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e-newsletter March 9 2018

Published by Moscow UMC, 2018-03-09 14:38:19

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The Moscow United Methodist Church126 Church Street Office Phone: 570-842-7251Moscow, PA 18444 e-newsletter March 9, 2018This Thursday – March 15, 2018 - 7 pm The North Pocono Ministerium CommunityLenten Worship will be held at Moscow UMCJoin your neighbors and the community for a special time of worship Our offering assists the North Pocono Dry Goods Pantry Sign up at church this Sunday to bring a dish/dessert to share

MUMC’s Financing of Ministries for Christ Moscow UMC 2018 Church BudgetsBecause of the generous giving and discipleship of so many Moscow UMC church members andfriends, our church is able to provide passionate worship, risk-taking mission and service, warmhospitality and intentional faith development opportunities to people of all ages. One tool that helpsus with our ministry finances is our annual budget. The two main MUMC budget areas are: 1. Our General Fund – Our general fund budget total for 2018 is $157,500. This total represents a reduction of $13,575 from last year’s budget. This reduction was made so our general fund budget could be balanced. Our income and expenses for the church general fund are summarized below: Income: The largest category of income comes from the generosity of church members and friends who through pledges and contributions in worship will provide approximately $131,300 in 2018 to meet our expenses. The remainder comes from the trustees’ maintenance fund ($11,500), fundraising ($9,000), special offerings at Christmas and Easter ($3,900), use of our building ($1,500) and, our Learning Tree preschool ($1,800). Our income is estimated based on the previous few years income in each category plus the total amount of church member pledging for the coming year. Expenses: Our church general fund expenses fall into five broad categories: Ministry Share & Health Insurance Expenses: ($35,767) Ministry shares provide for mission locally, nationally and globally and help support the larger church. Lay Staff Salaries: ($28,847) Salary and stipend expenses for seven lay staff positions at MUMC: Administrative Assistant, Bell Choir Director, Financial Secretary, Music Director, Nursey Caregiver, Organist, and Treasurer Operating Expenses: ($23,305) Utilities, social security contributions for lay staff, supplies, and administrative expenses for all the general church ministries Programming Expenses: ($3,675) Ministry expenses for all church programs Pastor & Ministry Expenses: ($65,920) Expenses associated with the pastor’s salary, social security contributions, pension contribution, continuing education, ministerial expenses, and parsonage utilities and upkeep.

2. Our Trustees Maintenance and Capital Improvement Funds – Our trustees maintenance budget for 2018 is estimated at $26,800. This is the same as last year and although expenses have gone up, the trustees have cut back in some areas to keep this budget balanced. The capital improvement budget is an estimated $10,000 for 2018 to cover larger-ticket item expenses associated with needed repairs and improvements to the church property: a 150 year old parsonage, an almost 100 year old Sanctuary and social hall, a 25 year old 2-story education building, two parking lots, equipment, and grounds. Income: The income for trustees maintenance comes mainly from the generosity of church members via their envelope offerings and is estimated to be $24,300 for 2018. Other sources of income are dividends from church invested funds ($1995) and misc. sources ($500). The income for capital improvements comes from contributions above and beyond the offerings given for maintenance through special appeals, monthly envelope contributions in addition to weekly offerings, and cash/checks dropped into the capital fund coin jug at the Sanctuary entrance. Expenses: The expenses of the trustees maintenance fund include insurance on all church property & equipment, the office copier lease/upkeep, snowplowing, exterminating, furnace and kitchen equipment maintenance/repair, fire extinguisher upkeep, and yearly tuning of the church organ and pianos. In addition, the trustees share the cost of the fuel oil with the general church fund and give any money they can to assist with ministry shares. Due to rising expenses, there will not be much in the trustees maintenance fund to assist with ministry shares in 2018. The capital improvement fund is saving money to repair the parsonage garage roof and floor so the garage can be used for car storage. When these items are cared for, the fund will save up for future repairs needed: organ, parking lots, emergencies, etc.Copies of our church’s budgets and monthly income and expenses are available on the bulletin boardby the Spring Garden Street entrance of the church for any who wish to view them. Our churchtreasurers and leaders are available to answer any questions you might have about our churchbudgets or finances. Please call the church office 570-842-7251. Thanks to all who support ourchurches mission and ministry. God’s Blessings!

Bottles, bottles and…STARFISH?A little boy was walking the beach early one summer morning. As he walked, he picked up astarfish which had been stranded in the high tide and with all his might, flung it back into theocean. He spent his entire walk rescuing starfish. A man was watching from a distance, and,finally, when his curiosity got the better of him, he approached the young boy. “Son,” hesaid, “there are millions of starfish and miles of beaches. What difference does it make if youthrow these back in the ocean?” The young boy turned around, starfish in hand, flung it intothe ocean and replied, “It made a difference to THAT one!”And so it is that ONE medicine bottle can change the life of one human being. In 3rd worldcountries, where sanitation is marginalized or non-existent, humanitarian aid arrives withmedicine…..but the citizens who stand in line for hours to visit the clinic leave with pills in theirhands, or in a folded scrap of paper. What do you suppose the odds are of those pills stayingclean or that the patient will have been able to hold on to all of the pills on the long walkhome?Imagine going to Rite Aid or Wal Mart to pick up your prescriptions, and the pharmacist says,“Here are your 30 pills for next month. Hold out your hand.”Last March, at the start of Lent, our church started a mission project to collect cleanmedicine bottles. The response has been overwhelming. Each week the bin in the narthexholds the contributions of our members and their families. To date, we have sent 5,064medicine bottles to Ohio for distribution to 3rd world countries.The rules are simple: plastic medicine bottles, prescription or over the counter, with their lidsand with their labels removed. Any size, any shape, any color. Bring them to church, depositthem in the bin in the narthex. We will do the rest!Thank you, Carol Verrone!

Spring 2018 Lay Academy Where - Elm Park UMC, 712 Linden St, Scranton, PA 18708 When - Saturdays, April 14th and 21st – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.Please arrive early on the first Saturday to allow time for check in and devotions. Classes Offered: • Preaching – Rev. Mike Bealla with Pastor Brian Wallace o Practical tools that can be used by those who are called on to preach at times but who are not trained as pastors. • Polity - Rev. Andrew Weidner o More than just an overview of the structure and organization of the United Methodist Church. Explore the theology that guides our connections and relationships with other United Methodists and the world

• Leading Prayer – Pastor Eric Luczak o Learn the theology and components of public prayer. Become more confident when called upon to pray. • Worship – Pastor Scott Miller o Explore the structure and flow of a worship service. Learn why the order of worship in important and how to create a meaningful worship service.The price for each course will be $15 -If you would like lunch add $10If there is a required book for the course the District has offered to pay for it.Whether you are feeling called to Certified Lay Speaking, Certified Lay Servant,or just want to deepen your relationship with our Lord and Savior as one of hisdisciples, please consider enrolling in one of these courses.If you get a first time student to register and attend a class you will get $5 off yourown registration fee.Please be aware that you DO NOT need to be a Lay Speaker or become a LaySpeaker to take these courses. The courses are for anyone wanting to expandtheir knowledge as Disciples of Christ and help lead others to becoming Disciplesof Christ for the transformation of the world. - - Tom Taylor S/W-B Dist LayLeaderMake Checks Payable to: Susquehanna Annual ConferenceSend to: Tom Taylor, 540 Keystone Ave, Peckville Pa.18452Register at this site: OR With Your Smart Phone

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