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April 2019 Newsletter - Edited

Published by meenakshilovestalking, 2019-05-23 07:31:05

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April 2019 SRI AUROBINDO SOCIETY VOL 33.04 Singapore Permit No. MCI (P) 102/02/2018 NEWSLETTER Inner Guide and Guru Aspiration for Supramental Guidance in the Subconscient Intense need of order, light and knowledge in the subconscient penumbra. Pachystachys coccinea Cardinal’s-guard Small bright red to dark red bilabiate flower with the upper lip divided into two lobes and the lower into three; borne on erect bracteate spikes. A medium-sized herbaceous shrub with large ovate opposite leaves and a somewhat open habit. But all is screened, subliminal, mystical; It needs the intuitive heart, the inward turn, It needs the power of a spiritual gaze. - Savitri, Sri Aurobindo

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. Guiding Light of the Month Oh! how I call Thee from the very depths of my heart, True Light, Sublime Love, Divine Master who art the source of our light and of our living, our guide and our protector, the Soul of our soul and the Life of our life, the Reason of our being, the supreme Knowledge, the immutable Peace! - The Mother, Prayers and Meditation, July 21 1913 From the Editor’s Desk This edition of the newsletter turns its focus on the apply his knowledge of what he knows in such a way Inner Guide and Guru within. What is ‘Guru’? A little that the seeker sucessfully finds his means to actualise search on the word ‘Guru’ revealed the roots of this his aspiration. Perhaps, importantly, the Guide needs to Sanskrit term. gu means ‘darkness’, ru means ‘that know that one size does not fit all, that there is a huge which dispels’. Guru means that which (or who) dispels difference in how each individual charts out his path darkness. There is a spiritual connotation to the word towards reaching the destination envisioned. The Guru usually, though used simplistically, it may mean proposition of the inner guru or guide places the aspirant someone who has attained mastery over a certain skill and the guide in the same house. There is an inner guru or guide who is already realized seated wthin us is the and is in the position to instruct. However, the deeper, pre-supposition. So who is this Guru in us? Is It a ‘He’ spiritual meaning of Guru indicates one who has gained or a ‘She’ or just ‘It’? How did this entity get in there in self-mastery over his or her own self, with a complete the first place? Who then am ‘I’ seeking that presence in mastery over the ego and attained communion with the myself? There is a gamut of questions also shooting out universal consciousness. Because self-realised, it is from within. In all these, can I find some moment to see accepted that a guru is therefore qualified to lead other in myself such a guru who would guide my steps? Sri spiritual seekers on their inward journey towards self- Aurobindo had written about such a Guru in the realisation and communion with the Divine. In this qualification is one’s spontaneous capability to guide. Synthesis of Yoga as such: As we know, the term guide means to assist a person to “As the supreme Shastra of the integral Yoga is the eternal Veda secret in the heart of every man, so its travel through or reach a destination in an unfamiliar supreme Guide and Teacher is the inner Guide, the World-Teacher, jagad-guru, secret within us. It is he area. It may interest us to know that the English term who destroys our darkness by the resplendent light of guide is of 14th century origin in medieval England and his knowledge; that light becomes within us the was written as ‘gide’. The term ‘Guru’ far predates ‘guide’, finding its place widely in Vedic texts. increasing glory of his own self-revelation. He At one level of consciousness, when the aspiriation is discloses progressively in us his own nature of alive and sets off one phase of growth, whatever it may freedom, bliss, love, power, immortal being. He sets be, a natural yearning or quest arises to search of one above us his divine example as our ideal and who would guide or help or lead one towards one’s aim transforms the lower existence into a reflection of or goal. This may be true for learning physical skills, in that which it contemplates. By the inpouring of his sports, in the arts and the sciences and in spiritual own influence and presence into us he enables the matters. In the psyche of the seeker, the guide is paced individual being to attain to identity with the on a higher pedestal due to the fact that he or she has universal and transcendent.” With this in place, let us reached the goal and therefore capable of applying his turn the pages of this edition to discover more about or her techniques and methods on the one who has not that Inner Guru and Guide. arrived yet. What does it take to be a good guide, Let us also remember the month of April as the one besides being adept at what one knows or has realised that commemroates The Mother’s final arrival in and to know the ins and outs of Pondycherry and what that has meant to all of us. 2 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. The Soul’s Choice and the Supreme Consummation And all my springtides marry in thy mouth. O Sun-Word, thou shalt raise the earth-soul to Light And bring down God into the lives of men; Earth shall be my work-chamber and my house, My garden of life to plant a seed divine. When all thy work in human time is done The mind of earth shall be a home of light, The life of earth a tree growing towards heaven, The body of earth a tabernacle of God. Awakened from the mortal’s ignorance Men shall be lit with the Eternal’s ray And the glory of my sun-lift in their thoughts And feel in their hearts the sweetness of my love And in their acts my Power’s miraculous drive. My will shall be the meaning of their days; Living for me, by me, in me they shall live. Savitri, Sri Aurobindo Questions & Answers If you had around you people like Vivekananda, for example, your work would be more easy, wouldn’t it? Instead of having unrefined stuff like us? (laughter) Probably they would have been more refractory!... For what is most difficult is to convince someone who has already had a realisation. He believes he is above all progress. Not necessarily. It is not necessarily someone who has some experience who is most advanced. He lacks an element of simplicity, modesty, and the plasticity that comes from the fact that one is not yet totally developed. As one grows, something crystallises in the head; it gets more and more fixed and unless you try very hard you finish by becoming fossilised. This is what usually happens to people, particularly those who have tried for some realisation and succeeded in it or those who have come to believe they have reached the goal. In any case, it was their personal goal. They have reached it, they have attained. It is done, they remain there; they settle there, they say “that’s it.” And they do no more any more. So, after that they may live ten years more, or twenty or thirty, they will not budge. They are there, they will stay there. Such people lack all the suppleness of stuff that’s necessary for going further and progressing. They are stuck. They are very good objects to be put in a museum, but not for doing work. They are like samples to show what can be done but they are not the stuff to do more. For me personally, I admit I prefer for my work someone who knows very little, has not laboured too much, but who has a great aspiration, much goodwill and who feels in himself this 3 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. flame, this need for progressing. He may know very little, may have realised still less, but if he has that within him, it is good stuff with which one can go very far, much further. For one must know the way (it is the same thing here as with your library), one must know the way to go. Well, usually in life when you climb a mountain or go to an unknown land, you look for a man who has been there, who is a guide, and you ask him to direct you. It is the same thing. If you follow the guide, you can go much quicker than someone else who has made much effort, found his own way and is usually quite proud of himself and, in any case, has the feeling of having come to the end, reached the goal he aimed at, finally arrived — and he stops, settles down. And he does not move any more. 30 September 1953 * In everybody, is the psychic always pure or has it to be made pure? It is always pure. But it is either more or less individualised and independent in its action. What is psychic in the being is always pure, by its very definition, for it is that part of the being which is in contact with the Divine and expresses the truth of the being. But this may be like a spark in the darkness of the being or it may be a being of light, conscious, fully formed and independent. There are all the gradations between the two. Usually is it veiled? Has the psychic any power? It is usually the psychic which guides the being. One knows nothing about it because one is not conscious of it but usually it is that which guides the being. If one is very attentive, one becomes aware of it. But the majority of men haven’t the least idea of it. For instance, when they have decided, in their outer ignorance, to do something, and instead of their being able to do it, all the circumstances are so organised that they do something else, they start shouting, storming, flying into a rage against fate, saying (that depends on what they believe, their beliefs) that Nature is wicked or their destiny baleful or God unjust, or... no matter what (it depends on what they believe). Prayers – Looking from Within 4 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. If you desire only the Divine, there is an absolute certitude that you will reach the Divine, but all these questionings and repinings at each movement only delay and keep an impending curtain before the heart and the eyes. For at every step, when one makes an advance, the opposite forces will throw these doubts like a rope between the legs and stop one short with a stumble—it is their métier to do that…. One must say, “Since I want only the Divine, my success is sure, I have only to walk forward in all confidence and His own Hand will be there secretly leading me to Him by His own way and at His own time.” That is what you must keep as your constant mantra. Anything else one may doubt but that he who desires only the Divine shall reach the Divine is a certitude and more certain than two and two make four. That is the faith every sadhak must have at the bottom of his heart, supporting him through every stumble and blow and ordeal. - Sri Aurobindo Guidance A devotion that keeps concentrated and silent in the depths of the heart but manifests in acts of service and obedience, is more powerful, more true, more divine, than any shouting and weeping devotion - The Mother The Mother explains the process Everybody can do it. It is done in this way: you concentrate. Now, it depends on what you want. If you have an inner problem and want the solution, you concentrate on this problem; if you want to know the condition you are in, which you are not aware of - if you want to get some light on the state you are in, you just come forward with simplicity and ask for the light. Or else, quite simply, if you are curious to know what the invisible knowledge has to tell you, you remain silent and still for a moment and then open the book. I always used to recommend taking a paper-knife, because it is thinner; while you are concentrated you insert it in the book and with the tip indicate something. Then, if you know how to concentrate, that is to say, if you really do it with an aspiration to have an answer, it always comes. For, in books of this kind (Mother shows The Synthesis of Yoga), books of revelation, there is always an accumulation of forces - at least of higher mental forces, and most often of spiritual forces of the highest knowledge. Every book, on account of the words it contains, is like a small accumulator of these forces. People don't know this, for they don't know how to make use of it, but it is so. In the same way, in every picture, photograph, there is an accumulation, a small accumulation representative of the force of the person whose picture it is, of his nature and, if he has powers, of his powers. Now, you, when you are sincere and have an aspiration, you emanate 5 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. a certain vibration, the vibration of your aspiration which goes and meets the corresponding force in the book, and it is a higher consciousness which gives you the answer. Everything is contained potentially. Each element of a whole potentially contains what is in the whole. It is a little difficult to explain, but you will understand with an example: when people want to practise magic, if they have a bit of nail or hair, it is enough for them, because within this, potentially, there is all that is in the being itself. And in a book there is potentially - not expressed, not manifest - the knowledge which is in the person who wrote the book. Thus, Sri Aurobindo represented a totality of comprehension and knowledge and power; and every one of his books is at once a symbol and a representation. Every one of his books contains symbolically, potentially, what is in him. Therefore, if you concentrate on the book, you can, through the book, go back to the source. And even, by passing through the book, you will be able to receive much more than what is just in the book. There is always a way of reading and understanding what one reads, which gives an answer to what you want. It is not just a chance or an amusement, nor is it a kind of diversion. You may do it just \"like that\", and then nothing at all happens to you, you have no reply and it is not interesting. But if you do it seriously, if seriously your aspiration tries to concentrate on this instrument - it is like a battery, isn't it, which contains energies - if it tries to come into contact with the energy which is there and insists on having the answer to what it wants to know, well, naturally, the energy which is there - the union of the two forces, the force given out by you and that accumulated in the book - will guide your hand and your paper-knife or whatever you have; it will guide you exactly to the thing that expresses what you ought to know…. Obviously, if one does it without sincerity or conviction, nothing at all happens. If it is done sincerely, one gets an answer. Certain books are like this, more powerfully charged than others; there are others where the result is less clear. But generally, books containing aphorisms and short sentences - not very long philosophical explanations, but rather things in a condensed and precise form - it is with these that one succeeds best. Naturally, the value of the answer depends on the value of the spiritual force contained in the book. If you take a novel, it will tell you nothing at all but stupidities. But if you take a book containing a condensation of forces - of knowledge or spiritual force or teaching power - you will receive your answer. Aspiration of the Mind for the Supramental Guidance The mind feels that its complexity is powerless and asks for a greater light to illuminate it. Reflections on Eklavya – The Inner Guide 6 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. By Hiren Desai As the supreme Shastra of the Integral Yoga is the eternal Veda secret in the heart of every man, so its supreme Guide and Teacher is the inner Guide, the World-Teacher, jagad-guru, secret within us. (Sri Aurobindo, Synthesis of Yoga, p.61) In an obscure corner of the vast epic Mahabharata the story of the great archer Eklavya is recounted. He was a young man of low caste, whose aspiration to learn archery led him to approach Guru Drona, the teacher of Pandava and the Kuru princes. Guru Drona refused to accept him as his student because he was not of the Kshatriya clan. Eklavya's devotion to Drona was not affected by this refusal, and he proceeded to install a fine idol of Drona and to master the art of archery through years of arduous practice. One day, as it happened, Acharya Drona and Arjuna were passing near Eklavya’s hut. It was a tranquil place, but its peace was broken by the constant barking of a dog. Eklavya, not liking this, silenced the dog by sealing its mouth with skilfully aimed arrows. Drona was amazed to see this artistry and realized the archer was greater than his favourite disciple Arjuna. They came upon Eklavya, practising a wonderful display of archery in front of Drona's image. Eklavya declared his devotion to Drona and acknowledged that his mastery was the result of learning in front of his beloved Guru's image. Drona, in a moment of dark selfishness, and in order to maintain Arjuna's position as the supreme archer, then demanded Eklavya’s right thumb as Guru-Dakshina. Eklavya, without a moment’s hesitation, cut off his right thumb and offered it at the feet of his ishta-guru, an act that has no parallel in all legends. Eklavya's story indicates that the heart filled with aspiration from the psychic being can make the recognition of a master a concrete realization and establish a living presence. The full recognition of this inner Guide, Master of the Yoga. lord, light, enjoyer and goal of all sacrifice and effort, is of the utmost importance in the path of integral perfection. (Synthesis of Yoga, p.63) One who is the Lord or Ishwara of the Yogic philosophies, the Guide in the conscious being (caitya guru or antarayamin), the Absolute of the thinker, the Unknowable of the Agnostic, the universal force of the materialist, the supreme Soul and the supreme Shakti, the One who is differently named and imaged by the religions, is the Master of our Yoga. To see, know, become and fulfil this One in our inner selves and in all our outer nature, was always the secret goal and becomes now the conscious purpose of our embodied existence. 7 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. It is the origin and the master clue, A silence overhead, an inner voice, A living image seated in the heart, The secret grandiose meaning of our lives. (Savitri Bk 1, Canto 4 ) - Hiren Desai February - March Sunday Activities at the Centre - A glimpse February 24th – Read passages from Meditations on Savitri Book Seven- Canto one - The Joy of Union: the Ordeal of the Foreknowledge of Death and the Heart’s Grief The four pictures brings out the scenes of Savitri being dropped at the forest with her husband Satyavan and parents –in-law by the queen and her escorts. Though feeling sad to leave Savitri in the doom of the forest, they were helpless as it was Savitri who made this choice. Savitri, a young queen adored by everyone now puts up a very childlike happy appearance outside though her heart is silently suffering the forecast that at the end of the year when Satyavan’s tenure on earth finishes! Savitri though a queen now does all the menial jobs at ashram of her blind father-in-law Dyumatsena and his worn out queen and serves the elders with all love. Satyavan, however could feel Savitri’s inner movement of agitation though not expressed even the slightest outside. Savitri, while in her motionless and sleepless nights, a voice issuing out of her Agna Chakra speaks “if it was only to nurse grief helplessly as thou doest or tearfully await thy doom O spirit, O immortal energy that thou art, why didst thou come to this dumb and mortal earth, this ignorant life beneath an uncaring heaven, bound and offered as an oblation on the sacrificial? O soul, arise and conquer Time and Death. Summon thy heroic soul that can vanquish these; stay not in thy outer person that feels helpless. Savitri’s heart replies: My strength is no more with me: it is taken away from me and given to Death. The heavens are shut to me; why should I plead with them? She is ready to travel the passage of death “Vaitarini” along with her husband and reach the bright heavens. Then the mighty Voice (Ajna Chakra) reminds Savitri that she has come on the earth with a divine task. She has the power to change her mortal nature to divine nature, recover the soul and in the depth of the soul lies the Truth which has the power to change the old encrusted laws on the Earth. Now Savitri, untouched by her emotions and storm of thoughts is illuminated by the inner sun, and searches for her soul. March 3rd - Read passages from Introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s Epic Poem Savitri, All India Magazine Our member Sri Ram initiated the reading of the passages which was quite interesting. The Story of Creation: Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, pp 99-100 Mother tells the story of the beginning of the creation simplified so that even a child can understand The Supreme exteriorised Himself as Knowledge-Consciouness and the power to create it which was the expression of essential joy and essential freedom. First four beings were emanated which were in principle Consciouness, Light, Love and Truth. 8 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. These four beings misused their freedom and instead of taking the attitude of servant and instrument of the divine took the attitude of master and separated from Supreme. The result was Consciousness became inconscience, Light into darkness, Love into hatred and Truth into falsehood. The Creative Force turned to Supreme and prayed for the remedy to bring back the original nature. She was given the command to plunge into the matter and precipitate the Consciousness, Light, love and Truth. So the result is with the “successive involutions” Supermind is emerging now. The Exra-ordinary Power of Savitri. Mother talks about the extra ordinary power of Savitri. She advises her sadhaks that when anyone is confused, agitated or sad just open the Savitri any page after a moment of concentration and read then a new strength is experienced and a happiness sets in which is reversal of the consciousness along with the energy and force to overcome any challenges. Mantra is a Word of Power and Light Savitri page 37, Sri Aurobindo Mantra as described by Sri Aurobindo is a word of power and light that comes from the over mind inspiration and its characteristics are a language that conveys more than the mere surface of words seem to indicate and the rhythm is born out of infinite! March 10th - The Human cycle, The Ideal of Human Unity, War and Self-Determination Chapter - The Necessity of the Spiritual Transformation Mr Jared continued leading us with the reading of passages from above. In these passages Sri Aurobindo opens our eyes to different kinds of Nature. The lower perfection of Nature rules the plant and animal kingdom which is instinctive and automatic which is subconscient obedience to its vital truth of its own being. In man, the higher perfection of the Nature comes not instinctively but intuitively when he abides by the truth of his inner realised being. This spiritual light brings with it the force of a unified and integralised highest truth, largest beauty, good, power, joy, love and oneness. Now man made laws of ethics and intellect and the religious laws helps him to impose a healthy limit on the egoistic claims. Once he crosses this stage of tutelage, he merges in the supreme ocean of light and expanse of highest truth and become one with the divine that is ātma-ratiḥ -Rejoice in the Self. March 17th- The Human cycle, The Ideal of Human Unity, War and Self-Determination Chapter - Conditions for the Coming of a Spiritual Age Mr Jared talked about the essence of the first 3 passages in this chapter, Spiritual change in the mental and vital being must necessarily be accomplished in the individual before it can lay any effective hold on the community. All great changes therefore find their first clear and effective power and their direct shaping force in the mind and spirit of an individual or of a limited number of individuals. And the society must be prepared to receive the image of the spirit and assimilate in themselves without belittling the individual or individuals as a cell or an atom. 9 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. Even if the mind of common man admits the ideas proper to the higher order and his heart stirred by the aspirations born of these ideas, these signals are precursors for a great spiritual change in the community. - Jayalakshmi PROGRAMME FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL 2019 7 Apr 2019 8 AM Monthly Morning Walk * Sunday 6 PM AIM Magazine Reading and Discussion 14 Apr 2019 6 PM Thematic Study Circle Part I : Sunday 6 PM The Human Cycle 9 AM 21 Apr 2019 Thematic Study Circle Part II : Sunday The Human Cycle 24 Apr 2019 Anniversary of The Mother's Final Arrival in Wednesday Pondicherry 24 Apr 2019 7 PM Anniversary of The Mother's Final Arrival in Wednesday 4 PM Pondicherry 6 PM 28 Apr 2019 Youth Programme Sunday Savitri Circle * Please see below for details. Date: April 2019 MORNING WALK – NO. 404 Time: Sunday,7th April 2019 Walk Venue: Meeting Point: 8:00 A.M. sharp for warm up exercise. We shall proceed with the walk by 8.20 AM without waiting for anyone. Those who would like to join late for the walk may proceed directly to the walk venue Singapore Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate Entrance in Cluny Road (Off Holland Road). This place is near GlenEagles Hospital. (Napier MRT under construction). Car Park is available in Cluny Road (Botany Centre) 10 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. How to reach 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174. Bus Stops no: 13019 or 13011 there by bus Contact No: Mr S.Ramanathan (9138 5130) Hosts: Mr. Kailash Agarwal & Family Tel: 91187370 (Kailash), 96706717 (Smitha), RSVP Whatsapp to the above Venue for Bruch and Meditation: Sri Aurobindo Society Centre Singapore Fine Arts Building, 2A, Starlight Road., Singapore 217755 Note: All are encouraged to attend the Walk. Those, however, who are not able to join the Walk, the hosts would be very happy that they directly come and join in the brunch by 10:15 AM. Prayers and meditation will commence sharp at 10.30 A.M. All are requested to be punctual. PREVIEW OF FORTHCOMING SUNDAY MORNING WALKS WALK NO DATE PLACE HOST 405 5/5/19 East Coast Park Mr Ashok Patel & Family 406 02/6/19 East Coast Park Mr Anand Patel & Family 407 07/7/19 Bedok Reservoir Mr Sanjay Mehta & Family 408 04/08/19 Macrtichie Reservoir Mr K V Rao & Family Along the Way… March Walk Review (walk no 403) Pasir Ris Park is the charm of the east for many in the Aurobindo Society who stay much farther away and rarely come to the eastern tip of the island. Some of the members with small kids were charmed by the elaborate play areas for kids of all ages and sprawling green areas along the coast. In fact, it offers much more than the usual cycling, camping, barbeque pits and play area. This park is well known for horse riding, croquet, bird watching, mangrove and even a maze. Nudged by Mr Ramanathan’s enthusiasm, we walked nearly the full length of the 6 Km long park. The walk began with a small enthusiastic group but the numbers grew as the walk progressed. We first passed a group of bird photographers. Peering through their super long and camouflaged telescopic lenses attached to the cameras perched on the tripods, they looked more like modern day Arjunas focused on the eye of the bird, than Dr. Salim Ali, the famous Ornithologist, with his binoculars. 11 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

SAICE Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore. January 2019. As the walk progressed one could overhear the members catching up with each other about the travels over the last couple of months or their plans for summer. On a side note, forget the NATAS fair, it is here that you can get the real travel tips and references. From Burj to Budapest, Yogyakarta to Yosemite, you can get travel reviews to so many destinations in these walks. Depending upon who turns up on what day, in SAS walks there will be enthusiastic discussions about Indian cricket, English Premier League, current developments in digital media, entrepreneurship in Singapore, forthcoming Changi terminal 5, the education system, you name it … anything is par for the course. If you are tired of the TV and media discussions on ‘agli bar kiski sarkar?’ (who will form the next government?) do join the walks. And there is also space for those who want to do silent walking meditation. Once we reached one end of the Pasir Ris Park, we turned around and walked past the maze to the other end, the quieter side of the park. (Maybe we should explore the maze in another walk.) The mangroves are the other attraction of this park. Much greener, with a boardwalk to explore the swamp, this area also has a tower for birdwatchers. Some of us enthusiastically climbed the tower that rises above the canopy of the park. By then it was time to walk back to the meeting point and so the time to check the google map and get the answer to question – ‘main kahan hoon’ (where am I?). It was a serene atmosphere at host Anand and Sheetal’s house. A lovely alter, and a cheerful couple were awaiting us. After the prayers, meditations, and birthday wishes, Mr Rao shared an idea that we can consider having one Sunday evening gathering at Kashyap Nivas. The buffet lunch that followed was sumptuous and delicious. Thanks are due to Sheetal, for her culinary skills were in full display. Thanks also due to Anand and Rishab who would have also contributed to organising this. S.N.Venkat Printed and Published by The Sri Aurobindo Society of Singapore 2A Starlight Road 01-07, Singapore 217755. Saurab: 86559940 or [email protected]; Sanjay: 98750767 or [email protected]; Email: [email protected] Visit our website at: 12 INNER GUIDE AND GURU

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