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National Research NATIONAL RESEARCHTomsk Polytechnic UniversityInstitute of International Education and Language Communication STUDENT30, Lenin Avenue GUIDETomsk, 634050, Russia Institute of international education and language communication TOMSK POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Tel/fax: +7 (3822) 563-304 e-mail: [email protected]

Contents 3WELCOME Why TPU? General information .........…………………………….....……........ 5 Degree programmes ........……………………………....…....…..... 8 Doctoral programmes ……...…………………………................. 17 Short-term courses .…………………………….......................... 20 Support and services for students …………..…………......... 22 Scholarships and academic opportunities ……………….... 27 Student life …........………………………………………................... 29 Admission Procedure ……...……………………………................ 32 Why Tomsk? Getting to know Tomsk ……………………………..................... 37 Weather in Tomsk .……………………..................................... 42 Good trip to Tomsk ...……………………………………................ 43 Why Russia? Getting to know Russia ……………………………..................... 45 Higher Education In Russia …...........…………………............ 46 How to get a visa to Russia .............................................. 47 Frequently asked questions …..……………………….............. 50 Phrase-book .…………………………………………….................... 52 Fees …………………………..………………………………................... 56 Student voice ………………………………………………................. 57

General information 459 Location: Russia, West Siberia, Tomsk city Foundation date: 29th April, 1896 Position: top 10 universities of Russia State status: National Research University Number of students: 20 000 Number of international students: 5 000 Number of graduates: 170 000 Language of instruction: Russian, English Number of programs: more than 200 European associations membership: CESAER, CLUSTER etc.WHY TPU? “TPU is one of the best universities in Russia. My father studied in Russia before and he told me that the education in Russia is good. I had a choice and I chose Russia for studying. I think I did well.” Truong Duc Trung Vietnam

6 Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Educational system 479 Top-10 universities of Russia Doctoral programme 3-4 years One of the best technical universities of Russia. Master's programme 2 years The first technical institution of higher education in the Asian part Bachelor's 4 years Specialist's 5 years of Russia. programme programme Winner of a special program of Russian Ministry of Education and Pre-university course 1 year Science \"5-100\" for competitiveness enhancement of Russian Secondary School universities among the world leading scientific and educational centers. 64 place in QS University Rankings: BRICS - 2015. 481-490 place in QS World University Rankings, 2015. II place in Worldwide Profes- sional University Rankings, 2013/2014. The University has a number of international research laboratories under a supervision of famous scientists including Nobel laureates and hosts educational research centers of Microsoſt, Woodward, Hughes Network Systems and others companies. Partner of universities and educational institutions around the world, partner of Gasprom, Rosatom, Roscosmos, Alrosa, Microsoſt, Woodward, Danfoss etc. Wi-Fi campus, 21 buildings, 15 comfortable students hostels with modern facilities, a well-developed sport infrastructure.

8 Degree programmes in English Degree programmes in Russian 9 Tomsk Polytechnic University offers about 200 Bachelor’s PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES (4 years), Specialist’s (5 years), Master’s (2 years) Bachelor’s programs and Doctoral (3 years) programs in Engineering and Economics in Russian and English Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Physics Bachelor’s programs Master’s programs Computer Science Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Soſtware Development Technologies Mathematical Methods in economics, Science and Techniques Information System Soſtware Mathematical Modeling Mechanical Engineering Physics Mechanical Engineering Technology Physics of the Condensed Condition Mechanical Engineering Design NATURAL SCIENCES Master’s programs Bachelor’s Programs Material Science Ecology and Management of Natural Resources Computer Simulation of Materials Production, Processing and Treatment Master’s programs Electronics and Nanoelectronics Geology Electronic Control and Diagnostic Systems in Engineering and Medicine Production, transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas Computer Science Ecology and Wildlife Management Networks and Communications Nuclear Physics and Technology Environmental Problems Nuclear Power Installations Operation Instrument Engineering CHEMICAL AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Information and Measuring Equipment and Technologies Bachelor’s programs of Nondestructive Testing Petroleum Engineering Chemical Engineering Bioengineering Energy-conservative and Resource-saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology

10 Degree programmes in Russ49i9an 11 Specialists's programs Master’s programs Oil and Gas Engineering Chemical Technology Materials of Modern Energy Geological-Geophysical Problems of Oil-and-Gas Fields Exploration Master’s program Oil-and-Gas Pipeline and Storage Reliability Chemical Technology Long-Hole Construction Complicated by Geological Factor Oil-and-Gas Field Development and Operation Chemical Engineering of High-Molecular Compounds Chemical Engineering of Inorganic Matters and Materials POWER ENGINEERING, POWER ENGINEERING Chemical Engineering of Organic and Petrochemical Synthesis INDUSTRY AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Chemical Engineering of Fuel and Gas Bachelor’s programs Chemical Engineering of Bioactive Substances Chemical Engineering of Refractory Nonmetals and Silicates Heat-Power Engineering and Heating Engineering Energy-Efficient and Resource-Saving Processes in Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering, Petrochemistry and Bioengineering Nuclear Physics and Technologies Processes and Devices of Industrial Chemistry Biotechnology Specialist's programs Biotechnology Electronics and Automated Physical Installations GEODESY AND LAND-UTILIZATION Bachelor’s programs Master’s programs Heat-Power Engineering and Heating Engineering Land-utilization and Cadastral Register Heat and Mass Transfer Processes and Installations GEOLOGY, EXPLORING AND MINING OF MINERALS Heat and Electric Power Generation Technology Bachelor’s programs Thermal Physics in Power Engineering Computer Technology of Thermal Electric Power Plants and Nuclear Oil and Gas Engineering Power Plants Design Specialist's programs PROGRAMS IN RUSSIAN Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering Applied Geology Technologies of Geological Exploring Power Systems Automation Control Modes of Electric Power Systems High-Voltage Engineering of Electric Power Systems Electric Power Systems, Power Grids and Transmission: Modes, Stability and Reliability Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Optimization of Modern Power Supply Systems Renewable Energy Source

12 Degree programmes in Russ49i9an 13 Electrical Insulation, Cable and Capacitor Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electric Drives and Control Systems Welding Engineering Energy-Saving Modes of Electrical Power Supplies, Complexes, and Systems High Technology Physics in Mechanical Engineering High-Voltage Physics and Engineering Automated Systems of Operation Management of Electrical Power Systems Design-Engineering Supply for Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Physics and Technologies Dynamics and Acoustics of Machine Tool Systems Nuclear-Technical Control and Regulations ELECTRONIC ENGINEERINGLIFE SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Bachelor’s programsAND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Electronics and NanoelectronicsBachelor’s programs (4 years) Master’s programs Environmental Engineering and Water Consumption Electronics and Nanoelectronics Technosphere safety Electronic Control and Diagnostic Systems in Engineering and MedicineMaster’s program Physical Electronics Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Welding Engineering High Technology Physics in Mechanical Engineering Environmental Engineering Survey Design-Engineering Supply for Mechanical Engineering Safety in Technosphere Dynamics and Acoustics of Machine Tool Systems Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources INSTRUMENT MAKING AND OPTICAL EQUIPMENT Bachelor’s programsMECHANICAL ENGINEERINGAND MATERIALS PROCESSING Instrument Making Optical EngineeringBachelor’s programs Biotechnical Systems and Technology Materials Science and Technology Master’s programs Mechanical Engineering Instrument EngineeringMaster’s program Information and Measurement Equipment and Technology of Materials Science and Technology Non-Destructive Testing Computer Simulation of Material Production, Processing and Treatment Material Science and Technology of Nanomaterials and Coatings Nanomaterial Production Techniques, Structure and Properties Nanostructured Materials Tool Production

14 Degree programmes in Russ49i9an 15 Non - Destructive Testing Devices and Techniques Master’s program Attitude Control and Navigation Systems Information Systems and Technology Optical Engineering Lighting Engineering and Light Sources Geoinformation Systems Bioengineering Systems and Technology Applied Computer Science Medical and Biological Devices and Systems ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT AUTOMATICS AND MANAGEMENT Bachelor’s programs Bachelor’s programs Economics Technology Processes and Productions Automation Management Mechatronics and Robotics Quality Management Master’s program Innovation Economics Master’s programs Innovative Economics Quality Management Accounting, Analysis and Audit Corporate Economics and Planning Quality Management in Industrial-Technological Systems Management Standardization and Metrology Marketing Financial Management Computer-Aided Measurement and Control Enterprise Economics and Management Crisis Management COMPUTER SCIENCE AND COMPUTER FACILITIES International Management Media Business Management Bachelor’s programs Research and Education Management IT Management Information Systems and Technology Project Management Applied Computer Science Logistics Enterprise Economics and Management (in oil and gas industry) Master’s program Computer Science and Computer Facilities CULTURE AND ARTS Bachelor’s programs Soſtware Development for Automated Systems Computer Analysis and Data Interpretation Design Distributed Automated Systems Computer Network and Telecommunications

16 Doctoral programmes in Rus49s9ian Doctoral programmes 17 Physical and Mathematical Sciences Devices and Measurement Methods (measuring of electric and magnetic Mechanics of a Deformable Firm Body quantities) Mechanics of a Liquid, Gas and Plasma Dynamics and Strength of Machines, Instruments and Devices Navigation Devices Devices and Methods of Experimental Physics Devices and Quality Monitoring of Environment, Substances, Theoretical Physics Materials and Products Physical Electronics Metrology and Metrological AssuranceDoctoral programs Physics of the Condensed Condition Devices, Systems and Products of Medical Appointment Plasma Physics System Analysis, Management and Information Processing Physics of Semiconductors (Industry, Information Technologies) Thermophysics and Theoretical The Heating Engineer Elements and Devices of Computer Facilities and Control Systems Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics Automated Control Systems of Technological Processes and Chemical Physics, Combustion and Explosion, Physics of the Critical Manufactures (in nuclear industry) Mathematical and the Soſtware of Computers, Complexes and State of Matter Computer Networks Crystallography and Crystal Physics Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs Physics of Charged Particle Beams and Accelerating Equipment Information Security Products and Systems Power Plants and Power Systems Chemistry Sciences Nuclear Power Units, including Design, Operation and Decommissioning Analytical Chemistry Industrial Power System Organic Chemistry Technics of High Pressure Physical Chemistry Thermal Power Plants, their Power Systems and Units Metallurgical Science and Thermal Processing of Metals and Alloys Biological Sciences Powder Metallurgy and Composite Materials Ecology (Chemical, Energy, Building) Rare, Scattered and Radioactive Elements Technology Technology of Organic Substances Engineering Sciences Chemical Technology of Fuel and High-Energy Substances Science of Machines and Machine Parts Processes and Devices of Chemical Technologies Technology and Equipment of Mechanical and Physical-Technical Technology of Silicate and Refractory Nonmetallic Materials Fire and Industrial Safety (Power, Mining, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Processing Mechanical Engineering, Woodworking, Transport) Welding, related processes and technologies Economic Sciences Quality Monitoring and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering Economic Theory Theory of Mechanisms and Cars Economy and Management of a National Economy (including Economics, Standardization and Product Quality Control Industrial Engineering and Management, Regional Economy, Management, Electromecanics and Electric Devices Innovation Management, Wildlife Management Economics, Land Management) Electrotechnical Materials and Products Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems Light Engineering Power Electronics

18 Doctoral programmes in Rus49s9ian Tuition fees 19 Philosophical Sciences Bachelor’s programmes/academic year 3600 Euro Ontology and Epistemology Training in English 2400 Euro Social Philosophy Computer Science Mechanical Engineering Philology Russian Literature Training in Russian 2900 Euro Russian Language Computer Science 2150 Euro Economics and Management 1750-2150 Euro Pedagogy Geology and Oil and Gas Studies 1750-2900 Euro Theory and Training and Education Technique (professional level, Other Bachelor’s programmes foreign languages) Theory and Technique of Physical Training, Sports Training, Improving Specialist’s programmes/academic year and Adaptive Physical Training In Russian 1750-2900 Euro Theory and Vocational Training Technique Master’s programmes/academic year Art Criticism Industrial Art and Design In English 4100 Euro Science about Ground In Russian 2000-3300 Euro General and Regional Geology Petrology, Volcanology Doctoral programmes/academic year Mineralogy, Crystallography Hydrogeology In Russian 3400 EUR Engineering Geology, Geocryology and Soil Science Geochemistry, Geochemical Methods of Searches of Minerals Geophysics, Geophysical Methods of Searches of Minerals Geology, Exploration and Prospecting of Minerals, Minerageny Geology, Exploration and Prospecting of Oil and Natural Gas Fields Technology and Techniques of Prospecting Works Technology of Drilling and Development of Chinks Applied Mining, Oil-Field and Gasfield Geology, Mine Survey and Subsoil Geometry Working Out and Operation of Oil and Gas Deposits Land Management, Cadastre and Monitoring of the Earths Geoecology Contacts International recruitment department Phone: +7-3822-563-304 E-mail: [email protected]

20 Short-term cou499rses 21Pre-university course All-year round the Russian language courses, the Russian language summer and winter school All international students interested in getting higher education in Russia are offered a Pre-university course which trains an applicant for the According to your Russian Language proficiency level or field of university degree program. The Russian/English language training is the education you can choose a relevant Russian Language course main goal of the course. The content of the Pre-university course is from elementary to advanced proficiency level, Text Theory, relevant to the degree program an applicant will take. Russian Lexicology, Text Stylistics, Linguistics and Country Study, Duration: 1 or 1,5 year. For student with basic Russian/English - 0,5 year. Phraseology of Modern Russian, Introduction into Psycholinguis- tics, History of Russian Literature, Business Russian, Mass mediaFor 1 year Bachelor’s/Specialist’s programs (in Russian) 1500 EUR Russian, Difficulties in Russian Grammar, Training for the StateFor 1,5 year Bachelor’s/Specialist’s programs (in Russian) 2200 EUR test in Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) etc. In summerFor 1 year Bachelor’s/Specialist’s programs (in English) 1900 EUR and winter you will have a good time in Tomsk attending theFor 1 year Master’s/Doctoral programs (in Russian) 1700 EUR Russian Language courses in the Summer and Winter school andFor 1 year Master’s/Doctoral programs (in English) 2200 EUR mixing the Russian Language study with cultural program. Short-term courses in EnglishAreas of specialty There are different courses for both group and individualTechnical (core units: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Graphics, Computer training. You will receive an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills and get a European-type certificate with aScience, Russian). possibility of credit transfer.Biomedical (core units: Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, ComputerScience, Russian ). Short-term courses in English 14-20 EUR/hourHumanitarian (core units: Literature, Country Studies, Geography, ComputerScience, Russian ). Discount for a group of 2 people and more — 10 EURLinguistic (core units: Literature, Country Studies, English, Basics of Linguistics,Russian). International Language SchoolEconomic (core units: Mathematics, Basics of Economics, Computer Science,Russian). The Language school of the Institute of International Education and Language Communication offers courses to study 13Russian Language courses individually EUR 9,5-15/ hour European and Oriental languages: English, German, French,Russian Language for 2 students and more EUR 8/ hour Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic,Russian Language for 4 students and more EUR 5/ hour Persian, Russian as a foreign language. Courses of foreign languages 120-180 EUR/ 72 hours Discount for a group of 4 people and more —10 EUR

22 Support and services for stude49n9ts 23Academic exchange programs Nothing to worry about If you take part in academic exchange programs at our Univer- The staff of the Institute of International Education and sity, you will get an excellent chance to gain work experience in Language Communication will provide you with essential international research teams and communication skills in assistance and advice right from the first day of your arrival at international professional environment. the University in order to make your first steps on the way to Higher Education easy and pleasant. Institute of International Education and Language Communication is a special department Visa support of TPU which offers you educational, social, and many other associated services: - Academic consulting Since the University provides you with visa support there will be no problem for you to receive a visa. The University will send the - Admission and visa support Visa Support Letter and Official Letter of Admission. These - Accommodation documents will allow you to receive a visa in the Russian - Medical insurance embassy in your country. - Support and guidance - Cultural events Application fee 55 EURMany things to offer Registration and multiple visa fee 23 EUR per year *The Tomsk Polytechnic University community is truly international. * (For course-attendees coming for short-term programsStudents currently come to study at Tomsk Polytechnic University from (less than a year) the fee is calculated individually)40 countries around the world, for example: Italy, Germany, Australia,Ghana, South Korea, Turkey, Ecuador, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Iran, Pick-up serviceMongolia, Nigeria, Congo, China, Thailand, Iraq, Indonesia, Brasilia,Columbia, France, etc. If you have never visited Tomsk before, we will surely pick you up and take you to the hostel. Please, send us the information on the exact date/time/place 7 days before your arrival and the Univer- sity representative will meet you at the airport or railway station in Tomsk. Pick up service in Tomsk for newcomers free

24 Support and services for stud49e9nts 25Orientation program Accommodation A one-week orientation program is developed to be both fun The University offers you exceptional accommodation. Living and informative. It helps you to adjust to a new environment on Campus is an ideal way to make a smooth transition to the and get acquainted with Russian culture and traditions. University life. The hostel for international students is located within a few minutes from the University buildings. The hostel The orientation program will provide you with is more than just a place to eat and sleep. It provides such the information on: facilities as a gym, Internet access, rooms for comfortable living and studying, and a chance to build relationships that will the city of Tomsk, its historic places, museums, theatres, last a lifetime. Snug rooms are set up with desks, storage cinemas, city transport, etc.; space, TV-sets, fridges and electric kettles. Here you can enjoy the University: campus, facilities, Internet classrooms, the privacy of your own space with social contact around when History Museum, the Russian-German Centre, you need it. The hostel support personnel will make your life the Russian-French Centre, the Asian and Pacific Centre enjoyable, and the security staff will keep your safety around and offices of international organizations located the clock. in the University area; cafes, restaurants, main shopping areas, post offices, Accommodation fee depends on the facilities available in a room and banks located nearby the University campus; may be paid monthly. educational courses provided by the University; accommodation terms and rules at TPU hostels; Accommodation fee/month EUR 12 how to make a contract of medical insurance and service. A place in a room for two/three people EUR 9 (beds, a wardrobe, tables, a TV set/a fridge) A place in a room for two/three people (beds, a wardrobe, tables)

26 Support and services for students Scholarships and academic opportunities 27Medical insurance and service Scholarships and academic opportunities Health insurance is obligatory for all international students. The University provides a large number of scholarships for Receiving health insurance in Tomsk, you both save your prospective students. money and get high quality medical service on time. You will be offered individual or group insurance, personal accident State Academic Scholarship of the Russian Federation for insurance, term life insurance, etc. Qualified medical staff will Master and PhD students. offer you a confidential advice on health related problems and provide initial treatment for any illness or injury. ROSATOM State Academic Scholarship for «Nuclear Reactor Operation» Master programHealth insurance 12 EUR/month (Pre-university course is included).Contacts Head of Department Nova scholarship. For PhD students intending to develop of Academic Affairs and Socialization their research in regard of resource-efficient technologies Andrei Faerman in TPU. Specialists POSTDOC SYSTEM. For young scientists, who already have Phone: +7-3822-563-299 a PhD degree. Applications are available during the all year round. “ People at Institute And over 50 others: of the President of Russian Federation, for the of International Education first student from a country, of the TPU Rektor, of the TPU academicand Language Communication are service-minded, council etc. they form a good team.” More details on and upon your request to: [email protected] Gho Zheng China

29 Tomsk Polytechnic University has an excellent infrastruc- ture for successful studying and active entertainment: 21 up-to-date educational buildings, scientific research institutes and centers, international laboratories, a library, cafes, the International Cultural Centre, recreation centres, gyms and a stadium, etc. Your talents will not remain unrevealed at Tomsk Polytechnic University. It provides all the opportunities for development of your creative, scientific and sport potential.STUDENT LIFE

30 Student l4i9f9e 31Student life is not just studies or active participation in the social Winter and summer vacations provide a lot of opportunities for anlife of the University! The University provides international active rest! In winter you can take pleasure in skating and strengthenstudents with various cultural programs and sport events. Excur- your spirit and body by means of mountain skiing and snowboarding.sions, trips to the countryside, holidays, familiarization with In summer you can go to the countryside on a picnic or fortraditions and cultures of various nations and diverse sport mushrooms. You can also visit Lake Baikal – the deepest and cleanestevents keep students amused. Being the University student, you lake in the world. It is the most popular resting place for Russian andhave an opportunity to take an active part in the life of student foreign tourists. There is an opportunity to go on a study trip throughsociety. No doubt, you will get maximum knowledge and new Russian cities or have a rest in the Altai Mountains. Your vacation canimpressions out of student life. become a real adventure which will make studying in Tomsk even more exciting! Active studies, rich social life and various fascinating types of rest – all this makes the years spent at the University informa- tive, captivating and, above all, unforgettable! “I think TPU gives the best quality of education in a very friendly environment.” Majid Tahir Pakistan

32 Admission procedu49r9e 33To join Tomsk Polytechnic University a prospective student should: Send to an admission officer your contact information Fill in online application form on (a postal address and a telephone number). It is possible and take advice on the chosen course. to choose between 2 ways of getting the documents: Send the copy of an international passport and the copy by regular post (free of charge) or by express-post of educational documents in English or Russian Language (a student pays for it beforehand). to an admission officer e-mail: [email protected]. Send to admission officer information about the travel route Wait for an official answer about admission to the University. (airline, flight number, arrival time, etc.) to get the University Transfer application fee of EURO 55 is nonrefundable. pick-up service. Send to an admission officer your contact information (a postal Please, submit on arrival to the University campus: address and a telephone number) to receive a visa support letter and an official letter of admission within 1 month aſter international passport and migration card approval. This visa support document gives the right to apply the originals of the educational documents for an entry visa at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your (legalized in a proper way) home country prior to arrival in Russia. documentary proof of Russian/English Language proficiency 12 colored photos “Admission procedure is short, original medical certificate proving the ability of a student simple, understandable and straight. to study (with obligatory marks of tuberculosis, Lepra, The people involved are service-minded, efficient venereal diseases) and HIV certificate and responsible to the fullest extent. (valid for the last 30 days). They are available to us all the time.” Admission deadline Start Date Deadline Carol Lyn Oliveros Avila Course Any time 2 months before classes Columbia September,1 Short-term courses October,1 May,15 Degree course July,1 Preparatory course

34 Legalizati4o99n 35Legalization procedurefor international education documents In order to enter any Russian higher education institution, all international students have to get a Certificate of Recognition All the education documents are to be legalized in a proper or Equivalency Determination. way by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Consulate in the entrant’s country. Such procedure is called You need to present the following documents: consular legalization. In some countries consular legaliza- Application for an expert analysis of education documents tion is replaced by apostil. in order to acknowledge them or ascertain their equivalence In some countries, in accordance with the Convention on Copy of your international passport legal assistance and legal relations, document legalization Originals of the Educational Certificates (including academic is not required. transcript: list of subjects studied and scores earned) *Please visit our website to find out more about legalization: legalized in a proper way 2 notarized copies of each Educational Certificate (including academic transcript) 2 translated copies of each Educational Certificate (including academic transcript) in Russian language, certified by a notary from the Russian Embassy or a notary from the Russian Federation Consulate in the country that issued the educational documents. Note: in order to go through the procedure successfully, you may have to submit any additional documents.

Getting to know Tomsk 37 Location: Western Siberia, Russia Foundation year: 1604 Population: 550,000 Number of students: 85,000 Number of state universities: 6 Tomsk city was founded in 1604. Aſter Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, it is the third scientific and educational center in Russia. There are 6 universities, about 50 higher research institutes, centers, academies, colleges and vocational schools in Tomsk. The number of Doctors of Science is the greatest throughout Russia. Tomsk is a multinational and multireligious city. It is open for interna- tional communication, tolerant to foreign cultures and traditions. There are synagogues, mosques, Orthodox, Lutheran and Catholic churches in Tomsk. People of different nationalities and religions live here in peace and harmony.WHY TOMSK? “Tomsk is a gorgeous city, really attractive for me. Its history and location is so interesting! Tomsk is not as small as I thought, but, however, interesting. I don’t know many Russian citizens here in Tomsk, but those who I’ve met are nice (girls firstly pretty).” Fortunato Dario Italy

38 Getting to know Tom499sk 39 Tomsk is not like any other city in the world! Tomsk wooden Tomsk has a lot of picturesque fountains, squares decorated with architecture is a splendid artistic heritage. The preserved works of flowers, cozy green parks and numerous alleys. Students and wooden architecture have now become a tourist attraction. You couples enjoy walking there. Generally speaking, there are a lot of will not stay indifferent when you see amazing architectural places to walk with friends aſter classes. constructions built over 300 years ago. At the same time, Tomsk is a modern and dynamically developing city with high apartment Tomsk is a city of young people; every sixth citizen is a student, houses and original modern constructions. The city managed to that’s why the city offers great opportunities for good studying and keep its special beauty. real fun. You will find a lot of places to have a rest aſter classes. Numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and bistros are open for you and offer a variety of meals from Russian and international cuisines. “Tomsk looks like an old and ancient city. The buildings are very nice to me. The city is so silent. The environment is perfect for studying.” Kim Gun Woo South Korea “Tomsk – is a multicultural society. Friendly town with friendly people.” Robert Dixon Jamaica

40 Getting to know Tom499sk 41 If you want to go in for sports, up-to-date sport complexes and Shopping in Tomsk is both a pleasant pastime and entertainment. bowling centers are always at your disposal. In case you wish a more Stores of well-known brands of Russian and foreign designers, souve- serious cultural experience, you can visit wonderful art galleries and nir shops, bookstores offering literature in various languages, not museums. Tomsk is famous for its music life. It holds a lot of various only Russian, sports stores are open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. concerts and music performances. Think of theaters, which offer a Many food-stores work around the clock. wide variety of classical, modern and experimental plays, and cinemas presenting novelties of the modern cinematograph and you Theatre ticket Euro 7 will understand that you will not be bored in Tomsk. At night you can Ticket to cinema Euro 3 go to night bars and clubs offering bright and exciting shows, rousing Fitness (a month) Euro 30 performances and dancing to modern rhythms till the dawn. Ticket to nightclub Euro 6 Food (per month) Euro 150 Man air cut Euro 4 City transport Euro 0,3 Taxi Euro 3 “Surely life is almost half price lower than Italian ones, and I can find here all I want not as expensive as in my own country or some other countries.” Fortunato Dario Italy

42 Weather in Tom49s9k Good trip to Tomsk 43Due to its geographical location (latitude 56° North), the climate in You can get to Tomsk via Moscow or via Novosibirsk. The airports ofTomsk is continental. The average summer (June to September) Moscow and Novosibirsk are international ones with flights from mosttemperature is around 20-25°C. The temperature of 30-35°C is cities of the world.typical for the midsummer. Via MoscowThe average winter (from mid November to March) temperature isaround -15°C (nice for winter skiing), while for a few days in the International planes land in Moscow airports Domodedovo,middle of winter it could be as low as -30°C. It does not feel terribly Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. For greater convenience, it iscold during these days because of the dry, still air. better to choose Domodedovo airport. There are daily flights to Tomsk (Bogashevo airport) by S7 airlines N 811, TransaeroSiberians say, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. airlines UN 153 and Utair airlines UT-439. You can buy ticketsNecessary clothes are readily available for purchase in Tomsk in airports or book them on ,, and pay by credit card (Visa-classic, Visa-gold,Winter jacket m/f Euro 80 Master-card).Winter footwear m/f Euro 90 You can also travel from Moscow to Tomsk by direct train. It “Russian winter takes about 56 hours (2.5 days). Moscow-Tomsk1 train Ν 038 is like a fairytale winter, departs on odd days from Moscow Yaroslavsky vokzal (railway if you see it from your window station).and it’s not at all bad if you wear proper clothes.” Via Novosibirsk Majid Tahir Pakistan A bus trip from Novosibirsk to Tomsk takes 5 hours. The University representative picks you up at the coach terminal in Tomsk. Railway ticket Moscow-Tomsk Euro 100 Airplane ticket Moscow-Tomsk Euro 220

Getting to know Tomsk 45 Population: 143,5 million people Area: 17,075,400 square km Official language: Russian Capital: Moscow Currency: Russian ruble Russia, the biggest country in the world, is located in the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia. Amazingly beautiful and friendly, Russia is a multinational state: besides Russians, there are 100 differ- ent nationalities to consider Russia their homeland. Russian is the official language here and, nevertheless, many young people can fluently speak English, German or French. This means that you will never have any difficulties finding someone to talk to. Russia is a country with a centuries-long history and a rich culture. Russian culture has introduced the world a lot of famous scientists, writers, composers, artists and musicians: Alexandr Pushkin, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Kazimir Malevich, etc. Our modern sportsmen are known all over the world: Maria Sharapova, Anna Kurnikova, Evgeniy Plushchenko, Marat Safin, Pavel Bure, and many others. Russian resort city Sochi was chosen as a place to hold the Winter Olympic Games 2014.Why Russia? Russia is a country where you can not only get high quality education but also excitingly spend your student years. Visiting famous Lake Baikal, walking along the Red Square, seeing a splendid Saint Basil’s Cathedral, going on an exciting tour around the Golden Ring of Russia – this is just a tiny part of the opportunities that guests of Russia have at their disposal. This country amazes and enchants. Having visited it once, you will realize that Russia is a country that is worth visiting and understanding.

46 Higher education in Russia How can I get a visa to Russia? 47 Russian education has deep and serious traditions especially in the It is compulsory for foreign citizens to have a visa to enter Russia. In field of natural and exact sciences. order to get a Russian visa, it is necessary to have an official The graduates of Russian higher education institutions have invitation. Invitation letters are given by Tomsk Polytechnic Univer- traditionally ranked very high in world rankings, since Russian educa- sity to international students who come to the University to take a tion standards are currently considered among the best all over the compulsory education courses or short-term courses. world. The equipment of education institutions meets the latest technological requirements and training methods are constantly and In order to get a student visa to Russia, a foreign citizen has developing. to present the following set of documents to the Embassy of Having joined Bologna Process in 2003, Russia is actively improving the Russian Federation: the improving system of higher education in accordance with its advanced ideas. Training in Russia is a wonderful opportunity to get Visa Support Letter (Invitation) high quality education, learn the language and get to know the Official Letter of Admission diverse culture of the country. Valid international passport Consular questionnaire (two copies, filled in and signed) If you want to get a high quality education and good job opportu- Photo — 3×4 cm. nities, make a good career and learn international languages, welcome to Russia! Russian visa formalization may require some additional documents: “Russia – people mostly HIV certificate read about it through the media. Medical insurance But to see it is an experience you would cherish.” Copy of national passport Financial guarantees Robert Dixon (evidence that you have money for staying in Russia). Jamaica Some countries may request a fuller set of documents.

4499 Do only international students live in the student hostel? Russian students live in the hostel together with international students. They study at Institute of International Education and Language Communication and become interpreters. Therefore, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to find new friends and to talk to interesting people. How can I get the Invitation letter for a student visa? Aſter you get a positive answer on your admission to Tomsk Polytech- nic University and pay the application fee, the original of invitation letter and official letter of admission will be ready within a month. Both these documents are a basis for the acquisition of a student entrance visa for Russia.F.A.Q.

50 Frequently asked questions 4591 Can I pay tuition and accommodation fees via How can my parents transfer money to me? a credit card? Your parents will be able to transfer money to your credit card, The University can not accept payment via a credit card. Payment is bank account or by means of Western Union. made by means of transfer to the University bank account. Aſter you arrive in Tomsk, the University representative will help you How hard is it to adapt to the Siberian climate? open an account in a bank to pay tuition and accommodation fees. What is necessary for it? Nevertheless you can use a credit card to make purchases in stores and convert money into cash in ATMs located in the University In Tomsk, all the four seasons are well identifiable. They transfer buildings, banks, large stores, entertainment centers and other into one another, so it won’t be stressful for you if you come, for public places. example, in summer. All you need to feel comfortable in various climatic conditions is the right clothes, which can be easily purchased in Tomsk. Is it true that brown bears walk in the streets of Siberian cities? This is the most widespread myth about Siberia. But, unfortunately, it’s not true. In Siberia, you can only meet bears in zoos and impassable taiga. Too bad, they are so sweet :0)

Student Glossary 53 We say Transcription You say Welcome! Добро пожаловать! Dobro pozhalovat’ Hello Hi Здравствуйте Zdrastvuyte Good morning/day /aſternoon Привет Privet How are you? My name is _ Доброе утро Dobroye utro /день/вечер /den’/vecher Glad to meet you I am from _ Как дела? Kak dela Thank you You are welcome Меня зовут __ Menya zovut Yes No Приятно Priyatno Could you please познакомиться poznakomitsa help me? Я приехал(а) из __ I priekhal(a) iz How can I get to_? I am a student Cпасибо Spasibo of Tomsk Polytech- nic University Пожалуйста Pozhalusta Good bye! Да Da Нет Net Вы не могли бы Vy ne mogli by мне помочь? mne pomoch Как я могу Kak ya mogu пройти к__? proyti kPHRASE-BOOK Я студент Томского Ya student Tomskogo политехнического Politekhnicheskogo университета universiteta До свидания! Do svidaniya

54 Fees Pre-university Course 55Bachelor’s programmes/academic yearTraining in English for Bachelor’s/Specialist’s programs 1500 EUR (in Russian) for Master’s/Doctoral programs 2200 EURComputer Science 3600 Euro (in Russian for 1,5 year) 1900 EUR (in English)Mechanical Engineering 2300 Euro 1700 EUR (in Russian) 2200 EUR (in English)Training in RussianComputer Science and Engineering 2900 Euro Short-term coursesEconomics and Management 2150 EuroGeology and Oil and Gas Studies 2150 Euro RfourssBiaanchlaenlogru’sa/gSepecociuarlsisets’s programs 5-15 EUROther Bachelor’s programmes 1500-3000 Euro 1500/aEcUadRe(minicRhuossuiran)Specialist’s programmes/academic year Short-term courses in English 2200 E1U4R-20 EUR (in R/uascsaiadnemfoirc 1h,o5uyrear)In Russian 750-2900 Euro Summer and Winter Russian Language 1900 EU3R50(inEUERnglish) and Culture SchoolsMaster’s programmes/academic yearIn English 4100 EuroMaster’s Degree programs Nuclear 5000 EURPhysics and TechnologyIn Russian 2000-3300 EuroDoctoral programs/academic year 3400 EUR In Russian

56 Fees Student voice 57Accommodation fee / month 9 EUR Why have you decided to study at TPU? A place in a room for two/three people 12 EUR I studied the history of Russia in Germany. I wished to (beds, a wardrobe, tables) improve my Russian that is why I decided to study in A place in a room for two/three people Tomsk, where students are offered the opportunity to (beds, a wardrobe, tables, a TV set/a fridge) choose the best academic programs.Services 55 EUR Please tell us about the TPU Application fee 23 EUR per year hostel? 12 EUR monthly Registration and multiple visa fee Students are offered a comfortable hostel located closely to the university Health insurance buildings. Along with the foreign students the Russian students live inTickets to Tomsk 220 EUR the hostel who study at the Institute of Airplane ticket Moscow-Tomsk 100 EUR International Education and Language Railway ticket Moscow-Tomsk Communication, the future translatorsOther expenses 6,5 EUR and foreign-language teachers. Theatre ticket 3,8 EUR Why do you like to study in the TPU? Ticket to cinema 11 EUR Bowling 6,5 EUR I really enjoy the international Ticket to nightclub 150 EUR atmosphere at the university. There Food (per month) 0,4 EUR are got a lot of international students City transport 4 EUR here. Usually in Europe communica- Taxi 80 EUR tion happens only between Europeans Winter jacket m/f 90 EUR or between Europeans and the USA Winter footwear m/f representatives. But here in Tomsk I meet students from Mongolia, China, Vietnam, India and many other countries. It’s quite an interesting experience for me. Felix Schmidt, Germany

58 Student voice 59 Please, tell us about the procedure of admission Why have you decided to study at TPU? to TPU. Was it easy to enter the university? Actually, in the first place, it has been my dream It was not so difficult to enter TPU: formalization of to study in Russia. From my research which the invitation letter takes a month. TPU provides Icarried out, I found out that TPU is a very the originals of the invitation letter and official good university where one can get a good letter of acceptance, both of these documents education. And I choose TPU, because are the basis for a student visa to enter it offer the academic program I like. Russia. Admittance procedure is simple and clear, I was very pleased with How can you describe Tomsk? the good attitude of the staff. Tomsk is a very friendly and comfortable city to study, especially for students. Here, What do you like most in the TPU? you have an opportunity to meet and acquaint I like the high level of education at TPU, yourself with traditions and cultures of people interesting academic programs and from different countries all over the world. qualified teachers. The university conducts many cultural and sporting events in which What do you like most about TPU? I like student life very much! International I participate with great pleasure. students have an opportunity to participate in many cultural and sport events, such as How do you like the weather TPU birthday, Miss TPU, singing competi- in Tomsk? tions, Tomsk carnivals, football, champion ships and many others. I also like learning When someone speaks about Tomsk or Siberia, people immediately imagine cold techniques and educational standards of and bears. I also thought in this way, until TPU. I also like the fact that everyone I came here. You won’t feel any stress, if here is very friendly and ready to help you come to Tomsk, for example, in summer. All you need is the right clothing with one’s problems and questions. to feel comfortable in other climatic Also, my university has really good conditions, which is available in the shops scientific schools, and I am pleased everywhere in Tomsk. to be taught by the best minds in the Adaktyilidou Anna, country! Greece Abailim Christian Izunna, Nigeria

60 Student voice 61 What can you say about Tomsk? What can you say about the admission procedure? Tomsk is a very lively city with students from many The admission procedure was effective, and we had lots of help getting our invitations and choosing our countries of the world. And you can certainly find accommodation and other things. your own group of people to fit in with if you are What about the campus life at TPU? a foreigner. The city is small, but big enough to Do you enjoy it? keep students busy all of the time. I really enjoy it. I am part of the Buddy How many friends have you got here, Building Club at TPU, the community of in Tomsk, and from what countries? active and creative young people who are Honestly say, I have too many friends to count. interested in studying foreign languages They are not just people that I have briefly met, and different cultures of the world, but people that I have become very close with and communicating with foreign students will probably remain lifelong friends. My friends and developing their potential as leaders. are mainly comprised of an even mixture Various activities are organized for us by of Russians and Europeans. Europeans Russians all the times! are from Germany, Austria, France, How would you describe Tomsk England, Czech Republic, Poland, and people here? and Italy. Other friends I have found are For me, Tomsk is a lovely academic from Nigeria and even the United States. multicultural city with many beauti- ful sights. My knowledge of Russia What do you like most about TPU? was pretty good before I got here. I admire how TPU is very diverse, but But now I've learnt a lot more at the same time it is very Russian. There about Russian people and the are plenty of students from a variety of Russian character; they are very countries, and this allows me to interact hospitable people with a good with different cultures daily. I also like sense of humour and rich culture how the university is very compact and which they are very proud of. accessible. It is very close to the dorms and located in a nice Sally Kopp, part of the city. UK Nicholas Joseph Czapla, USA

62 Student voice 63 Why did you decide to study at TPU? Why did you decide to study at TPU? I decided to study in Russia, because I like Having decided to study abroad, I chose TPU, the Russian language and the culture very because it is a well-known university in my country. much. When I was seeking for the university, Many of my friends advised me to enter TPU I learned that TPU has a good material- and-technical base and high positions not because there are experienced teachers only among Russian universities but also and very good engineering education. throughout the world. In addition, Tomsk is located not so far from Mongolia, and for What do you like in the student life? I like that we oſten participate in various events me it very comfortably to get here. at which I can meet students from different Which cultural and sports events countries and from Russia as well. It's great do you participate in? because it helps me to improve my Russian. This year I participated in the contest And there is a lot of clubs where students \"Miss IIELC\", a competition for the most can develop their talents and find beautiful, intelligent, and talented interesting hobbies. students of the Institute of Interna- How do you spend your tional Education and Language leisure time? Communication at TPU. It was for the I fond of playing tennis at our first time I participated in this type of hostel, watching movies, going for contest and won the Audience Favorite a walk with my friends in the parks Prize. I was very pleased to perform in of the Tomsk-city. I oſten go to the this contest, and next year I will take cinema, theater, museums, and cafes. In winter I like skating, in part in it again. summer I oſten take roller skates or bicycle. In general, there is no Battsengel Enkhzul, time to be bored! Mongolia Dong Zhenwei, China

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