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Concordia University School of Law Viewbook - 2018

Published by Concordia University - Portland, 2018-09-19 19:37:29

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A new way of thinking

What are you looking for in a legal education?Built on a foundation of service-based leadership, Concordia University School cost of $19,000 per year puts all the benefits of a private law school within reach—of Law is a new type of law school for a new breed of lawyer. Here, in the heart of making the dream of becoming a lawyer a more affordable reality. When you graduateIdaho’s capital city and center of the state’s legal community, our innovative legal from Concordia Law, you graduate with a degree that empowers you to make acurriculum integrates civic engagement and ethical decision making. Class sizes are difference as a legal professional and community leader. If you’re looking for a legalintentionally small to foster critical thinking and dialogue. Mentorships, externships, education that combines the values of justice, compassion, and moral integrity, lookand internships put legal theory and classroom skills into action. And an average no further than Concordia University School of Law.

Student to Faculty Ratio11 to 1

“Concordia Law taught me exactly what I needed to succeed – how to think like a lawyer.” —Kraig Smikel, JD ‘17 To see Kraig’s full interview, visit the Concordia University School of Law YouTube channel. The FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESSConcordia University School of Law’s academic philosophy is rooted in a According to the most recent Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE),curriculum designed to give you the established foundational education to pass Concordia gets positive marks in a variety of areas that set us apart. You willthe bar exam, practical skills to pass real-life tests, and electives that reflect receive significantly more written work than at other schools, for example,today’s legal environment. better preparing you for life outside of law school. You can expect a high level of feedback on classwork and assignments, especially during your first year. AndDeveloping Thought Leaders instead of just being lectured to, you will interact with your professor and other students during class.At Concordia Law, your first year track will follow a tried-and-true set offoundational classes, steeped in the basic concepts that make up our laws. Whether it’s learning the nuts and bolts of centuries-old law or exploring theIntensive legal research and writing courses are integrated throughout your latest Supreme Court rulings, you’ll embark on a rigorous academic journey thatcourse of study. A success skills class provides instruction on how to brief cases, teaches you to think like a lawyer and prepares you to pass the bar.outline courses, and prepare for exams.In addition, your research, writing, and doctrine of law classes will be augmentedwith a course that examines the fundamentals of justice. In this class, you andyour fellow students will work together to consider the philosophical, religious,and intellectual roots of law. The readings challenge you to think deeply aboutwhat your role as a professional will be, and to remember that the hard work oflaw school will allow you to make a difference, to serve as an advocate, and tosolve complex legal problems.concordia university school of law | boise, idaho | 3

Concordia Law students hone their skills—and make an appreciable difference—throughout the Boise community, includinghere at Life’s Kitchen. Through our pro bonopartnership, law students volunteer to teachlegal-themed life-skills classes to at-riskyoung people as they move into adulthood.This is just one of many opportunitiesyou’ll have to put classroom theory intocommunity-service action.

The minute you commit to Concordia University School of Law, we commit to you, putting all of our resourcestoward helping you succeed.Learning beyond the classroomLegacy Mentorship Program: This unique program pairs every studentwith an attorney or judge who provides an introduction to the legal community,offering insight, knowledge, and advice. These mentors take an active role inhelping you learn firsthand what it means to be a lawyer. Whether it’s to observea deposition, review legal research, or watch your mentor litigate a case, you willdiscover how the foundational legal education taught in the classroom applies toreal experience.Pro Bono Service: “Service leadership” is one of the key Lutheran principles Prepared and Practice-Readyon which Concordia University School of Law was founded. As a student, youwill be required to complete 50 hours of law-related public service prior to Concordia University School of Law provides a variety of professionalgraduation. Yet because public service is so ingrained in everything we do, most development opportunities and services designed to help you build a path to astudents go well beyond that minimum number of hours. Through pro bono meaningful career. You’ll have access to individual career counseling, workshops,service, you can hone your skills by giving back to people in need, working with practice panels, mock interviews, and career fairs, as well as ongoing supportorganizations like the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, and transitional training programs to help you achieve your professional goals.Idaho Legal Aid, the ACLU, and the Idaho Innocence Project.Internships and Externships: Our internship and externship programs giveyou the opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the region’s most powerfuland important legal organizations, including the Idaho Attorney General’s Office,the International Rescue Committee, and the Federal Defenders of Idaho. Theseprograms provide an easy way to enhance professional networks and gaininvaluable experience. You can also participate in internships or externships outof state.concordia university school of law | boise, idaho | 5

Imagine a place where underserved populations can get critical, pro bono legal help. Where low-income families can getlegal advice on landlord disputes and immigration issues. Where veterans can get free legal support for themselves andtheir families. And where law students and legal experts work side-by-side to serve the highest-need individuals in ourcommunity. All in one convenient location in the heart of downtown Boise. Welcome to 5th & Front.A vital part of the community5th & Front is the home of Concordia University School of Law’s extensive Where Law and Social Justice Meetportfolio of community-based and community-focused services and programs.Located on the Concordia Law campus in Boise, 5th & Front aims to provide Through 5th & Front, Concordia Law students have the opportunity to activelyaccess to justice for underserved populations—including juveniles, veterans, participate in pro bono experiences in many different practice areas, enhancingimmigrants, refugees, and families living in poverty. Clinics cover a wide range their legal education through meaningful professional experiences. The students,of legal issues, such as housing, asylum and citizenship, criminal expungement, in turn, provide much-needed legal services to low-income and modest-meanswills and estate planning, and domestic violence, to name a few. individuals, benefitting the community as a whole. This unique “one-stop shop” for all of Concordia Law’s many legal outreach programs helps close the social justice gap, bridging the disparity in legal services for people in need. These are services that either don’t exist or are out of reach for many in our community. The goal of 5th and Front is to change that.6 concordia university school of law | boise, idaho |

“These firsthand, real-worldexperiences not only build students’skills, but also help members of ourcommunity.” —Elena Langan, Dean Concordia University School of Law

“Law school is a demanding, challenging, and rewarding experience. The Office of Student Affairs engages and supports students in their co-curricular, extracurricular, and personal endeavors and needs. It’s an excellent first stop for student issues and inquiries. Whether it’s encouraging student camaraderie, supporting clubs and organizations, or assisting with legal intern licenses and bar applications, the mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to enhance each student’s educational experience and professional development.” —Benjamin Cramer, A​ ssistant Dean of Career Services and Student Affairs​Deputy Title IX Coordinator Concordia University School of Law

“You need to visit the campus in person. Because with Concordia, you’re not joining a law school, you’re joining a community where you’ll be part of a family.”To see Brit’s full interview, visit the Concordia University School of Law YouTube channel. —Brit Kreimeyer, JD ‘16 Concordia University School of Lawconnect with your peersConcordia University School of Law fosters collaboration and camaraderie Public Interest Law Student Organization (PILSO): This group of publicthrough a close-knit community of students. With class sizes kept small, you’ll service-oriented students seeks to raise awareness about issues involving accessquickly come to know fellow students and faculty. Classmates become friends to the legal system for underserved populations.and professors become mentors. WOMEN’S LAW SOCIETY: Open to all students, this organization aims to fosterAt Concordia, You Belong diversity through the advancement of equal rights and promotion of opportunities that advance the interests of women in the legal system.Concordia Law sponsors a variety of student-led organizations where you canhone your skills, discuss topical issues, or just unwind and have fun. INTERNATIONAL LAW SOCIETY: The purpose of this organization is to raiseA sampling of some of our clubs, organizations, and associations includes: awareness of international law, promote the study and practice of international law, and assist with career development for members.Student Bar Association: This is the student-led governing body ofConcordia Law. It was formed as the law school division of the AmericanBar Association to represent the students and promote both fellowship andcommunication among faculty, administration, and the legal community.Idaho Trial Lawyers Association: This group’s goal is to increase courtaccessibility for all citizens. Members help staff the Street Law and Family LawClinics, which provide legal advice to walk-in clients.concordia university school of law | boise, idaho | 9

12 3 45make yourself at home 10 THINGS YOU’LL LOVE ABOUT BOISE1–THE FOOTHILLS: Trailheads are within walking distance of the law school 3–BODO: Boise downtown, or BoDo, includes a trendy area of theaters, shopping,campus. This 130-mile protected system called Ridge to Rivers is ideal for hikers restaurants, coffee shops, and music venues just two blocks west of school.and bikers, and many trails are pet friendly. 4–BASQUE BLOCK: Idaho is home to one of the largest Basque communities2–BOISE GREENBELT: This 25-mile biking and walking trail is one of Boise’s outside of Europe. Take a short walk north of the law school to experience the art,most beloved outdoor areas. Tree-lined pathways follow the river through the food, and traditions of this unique culture.heart of the city and provide scenic views, wildlife habitat, and pedestrian accessto many of the area’s popular riverside parks. The Greenbelt also serves as an 5–BOGUS BASIN MOUNTAIN RECREATION AREA: In the winter, enjoy the area’salternative transportation route for commuters. best downhill and cross-country skiing. In the summer, warm up to hiking, mountain biking, and gem mining. All within 20 miles of Concordia Law.10 concordia university school of law | boise, idaho |

 Boise consistently ranks among the Top 10 in national publications for livability, best downtowns, best city for raising a family, and best places to find a job. 6 8 79 10Boise is a thriving capital city with an amazing quality of life and low cost of living. It is also renowned for its proximity to the great outdoors,ever-changing cultural scene, and dedication to livability. And its centralized location provides easy access to many metropolitan citiesthroughout the western half of the United States. Here are 10 ways to experience the wonders of Boise.6–BOISE RIVER and RIVER PARK: Soaking in the scenery, float trips, kayaking, 9–ALBERTSONS STADIUM: While the Broncos are the official athletic programpaddle boarding, and Greenbelt excursions make perfect study breaks. of Boise State University, city residents have adopted the BSU campus and its famous blue turf as their own. Watch a game, enjoy a theatrical performance, or7–CAPITAL CITY PUBLIC MARKET: Every Saturday from the beginning of spring catch a concert at the many campus facilities available to the community.through the fall harvest, local farmers and artisans set up an extensive farmer’smarket on the sidewalks of downtown. 10–IDAHO SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL: Set against the spectacular Boise foothills, the works of William Shakespeare and the world’s best classical playwrights are8–THE CAPITOL: Opened in 1912, the Idaho State Capitol is just a few blocks brought to life each summer. A 770-seat, state-of-the-art facility was speciallynorth of Concordia Law. Critical state, congressional, and legal institutions, along designed to feature the human voice.with dozens of law practices, radiate from this hub. 11

Richard C. and Shirley I. Fields Transformation of Society ScholarshipThis scholarship, named in recognition of two well-respected members of the Boisecommunity, covers 90 percent of tuition for talented individuals committed to thetransformation of society through service. Visit our website for more information.“I would love to be an advocate for environmental justice, in instances where minorities and poor communities are disproportionately affected by polluted air and water, similar to the situation in Flint, Michigan.” —Erica Green, scholarship recipient and student Concordia University School of Law

At Concordia University, our goal is to help you graduate with a meaningful, practice-ready degree—not amountain of debt. That’s why the average yearly tuition is just $19,000, comparable with most state schools.the value of a concordia degreeScholarships, Grants and Awards Tuition (2018-19 Academic Year, 30 Semester Hours) $ 29,250 Service Grant - $ 5,000Merit-based scholarships range from $3,000 to $14,000 each year and are Average Merit-Based Award - $ 3,750based on prior academic excellence and the potential for success as indicated Scholars Society Award* - $ 1,500by your LSAT results and undergraduate GPA. In addition, every student receives Average Cost Per Year = $ 19,000a guaranteed service grant of $5,000 per year—designed to encourage you to Note: Average award based on class of 2020.prioritize service, both during and after law school. These scholarships areautomatically renewable each year you are enrolled at Concordia Law. And unlike *Scholars Society Awards are based on application received dates. Apply bymost other law schools, scholarship renewal is not based on class rank. November 15 and receive $1,500 per year. Apply by February 15 and receive $1,000 per year.If you’re an incoming student from Idaho, you may be eligible for the IdahoResident Grant, which is also automatically renewable each year. **Scholarship and grant amounts shown are awarded annually, based on 30 credits/year.Another way we strive to keep costs manageable is by cultivating a communityof supporters to assist our students. Gifts from individuals, firms, barassociations, foundations, and others help make Concordia University Schoolof Law more affordable.  Concordia Law's FAFSA School Code is 003191concordia university school of law | boise, idaho | 13

A law school for boiseWith a view toward relevance and repurposing, Concordia University School of A Law Library for the 21st CenturyLaw transformed an old brick building on the underdeveloped edge of downtownBoise into a $10 million, state-of-the-art, 54,000 square foot campus. The largest part of the building is the library, home to an up-to-date collection that's practice-focused and student-oriented, designed to support all levels ofThree floors were added to house classrooms, offices, and gathering spaces— legal research, writing, and theory.such as conference rooms and a common area. Moot court and mock trial roomsmirror actual courtroom sizes and design. There’s even a secure bike garageand student showers. And the building meets the requirements for Leadership inEnergy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.The building of the law school also helped usher in a new era of development allaround us in this core downtown area—the city’s first ecodistrict. Along with newrestaurants, new retail, new housing options, and a new grocery store, the areaalso features green stormwater infrastructure, geothermal heating (includinghere at the law school), and a cohesive streetscape that encourages walking andbike riding. All designed to make one of America’s most livable cities even better. Part-Time and Flex-Time Options are Also Available. The George R. White Law Library features new technology platforms in addition For students juggling work, family, and outside commitments, to long-held research models and materials. And a team of reference librarians have the background, knowledge, and expertise to support you as you write Concordia Law offers a part-time program that takes four papers and tackle the intricacies of the legal system. years to complete. Visit for complete details.14 concordia university school of law | boise, idaho |

“C lasses here are tough, but extremelyfascinating. Conversation is dynamic and theatmosphere is really energetic. At ConcordiaLaw, everyone wants to succeed.” —Marcus West, JD ‘17 Concordia University School of Law To see Marcus’ full interview, visit the Concordia University School of Law YouTube channel.

“Concordia established a law programthat is shaping legal education. It’sa blend of traditional classroomeducation with practical skills in a waythat allows long-standing law schooltraditions to remain while providingfor the needs of today’s students.” —Craig Cannon, JD ‘15 Concordia University School of Law

A modern law school with a rich heritageThe foundation for the law school is rooted in the home campus of Concordia Groundbreaking from the Ground UpUniversity, a fixture in Portland, Oregon, for more than a century. Concordiabegan as a four-year Lutheran academy created to meet the regional needs for For years, Boise remained one of the few state capitals in the United Statespastors and parochial school teachers. without a full three-year law school. The city contains the majority of Idaho’s law firms, attorneys, and judicial institutions, but Boise lacked a law school to match the dynamic environment and prepare the next generation of legal minds. That all changed in 2007 when this fact came to the attention of several Concordia University board members—all distinguished lawyers, including a few from the Boise area. Backed by the support of Concordia leadership, the concept for the law school quickly gained traction—both with Concordia leaders and the Boise legal community. The groundbreaking took place in 2010, with the law school building officially opening in August of 2012.The Concordia University–Portland of today is a private, nonprofit liberal arts So while we may be a young law school, our foundation and history are anythingChristian university with more than 35 undergraduate, pre-professional, and but. This is a law school for the 21st century, with brick-and-mortar roots goinggraduate programs serving roughly 5,000 students. back to 1905.concordia university school of law | boise, idaho | 17

the road to full ABA ApprovalConcordia University School of Law is provisionally approved by the Council of granting our graduates the exact same benefits of fully approved law schools—the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar including the ability to sit for the Bar Exam and become licensed attorneys.Association (ABA). Receiving full approval from the ABA is a step-by-step, multi- Under ABA standards, Concordia University School of Law must apply for andyear process that every accredited law school goes through. In the fall of 2012, receive full ABA benefits by 2020.Concordia University School of Law welcomed its first class of law students.In June of 2015, the school received provisional approval from the ABA, thusConcordia University School of Law is provisionally approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association, 321 North ClarkStreet, Chicago, IL 60654, 312-988-6738.18 concordia university school of law | boise, idaho |

Rankingfor highestperforming lawschool graduateemployment(Pre-Law Journal,Fall 2018) #4 19

make your markAs a student at a dynamic law school that values innovation, legal skills development, and an entrepreneurialapproach to education, you will be a trailblazer—helping to set the standard for, and influence the character of,Concordia Law for years to come. Whether your goal is to become a practicing attorney, run a nonprofit advocatingfor refugees, open and manage a small business, or guide a corporation through mergers and acquisitions, youropportunities to make a difference are endless in an environment where leadership and service are emphasized.A Strong Case for Concordia And Concordia Law is backed by Concordia University’s century-old history of caring, compassion, and excellence. Preparing leaders for the transformationWhen it comes to selecting a law school, we understand that you have many of society is more than our mission statement—it’s our purpose. We hope it willchoices. So why here? With Concordia University School of Law, you’ll find a become yours, too.faculty that is invested in helping you succeed. You’ll enjoy a state-of-the-artcampus that’s just a stone’s throw from Idaho’s legal hub. You’ll experience acommunity that’s inviting, exhilarating, comfortable, and affordable, all in one.20 concordia university school of law | boise, idaho |

learn 208-639-5440EMAIL [email protected] 501 West Front Street Boise, Idaho 83702apply Checklist⎕ Application Fee: $0⎕ Completed online application - Personal Statement - Résumé⎕ Character and Fitness Addendum (if applicable)⎕ Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report from LSAC that includes a valid LSAT score, a minimum of two letters of recommendation (maximum of four), and official copies of all post-secondary transcripts showing completion or projected completion of a four-year bachelor’s degreeDECISIONOnce we receive your completed application, we do our best to make a decisionas quickly as possible—usually within two weeks. West Front Street, Boise, Idaho 83702 | 208-639-5440 | [email protected] |apply today at OR

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