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Portfolio 2020

Published by eva.albrecht, 2020-06-21 09:17:01

Description: Hi! I'm Eva Albrecht, an industrial design student at Howest, Kortrijk (Belgium).

Keywords: Industrial Design,Industrial,Design,Aesthetics,Puzzle,Acoustics


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PORTFOLIO Eva Albrecht Student Industrial Product Design 2020 1


VISION Finding the balance between the serenity of the object in itself and what it can mean in society is essential. For me, these two objectives are in a symbiotic relationship. They need each other. The use of sustainable materials and user experience is key. The aesthetics of the product as a whole is decisive for the use, the perception and the appreciation in general. Therefore, the ‘look and feel’ is crucial to good product design. 3

Ghent, Belgium +32 477 920 924 [email protected] evalbrecht Eva Albrecht SOFTWARE SKILLS ANALOGUE SKILLS Adobe Lightroom Integral design Adobe Photoshop Visual communication Project work Adobe Indesign Aesthetic design Adobe Bridge Adobe Illustrator Siemens NX KeyShot LANGUAGES INTERESTS Dutch (native) Travel English (fluent) Nature Spanish (fluent) Photography French (basic) Asian food Wine Reading 4

EDUCATION EXPERIENCE ASO modern languages - sciences Koninklijk Atheneum Mariakerke 2008-2014 2014 Exchange Year AFS Potosi, Bolivia 2014-2015 Bachelor of Criminological Sciences 2015 Scouts leader in a youth movement UGent 2015-2020 2015-2018 Employee at Hogeschool Ghent Reception and support at concerts of the Conservatory Sep 2015 - mei 2016 2016 Employee for Patrick Derycker Administrative archiving of valution reports Sep 2016 - sep 2017 Clerck at Proxy Delhaize Kouter Sep 2016 - mei 2017 Photography, Basic Photo A 2017 Employee at Otomat Ghent KISP, adult education Sep 2017 - dec 2018 09/2017-01/2018 Photography, Processing Photo A 2018 Bartender at Parkkaffee KISP, adult education Aug 2018 02/2018-06/2018 Master of Criminological Sciences UGent 2018-2019 2019 Employee at Otomat Ghent Jun - jul 2019 Bartender at Parkkaffee Aug 2019 Wine & Spirit Education Trust 2020 Employee at Winebar Ona Level 1 1st Bachelor Industrial Product Design Howest 5



PLATONIC PUZZLE 2019 7 weeks individual project wood, concept development, prototyping 8


GEOMETRICS This project consisted of making a wooden puzzle to be a platonic, geometric body and taking the exact angles and planes into account. 10

8 faces 12 edges 6 vertices edge length is 20cm angle between faces is 109,47° 11


EXPLORATION More profound forms in the regular polyhedron and links within geometry and broader mathematics were sought. 13

MATERIALS For the execution, I chose to work with two very different types of wood. Sipo is a beautiful, brownish red wood from Central and West Africa. Birch, on the other hand, is a light, softer wood that is ideal to provide a counterweight. The combination of both brings a nice balance to the puzzle. 14

Max Lauritz Flaig Peng Chen Bessie Vasquez 15



CONCEPT The idea was to create a regular polyhedron, using two different types of wood. The whole is tensioned by the use of stretchers. Standard form connections are obsolete in this design. The ambiguous meaning of ‘platonic’ can be used, namely ‘only spiritually’. Balancing the pieces on top of each other and keeping it all together with stretches emphasizes this concept. 18



There is one core, upon which the identical pieces can be balanced. Only by using stretchers the puzzle can be hold together. 21


Simplicity is fundamental. This can mainly be found in the type of puzzle pieces. Six identical pieces form the six vertices. These were made according to the rule of thirds, which makes the puzzle as a whole more appealing. 23




FELT SCREEN 2020 10 weeks individual project functionality, prototyping, brand oriented 27

CLIENT AVC is regionated in West-Flanders, Belgium. An add-on or add-in needed to be design to fit the style of this company and principles, being aesthetics, acoustics, functionality, modularity and sustainability. 28

AVC Gemino 29

Interhoro Mona Visa Coust Acoustics Buzzi Space 30

BENCHMARK Research needed to be done to situate the company in the market, as well as their competition. Also, attention has been made to opportunities, such as working with acoustic panels made out of felt. 31

IDEATION In this project I was looking for a balance between transparency and privacy. In addition, the choice was made to use sustainable materials that would benefit the acoustics. 32


Due to the modularity of this package of acoustic panels and the possibility of a multifunctional existence, this concept was further developed and prototyped. 34


MATERIALS I decided to use sustainable materials as much as possible. AVC itself mainly, and almost exclusively, works with aluminum and glass. These acoustic panels obviously require a softer and more sound-absorbing material. Recycled felt is ideal in this regard. Aluminum extrusion pieces are used to put the panels together. 36



PROTOTYPING After the technical development of the concept, two scale models were made to present to the company. One that clarifies the technicality of the concept and one that gains a better understanding of the ratio. 39

CONCEPT A multifunctional add-on has been designed that fits within the range of AVC, whereby the boundary between transparency and privacy can be explored. This in combination with the creation of good acoustics, which means an upgrade for the perception of the space. This package is very user-friendly. It is easy to hang, remove and store away and it can also be used as a pin board. The adaptability and the possibility of reuse are important in today’s world. 40








Eva Albrecht 2020 48

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