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Published by Sedhryx Angelo Sale, 2021-10-27 18:23:46

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Written and produced by: Sedhryx Angelo A. Sale Paul Mario O. Sadsad

In Kabul, Afghanistan, there lived a 14 year old boy named Sayed. He lives with his family of 4. Because the little money earned by their parents is hardly enough to feed the hungry mouths in the family, Sayed washes cars and sometimes even begin to beg for money. Sayed would walk 5 miles everyday to go to school. Because of this, he is suffering from malnutrition. Even though he was suffering from this he continued to strive in order for his family and him to move out of the country for a better future.

Sayed has a sister named Zahra and they would always talk about the future. They share a special bond and they are always there for each other. Instead of working Zahra would stay at home and do house chores instead of going to school unlike Sayed. Sayed was in his darkest point of his life. But Sayed pulled through. It was another day for Sayed he was washing cars and signed up for a construction job he worked there for 3 years, and there he met SmurfetteS, that girl would turn out to be Sayed's Wife

It was a Friday weekend and Sayed just came back from work, he went inside the room and saw the family sobbing. \"Why are you guys crying\" Sayed said while quivering. \"Zahra slowly points at the television while wiping her tears* Sayed then hugs the family* Looking at the news the family knew what was going to happen to the country. Taliban militants were able to reclaim control of the whole country within 11 days - finally entering the capital, Kabul, on 15 August.

President Biden deployed nearly 6,000 troops to seize control of the airport to co- ordinate the evacuation of US and allied foreign nationals and local Afghans. Thousands of people converged on Kabul international airport in the hope of being able to board one of the evacuation flights. Sayed's family and Smurfette were one of the evacuees, they fled to Germany. There him and Smurfette started working on getting money. Sayed works as a Salesman, while Smurfette works at a restaurant. With the money they have been saving up they finally got out of the refugee camp to rent an apartment for his family. Zahra was also able to find a job as a waitress.

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