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CAIPA Contact Center_SOP ppt Draft v.01 20130330

Published by richard, 2017-03-31 10:52:05

Description: CAIPA Contact Center_SOP ppt Draft v.01 20130330


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CAIPA CONTACT CENTER Presented by Agent Reference Guide Richard Chen

Software IntroductionAs a contact center agent, the workstation should have been setup withthe following software for Contact Center:Google Chrome (web browser)Softphone (desktop application)inContact (web application) ***CAIPA Contact Center (desktop application) ***Cureatr (web application) *** *** Need User ID

Google ChromeYou should see the following bookmark links in the web browser –Google Chrome:inContact login Messenger

SoftphoneSoftphone is an application that establishes a connection to and fromthe inContact platform. We use this software to receive the calls fromClinic and communicate with other contact center agent.

inContactWe are using this web application with ‘softphone’ to handle calls,charts, email, and contact center related items. It is the primary toolthat contact center agents use to interact with the caller.

CAIPA Contact CenterThis desktop application is using for. Quickly search patient by telephone number, name, and birthday Document the reason of incoming call, and forward to the physician

CureatrCureatr is a real-time communication platform for physicians, nurses,and other care team members. HIPAA-compliant, designed to be fast, secure and easy to use. Share patient information, and message to the assigned physician

Contact Center WorkflowSoftware Main Function Inbound ConnectionSoftphone inContact Central CommunicationLaunch Agent / MAX Multipurpose Application CAIPA Contact Center Search & Document Cureatr Secure Messages

CAIPA Contact Center SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)Here are the steps to access Contact Center application, 1. Log in ‘Softphone’ (desktop application) 2. Log in ‘inContact’ from Google Chrome (web browser) 3. ‘Launch Agent’ from ‘inContact’ menu (web application) 4. Log in ‘CAIPA Contact Center’ 5. Log in ‘Cureatr’ from Google ChromeNext, Softphone

Softphone LoginClick on the desktop icon of Softphone The Logo screen will show up Next, Dial up Panel

Softphone Login Username and Password This part should be only show up for first time login and set up by IT staff,Otherwise, it will login automatically and direct to the dial up panel.For the details of Softphone function, please refer to below link, inContact

inContact LoginBelow is the log in page of inContact from Google Chrome. Username is you CAIPA email address Please remember your password all the time. Next, Centeral

inContact / CentralMain screen is ‘Central’, you can navigate each function of Centralfrom the top row and left side menu. Next, Menu

inContact / CentralYou can create, customize, and manager your contact center by usingthe top row function of ‘Central’ screen.You may find the function details by clicking on the below links, Next, ‘Agent’

inContact / AgentClick and connect ‘Launch Agent’ applications ( MAX ) from left sidemenu which is the primary tool to interact with incoming calls.You may find out the ‘Agent’ overview from below website, Next, ‘MAX’

inContact / MAXMAX (My Agent eXperience) is the main tool for handinginbound and outbound calls in Contact center.You can find the details of ‘MAX’ function from below link, Next, Incoming Call

inContact / MAXAgent will receive an incoming call when you are ready in‘AVAILABLE’ status.When there is an incoming call, agent will see a popupnotification in your desktop screen. Please click the greenphone sign to accept the call. Next, Pick Up Calls

inContact / MAX Once the call is picked up, you will receive a marquee, and the marquee will have both the Clinic and Doctor names in English and Chinese. Next, Answer Calls

inContact / MAX After Click on the marquee, please click on the ‘Launch’ button, the Clinic information will bring up from the right side of MAX screen. Answering the caller’s inquiry based on the Clinic information and Doctor’s special instruction. Next, ‘CAIPA Contact Center’

Log in CAIPA Contact CenterUse ‘CAIPA Contact Center’ application to search the caller’s (patient)information from CAIPA data system.‘CAIPA Contact Center’ icon Login Screen Next Patient Lookup

Log in CAIPA Contact CenterHere is the main screen after sign in ‘Call Center’ By click on ‘new’ for searching patient information Next Searching

Log in CAIPA Contact CenterHere is the Patient Lookup screen By use Phone #, Last Name, First Name, & Birthday to search Patient Next Identify

Log in CAIPA Contact CenterLookup the information who is matching with the caller Click on the person and verify Provider’s name Next Documentation

Log in CAIPA Contact CenterBy listening the description of inquiry from Caller Select the type of ‘Reason’ Physical / Medical Inquires Non-Medical Inquires Prescription Drugs Empire Text Message Initiative * * Irene’s project Next Comment & Disposition

Log in CAIPA Contact CenterSummarize Caller’s request in ‘Comment’ areaSelect the type of ‘Disposition’ Patient contact 911 Patient contact Emergency Room Patient contact Express Care / Urgent Care Contact Covering Physician Forward message to Doctor by Cureatr Abandon by Caller Office Information Related Empire Text Message InitiativeFinish the call recording by press ‘Add’ Next Screen Copy

Log in CAIPA Contact CenterUse windows ‘Snipping Tool’ to screen shot your record, Select ‘Window Snip’, click on ‘Contact Center’ Save the file as .PNG or .JPG file Next Cureatr

Log in CureatrHere is the welcome page of Cureatr from Google Chrome.~~ ~~ Please select the organization -- CAIPA Next Login

Log in CureatrBelow is the log in page of Cureatr. Username is you CAIPA email address Please remember your password all the time. Next Communicate

Log in CureatrClick on ‘Compose’ to create the message to physician, by typingDoctor’s name, patient’s name, subject, and short notes withattachment (screen copy). Next Special Project

Empire Text Message InitiativeThis initiative is for Empire BCBS Commercial and Affordable Care ActHMO members. This initiative will notify and remind patients to contacttheir PCPs for any missing preventive services. Please document the patient’s message in ‘Call Center’, Patient’s Name, Phone number, & Email Address Patient’s inquiry or request in ‘Comment’ Send email with patient’s message (screen copy) to Irene Yu [email protected] Next Q & A

Q&AQ & A / Recommendation

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