to the tools needed in (ORP) Program. port and account cov- business models and ices Providers. The digital experience has today’s environment, • mySchneider erage: Ongoing sales allows partners to dif- account coverage pro- ferentiate their busi- vides support to busi- ness by becoming a ness building strategic advisor and activities and pre- expert in their mar- and post-sales sup- ket across multiple IT port. competencies. “Rapid digitization The IT channel has transformed the landscape is con- way we are serving stantly evolving. our customers. Now, Building on the com- more than ever be- pany’s award-winning fore, we look to our channel history, partners for programs Schneider Electric’s and platforms to re- updated IT partner flect this transforma- program accommo- tion,\" said Andreas dates this dynamic Luckfiel, Manager, ecosystem by enabling Business Develop- partners to grow and ment at Buyitdirect, differentiate their who participated in business for the long- the new program term. The program fo- pilot. \"The mySchnei- cuses on unique der IT Partner Pro- specializations, giving gram is easy to partners the flexibil- navigate, with a sim- ity to certify in one or plified structure more based on their which allows us to be current capabilities more agile, relevant, and future aspira- profitable and future- tions. This further dif- ready.” ferentiates partners To learn more and and highlights the join the mySchneider true value of a chan- IT Partner Program, nel ecosystem by: visit ● Enabling the ners. development of di- About Schneider verse business models Electric ● Simplifying Schneider’s pur- and increasing trans- pose is to empower all parency for require- to make the most of ments & benefits our energy and re- ● Capturing new sources, bridging business through progress and sustain- market recognition ability for all. We call and competitive dif- this Life Is On. ferentiation Our mission is to be ● Strengthening your digital partner channel-centric prac- for Sustainability and tice Efficiency. “The mission of our We drive digital partner program has transformation by in- become clear,” said tegrating world-lead- Paul Tyrer, Global IT ing process and Channels VP at energy technologies, Schneider Electric. end-point to cloud “For more than ten connecting products, years, members of our controls, software and IT channel program services, across the have reaped strong entire lifecycle, en- benefits including dis- abling integrated counts, tools and inno- company manage- vative offers from ment, for homes, Schneider Electric buildings, data cen- and its flagship APC ters, infrastructure brand. Partners par- and industries. 29

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Number of development projects scheduled for completion drastically cut Engineering Post Report According to the information deficit as well as the primary billion, as much as 200 projects now available from official sources deficit, besides continuation of the being carried over due to lesseer Number of development concerned,the National Economic public relief package, the overall provision of funds for their com- projects included in the Council (NEC) has approved size of the PSDP was reduced pletion. Public Sector Develop- PSDP 2021-22 at Rs 900 billion from Rs 900 billion to Rs 550 bil- PSDP 2021-22 included 1173 ment Programme (PSDP) of the including foreign aid of Rs 100 bil- lion during the last two quarters. ongoing and new schemes of 38 Federal Government for financial lion on June 7,2021. Planning Reduction thus warranted to Federal Ministries and Divisions year 2021-22 scheduled to be com- Commission had taken prudent adopt wise approach to realize and also the Corporations pleted by end June 2022 was measures to fast track the quar- priorities and funds re-allocation whereas PSDP 2022-23 with an drastically cut down as the over- terly releases during first and sec- ensuring optimum utilization of allocation of Rs 800 billion in- all size of the PSDP was slashed ond quarters of FY 2021-22. funds, the number of develop- cludes 1198 ongoing and new de- down around mid-financial year However, owing to fiscal imbal- ment projects due for completion velopment projects which will be due to varying pressing financial ances and in order to contain the by June 30,2022 was reduced mentioned in some details later factors. increasing Current Account from 371 to 170 costing Rs 285 on, please. 30

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 NUST develops Pakistan’s first international standard microprocessor All the technological con- and technology NUST recently parts from the foreign world. requirements have also been de- sumer products including achieved the construction of a fully Taiwan Semiconductor Manufac- signed along with the processor to computers and electronic de- functioning and reliable micro- turing Company (TSMC), a leading attain the completion of the project. vices have a basic unit of semicon- processor named as NTiny-E. The microprocessor manufacturing NTiny-E is said to target the ductor chips working inside them. researchers at the university suc- commercial foundry was utilized by market of embedded systems, ioT These chips are said to be the basic cessfully completed the manufac- the researchers for chip fabrica- devices and consumer electronic structural unit of all the appliances ture of the chip and took a step tion. This milestone has put the products. The concerns regarding and devices. On a worldwide level forward in making Pakistan self re- country one step ahead in the mar- cyber security have also been alle- the semiconductor chips market liant on this technology. The micro- ket. viated due to the indigenous na- crossed $556 billion in 2021. Pak- processor was designed by the The researchers have also de- ture of this processor. The research istan was not able to profit from NUST school of electrical engineer- signed a complete environment for team was led by Dr Rehan Ahmad this market rise due to lack of man- ing and computer sciences which is chip testing and installation into and included Shaheer Sajid, Qazi ufacturing in the country. said to be a complete in-house de- end products. A fully functioning Shahid Ullah, Abdul Moeed and National university of science sign made without any import of circuit board and all the software Syed Talha Imam. 33

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Government approves funds for Diamer Bhasha Dam Ahsan Iqbal, minister for Plan- Sector Development Program ning, Development and spe- (PSDP). cial Initiatives stated during He also said that the Prime Min- a Press conference that the govern- ister has approved the Chaman ment has approved a total of 900 Quetta Karachi N-25 project and billion rupees for power plants of has taken another step for the bet- the Diamer Bhasha Dam project. terment of economical and social He also said that the project has conditions of the residents of been referred to the ECNEC for fur- Balochistan. The issue of shortage ther approval. of electricity near Makran region is He highlighted the fact that this also being dealt with as the PM has project would has finalized help in the irri- an agreement gation of with the Iran- 276,000 acres of ian ambassa- land of the dor to provide southern KPK. 100 MW of en- It has already ergy to the sec- been decided tor. that the federal The civil avi- government ation authority will be respon- CAA has also sible for 65 per- been ordered to cent pf the total complete the cost of this proj- Gawadar air- ect. The federal port by March government is 2023. He also looking forward said that the to the comple- ML-1 railway tion of this proj- project will also ect as soon as be initiated possible to in- under CPEC. stigate a revolution in the sector of He said that the Civil Aviation agriculture. The project had been Authority (CAA) had also been under delay in the past but the cur- given the task to complete the con- rent government has made it a top struction of the New Gwadar Inter- priority and is working to make the national Airport by March 2023. He dam fully functioning as soon as said that the water desalination possible, which is why the project plant in Gwadar would also be com- has been included in federal Public pleted by October this year. 34

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Overseas Employment of Pakistani Workforce Engineering Post Report by sending Saudi Ara- grants registered in 2021 as com- remittances bia (54 per pared to 2020. More than 11.7 million , which is cent), Oman The highest number of workers Pakistanis have pro- the second- (13.4 per cent) who had gone abroad during 2021 ceeded abroad for em- l a r g e s t and Qatar ( went abroad were 156877 from ployment to over 50 countries source of 13.2 per cent) Punjab followed by Khuber through official procedures as of foreign ex- were the main Pukhtoonkhwa 76213. December 2021. change after destinations According to the official sources The migration of Pakistani the exports.. for unskilled- concerned,the situation of the workers is mainly concentrated to D u r i n g migrant work- human resource exports was most Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) 2021, Bureau of Emigration & ers from Pakistan in 2021. Other likely to improve in the coming countries (96 per cent) with Saudi Overseas Employment had regis- countries with varying number of months with the reopening of the Arabia and the United Arab Emi- tered 286648 workers for over- Pakistani workersincludedUAE, business with SOPs and various rates (UAE) hosting the majority. seas employment showing an Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia, among preventive measures like vaccina- They are contributingin the de- increase of 27.6 per cent as com- others. Overall increasing trend tion, the work opportunities in velopment of economy of Pakistan pared to the previous year. was observed in in terms of emi- various countries. 37

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 2% higher yield gain Trina Solar Vertex 600W+ modules perform superior advantages in low irradiation in field test in Germany The world’s leading Rigorous design, 30s ing solar radiation me- yield in low irradiation and is characterized Cologne’s project site is testing service high frequency collec- ters as an example, pos- Different locations with low irradiation. Type A: 210 Vertex provider, TÜV tion method to ensure sessing highest WMO and climate will affect The data collected and monofacial 650W mod- Rheinland, began con- data accuracy standard. Rigorous sys- the power generation analyzed between ule, and Type B: regular ducting a 12-month In TÜV Rheinland tem design and the 30s capability of the same 2021/11-2022/2 (See reference monofacial field performance test of 535W module. The me- Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex teorological data be- ultra-high power mono- tween 2021/11-2022/2 facial and bifacial mod- can be seen in Figure. 2 ules since November below: 2021. Data analyzed for During the testing the first four months period, Trina Solar’s shows that under vari- Vertex modules gained ous conditions of lati- more than 2% higher tude and climate, energy yield. TÜV Vertex 600W+ modules Rheinland has con- have higher bifacial ducted in-depth analy- gain, greater energy sis on this result. yield gain and more sta- Analysis: Low irradi- ble working tempera- ation plus Vertex mod- ture than regular ules is a double win reference modules. Firstly, Trina Solar’s The outdoor test sites 210 Vertex modules are include Cologne, Ger- superior in power gen- many (temperate zone), eration per watt under Thuwal, Saudi Arabia low irradiation condi- (tropical desert) and tions. The following Hainan province, China table (See Figure.3) (maritime). This field shows that when irradi- test focuses on the proj- ation is lower than ect in Cologne, and re- 200W/m2, the power sults show that the global energy yield field high frequency data col- type of module. The Figure.1) shows that generation of 210 Ver- energy yield of the Ver- tests, numerous sophis- lection is used in record- first project location of Trina Solar’s Vertex tex modules is 3.88% tex 600W+ modules is ticated testing tech- ing data. the series global field 670W modules achieved higher than that of the at least 2% higher than niques are used to Vertex 600W+ mod- tests is Cologne, with its excellent results. reference modules; reference modules. ensure reliability, tak- ules: 2% higher energy four distinct seasons, The test sample of when irradiation is be- 38

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Abu Dhabi Chamber and CONNECT to organize MEDBW and MEMT Expo next September The Abu Dhabi Association, ADNEC primarily drive the space to a whopping 4 providing an impetus Expo will serve as ex- Chamber of as Venue Partner, Eti- growth of the construc- million square meters to drive the manufac- cellent platforms to Commerce & In- had Airways as the of- tion industry in the by 2030. turing and industriali- collaborate business dustry has announced ficial airline carrier, UAE. In the commer- Commenting on the sation industry. Abu growth and set a new two inaugural events; the event has secured cial infrastructure events, His Excellency Dhabi Chamber of benchmark in the de- Middle East Design & participation from space, Abu Dhabi is Mohamed Helal Al Commerce and Indus- velopment of the in- Build Week (MEDBW) leading industrial and planning to attract Mheiri, Director Gen- try will continue to dustry. By co-locating and Middle East Man- manufacturing firms nearly 8 million eral, Abu Dhabi provide platforms for both the events, atten- ufacturing & Technol- from Israel and tourists annually by Chamber of Commerce stimulating sectoral dees will benefit from ogy Expo (MEMT) in Turkey as well as a 2030 under the Abu & Industry said, “The growth of the economy. wide opportunities to cooperation with CON- group of the biggest Dhabi Plan 2030. For h i g h l y - a n t i c i p a t e d It is critical to ac- present, learn, and ex- NECT. Both events are local organizations in- serving the huge in- events are aligned knowledge that accel- plore solutions in the scheduled to be held cluding the Al flow of tourists, the with the government erated progress is construction and de- between 12 – 14 Sep- Masaood Group which government is plan- initiatives of bolster- required to meet the sign as well as manu- tember 2022 at Abu is one of the largest in- ning to boost invest- ing the industry. The goals set in the Abu facturing and Dhabi National Exhi- dustrial, commercial ments in the national-level initia- Dhabi Economic Vi- technology sectors. bition Centre and service organisa- commercial infrastruc- tives such as ‘Opera- sion 2030.” During the three (ADNEC), UAE. tions. ture space. Further- tion 300 Billion’, ‘Make Middle East Design days of the events, at- The event will wit- The commercial in- more, the country is it in the Emirates’ and & Build Week and tendees will witness a ness the participation frastructure sector in planning to expand its ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ Middle East Manufac- series of informative of the biggest interna- the UAE is expected to overall retail and office are all focused towards turing & Technology workshops and panel tional and local busi- discussions pertaining nesses that are key to construction, de- players in the fourth sign, manufacturing, industrial revolution and technology indus- and which will have tries. the opportunity to For more informa- showcase their latest tion, visit www.mid- technologies and inno- dleeastdesignandbuild vative solutions in con- and struction, manufacturingandtech- manufacturing and technologies. Middle East Design 2% higher & Build Week is the only event in the re- yield gain gion that caters to the construction, interior Contined from Page 38 design, hospitality, and commercial indus- tween 200-400W/m2, tries within one event. the power generation is It is set to bring to- 2.11% higher. gether the stalwarts of Secondly, it was win- the construction and ter in Cologne during building industry from the test period, and ir- Israel, Poland, Turkey, radiation and tempera- United Kingdom and tures were very low. United Arab Emirates, The average daily solar with the support from irradiance was only Emirates Steel as Ti- 0.4kWh/m2/day. (See tanium Sponsor, Abu Figure.4) Dhabi Department of Taking 2021/12/22 as Tourism and Culture an example, solar irra- as Destination Part- diance for a whole day ner, Ministry of Indus- was 2.17kWh/m2, much try & Advanced higher than the average Technology as Sup- of 0.4kWh/m2/day. Nev- porting Partner, ertheless, 43% of the ir- British Contract Fur- radiation of the day nishing Association as was lower than Supporting Associa- 400W/m2, and the tion, Chartered Insti- highest irradiation of tute of Building the day was less than (CIOB) as Knowledge 600W/m2. The low irra- Partner, ADNEC as diation of a German Venue Partner, Etihad winter highlights the Airways as the official superior power genera- Airline Partner. tion of Trina Solar’s 210 Meanwhile, Middle Vertex modules. East Manufacturing & TÜV Rheinland’s Technology is the re- field test project in gion’s only event dedi- Cologne, Germany: 210 cated to the Vertex modules v refer- manufacturing and in- ence modules (monofa- dustrialisation indus- cial) try. With the support Trina Solar’s 600W+ of Abu Dhabi Depart- modules with excellent ment of Tourism and low irradiation per- Culture as Destination formance demonstrated Partner, Ministry of the outstanding energy Industry & Advanced yield in field test in Technology as Host Germany. The 210 Ver- Organisation, The tex modules are a supe- Manufacturing Tech- rior choice, with better nologies Association energy yield perform- (MTA) as Supporting ance and lower LCOE. 39

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 A look at Pakistan’s growth and investment situation Engineering Post Report than the 5.74 try, however , cal role this time. These circum- per cent was also ac- stances have placed almost all companied by economies around the world in The real Gross Domestic recorded last external and shambles. Product (GDP) in FY2022 year FY2021. internal im- A highly transmissible Omicron remained at 5.97 percent. According balances as variety, changes in neighboring However, underlying macroeco- to the infor- has been the Afghanistan's government follow- nomic imbalances and associated mation now case histori- ing the withdrawal of US troops domestic and international risks a v a i l a b l e cally speaking sparked and the Russian-Ukraine somehow have dampened celebra- from eco- with Pak- conflict started in February 2022, tions to a great extent. The econ- nomic ex- istan's econ- all of these have upended the omy of Pakistan had rebounded perts and omy. However, global economic picture. Financial from the adverse impact of pan- o f f i c i a l external cir- and commodity markets all have demic of COVID-19 i.e. 0.94 per sources con- c u m s t a n c e s felt shockwaves in varying forms cent contraction in FY2020 and cerned, the have also and shapes. Thus, resultantly en- continued to post a V-shaped eco- high growth played a criti- ergy and food prices have surged nomic recovery which was higher of the coun- 40

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 rapidly and even threatened to re- Services sector. This growth was FY2022, per capita income was On the basis of data reported by main further elevated. The ex- slightly above the growth of 5.74 recorded at US$ 1798 reflecting Pakistan Bureau of Statistics ceedingly uncertain outcome of per cent recorded for FY2021. an improvement in prosperity due (PBS), GFCF in Public sector re- the crisis was as such anothyer For FY2022, GDP at current to the fact that the economic mained at Rs 481 billion during challenge for developing market prices stands at Rs 66950 growth per person had improved. FY2022 as compared to Rs 419 economies particularly for Pak- billion showing a growth of 20.0 Furthermore, the Gross Fixed billion last year, registering an in- istan. per cent over the last year figures Capital Formation (GFCF) was crease of 14.9 per cent. Pakistan's economy had shown of Rs 55796 billion. In the dollar recorded at Rs 8992 billion The overall provisional GFCF a strong recovery after being de- terms, it remained at US $ 383 against Rs 6217 billion in FY2021, in General Government services pressed due to the COVID-19 pan- billion . Gross National Income thus, posting a growth of 24.6 per for FY2022 was recorded at Rs demic which had resulted in (GNI) has also been used for cent. The GFCF comprises of Pub- 1808 billion compared to Rs 1241 lockdown. For FY2022, real Gross measuring and tracking a nation's lic, private and General govern- billion during FY2021 posting a Domestic Product (GDP) had wealth which has been calculate ments. The GFCF in the private growth of as much as 45.6 per posted a growth of 5.97 per cent by adding Net Primary Income to sector during FY2021 was esti- cent indicating increased spend- on account of 4.40 per cent growth GDP. Regarding per capita income mated at Rs 6704 billion against ing in Public Administration & in Agriculture sector, 7.19 per cent in terms of dollar, there was a re- Rs Rs 5557 billion in FY2921 Social Security, Education and growth in the Industrial sector bound seen in FY2021 which con- showing an increase of 20.6 per Human Health & Social Work re- and 6.19 per cent growth in the tinued also during FY2022. In cent. spectively. 41

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Increase in Federal Government borrowing for budgetary support Engineering Post Report rowed Rs 133.5 billion from the State Bank of Pakistan as com- The borrowing by the Federal pared to retirement of Rs 1164.3 Government for budgetary billion in the same period last year. support has registered sub- On the other hand, the federal stantial increase over the past government had borrowed Rs many months. 1453.3 billion from the scheduled The Government sector , accord- banks as compared to borrowing of ing to the available information, Rs 1807.9 billion in the previous had increased to as much as Rs year. As result, net government sec- 1586.8 billion for budgetary support tor borrowing amounted to Rs during the period July 01 to April 1795.6 billion against the borrow- 29,FY2022 as compared to Rs 642.6 ing of Rs 619.7 billion during the billion during the same period in same eriod last year. the previous year. During first nine months of Domestic borrowing for budget- FY2022,the federal government has ary support ,however, remained financed around 62 per cent of fis- higher than last year due to pres- cal deficit from domestic sources. sure on the external front for high Within the domestic sources, banks payments. and non-banks financing share Within the budgetary support, stood at 66 and 34 per cent respec- the federal government had bor- tively. 42

ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Energy Conservation Methods through Sustainable Energy Mechanism Engr. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal they for the most part for- and power or be changed quire a framework wide phoned capacity hydroelec- tify energy security and ra- over into biofuels, for exam- change of the manner in tricity, which requires areas diate far less ozone ple, biodiesel and ethanol, which energy is created, ap- with huge contrasts in depleting substances than which can be utilized to con- propriated, put away, and stature and admittance to petroleum products. Re- trol vehicles. consumed. For a general water. Batteries, particu- newable power projects The environment effect of public to supplant one type larly lithium-particle bat- once in a while raise huge bioenergy fluctuates signif- of energy with another, dif- teries, are likewise sent maintainability concerns, icantly relying upon where ferent innovations and broadly. Batteries ordinar- for example, dangers to bio- biomass feedstocks come practices in the energy ily store power for brief pe- diversity when areas of from and how they are de- framework should change. riods; research is high biological worth are veloped. For instance, con- Some energy-serious ad- continuous into innovation changed over to bioenergy suming wood for energy vances and cycles are chal- with adequate ability to en- creation or wind or sunlight discharges carbon dioxide; lenging to jolt, including dure through seasons. The Energy can be rationed based ranches. Contrasted those outflows can be es- flight, transporting, and natural component of sus- by expanding the with repository based of- sentially counterbalanced steelmaking. There are a tainability incorporates specialized effective- fices, run-of-the-stream hy- assuming the trees that few choices for decreasing ozone harming substance ness of machines, vehicles, droelectricity for the most were gathered are sup- the outflows from these discharges, impacts on bio- modern cycles, and struc- part has less ecological ef- planted by new trees in an areas: biofuels and manu- diversity and biological sys- tures. Another methodology fect. Notwithstanding, its all around oversaw wood- factured carbon-unbiased tems, unsafe waste and is to utilize less materials capacity to produce power land, as the new trees will energizes can control nu- poisonous outflows, water whose creation requires a relies upon stream, which retain carbon dioxide from merous vehicles that are in- utilization, and exhaustion ton of energy, for instance can fluctuate with every the air as they develop. tended to consume of non-inexhaustible assets. through better structure day and occasional climate. Notwithstanding, the foun- petroleum products, but Energy sources with low plan and reusing. Social Repositories give water dation and development of biofuels can't be economi- natural effect are some of changes, for example, utiliz- amount controls that are bioenergy yields can uproot cally delivered in the the time called environ- ing videoconferencing utilized for flood control and normal biological systems, amounts required and engi- mentally friendly power en- rather than business adaptable power yield while corrupt soils, and polish off neered fills are right now ergy or clean energy. The flights, or making metropol- likewise giving security water assets and engi- pricey. Energy storage monetary component of itan outings by cycling, during dry season to drink- neered manures. Roughly beats hindrances to discon- maintainability covers fi- strolling or public vehicle ing water supply and water 33% of all wood utilized for tinuous environmentally nancial turn of events, ef- rather than via vehicle, are system. Biomass is inex- fuel is gathered impracti- friendly power and is a sig- fective utilization of energy, one more method for moder- haustible natural material cally. The emanations de- nificant part of a manage- and energy security to ating energy. Renewable that comes from plants and creases important to keep a able energy framework. guarantee that every na- power sources are vital for creatures. It can either be worldwide temperature al- The most regularly utilized tion has consistent admit- maintainable energy, as scorched to create hotness teration under 2 °C will re- capacity technique is si- tance to adequate energy. 43



ENGINEERING POST July 2022 Comparison of allocations for important sectors under PSDP Engineering Post Report portant sectors through Ministries and Divisions financial year. concerned under Public Sector Development Pro- Figures are given as Rs in Million Following is the comparison of allocations for im- gramme (PSDP) in the budgets for last and ongoing Ministry/Division Budget Budget 2021-22 2022-23 Climate Change Division 14327 9600 Commerce Division 1614 1174 Communications Division 180 (Other than NHA) 451 13985 Housing & Works Division 24212 2850 Industries & Production Division 2916 6331 Information Tech & Telecom Division 9361 25991 Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission 27000 1481 Petroleum Division 3250 2648 Railways Division 30026 5716 Science & Technological Research Division 8341 7395 SUPARCO 7369 572 Water Resources Division 103473 18403 National Highway Authority 113750 43133 NTDC/PEPCO 69485 0 COVID Responsive & Other 5000 0 Natural Calamities Programme 0 VGF for PPP Projects 61500 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Supplementary Funds 22000 46


ENGINEERING POST July 2022 ADB to provide US $ 300 million loan to further develop Pakistan’s Capital Markets Engineering Post Report the government's efforts to finance sustainable growth and respond ef- Manila, the Philippines, fectively to crises, by making the based the Asian Develop- country's capital markets more ro- ment Bank (ADB) has re- bust and strengthening the govern- cently approved a loan of US $ 300 ment debt management. million for further development of ADB's programme as such sup- Pakistan's capital markets, promote ports policy actions that will private investment in the country strengthen market stability and at- and to help mobilizing domestic re- tract investor capital to Pakistan. sources to finance sustainable It also supports measures that will growth. strengthen the government debt The programme aims to catalyze market and enhance market sur- institutional investor demand and veillance systems to facilitate in- increase the range of alternative fi- formation exchange. nancial instruments such as deriv- The programmes b also aims at atives and commodity futures that promoting an enabling environ- are available to the investors. It ment to expedite access to financ- will also help to mobilize more do- ing the growth companies and mestic resources which support state-owned enterprises. 48


ENGINEERING POST July 2022 An Insight into IPOs in 2022 Engineering Post Report minium cans. The company was listed 4,2022 and had successfully raised Rs istan Stock Exchange (PSX) till on July 16,2021 and it had raised 700 million.As regards GEM BOARD, March 2022 stood at 532. Total listed Five Initial Public Offerings were funds of Rs 4600.5 million. the first IPO on GEM Board was Pak capital with PSX had increased from made on the Main Board in the The third IIPO was Airlink Com- Agro Packaging Limited engaging in Rs 1442.64 billion in FY2021 to Rs country during FY2022. munications Limited. The company the manufacturing of agricultural 1502.13 billion during the first nine In FY 2022, the first Initial Public imports,exports Information Technol- textile products. The company was months of financial year 2021-22. Offering (IPO) was the Citi Pharma ogy (IT) related products and serv- listed on November 26,2021 and had As reported above, five new compa- Limited, manufacturer of pharma- ices. The company was listed on raised Rs 198 million. nies were listed with the PSX during ceuticals , medical chemicals and September 22,2021 and had raised The second IPO on GEM Board July 2021 -Marc 2022 as compared to botanical products. The company was fund of Rs 6435 million. The fourth was Universal Network Systems Lim- five companies also in the fiscal year listed on July 09,2021 and it had IPO was of Octopus Digital Limited, ited with the principal activity of do- 2020-21. Total number of companies raised funds of Rs 2326.1 million. was listed on Otober 5,2021 and had mestic and international courier and listed in PSX in 2018 was 546, in The second IPO was the Pakistan raised funds of Rs 1110 million. allied services. The company was 2019 was 534 , 531 in 2020 and 532 in Aluminium Beverages Cans Limited. The fifth IPO during FY2022 was listed on December 6,2021 and had 2021 according to the information The principal activity of the Company the Adamjee Life Assurance Com- raised Rs 445.7 million. The total gathered from Pakistan Stock Ex- is manufacturing and sale of alu- pany Limited. It was listed on March number of companies listed in Pak- change sources. 50

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