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Ancient china flipbook/harambe

Published by thekeoghs2004, 2017-03-21 23:02:59

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Ancient China “Flipbook”

Chinese symbols, religions, and philosophies Bottom left shows multiple chinese symbols. Bottom right shows one of many different Chinese religions, the yin and yang. They also believed in Confucianism, Buddhism, Legalism, and Taoism. The symbols are only a few of the many ten-thousands of symbols.

Chinese InventionsChinese inventions are still used today. Some inventions include gunpowder, kites,the compass, printing, and silk. Some Chinese inventions are despised, asgunpowder is. If gunpowder was never invented, warfare would be extremelydifferent. It would be more bloody of course, and it would be harder to win a battle.Matches, grenades, land mines, rockets, and missiles couldn’t have been invented.There would be no space exploration, so there would be no fight about space.Nuclear warfare wouldn't be a thing, and there would Possibly be no America (remember they had to drop a nuke on Japan to stop the axis powers).

The Shang DynastyThe Shang launched the era of many new inventions, including bronze, oraclebones, and writing. But first, the Shang religions, including Taoism and Buddhism.Buddhism is the belief that when you die, you will be reincarnated until you arecompletely perfect. Taoism is the belief of the teachings of Laozi. The Shang hadalso used bronze, which they made chariots with. They also made better qualityswords. The Shang also invented oracle bones. They helped them tell the future.They also helped them talk to their ancestors. The Shang also invented writing. They used symbols, and wrote on paper made of bamboo.

Zhou dynastyThe Zhou introduced the Mandate of Heaven, which is where someone believes thatheaven gave them the right to rule. People eventually started fighting over this.Confucius also came around and taught his beliefs. Confucianism believes in society.Zhou classes were also introduced. Their order was scholars, peasant farmers, artisansand craftsmen, and merchants and traders. The Zhou eventually got led to its downfallduring the warring states. After that the Qin took over.

The Qin dynastyThe Qin introduced legalism. That is the belief that all people are evil and need strict laws.They also introduced standardization, which is where everything is put to a standard. Theybuilt the great wall too, which stretched around 1,500 miles. Shi Huangdi ruled the qin. Hewas ruthless, and he built the terracotta army. The end of the Qin dynasty came when peoplestarted rebelling.

The Han DynastyWu Di was the seventh emperor of the Han. He was emperor for 54 years. TheHan dynasty had gotten rid of legalism, which contributed to the society. Theyalso had created gunpowder, shaping the world into what it is now. The SilkRoad was a trade route. Many people united on this route and didn’t attackeach other. In fact, many mongols protected the chinese on this route. LiuBang was the first emperor of the Han. He respected the peasants just asmuch as anyone else.

Ancient China Map

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