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Grad Pack_E-newsletter First Issue January 2021

Published by Resources, 2021-02-01 02:12:13

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The Explorerfor grea-dnueawtsinlegttsetrudents 1sJtanIs2s0u2e1 Dear Graduating Students, A warm welcome to 2021! The year 2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us.  But it was also a year of growth and opportunities. We discovered new ways of learning and working; tested our resilience and adaptability, and emerged stronger than we thought we ever could.  As we leave 2020 behind and step into a brand new year, what are your hopes and dreams? Perhaps you have already set goals for yourself. Some of you may be on track to reach your goals, while some of you may run into roadblocks or difficulties along the way. But soldier on, persevere and never give up!    The Explorer e-newsletter is designed specially with you in mind. Whether you are sitting for the 'N', 'O' or 'A' levels/IB this year, we hope that you will find this e-newsletter a useful resource.  Arm yourself with knowledge of the education and career landscape so that you can make informed decisions for your future. Be inspired by the stories of youths who have demonstrated hope and resilience, so that you too can write your personal success story.  Know also you are not alone in your journey. Find support in your peers, family, teachers, school counsellors and education and career guidance (ECG) counsellors. Be empowered to chart your journey ahead. Wishing you a fulfilling 2021 and the very best in your ECG journey!    Guidance Branch 2021 Student Development Curriculum Division Ministry of Education, Singapore All rights reserved

2. Know the  Continuously evolving to Education Landscape  prepare you for the future Opportunities for all Al 5 po t n of Com En y Pro m (CE s) in Bus s, IC an Muh d Raz Az a  s u d En i ri . Rep c Pol c c of s N(T) Mat an ha no ba g d a CE  in Sci as we . CE s al s u n in Ph ic . But t a di no s o hi to sa l fo ti co s be t e de f o pu n an En i ri di m on a s e li on t a su t e in s an c i c g a s ol h .  an s en h .  Kno t a t e  ar mu p ed i n NU wi be of n 10 c o s-di p ar pa w to me yo as ti . de p o r s so t a s u n ca Eve  pa w le to op t i s fo de p s e li k o l  wi co n o le n an re n i . f e b i y to ex r ot in s . NU ha al la h a ne  Col of Re d mo ab Raz 's un ri Hum i s an Sci s an wi ta in de m a n he .  mo t a  2000 un g u t .   What do these IT ha re t  ad 6 changes mean for you? mo  Wor - Stu Dip s (W ip) to de t e k o l an s i l  of it g a te , gi g t e  a he - s a t in t e ca s. The ar no 30 W ip to c o f o .    It means that your learning is no longer confined to a particular subject or discipline, Instead, you will have : Flexibility Versatility  You can explore other You will develop and interests. master a broader set of skills. Progression Adaptability You will have greater You will be better equipped career progression and to tackle the demands of a mobility.  fast-changing world.   Hope.   Resilience.   Adaptability.   Growth Mindset.

3. Know the  Top 10 Growing industries Industry Landscape  Cli  on t e in t na to fi o t mo ab va u jo ro : Are yo wo r w a in t e to go in an w e t e Healthcare ca  op t i s ar ? In Sin re, op t i s Education ar  av a l  in t e in t e . Finance & Banking According to a recent survey, here are the top 10 industries that are actively hiring. \"Whe on do c o s, an r op .\" Government  (Public Sector) Security & Law Enforcement Computing & IT Transportation & Manufacturing & Logistics Production Construction, Building & Insurance  Engineering Hope.   Resilience.   Adaptability.   Growth Mindset.

4. Explore ECG Resources Log on to Student Learning Space (SLS) and find inspiration Here are some useful resources you from these lessons specially can tap on to enhance your personal crafted for you.  growth.  My i l re Por em r  yo Nav in t e Dy a c to di v yo  ca in s an Fut wi Con n e ex r pa w . Tak c a g of yo Le r ho ha g a g o t mi s fu ! Sta ex r to .  wi he yo t iv an p e r yo fo For se d s u n , vi : yo fu . h p ://go.go .s /m f e h p ://go.go .s /co d e For J  s u n , vi : Sta g Res e t an Ada b h p ://go.go .s /m f e in yo EC  Jo r Sta n a ca is a bi mi t e in li . Pre fo  ca re es wi a to t Le r ho be re en of re ce at w  .g a g re.s wi  he  yo se ne op t i s an Writing My po b i s.  Success Story  h p ://go.go .s /re en The od we  ag t he . Yet An e Ng, t o g re en an ha wo , ov me he  c a l s. Fin o t ho  An e pu he l t o g s o l tvhWeee\"rxhIyscetudnposorrIe omnsulo.ond\"too~ktwthAabtannaotgctdeIktol,boImrhaayavmvbeedesatn. y an ho  s e g a te f o t e po t n wi f in co s.  Be in r b he s o y of t i p . Yo to ca w i yo su s s o y !  h p ://go.go .s /an Hope.   Resilience.   Adaptability.   Growth Mindset.

5. Chat with your ECG If you are thinking about all these Counsellor and more, do speak to your teachers or ECG Counsellor.  Are you wondering about what  your next step after You will gain clarity, valuable advice and guidance for the graduation is?  road ahead. Thinking about how you Your peers and seniors have benefitted from can get into a course of your consulting their ECG Counsellors. Here's what some of them said. choice?  Unsure about your strengths, “Yo ’ve he d me or se m interests and what you can look t o h to se t e bi r pi r an he d me ma a de on.\" forward to?   “I ca in t i k m li Making an Informed Decision wa ov  af t e N le s, bu no I ha a pa w .” She  wa in a di m . She co no de  w e h to sseCcsyohnsoIueioufodntrnyus sEoeltpeulCoolGdoakhraea,ynv!e to c a g he su c co n i w e s e ha to re J 1.  Des  he be ef t, She fo it ha to co  wi  he cu n su c co n i . As a re t, s e di po y fo  he p o t o ex at . To he he de , She me up wi  he s o l’s EC Co n lo . Tog r, t e ma d o t di r su c co n i s t a we al d to he in s , s en h an fu un si co s. She al co l he te r  to k o  mo ab t e di r su c . Thi fu h  af m he de on to fo .. w he he an c o a su c co n i t a p a d to he s en h Mot ed b t e qu , “Yo do ’t wa to lo ba an k o yo co ha do be r”,  She  di s wi he pa t w o ev al su r he de on. She  fo he ne su c co n i mo ma ab an en b e. She di ve  we in he p o t o ex at an p o r d to J 2. Hope.   Resilience.   Adaptability.   Growth Mindset. Enjoyed reading the newsletter? Let us know what you think! Click here to give us your comments and feedback!

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