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NIAMA-REISSER Carbon Fiber Design Brochure

Published by media, 2018-01-22 17:22:33

Description: NIAMA-REISSER, LLC Company Brochure for our Exclusive NR Design Carbon Fiber Goods

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www.niamareisser.comCARBON FIBERIt’s not science fiction, it’s what we do.CATALOG


ABOUT USNIAMA-REISSER, LLC was founded on the belief andspirit that man can shape the future that he/shelives in. We believe, that we as a society have gradu-ally forgotten the birthplace of innovation.Each and every one of our fellow men has new andexciting innovative things going on in their liveseach and every day.Children and adolescents have the greatest gift tosee and envision new ideas and concepts, becausetheir minds are blank slates without having beenaffected, to a great extent, by external influences.Upon reaching adulthood most are forced in intel-lectual trenches, due to their studies and peers.NIAMA-REISSER,LLC was founded on the idea tobreak through these trenches and instill a newsense of curiousness and innovative aptitude in amultitude of industries and products. heinz-gustav reisser CEO NIAMA-REISSER, LLC

DESCRIPTIONCarbon fiber is an extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer. It’s often used whereverhigh strength-to-weight ratio and firmness is required. Some good examples would be the aero-space and automotive industry. In recent times, carbon fiber is increasingly utilized for high-endlife style products such as furniture, accessories, and jewelry. In addition, carbon fiber alsoresists corrosion, moisture absorption and is heat resistant. The mentioned attributes makecarbon fiber the perfect fit for our lifestyle product line.

MAJESTIC / LIVING ROOMCOMFORT Relax in our stylish lamb leather and carbon fiber seats. The plush and delicate upholstery wraps around beautifully, while providing the necessary support. The sleek and futuris- tic look of our living room ensemble gives everybody the thrill of exclusivity and the amazement of the structural strength.

LUSTROUS STYLING/ We design our products in the U.S. and manufac- ture, assemble, and process in Germany under strict adherence to ISO 9001:2008, an industry standard.

MINIMALISTIC/ LOUNGE Take a look at our lounge chair and the ottoman set, and you will notice the emphasis we put into design. Relax- ation, as we know it, is an important aspect of healthy living. So, sit back and enjoy.

The minimalistic carbon fiber frame design gives ita spacious look making tight spaces both indoorsand outdoors feel more vast.

FUNCTIONAL / DINING ROOM Your family and guests will enjoy the modern look and comfortable seating we have designed for your dining room experience. The versatile design can also be used in restaurants, hotel rooms, airports, and expo functions. Set yourself apart from the crowd.

DINE IN STYLE / Because the table has an octagon shape,our dining room set can seat up-to 8 guests. The chairs are covered in the same lush lamb leather found in our living room product line. It’s about time you truly entertained your guests. Whether it’s for your home, or for your business, our products will meet and exceed your expec- tations.

WELLNESS / BATHROOM We have a deep history in bath and sanitary products which dates as far back as 100 years in the German and market. The 4th and 5th gen- eration Reisser family decided to develop an ex- clusive carbon fiber bath line to commemorate this long heritage.Make a transition and invest in the design and technologythat withstands time. Fall in love with your new bathroom.Our products include; our wall mounted bidet, toilet, selfsupported sinks and self supported bath tub.

EXCLUSIVITY/Your bathroom should not only smell fresh, butlook fresh and modern.


PEN HOLDERS/ We have a variety of carbon fiber accessories avail- able. Great for gifts during those special moments and for added fun like our Frisbees. Treat yourself to something very unique in quality and that has a wow effect. BOWLS/FRISBEES/ MONEY CLIPS/


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