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Materflora Trees Catalog

Published by materflora, 2017-03-28 08:12:46

Description: MATERFLORA_Trees_Catalog_Mar17

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“Keep a green tree in your heart and perhapsthe singing bird will come.”- Lois Lowry

561073 PodocarpusTree x7, 170cm

561163 Podocarpus Tree New, 165cm561162 Podocarpus Tree New, 135cm

561075 Podocarpus Tree, 165cm561074 Podocarpus Tree, 135cm

561198 Podocarpus Tree, 110cm

561074 Podocarpus Tree, 135cm

566024 Oriental Ficus x3, 170cm

561100 Ficus Panda, 70cm

561132 Ficus Panda Tree x1, 150cm

569903 Ficus Panda Bonsai, 100cm

561133 Ficus Panda Tree x1, 170cm

561196 Ficus Panda Tree x7, 170cm

561185 Ficus New Giant, 300cm

561174 Gingko Tree, 180cm

561190 Schefflera Exotica Tree, 90cm

561188 Bougainvillea, 120cm

561188 Bougainvillea, 120cm

56404736 Rhododendro Tree, 147cm

561195 Peach Blossom White, 200cm

561194 Cherry Blossom White, 270cm

561175 Murraye Tree, 120cm

561171 Dracaena Surculosa, 150cm

561186 Ming Aralia Tree, 120cm561187 Ming Aralia Tree, 90cm

561173 Acacia Plant, 90cm561182 Acacia Plant Small, 90cm

561183 Acacia Plant, 170cm

561145 Eucalyptus Cloud Tree, 80cm

561150 Eucalyptus Cloud x3, 120cm

561144 Eucalyptus Cloud x4 , 170cm

561115 Cupressus Tree, 165cm561114 Cupressus Tree, 130cm

561112 Boxwood Ball Tree, 50cm

561121 Boxwood Ball, 50cm

561176 Boxwood Ball Potted, 65cm

561106 Boxwood Triple, 160cm561105 Boxwood Triple, 130cm

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