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Engineering Post June 2020

Published by omershah15, 2020-06-18 03:19:58

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Industry offered tax relief in budget T he government has reduced duty rates and abol- rates. announced the ishing of two per cent addi- Under the new budget budget for the next tional customs duty on withholding tax has been re- fiscal year with an industrial raw materials duced from 5pc to 2pc on outlay of Rs 7132 billion. and semi-finished products. raw materials and 1pc on Under the new budget no The second major relief to capital goods while regula- new taxes have been im- the industrial sector is re- tory duty on hot-rolled coils posed. The GDP growth for ducing the slab of 11pc on 90 of iron and steel has been re- the next fiscal year has been tariff lines to 3pc or zero. duced from 12.5pc and targeted at 2.1 percent with These include raw materials 17.5pc to 6pc and 11pc, re- 6.5 percent inflation. and semi-finished products. spectively. Rs45bn has been allocated Furthermore, the govern- Industry experts appreci- for tax relief to industries ment reduced customs duty ated and termed the budget and individuals. Of these, on 200 tariff lines from 20pc, the best under the current Rs25bn has been given in 16pc, and 11pc to lower circumstances.

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Pakistan’s mobile manufacturing policy ratified by Federal Cabinet After deliberate considera- port authorization of inputs by tion Pakistan’s mobile IOCO in CKD/SKD kit (8517.1211) phone manufacturing pol- and not under HS Code 8517.7000, icy prepared by the Engineering ie, parts. Activation of CBUs im- Development Board (EDB) has fi- ported through notified routes nally been approved by the Fed- after payment of all levied duties eral Cabinet. and taxes as fixed by government The policy aims to incentivise from time to time shall continue local assemblers who will provide till further amendment; (vi) in up jobs to local engineers, skilled and to $ 30 category, words \"except semi-skilled educated youth. Pak- smart phones\" to be inserted for istan is well poised to capitalize CBU imports under 8517.1219 to the competitive human resource avoid misdeclaration; (vii) R&D al- advantage to attract investment in lowance of 3 percent to be given to the sector from across the globe. local manufacturers for exports of Policy aims at localization/indige- mobile phones;(viii) Locally assem- nization of the parts of mobile bled/manufactured phones to be phone in a phased manner. exempted from 4 percent of with- The salient features of the policy holding tax on domestic sales; (ix) are as follows:(i) removal of Regu- Government to commit maintain- latory Duty for CKD/SKD manu- ing tariff differential between CBU facturing by PTA approved and CKD/SKD till the expiry of the manufactures under Input/Output policy; (x) local industry to ensure Co-Efficient Organization (IOCO) localization of parts and compo- approved import authorization;(ii) nents as per roadmap included in removal of Fixed Income Tax on draft policy and; (xi) EDB to act as CKD/SKD manufacturing of mo- Secretariat of Mobile Phone Man- bile devices up to $ 350 ufacturing Policy and ensure de- category;(iii) increase in Fixed In- velopment of allied parts, come Tax on $ 351 -500 USD cate- components and devices. gory by Rs 2000 and $ 500 by Rs Pakistani market has the poten- 6300 on CKD/SKD manufacturing tial of over 40 million handsets. As only;(iv) removal of Fixed Sales many as 16 local companies are Tax on CKD/SKD manufacturing manufacturing mobile devices in of mobile devices;(v) PTA shall the country out of which most of allow activation of handsets man- the companies are manufacturing ufactured in the country under im- feature phones, ie, 2G. 02

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Broader framework developed to uplift TVET sector Engineering Post Report training needs of domestic and in- tional Qualification Framework preneurial, adaptable and creative ternational markets in terms of and Competency Based Training skilled workforce as per demand Technical and Vocational Ed- both quantity and quality. and Assessment, bridging de- of the local and international skill ucation and Training National Vocational and Tech- mand and supply gap of skilled demand for workforce. (TVET) offers the shortest nical Training Commission ( workforce in the country, intro- National Vocational and Tech- and the swiftest path to produc- NAVTTC) and the Federal Min- ducing High-Tech /High-End nical Training Commission tive youth engagement. istry of Education and Profes- Training Programmes, bringing (NAVTTC) has taken a number of Unfortunately, TVET sector in sional Training have developed a Madrassahs ( institutions im- initiatives to address qualitative Pakistan has suffered from sys- broader framework to uplift parting religious education) and and quantitative disparities in tematic ailments including lim- TVET sector in the country. general education into TVET Technical and Vocational Educa- ited training capacity, outdated According to the available infor- stream. tion and Training (TVET) sector workshops and laboratories, obso- mation, the roadmap emphasizes The ultimate objective of this in the country. lete training equipment, archaic on increasing training opportuni- comprehensive roadmap and Na- These along with initiatives by teaching methods and antiquated ties for young people as well as tional TVET Policy is to to NAVTTC will be dilated upon in curricula and as such was grossly re-skilling the existing workers, streamline TVET sector and cre- some details in the next issue, incapacitated to meet the skill implementing the National Voca- ate competent, motivated, entre- please. 03

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Physical work on ML-1 to start from January 2021 ML-1 Upradation project is 2029. Package-I is proposed to be ecuted in January, 2023 and Havelian to Khunjrab (China bor- expected to be initiated in executed in January, 2021, and would be completed by December, der). 2021 once the project gets would be completed with proposed 2029 with proposed amount of With the up-gradation of ML-1, approval from Executive Commit- $3.37 billion in four year i.e. by De- $3.56 billion. train speed will increase from the tee of the National Economic cember 2024. Railways project will consist of current 65-105 km to 120-160 km, Council (ECNEC). Package-II is proposed to be ex- early harvest, ML-1 upgrade and line capacity from 34 to 171 trains The ML-1 upgradation project ecuted in January, 2022, and establishment of dry port; mid- each way per day, freight volumes has been divided onto three pack- would be completed in five year i.e. term, establishing new rail link from six to 35 million tons per ages and would be completed in by December, 2026 with proposed from Gwadar to Mastung and Bes- annum by 2025, railway share of phases. Final completion of the amount of $2.24 billion. ima to Jacobabad; and long-term, freight transport volume from less project is estimated by December Package-III is proposed to be ex- establishing new rail link from than four percent to 20 percent. 04

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 We need to be positive to get positive outcomes Engr. Khalid Pervez, Chief Executive, KPA Consulting shares his thoughts with Engineering Post Although pandemic situation in the coun- and services. try has turned the business environ- Engr. Khalid Pervez is strongly of the view ment apparently critical but, we can that looking at the matters positively can yield ease the situation by focusing on the positive positive outcomes. He suggested to avoid panic side. These views were shared by the leading and wait as the time will change again. The in- consultant and respected professional Engr. dustrialists and businessmen having consis- Khalid Pervez while talking to Engineering tent approach towards their work will enjoy Post on current economic situations in the the benefits while those who will exhibit un- country. He is strongly of the view that these certain approach and be carried away by ap- are the testing times and we should stand up- parent gloomy outlook would have great right avoiding panic and considering this difficulties. phase temporary, albeit a bit longer, but to This is now the best time for our engineer- certainly go away in due course of time. Al- ing industry and service sector to brainstorm though lockdown amid Covid 19 has brought its survival and progress strategies and the the industrial wheel to a halt, still we need to most beneficial options it has in a long-term be hopeful and should look for the opportuni- context. We must also address the issue of ties that Allah SWT has planned for us. compliance with international standards and He commented that industrial sector should best engineering practices in whatever we do, seriously consider the services rendered by Engr. Khalid added. This would help us to their employees for years before planning to stand on our feet and would also lead to pro- lay them off. This temporary economic crisis is mote the professional expertise of the techni- a chain effect and businesses should not trans- cal workforce in the country. He suggested to fer the adversity completely to their much eco- take the benefit of the situation. nomically fragile employees and associates as While replying to a question on how the this might be the test of uprightness and com- that the business style would now change and businesses should respond in these times, passionate thinking. He appreciated efforts companies with diversifies experiences will be Engr. Khalid Pervez clearly stated that we made by Government to avoid layoffs and sug- able to survive better and can come out of the should not be demoralized and trust Allah as gested that industries and organizations must bad effects bit earlier. Whatever work one is He will bring us out of the situation. Allah has take the benefit from State Bank in the shape in, every company would have to have a strong committed that there is an ease after every dif- of its timely announced soft loans offered for grip on their products and services as expert- ficulty. All we need to do is to be patient, avoid paying the salaries to employees. ise on your work will count more and more, he panic and expect a positive outcome. Times are Replying to a question regarding business in added. We need to work professionally by reg- tough but with time the business volumes will, the coming days, Engr. Khalid Pervez said ularly improving the standards of our products InshaAllah, return to their level again. 05

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 First bulk cargo ship reaches Gwadar The first bulk cargo ship con- Gwadar this week-a dream come true taining wheat and Urea ar- for local economy as it will stimulate rived at Gwadar informed Gen host of business activity. Asim Bajwa (Retd), special assistant The port is the center part of the to prime minister on information. $60 billion mega project of CPEC The goods are meant to be trans- being executed with the assistance of ported to Afghan as part of the China to improve connectivity be- Afghan-Pakistan Transit Trade tween the two countries, in particu- Agreement (APTTA). lar, and with the whole region. It Afghanistan is a landlocked coun- includes construction of roads and try and relies on Pakistani overland railways infrastructure, electricity routes for its international trade. The projects, airports, special economic deep sea port at Gwadar offers a ers for Afghan transit trade had ar- Bajwa tweeted “First bulk-cargo zones, agriculture, and the projects much shorter route for Afghan cargo. rived at the Gwadar in January this ship “MV Manet” carrying wheat n for the socioeconomic development of The first cargo ship carrying contain- year. urea of Afghan Transit trade reached the local communities. 06

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 “COVID-19 and the way forward” Pakistan HVACR society arranged Expert Panel discussion fitting HEPA filters building owner and the building even into already installed user to make use of HEPA filter cannot HVAC systems was UV in the coil section prevent transmission. ruled out by him be- and drain section in We need to follow cause of two impor- the AHU. This will proper social distanc- tant factors. result in provision of ing SOPs.” He also 1. Currently in- sanitized and clean shared with the meet- stalled fans cannot air preventing not ing the problems sustain the huge just COVID-19 but being face by the in- Paksitan HVACR pressure drops cre- learning opportunity also from other harm- ful microbes. dustry in the avail- s o c i e t y ated by HEPA filters for everyone. Mr. Yousaf Hassan ability of locally arranged a gave his insights re- Mr. Ainul Abedin panel discussion “to while addressing the garding equipment address the ques- meeting said that that can be utilized tions on post COVID- COVID-19 has for air filtration and 19, HVAC standards, shown us our vulner- cleaning including designs & relating ability to the virus. the bipolar ionization problems being Now it is the respon- technique and UV faced.” Keeping in sibility of every lamps. “If there is a view the safety of COVID-19 patient in everyone and to en- 2. Enough space sure social distancing is not available. For COVID-19 iso- lation wards he sug- gested that even normal Split air con- ditioners can be used if installed in such a way that negative pressure is main- the meeting was arranged on “Zoom”. Mr. Khurram R Malik and Mr. M. Riaz baig hosted the meeting which started at sharp 3pm on 11-6-2020. The panel of ex- perts consisted of Mr. Farooq Mehboob, Mr tained and fresh air is Faheem I. Siddiqui, introduced to the Mr. S. Shahzad Raza, room from one side Mr. Yousaf Hassan, and extraction of air Mr. Ainul Abedin, Mr. is performed from the Farhan A Mehboob other side of the and Mr. S. M. Ali room. Amir. “The recommenda- The meeting tions of ASHRAE can started with Mr be complied with in Farhan Adil new buildings but Mehmood sharing they are not practical brief but informative for old buildings” he insights about the said. current situation of Mr. S. M. Ali Amir COVID-19, the rec- shared his experience ommendations of of setting up a quar- CDC and WHO as antine center for well as the stance of COVID-19 patients ASHRAE regarding consisting of 250 beds preventive measures in 7 isolation wards. that need to be He apprised the meet- adopted to prevent ing about how they transmission of the had built a system of virus inside the build- ventilation so that air ings through HVAC was collected from the systems. beds and fresh air The discussion was was provided from taken forward by Mr the door in such a Faheem I. Siddiqui way that resulted in 4 who was asked what air changes per hour pragmatic measures which is twice than can be taken to retro- the minimum require- fit the current HVAC ment. HEPA filters installations in nor- and exhaust fans mal wards to be used were used in the as COVID-19 isola- process. Mr. Khurram tion wards. Mr Fa- malik said that the heem Siddiqui society will arrange provided valuable an independent ses- suggestions based on sion on which this his experience. The project will be dis- possibility of retro- cussed as it will be a 07

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 manufactured quality that we can prevent but they are not prac- society. He said that a products. high energy consump- tical in many ways review committee has Mr S. Shehzad tion by increasing the and need to be ap- been formed to ensure Raza while deliberat- temperature of the air plied according to the that articles are prop- ing on the problem of a little bit. So it re- present situation. erly reviewed before mains just comfort- “COVID-19 will go they are published. able for the patient away but pandemics Further a Technical but does not use a lot will keep coming so advisory committee of energy and mainly we need to construct has also been formed focuses on removing buildings which are which is working as a old air and providing impervious to pan- bridge between fresh air. demics and local epi- HVACR society and Mr. Farooq demics”. He pointed rooms and wash- At the end of the Pakistan Engineering high consumption of Mehboob while pre- out that HEPA filters rooms. Bipolar ion- meeting President Council to address energy in usage of senting the conclud- cannot be used due to ization needs to be Pakistan HVACR so- the issues and to sanitization and fil- ing remarks said that pressure drops but we utilized to filter the ciety informed the at- bridge gap between tration system in although ASHRAE need to ensure 100 air and UV for saniti- tendants about the the two establish- HVAC systems said standards are good percent exhaust from zation. recent activites of the ments. 08

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 This too shall pass Be hopeful and optimistic, things will get better again Mr. Ashraf Arrain ,Chairman MIA Group talks to Engineering Post on current economic conditions The Corona virus pan- the best because the only by adjusting preferences ac- demic has gripped the way through is forward.” cording to the post COVID- world in the most un- He said that slowing 19, businesses will survive expected way. All busi- down of economic activity is in the future. While ex- nesses have been affected taking a toll on all busi- plaining from personal ex- whether small or large, nesses but we need to keep ample he said \"My own local or international. reminding ourselves that company reduced the over- In this time of panic and this time is temporary and all expenses by abandoning chaos very few people have so are these tough market extravagant expenditures been able to keep a clear conditions. “The need of the and lavish spending’s which head to deal with the day to hour is to keep working helped us in survival. Busi- day problems. Mr Muham- hard with a positive atti- ness in the current market mad Ashraf Arrain, Chair- tude and work though the conditions need to start man MIA Group is one of tough times towards im- thinking on the lines of es- the few voices of sanity in provement because hope- sentials-only. Instead of liv- this time of crisis. While lessness is even worse than ing in fantasy we need to talking to Engineering Post failure” he said. become realistic and accept he said “During this time I Another very important the realities.\" consider it a public service factor he pointed out is that Ashraf sahib provided a to cheer up the people sur- this is not the time to be very unique point of view of rounded by depression and selfish rather this is the ture in the newspaper tive about our future only the whole scenario. He said disappointment due to the time to be even more com- there. The news was about then we can be successful” that “Just a few months economic conditions.” He passionate than before a man who had been a mil- While talking about the back it was inconceivable to said “We need to keep our about everyone around. We lionaire but after his com- upcoming businesses oppor- open offices late in the spirits up to fight this reces- need to work together and pany went bankrupt he had tunities and revival of the morning or to spend as sion. It is only a matter of support each other however to resort to becoming a jan- industry he said that to sur- much time with the family. time before things will start possible until at least these itor in the same company. vive in the future business, The silver lining of this getting back to normal. This times change for the better. Time changes it never re- we will have to start think- state of affairs is that we is not the time to make rash While reminiscing about mains the same. We should ing innovatively and work have been provided an op- decisions this is the time to a trip to America few years thank Allah for the bless- smartly to cater for the slow portunity to spend quality have a positive and hope for back he said “I saw a pic- ings we have and stay posi- economic conditions. Only time with the family which 09

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 time with the family which was We should think of this lockdown missing up till now from our lives” as an opportunity to rest our over- \"Jis ne dil chor diaa wo mara worked bodies and minds so that gyaa\" he said while discussing the when it is over we start working current demoralising situation of again even harder than before. He the country. These are testing was of the opinion that this is not times where physical health is just the time to loose heart this is the as important as mental health. We time to show resolve and keep con- should all work to try to cheer up trol of our nerves. the people who are disheartened What really needs to be done is and depressed under the current to manage our expectations of the situation.” future and stay optimistic about Those who are disappointed the upcoming future. Under the need to be reminded again and current scenario where everyone is again that Allah will help in get- troubled the only thing to keep in ting through these difficult times. mind is \"This too shall pass\". Largest investment in an IPP in Pakistan Kohala Power project finalized at $2.4 billion At r i p a r t i t e frastructure Board The progress of the agreement has (PPIB). Expected project according to been finalised Commercial Opera- the official govern- for the implementa- tion Date (COD) of the ment website is tion of 1,124- Koala hydropower 1. Feasibility Study megawatt Kohala project is 2026. (stage-1) Tariff hydroelectric power The particulars of Announced by project in AJK under the Kohala hy- NEPRA the China-Pakistan dropower project were 2. Land Acquisition Economic Corridor introduced in the process started (CPEC) framework. 127th assembly of the 3. E n v i r o n m e n t a l The agreement is be- Private Power and In- NOC issued by AJ&K tween China Three frastructure Board EPA Gorges Corporation, (PPIB) chaired by En- 4. LOS issued (Under the government of ergy Minister Omar Financial Closing) Azad Jammu and Ayub. The project will 5. Expected Commer- Kashmir (AJK) and be constructed on the cial Operation Date Private Power and In- Jhelum River. (COD) 2026. 10

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Export industry optimistic about future The export industry of Pakistan that although some export orders is under a lot of pressure as the were cancelled, many are on hold but export industry faces the will resume once things normalize. sharpest decline in business due to Interestingly, Americans are not the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic. Ac- ready to buy Chinese products due to cording to the official figures Pak- the tariff war between the two coun- istan’s exports fell by 54 per cent in tries and this has created space for the month of April. But exporters are Pakistani products, particularly for still optimistic about the future of in- the textile sector. Exporters are antic- dustry claiming that as soon as global ipating huge orders from the markets lockdowns open the business activi- of USA due to this reason. ties will resume as usual. Currently Pakistan is exporting The garment exporters are even highly quality medical masks and expecting fresh orders for the post other medical equipment’s to Europe COVID-19 time. The exporters claim and USA. 12

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Power Generation Capacity and Energy Mix Engineering Post Report planned to be phased out over the next few indigenous coal reserves estimated at years and it is expected that the share of over 186 billion tons which are sufficient Oil-based power generation plants furnace oil-based energy will gradually to meet the energy requirements of the which have remained on the face decline to single digit percentage in the country on long-term basis. the of the power sector pf Pakistan overall energy mix in the coming years. Apart from indigenous coal resources, for more than three decades have been On the other hand, Pakistan has large there has been significant increase in im- port of coal as well due to commissioning of new power plants based on imported coal at Sahiwal and Port Qasim. However, domestic production of coal is most likely to increase in the coming years with proj- ects based on Thar coal. Hydropower plants are considered to be one of the most capital intensive projects and for a country like Pakistan, it is not possible to undertake such big projects without the financial support of interna- tional development agencies—a fact which brings in its own share of peculi- arities and challenges. As for present energy-mix is concerned, Pakistan reliance on oil reached 43.5 per cent in FY 1998 and FY 2001. For the FY 2018, oil reliance reached was reduced to 31.2 per cent. Similarly, hydro had a 13.1 per cent share in FY 1998, which was standing at 7.7 per cent n 2017-18. Though the declining share of oil is a welcome sign due to less burden on the national exchequer, the diminishing share of hydro also represented short- sightedness of policy as well as the inabil- ity of successive civilian and military governments to undertake such capital- intensive projects in a timely manner. Pakistan’s dependence on natural gas had reached an all-time high of 50.4 per cent in 2006 in the overall energy mix. During FY 2018, reliance on gas was re- duced to 34.6 per cent. This reduction of share in the energy mix was somewhat at- tributed to declining natural gas reserves as well as restricted consumption of gas in the transport industry and the induc- tion of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) since 2015. The share of the imported LNG had increased from 0.7 per cent in FY 2015 to 8.7 per cent in FY 2018 which represented a magnanimous increase of the said fuel in an energy mix. The share if coal has remained in single digit percentages over the last two decades. However, FY 2018 recorded a high of 12.7 per cent coal consumption in the energy mix. Likewise, the share of renewable was recorded to be 0.3 per cent in the year FY 2015 and it has steadily increased to 1.1 per cent in FY 2018. The share of the nuclear power on the other side has steadily increased to 2.7 per cent in FY 2018 compared to 0.2 per cent in FY 1997. Such historical viability for each energy source in the energy mix of the country has been used to formulated the Inte- grated Energy Plan which will not only help in envisioning the energy demands and respective supply paths but also to formulate evidence based long term pol- icy options. 14


ENGINEERING POST June-2020 ML-1 project cost reduced by $2Bn The government has cut the es- lion but after it was pointed out dur- timated cost of Main Line-1 ing the meeting that results of the fi- (ML-I) project by a whopping nancial and economic analysis $2billion), under cost rationalisation. provided in the PC-I, based on total The decision was made during the cash flow, were misleading and meeting of the Central Development needed to be revised. The project has Working Party (CDWP) chaired by been sent to the Executive Commit- Deputy Chairman Planning Commis- tee of the National Economic Council sion Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan. (Ecnec) for final approval. ML-1 Sources claim that to complete the starts from Karachi, passes through project the government intends to Kotri/Hyderabad, Rohri, Multan, La- complete some of the portions of the hore, and Rawalpindi and culminates railway line on a public-private part- in Peshawar. The line is 1,872 km nership basis. long, including the 55km-long Taxila- Previously the project was previ- Havelian section and 91km-long ously envisaged at a cost of $9.2 bil- Lodhran-Khanewal section. 16


ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Courage in difficult times is half the battle Mr. Syed Mukhtar Ali, Convener for HVACR Society in Lahore Chamber and Chief Executive Qaisar Mukhtar and Brothers Talks to Engineering Post Mr. Syed Mukhtar very soon. He said that this ness activities are almost to get better with a positive ones who fought for re- Ali is in a unique is not the time to lose hope non-existent. We have paid attitude and remember opening of businesses, but position of repre- rather this is t h a t people need to understand senting the HVACR indus- the time to en- ‘Courage in that adherence to the gov- try on a national level. He is sure strict ad- d i f f i c u l t ernment devised SOPs is a senior member of the herence to SOPs times is half essential for our survival. HVACR society as well as and wait pa- the battle’.” Commercial operations its convener of HVACR tiently for W h i l e will only work successfully Standing Committee in La- things to get commenting if they are performed in hore chamber of commerce. better. about the accordance to the SOPs. While talking to Engineer- While dis- government While giving a message ing Post about the current cussing the he said that to the industry he said economic conditions of the market condi- currently the that people should not lose country, his said that this tions he said attitude of hope due to the economic pandemic is a test of our that due to lock- the govern- slowdown and should hope faiths as well as our ability down working ment is very for the best from our to resolve the problem. Al- hours as well as positive to- Allah. Even though it is though the conditions are the manpower wards busi- not easy still it is very im- tough but this is not the at hand has de- nesses. FBR portant to stay positive in time to loose heart rather creased signifi- is also ex- these difficult times and this is the right time to cantly which is pected to avoid hopelessness. This is start struggle even harder affecting the provide some a temporary phase and in than before. monthly relief to the near future it will pass While commenting on the turnover but b u s i n e s s after which things will condition of the lockdown this time is temporary. As their salaries since these community in this year’s start getting back to nor- he said that we are witness- soon as the effects of lock downed three months. budget. He said that people mal just like we are wit- ing countries all over the COVID-19 pandemic de- As soon as the situation im- are hopeful that this nessing all over the world. world going back to normal crease, the market will get proves the market will re- budget will bring ease in We just have to pass this life as the severity of virus back to its day to day activ- spond accordingly and cost of doing business for time with caution and op- eventually decreases. We ities. “We have workers start working its way to- the industry. timism in our minds that are hopeful that businesses who are depending on us wards attaining its previ- While talking about the good times are waiting activities in Pakistan will for their wages and ex- ous business volumes. We HVACR industry he said ahead after this pandemic be getting back to normal penses even though busi- just have to wait for things that although we are the is over, Inshallah. 18

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Human Priorities- over thousand y By Engr. Mohammad Iqbal Since the time of large- a dire need to live Adam and Eve the on. Karl Marx wrote “Life priorities of involves, before every- Human being have not thing else, eating and changed – the physical drinking, a habitation, needs, without which it clothing and many other cannot continue its exis- things”. Aristotle re- tence. The life of today’s garded the family, a human being seem im- smallest social unit to possible without the satisfy physical needs of technological comfort man. In Abraham and use of modern appli- Maslow’s hierarchy of ances, but wait a mo- needs, first come physio- ment: Let’s stop breathing and if we logical needs, the absence or lacking of can continue more than couple of min- even one of them distracts human to utes without being concerned, we will concentrate on any other thing. be refuting the physical need of Mankind in Dostoevsky’s novel “The breathing for our existence. Similarly, Brothers Karamazov” says to Church: we may go without food and water for Make us your slaves, but feed us; there few weeks refuting the need of these, is a German proverb “First comes food, but does it mean we can stay alive then morality”, both speak for the pri- without these! Unfortunately, most of ority of human physical needs. humanity even today is preoccupied When human being cannot meet its with satisfying its physical needs, even basic needs, the human behavior de- the affluent and fortunate are also en- clines and this is an absolute truth grossed in ensuring the provision of today, as it was for ancient man. There their physical needs first. are plenty of instances when morality Our so called civilized world in the and social relationship dies in the pres- name of development have devised ence of strong hunger, people have re- economic systems which look after the sorted to cannibalism – recall the interests of small groups for whom crash of plane in 1972 in the high physical needs are not more than a Andes, when 16 survivors ate the flesh meal time activity, but for masses at of 29 dead before they were rescued. 20

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Have they changed ears of existence l Mirza, CEO, Green Leaves We can argue it was necessary to save their quest for basic physical needs is their souls, but don’t we find any par- cruel and savage; it is monopolistic, we allel in the incident of plane crash and don’t want to share the surplus we of people starving to death or hardly have and are keeping it for our poten- meeting their daily physical needs in tial and instrumental needs. our bustling world of today! What par- The Corporate world of today and allel we draw in asking and offering business ethics have only been given a bribes, receiving kickbacks, adulter- clean and enchanting attire, but in ation of edibles, selling fake products essence it is usurping of fellow human by a group of people to satisfy their right to have access to adequate re- physical needs at one hand and com- sources adequate for their physical mon man toiling to hardly keep him- needs. The wages history goes back to self alive. The priority of both sides are ancient Egypt, Greeks and Romans. It same – how to keep the string of life in has always been the prerogative em- tact, but in this modern world of ours ployer to decide the wages. It is injus- “survival to the fittest” is as much tice to the working class who run hand valid as it was thousands years before to mouth for satisfying their physical – brutal, savage and no ethics. needs whether it is in Pakistan, third The first priority of man is his phys- world or developed western world. ical needs and that is what in fact ac- After Abu Bakar Siddiq became Khal- tual needs are. All other needs are ifa, how much remuneration he shall secondary or tertiary or we can term draw was under discussion and he them as instrumental and potential himself chose a remuneration equiva- needs. It is quite understandable if an- lent to the wages of a common cient men exploited their physical labourer. One of the companion re- strength to seize control of resources marked that it is so less that it will be vital to physical needs, but it is not un- hardly sufficient for your expenses; the derstandable at this point of civiliza- Khalifa replied that I will increase the tion. We have seen men against men wages of labourer if it didn’t suffice for in the past and nations against nation his expenses. This speaks evidently where millions of people lost their the importance of physical needs in the lives. In all human societies around society. Quantifying physical needs on the world, the men are civilized, but the basis of class, rank and status is 21

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 depriving one his basic dignity or equality and needs. We also observe deprivation are more in physical needs and in- then comes self-actual- that severe physical social conflicts than strumental needs. Allah ization or we can say all deprivation causes and have weaker ten- SWT in surat Al-Nahal the substantive com- break up of social ties dency in affection and beautifully depicts mon needs of all human even within a family. love needs. Our all human nature: beings. Most of the peo- Any retrogression or no needs from food to And Allah hath fa- ple are concerned with progress in meeting re- recognition are trans- vored some of you above their physical and ele- quired physical needs acted between human others in provision. Now mentary social needs. tend to create anarchy beings. The human those who are more fa- Human beings follow in struggle against psychology gets com- vored will by no means substantive needs be- each other. Anarchy is plex in either case with hand over their provi- cause these are a source total rejection of a set deprivation or satisfac- sion to those (slaves) of self-gratification and hierarchy, whether at tion alike. The theory of whom their right hands relate to some other de- home, office or govern- priority of needs is possess, so that they sires which in turn can ment and advocates in- rightly built on satisfy- may be equal with them satisfy a substantive de- dividualism. The ing basic physical in respect thereof. Is it sire. satisfaction of physical needs necessary to sus- then the grace of Allah It is everyone’s expe- needs has enormous tain life. We all as a that they deny? rience that the affluent importance in human child, spouse and citi- We all recognize that are hardly preoccupied life. The struggle to sat- zen demand recogni- hunger and pain, but world has progressed there are innate needs with their physical isfy physical needs tion, equal treatment, this reversal display of and is progressing de- of human beings be- needs. It is also in our tended the primitive equal political rights priorities occurs only to spite physical needs not sides physiological knowledge that in mid- man to resort to any and equal justice by some people and under being full met with. needs. The priority of dle, lower middle and means available to him law, but this comes specific circumstances. Yes, it is true; and our human needs begins poor classes, the do- and so does the man of after satisfying physi- The frequency of this Lord will make us ac- with physical needs be- mestic violence and dis- today in legitimizing cal needs. We, human reversal of priorities is countable on the Day of fore social affection fol- putes arise because of his actions. being vary widely in brief and unusual. Judgment for the lowed by self-esteem, deprivation of physical People with physical our ability to withstand One can argue that choices of our priorities! Quetta-Taftan track to connect Pakistan to Middle East The Senate Standing Committee on Rail- ways, which met with Muhammad Asad Ali Khan Junejo in the chair was told that government is considering a Railway network plan, linking Pakistan with Middle Eastern countries through Quetta-Taftan track. Senator Dr Jahanzeb Jamal Dini said that the construction of Quetta-Taftan is complete al- ready, and the committee would be informed in the next meeting regarding the provision of train service on it. The Standing Committee also sought details of Quetta-Chaman Track. The committee was also informed that a plan to work with Middle Eastern countries on the project is under consideration and consultations are underway. According to the plan countries of the Middle East would be connected to Pakistan through a railway line via the Quetta-Taftan track. The meeting was attended among others by senators Dr Jahanzeb Jamal Dini, Ataur Rehman and Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen besides officials of the Ministry of Railways. 22

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Growth of Sustainable Energy Engr. Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal Sustainable en- based force and wind ergy source fre- energy. quently gives While numerous vitality in four signif- sustainable energy icant zones: energy source ventures are age, air and water huge scope, inex- warming/cooling, haustible advance- transportation, and ments are likewise fit provincial (off-frame- to provincial and re- work) vitality admin- mote regions and cre- istrations. Fast ating nations, where arrangement of sus- vitality is frequently tainable energy tion, and financial ad- essential in human source and vitality vantages. In global improvement. As a productivity advances popular conclusion large portion of sus- is bringing about studies there is solid tainable energy source noteworthy vitality help for advancing in- advancements give zation is regularly ap- a few advantages: en- 16% to 369,553 MW. security, environmen- exhaustible sources, energy, sustainable plied related to facili- ergy can be changed Yearly wind vitality tal change allevia- for example, sunlight energy source organi- tate charge, which has over to warm (where creation is likewise vital producing higher developing quickly temperatures than pe- and has stretched troleum products), can around 4% of overall be changed over into power use, 11.4% in mechanical vitality the EU, and it is gen- with high proficiency, erally utilized in Asia, and is spotless at the and the United purpose of utilization. States. In 2015, over- What's more, charge all introduced photo- with sustainable en- voltaics limit ergy source is increas- expanded to 227 gi- ingly productive and gawatts (GW), ade- in this way prompts quate to supply 1 huge decreases in es- percent of worldwide sential vitality prereq- power requests. Sun uisites based warm vitality Sustainable power stations work in the source innovations are United States and getting less expensive, Spain, and starting at through mechanical 2016, the biggest of change and through these is the 392 MW the advantages of Ivanpah Solar Electric large scale manufac- Generating System in turing and market ri- California. The valry. A 2018 report world's biggest geot- from the International hermal force estab- Renewable Energy lishment is The Agency (IRENA), Geysers in California, found that the ex- with an evaluated pense of sustainable limit of 750 MW. power source is rap- Brazil has one of the idly falling, and will biggest sustainable probably be equiva- power source pro- lent to or not exactly grams on the planet, the expense non-re- including creation of newables, for exam- ethanol fuel from ple, petroleum sugar stick, and derivatives by 2020. ethanol presently The report found that gives 18% of the na- sun based force costs tion's car fuel. have dropped 73% Ethanol fuel is like- since 2010 and coastal wise broadly accessi- breeze costs have ble in the United dropped by 23% in States. that equivalent time In global general period. supposition studies Current projections there is solid help for concerning the future an assortment of expense of renewables strategies for tending change be that as it to the issue of vitality may. The EIA has an- supply. These tech- ticipated that right niques incorporate ad- around 66% of net in- vancing sustainable creases to control sources, for example, limit will originate sun based force and from renewables by wind power, expecting 2020 because of the utilities to utilize in- joined strategy advan- creasingly sustainable tages of neighborhood power source, and giv- contamination, decar- ing assessment moti- bonisation and vital- vations to empower ity expansion. In 2014 the improvement and worldwide breeze power limit extended Continued on page 26 24


ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Continued from page 24 an expanding commit- ment to battling envi- utilization of such ad- ronmental change, vances. It is normal countering vitality that sustainable destitution and vital- power source specula- ity uncertainty\". tions will pay off mon- As indicated by a etarily in the long 2011 projection by the haul. During the five- International Energy years from the finish Agency, sun oriented of 2004 through 2009, force plants may de- overall sustainable liver the greater part power source limit de- of the world's power veloped at paces of inside 50 years, essen- 10–60 percent every tially decreasing the year for some ad- discharges of ozone vancements, while harming substances real creation became that hurt the earth. 1.2% generally speak- The IEA has stated: ing. In 2011, UN \"Photovoltaic and under-secretary gen- sunlight based warm eral Achim Steiner plants may meet the stated: \"The proceed- greater part of the ing with development world's interest for right now of the green power by 2060 – and economy isn't occur- half of all vitality ring by some coinci- needs – with wind, dence. The mix of hydropower and bio- government target- mass plants providing setting, strategy back- a significant part of ing and improvement the rest of the age\". reserves is supporting \"Photovoltaic and con- the inexhaustible centrated sun pow- business' ascent and ered force together bringing the truly can turn into the sig- necessary change of nificant wellspring of our worldwide vitality power\".Sustainable framework close power source is addi- the extent of monetar- Where \"oil-terminated often exists today\". increases included 41 enough.\" He included: tionally the most fi- ily feasible applica- age is the dominating Starting at 2012, in- gigawatt (GW) of new \"Sustainable power nancial answer for tions increments. force age source (for exhaustible force age wind power limit, 30 sources are extending new framework asso- Inexhaustible ad- example on islands, advances represented GW of PV, 25 GW of both as far as venture, ciated limit in regions vancements are cur- off-framework and in around half of all new hydro-power, 6 GW of ventures and geologi- with great assets. As rently frequently the certain nations) a force age limit in- biomass, 0.5 GW of cal spread. In doing as the expense of sus- most financial answer lower-cost sustainable creases internation- CSP, and 0.1 GW of such, they are making tainable force falls, for new creating limit. arrangement quite ally. In 2011, geothermal force. 26


ENGINEERING POST June-2020 IEEE PES Karachi Chapter organized 2nd webinar technical seminar of 2020 Keeping in view the current with audience how R10 MD Committee, more attractive continuously en- situation, IEEE organized a he has started his who was also the gaging with questions and relevant webinar event, the 2nd ac- career and through- technical administra- videos. It was very thorough and tivity of 2020 on “ARC FLASH – out engaged with tor & host for the we- comprehensive discussion on the ELECTRICAL SAFETY RE- practical hands on binar. PES chair topic, the participants had learned QURIEMENT”. As physical audi- Electrical Engineer- presented his presen- all the safety procedures, equip- ence are always a source of ing projects that tation and up-to-date ment required, calculations, pre- interaction and social networking gave him exposure the audience about caution and response. Chair PES but now under social distancing, & experience not the topic “Arc Flash”, & Speaker thanked audience for the software medium is preferred being taught in in- he emphasized on participating and making the webi- for continuity of work. Mr. Tahir stitutions. He there- participating engi- nar successful through their active Salim, the speaker and the chair of fore, would like to neers to learn and involvement. From & on behalf of PES society, briefed about himself select & convey im- implement the safety IEEE, Dr. Tariq Soomro, Vice as there were number of new par- portant topics from measures from this Chair IEEE Karachi Centre, much- ticipants in the webinar, the pres- his huge database of technical webinar. admired efforts of Mr. Tahir Salim ence of new & young engineers. knowledge. The wel- He shared his real- for making this webinar possible This excited Mr. Tahir as he is al- come note was given life experiences and despite the Holy Month of Ra- ways keen to share his immense ex- by Mr. Parkash Lo- quoted examples that mazan. He also thanked attendees perience & knowledge. He shared hanna, Chair IEEE made this session for their participation. 28

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Federal government investing resources for developing efficient and integrated transportation system in country Engineering Post Report (CPEC) programme, the Central Asia Regional already approved National Transport Policy and Economic Cooperation (CAREC) programme and the targets set out in 12th Five Year Plan 2018-23. Federal government is investing large other foreign-assisted initiatives. Due importance is being attached by all min- amounts of human and financial resources In order to minimize the murder on the Public istries and divisions through their transport and for the development of an efficient and inte- Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of the logistics development related projects/ pro- grated transportation system in the country that Federal Government, financially viable transport grammes on improving the connectivity in the will facilitate the promotion of a competitive na- sector projects are also being encouraged and ini- less developed areas of the country. tional economy. tiated on Public Private Partnership (PPP)/Build A number of prioritized and early harvest proj- Such investments are also being supported Operate Transfer (BOT) basis. ects were also identified on the basis of approved through foreign funding envisaged in great game All development projects/programmes are being transport plan of CPEC. Accordingly, the road changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor initiated and undertaken in accordance with the projects falling on the CPEC routes are also being 29

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 prioritized ministries and di- and financed visions including through Pakistan Rail- PSDP, Chi- ways (Railways nese conces- Sector), Ministry sional loans of Maritime Af- and other in- fairs (Ports and ternational Shipping Sector), financing in- Ministry of Com- stitutions. munications The (Road Sector), under-con- Finance Division struction road projects have already been ap- ( Provincial Road Infra- on CPEC routes with proved for inclusion in structure Projects), substantial progress or CPEC for all the provin- Housing and Works Di- nearing completion sta- cial capitals which in- vision ( Provincial Road tus included Sukkur- cluded Lahore Orange Infrastructure Projects), Multan, Lahore-Abdul Line Metro Train proj- Kashmir Affairs and Hakim, Hakla-Dera Is- ect, Karachi Circular Gilgit-Baltistan Division mail Khanand Railway, Peshawar Cir- ( Provincial Road Infra- Havelian-Thakot motor- cular Railway and structure Projects), ways and expressways. Quetta Circular Rail- SAFRON Division With the rapid growth way. (Provincial Road Infra- of the cities, the urban It is pertinent to men- structure Projects), Pak- transport demand has tion here that Transport istan Maritime Security already increased many and Logistics related Agency ( Defence Divi- folds over the years re- projects are being fi- sion), Defence Produc- sulting in severe traffic nanced under PSDP and tion Division, Aviation congestion in urban cen- implemented by various Division. tres. In order to overcome this growing problem and to squarely address this somewhat burning issue, mass transit proj- ects in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwah are under implementation and at various stages of their completion while some were being processed and and at their approval stages. Mass transit projects 30

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Diamer Bhasha Dam Machinery and Contractors reached at site Minister for Water Re- Wapda Chairman said the gov- sources Faisal Vawda ernment of Pakistan does not while Addressing a joint have resources for the project press conference with Chinese with the total estimated cost of Ambassador Yao Jing and Wapda Rs1.407trillion. The government Chairman Lt. General Muzammil would meet about 30pc or Hussain (retired) said the con- Rs406bn share of the total project tractors and machinery had cost while remaining Rs997bn or reached Chilas city in Gilgit- 70pc would be arranged by Baltistan to formally begin con- Wapda through Rs100bn equity struction work on Rs1.4 trillion besides commercial financing and Diamer-Basha dam. Eurobonds etc. This is the second mega project After completion Diamer started within a year as the Bhasha Dam would produce 4500 Mohmand Dam was started about MW of cheap and affordable elec- a year ago. The project would gen- vigorate cement, steel and trans- would daily move on the roads to tricity for meeting energy require- erate about 16,500 jobs and rein- port sectors as about 1000 trucks supply material to the dam site. ments of the country. 31



ENGINEERING POST June-2020 NESPAK awarded consultancy contract for Murunj Dam Project Pakistan Water and Power constructed across Kaha Nullah and power generation. The project Development Authority about 15 Kilometer (Km) from will have gross water storage of (WAPDA) has awarded the Mari village and 116 Km west of 800,000 acre feet and will gener- consultancy contract worth Rs. Rajanpur, Punjab. Kaha Nullah is ate 12 megawatt (MW) cheap and 156.226 million to a joint venture one of the largest hill torrents of environmental-friendly electricity. headed by NESPAK for feasibility the Koh-e-Sulaiman Range lo- The project will have tangible ben- study, detailed engineering de- cated in the vicinity of Rajanpur. efits and will bring about 120,000 sign, preparation of tender docu- Murunj Dam Project has three acre barren land into irrigable. ments and PC-I of Murunj Dam main objectives namely storage of The Murunj dam project will Project. water for irrigated agriculture and help in ground water recharging, Murunj Dam Project will be drinking purpose, flood mitigation and fisheries development. Sukkur to have Weather surveillance radar The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has approved different projects related to energy and envi- ronmental sector in a meeting held in the first week of June. After much deliberation the project for Installation of Weather Sur- veillance Radar at Sukkur in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was approved at the cost of Rs2,522 million. Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mohammad Je- hanzeb Khan chaired the meeting of CDWP The project which is to be funded by the government of Japan through Japan Inter- national Cooperation Agency (JICA) was originally estimated at Rs. 1848.650 million in June 2019. But due to rupee devaluation and other added costs the original cost has gone up to Rs 2,522 million. CDWP also approved different energy re- lated projects during the meeting. Project for provision of additional Sources of Supply to Jaranwala Road Grid Station worth Rs5,787.32 million, was approved in the meeting. The CDWP also approved 30.4 MW Ja- gran-1 Hydropower project, to be con- structed in District Neelum , AJK at the cost of Rs4,306.875 million. 34


ENGINEERING POST June-2020 National policy for small and medium enterprises formulation delayed amid COVID -19 Engineering Post Report also be addressing core SME de- velopment issues including access Small and medium enterprise to finance, Business Development (SMEs) play a key role in ervices (Human Resources Devel- shaping national growth opment, Technology, Marketing, strategies, employment genera- Market Access, Standards and tion and improving standard of Certification etc), simplification living of the vulnerable segments and rationalization of taxation of the society. SMEs as such are regime and reduction in cost of the backbone of the national econ- doing business. omy but somehow lack adequate A cohesive strategic framework resources to adopt new technolo- for business facilitation across gies and improve their production the public sector institutional in- based on latest development. frastructure, both federal and In order to provide due impetus provincial, will also be developed to SME sector and for enhancing for implementation of the policy its competitiveness, the federal under the principle of ease of government concerned quarters is doing business to which the fed- in the process of developing Na- eral government is giving due im- tional SME Policy which will serve portance. as the master plan of the federal In order to formulate the policy government for providing support ,a participatory process was also to catalyze growth of the sector adopted at the appropriate level to which has not been given its due identify real SME challenges cou- recognition and importance over pled with the strategy how to ad- the years . dress these challenges. In this Focus of the proposed national regard, Focus Group Discussions, policy, according to the official Workshops and Consultative ses- sources will be on job creation, ex- sions were also held nationwide port enhancement and increased at Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Pe- contribution of SMEs in the na- shawar, Swat, Sialkot, Gujran- tional economy. The policy will wala and Gujrat and necessary 36

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 input and guidelines were also gested for tackling these appro- Virus attack, also known as sought from eminent re- priately and boosting and en- COVID-19, which had diverted searchers, representatives of couraging Small and Medium the attention of the federal gov- Chambers of Commerce and In- Enterprises and Entrepreneurs ernment and all the ministries dustry, Trade Associations and to fully avail the facilities being and agencies down the line . It is academics. provided to boost and enhance most likely to be given final The prolonged deliberations their contributions towards the touches and approved at the ap- at the national and provincial national economy. propriate level in the next couple levels across the country contin- The proposed National Policy of moths hopefully depending the ued for months together in order was in the final stages of its checking its spread and control- to ensure that all SME sector re- being approved by no less body ling the epidemic of COVID-19 to lated issues and problems are than the federal cabinet when minimize human lives loss across identified and measures sug- the country was hit by Corona the country. Pehur Hydel Power Station becomes operational Pehur Hydel Power Sta- gineer Naeem Khan while talk- the Peshawar Electric Supply tions, Swabi has started ing to the media. Company (PESCO) on subsidized production of 18 mega watt A wheeling model has been rate. electricity which is being pro- adopted for provision of subsi- The provincial government is vided to the local industry at a dized electricity for bringing in- currently selling electricity pro- subsidised rate. dustrial development of the duced by its hydel power stations This was announced by Secre- province. Through the model, the to Central Power Purchase tary Energy and Power, Moham- 18 mega watt electricity provided Agency (CPPA) at the rate of Rs mad Zubair Khan and Chief by Pehur Power Station is first 4 per unit that is further selling Executive Officer (CEO), provided to the national grid and it through PESCO to industrial Pakhtunkhwa Energy Develop- then sold to industrial sector sector at the rate of Rs 18 per ment Organization (PEDO), En- through the transmission line of unit. 37

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Roads to be upgraded in Punjab, Sindh and KP The Asian Devel- istan. Pakhtunkhwa rural opment Bank The federal govern- development project; (ADB) will pro- ment has also cleared and the second phase vide project prepara- the concept papers of Sindh provincial tion support for for the projects. road improvement schemes aimed at up- According to de- project. grading roads in a bid to improve re- gional connectivity among Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For this purpose prelimi- nary technical re- views are currently being carried out. This projects is being undertaken to improve inter province connectivity as well as help im- prove the condition of roads in Pakistan. Only 11 per cent of national highways are assessed to be in tails, the transaction The technical as- ‘good’ and 67 per cent technical assistance sistance facility is es- in ‘fair’ condition. facility will provide timated to cost ADB has already project preparation $1.6m, of which added the road up support to a series of $1.5m will be fi- gradation projects in ensuing projects com- nanced on a grant its Country Opera- prising Punjab basis by ADB’s tech- tions Business Plan provincial highway nical assistance spe- (2020-22) for Pak- project; Khyber cial fund. 38

ENGINEERING POST June-2020 Samsung and Huawei account for half of all mobile phone sales in Pakistan: Study GSMA — an industry body population which is covered by a representing mobile net- 3G/4G network does not sub- works has released a re- scribe to mobile internet serv- port ‘Pakistan Progressing ices. This is due to two main towards a fully-fledged digital factors i.e affordability and non- economy’ explaining the availability of content in local progress language. and gaps Accord- in the mo- ing to the bile mar- study the ket of up coming Pakistan. market The study would be of states that 4G net- market work. With penetra- 3G having tion in peaked 4G Pakistan would tracks reach 129 below million rates seen connections anywhere by 2025. elses in The South Asia. study suggests that “Samsung According to the study at the and Huawei account for over end of 2019 there were 89 mil- half of all mobile phone sales in lion unique subscribers of mo- Pakistan, reflecting an absence bile phones out of which of homegrown firms” Although 81million were using smart- according to the PTA 100,000 phones. Even then Pakistan mobile phones are now being as- faces a huge “usage gap” accord- sembled each month in Pak- ing to which around 54% of the istan. 39

NESPAK led JV to provide consultancy for Diamer Bhasha Dam Ajoint venture (JV) led by National Engi- provide consultancy services for the construction ernment for Diamer Bhasha Dam Project is being neering Services Pakistan Limited (Nes- of Diamer Bhasha Dam. termed as right on time by the experts as, to move pak) has been awarded the contract to According to the details, Nespak the consult- the economy, mega projects are need of the time. ants will provide services through a joint venture comprising of six Firms as JV members part- ners, namely, National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd – Pakistan (Lead Firm), Pöyry (AFRY) Switzerland Limited – Switzer- land, MWH (Stantec) International, Inc – USA, DOLSAR Engineering Inc Co – Turkey, Associ- ated Consulting Engineers ACE Ltd – Pakistan and MM Pakistan Pvt Ltd – Pakistan. General Manager Chief executive Officer Project Director Diamer Bhasha Development Company and Di- amer Bhasha Consultants Group (DBCG) au- thorized representative Dr Tahir Masood, MD Nespak, signed the agreement on behalf of Wapda and the Joint Venture respectively. The Consultants' scope of services includes de- tailed design review, construction design, con- struction supervision, contract administration and environment and resettlement aspects. Diamer Bhasha Dam is proposed to be con- structed on the Indus River. The site is 315km upstream of Tarbela Dam Project, some 180km below the town of Gilgit and 40km downstream of Chilas, the headquarter of District Diamer in Gilgit-Baltistan. The long awaited nod of the gov-

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