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Published by Jav Volante, 2022-05-02 13:51:09

Description: PTASK_Gr2_THEOLOGY


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Group 2 Presents... Confirmation 2nd Sacrament In Christian confirmation, a baptised person believes that he or she is receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit as she establishes a further connection with God through the church. This is a big part of the lives of Catholics because this is one of the seven sacraments. This may also help non-Catholics better understand our culture and why we choose to dedicate our lives to God. 11ThSeoTloEgMists3 THGREOOULPO2GY

Who? WHERE Bishop or Priest Child to be baptised Godparents It gives the Holy Spirit's gifts to the receiver, who's a baptized person. The church prefers that the godparents at baptism serve again as the sponsor at confirmation. They are there because they are the ones tasked to teach the child faith. A godparent is a gift sent from above.... A guardian angel that was chosen with love.

Where? The majority of Christians are confirmed in their local church. People can also be confirmed in another church where a large volume of candidates from churches gather. It allows a person who has been baptized to confirm the vows made on their behalf during baptism. It is also an indication of full Christian community membership.It is being held at the church since it is a holy place and the house of God.

When? It started in 1910, Pope Pius X made it possible for seven-year-old children to receive communion, Confirmation became the last sacrament of Initiation to be celebrated. It happens when Christian children turn 7-18 years old. It happens at this age because when they reach this age ( 7-18 ), they are able to comprehend the difficulties and obstacles of living out Catholic beliefs.

Why & How? Its goal is to complete what Baptism began in us. In certain ways, we may say that we are baptized so that we can be confirmed as we develop a spirituality that is not self-centered. Confirmation strengthens sanctifying grace, bestows particular sacramental grace, and imbues the soul with a lifelong character. Hitohwapdpeone?s Reading From Presentation of The scripture the Candidates Homily Laying on Renewal of of Hands Baptismal Prayer of Promises The Faithful Anointing With Chrism

Formula & Matter Chrism oil Laying on of Hands \"Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit\" Wthhisatmedaone?s

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