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Thai Recipe Collection (1)

Published by Ornrumpa S, 2022-06-18 16:11:11

Description: Thai Recipe Collection (1)


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Thai Recipe Collection A COMPLETE GUIDE TO COOKING THAI FOOD 7 categories of Thai food อาหารไทย ใครใคร ใคร่กล่าวถึง ต้มผัดนึ่ง ทอดดองเผา ทั้งคาวหวาน ไม่เป็นสอง รองใคร ในทุกจาน รับประทาน พาลติดใจ ไม่ลืมเลือน - Worakhun Boon By Ornrumpa Sujittharakul 1901106120040

Preface Now a day Thai food become popular and well know in Hospitality Industry because variety of taste and pattern of providing make Thai food have more story and fascination. This book is gonna guide about thai food, how to make thai food, what is a story behind it to make you more understand about Thai food and old Thai life style, what make Thai food become Thai food.

Table of Content

\"ยำไทย\" ( Yum-Thai) Thai Salad

The meaning of \"YUM\" Yum (Thai salad) in thai meaning is a mixture of meat and vegetable and NamYum (Dressing) that have a saltiness, sweetness, sourness and spicy taste. Becuase in old day they don't have the technolory for saving food so the left over ingredient will become the ingredient for making Yum. Thai people Love to eat the food that have strong seasoning becuase we want to eat the food with rice so the food had to be very strong in taste.

\"ยำส้มโอ\" (Yum-Som-O) Pomelo Salad

What is \"Yum Som-O\" Yum Som-O is a Old dish that thai people use to it for a long time. Som in Thai means sour taste but in this case it is orange and O is use to call the thing that look like bowl, with a circle shape so when it become together it means the orange that look like bowl. Yum Som-O will have a sour taste that come frorm tamarine juice and pomelo it selve, some sweet from fry shallot and palm sugar. Aroma will get from the herb and spicy from chili.

Ingredient Pomelo 2 cup Boiled shrimp 8 no Fry shallot Coconut Flesh Roasted Peanut 2 Thai red chili 1 no 4 Tbsp Tbsp Kaffir lime leaves Coral leaves for 4 no plating

Dressing Ingredient Dried Red chili Smoked Naked Shallot 3 Tbsp 2 no catfishes 1 Tbsp Garlic 1 1/2 Palm sugar 3 Tbsp Fish sauce 2 Tbsp Tbsp Tamarine Juice 3 tbsp

Cooking Method Cut the dried red chili, garlic and shallot into a small pieces then toast in low heat until get the aroma. Then pound it until get the aoma. pound the ingredient to make a paste Put the paste in to the pot and add palm sugar, tamarine juice and fish sauce mix together then simmering until thicker and let it cool down. Mix with tear pomelo, pound smoked naked catfish, chopped shrimped, roasted peanut, fry shallot, toasted coconut flesh, choped kaffir lime leaves, chopped red chili. Then mix it all together. place on coral leaves then serve!.

Thankyou recipe and cooking method from PholFoodMafia

\"ยำกุ้งฟู\" (Yum-Koong-Foo) Crispy shrimp Salad

What is \"Yum Koong-Foo\" Yum Koong-Foo is a pound shrimp mix with flour then fry it in the hot oil to make it crispy eat with a sour dressing to cut the oily taste.

Ingredient Rice bran oil Shrimp 12 no Shallot 3 bulbs Garlic 2 Thai chili 4 no Palm sugar 2 Tbsp cloves Lime 1 Tbsp Fish sauce 1 Tbsp Nam-Dok-Mai Mango 120 g. Tempura flour 1 Tbsp

Cooking Method Pam fry shrimp until it cook, peeled then pound it to the paste. mix it with tempura flour then add in some rice bran oil then fry it in hot oil. dissolve palm sugar in lime juice then add in fish sauce, slice chilli, slice shallot, slice garlic and choped Nam-Dok-Mai mango. Mix the dressing with fry shrimp and serve!.

Thankyou recipe and cooking method from PholFoodMafia

ยำส้มโอ ยำกุ้งฟู ยำใหญ่ ยำทวาย แสร้งว่า

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