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PubHTML5 3 Months Platinum Plan Giveaway | PubHTML5

PubHTML5 3 Months Platinum Plan Giveaway

Cost $74.75 - Get It Free

Everything you need to empower your magazines,
brochures, catalogs & eBooks.

Please enter your CDKey and Email Address below to get the code from PubHTML5.com:
(Note: Please activate this code before April 15)

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Top Features of PubHTML5

Convert PDF to Interactive Online Publicatons

Easily upload your PDF to PubHTML5 Cloud Platform and get your extraordinary digital publications online freely. Learn more.

Add Video, Audio, Animation and More

Easy and simple to add YouTube video, audio, photo slideshow, and links into your digital magazine and engage readers with immersive experiences. For true interactivity, you can enrich your content by adding animations with animation editor. View an example.

Monetize Your Content

A New Way to make money by displaying non-intrusive ads in your publications! Just insert the Google AdSense ID in the Design Settings and display ads to your readers. Learn more.

Share as BookCase

Copy and paste the embed code to your HTML file, and you can embed a nice looking Bookcase to your site, which will automatically collect your newly upload publications without changing the embed code. What's more, you are able to create as many bookcases as you like.. Learn more.

Distribute Everywhere

Inspire readers on a variety of mobile devices, like iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. It's also possible for publishers to connect your magazines with readers in Facebook and Twtter. Share publications on social platform and drive more traffic to your website. Learn more.

How to activate PubHTML5 account with exchange code?

1Create an PubHTML5 account on our web https://pubhtml5.com

Note: Register an account using your Email, don't use Facebook or Google Plus account.

sign up an account

2Activate PubHTML5 account with exchange code

Login your PubpHTML5 account and then go to https://pubhtml5.com/gift-card-exchange.php to activate your account with exchange code, put the exchange code inside the blank and click on the button of "Exchange".

activate account with exchange code

3Login PubHTML5 desktop version

You can upload your magazines to our cloud host in pubhtml5.com directly. If you want to enrich your publications with interactive features(view an example), you need to download the desktop version and editor your book using Page Editor and Animation Editor function.

activate account with exchange code