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Jason Hernandez's Autobiography book

Published by jasonstudieswell, 2022-11-10 07:35:17

Description: Jason Hernandez's Autobiography book


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~DEDICATION~ First of all, I dedicate my autobiography to my family for being supportive of what I am doing in my life. I am very thankful to my parents for the love and support I am receiving because they give me the best education by putting me in a good foundation school. My family is my inspiration to strive hard to fulfill my dreams and achieve my ultimate goal to become successful in my chosen career. Lastly, I praise God for keeping me in good spirits, and He guides me to finish my autobiography with less worry and stress.

TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION {01-06} CHAPTER 1: Ways To Understand Oneself {07-09} CHAPTER 2: SWOT Analysis {10-13} CHAPTER 3: Physiological Development {14-19} CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development {20-29} CHAPTER 5: Psychosocial Development {30-32} CHAPTER 6: Moral Development {33-39} CHAPTER 7: Developmental Tasks And Challenges {40-44} BIBLIOGRAPHY {45-46}

~INTRODUCTION~ PERSONAL INFO: Name: Jason Edrick L. Hernandez Age: 16 y/o Birthday: February 24, 2006 Birthplace: Pasig City Current Place: Cainta, Rizal Pronouns: He/Him Zodiac Sign: Pisces {01}

HOBBIES: Listening to music Watching YouTube videos Watching Netflix Playing video games Playing a musical instrument (currently Ukulele) Learning a foreign language (Korean) Working out Riding a bike Cleaning my room {02}

FAVORITES: Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Number: 8 (Eight) Favorite Music Genres: Pop, K- Pop, R&B, Trap, Rock Favorite Film Genres: Documentary, Sci-Fi, Thrill Favorite Sport: Badminton Favorite Physical Activity: Cycling Favorite Subject: English, Science, MAPEH {03}

BACKGROUND: My life in this world began when I was born at the Medical City Hospital of Pasig City on February 24, 2006, as none other than Jason Edrick L. Hernandez. I excel in music, singing, dancing, arts, cycling, and reading Korean letters. Right now, I still have many interests to learn in life. I believed that I have talents that I have not discovering yet. For my daily strengths, I am a creative person, good at cooperating with others, and a strategic person to life. {04}

Since birth, I lived in Cainta, Rizal with my lovely simple family. We are a family of six. My mother is a registered nurse who works in Makati City, while my father is a businessman who runs a water refilling station business and a medical supply business. I have three siblings in total, which two are my elder brothers and one is my twin brother. My family's relationship is good, and I am blessed and thankful to have a family like this. We are family oriented. {05}

My two elder brothers have finished school and currently have jobs, while my twin brother and I are currently studying in San Beda University as grade 11 students. Both of us are also the youngest siblings in the family. My siblings and I are very close to each other. When we encounter problems, we are very open to talk about it and we help each other to solve it. {06}

CHAPTER 01 Ways To Understand Oneself {07}

CHAPTER 1: Ways To Understand Oneself There are seven ways I know to understand oneself and from those seven ways, I have done three ways, which is appreciating my values, recognizing my dreams and aspirations, and embracing my past. One way that made me understand myself is appreciating my values. The values I have appreciated and maintained up to this day are my moral codes, norms of conduct, and ethical principles. These values of mine helped me to understand myself that gave me an important image to show who I truly am. My identified set of values also guide my everyday life, as well as my decision making. Another way that made me understand myself in depth is recognizing my dreams and aspirations. When I set goals and think about my aspirations, I strive hard to achieve those goals and I have never failed to accomplish it, which made me realized and understood myself that I am a hardworking person who does not give up easily in life. {08}

CHAPTER 1: Ways To Understand Oneself Finally, this way that made me understand myself more, which completed who I am today along with the two ways is embracing my past. I went through a lot during my middle school years to junior high school years, and between those years, I have experienced challenges to myself that changed my personality, and mentality. By embracing my past, I was able to understand myself through letting my emotions out and feel them that compelled me to generate the motivation to change myself. As a result, I have now achieved that positive change to myself for the better of my welfare. {09}

CHAPTER 02 SWOT Analysis {10}

CHAPTER 2: SWOT Analysis {11}

CHAPTER 2: SWOT Analysis The SWOT Analysis I have made about myself really helped me to understand myself better because after determining my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which took me some time to accomplish it, I was able to know the areas where I am good at, as well as to the areas where I am poor at, the opportunities I could grab with the help of my strengths, and the threats that could affect my performance to achieve my dreams and opportunities. The SWOT Analysis made me aware of my positive aspects and negative aspects. {12}

CHAPTER 2: SWOT Analysis The positive aspects which are my strengths and opportunities, gave me the motivation to maintain my strengths while I also try to discover new talents and skills, I could have for myself to enhance and become one of my strengths, and work out on my opportunities that I would like to achieve in life with the help of my identified strengths. For the negative aspects, which are my weaknesses and threats, it gave me an opportunity to work on and improve on the things I am weak at. The threats gave me self- awareness because it limits me to accomplish my opportunities, therefore, I managed it by using my strengths to prevent it from affecting my goals and aspirations in life. {13}


CHAPTER 3: Physiological Development I observed myself when I was around 9 to 10 years old and between those ages, I started to notice that I was undergoing puberty due to various changes. As I develop day by day, I gradually experienced physical changes and emotional changes. As I develop day by day, I gradually experienced physical changes and emotional changes. I knew that these changes would come anytime because it is a natural phenomenon and a necessary development to a child. {15}

CHAPTER 3: Physiological Development However, I felt overwhelmed at some times because I used to overthink about what changes will appear on me that could be challenging to face and deal with. Nevertheless, I stayed positive and replaced my worries with excitement because I thought of it as my next journey in life. During my physiological development, I noticed that my reproductive organs began to grow, as well as my muscles and bones. Hair growth also started to become noticeable in my face, arms, legs, body, armpits, {16}

CHAPTER 3: Physiological Development and pubic area. My height has gradually increased as months or years went by, and I am still currently growing. My weight has increased too due to hormones, but I am currently managing my body mass index. The broadening of my shoulders eventually appeared at some time along with my Adam’s apple. Lastly, I developed pimples when I was in sixth grade and even up to this day, I still have pimples and {17}

CHAPTER 3: Physiological Development sometimes experience acne breakouts whenever I feel stressed, or I have poor diet. I also experienced emotional changes because I began to develop the areas that enables me to feel intense and complex emotions. Aside from these physical changes, I also had changes in terms of my thinking and behavior. For thinking, my skills have improved when it comes to analyzing problems, critical thinking, and problem solving. My perceptions to other people became clear and I became more open minded. {18}

CHAPTER 3: Physiological Development For behavior, my personality and mentality has changed due to challenging experiences but that did not halt me from putting myself back together into pieces and become the best version of myself. Ever since I became an adolescent, I often sleep late mostly due to school requirements, yet I try my best to fix it with time management. While I am still an adolescent, which means I am still growing, I always try my hardest to enjoy my teenage years and I keep reminding myself that I should think optimistically because I thought nothing is impossible in life. Everything will be solved, as long as we work hard for it. Just like God telling us the way to go but we have to do the walking. {19}


CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development During my sensorimotor stage, I was around my infancy to toddlerhood period at that time. I remembered when I used to shake, grab, touch, bang, lick, and even eat the things that are fresh to my vision because I was trying to learn and understand the object, I am looking at for the first time. Through my senses, I was able to determine and learn the object. {21}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development One more experience I remembered related to sensorimotor stage, when I used to pretend that my relatives’ presence disappeared whenever they do a “peek-a-boo” on me, which was funny because they thought I would feel frightened but instead, it was hilarious rather. {22}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development Lastly, when my elder brother used to frequently tease me by hiding my favorite toys usually under the blanket or somewhere to hide on, just to annoy me, when in fact, I know that they still exist and can seek for them while I pretend to be annoyed, or I sometimes even cry loudly, which quite shows my acting skills at a very young age. {23}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development Heading on to my pre-operational stage, I was around two to seven years old at that time. I remembered when I used to entertain myself by using an object that is amusing to stand in for other objects, such as riding a broom as if it is a horse, battling with a stick as if it is a sword, smoking a “Stik-o” as if it is a cigarette, and lastly driving a cardboard box as if it is a type of vehicle. Another experience I recalled is when my elder brother used to deride me by grabbing my {24}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development stuffed toys and throwing them away from me, which made me bawled my eyes out because I thought my stuffed toys were hurt as I have developed emotional attachments with them. Similarly, yet opposite, one time when my twin brother sobbed due to an accident, I gave him my ideal stuffed toy and thought it will make him feel better because that stuffed toy serves as my personal comfort whenever I feel sorrow. I enjoyed this stage because I was full of fun imaginations that are too good to be true but still made blissful childhood memories. {25}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development For my concrete operational stage, I believed I was around seven to eleven years old at that time. I was finally capable of logic but still developing. While I was developing, my toddler egocentrism eventually faded. Hence, I was able to consider and comprehend other people’s perspectives. I was also capable of problem solving, doing simple math, and measurement with manipulatives since I can think of various possibilities and perspectives owing to the development of my cognitive processes and abilities. Within this stage, I have also experienced all its characteristics, such as conservation, reversibility, classification, and seriation, which made me realized that my cognitive skills have truly evolved overtime. {26}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development Finally, the last stage that I am still experiencing from when I was eleven years old until today, is the formal operational stage. At this stage, I am fully capable of higher order thinking, which includes hypothetical thinking, abstract thinking, and problem solving on another level. Such as, to calculate mathematically, think imaginatively, think and reason abstractly by manipulating concepts in my thoughts without relying on concrete manipulation, and can visualize the effects of different actions. {27}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development I have the capability to use my head or knowledge with these characteristics. As a result, whenever I deal with hypothetical problems for instance, I can provide numerous possible solutions and utilize them successfully. Moreover, I can ultimately develop my own thoughts, ideas, and values that are outdated. I am now able to consider other people’s perspectives as my compassion develops, and I can also understand other people’s dispositions. {28}

CHAPTER 4: Cognitive Development Aside from these positive formal operational thinking I have in this stage, I also experienced negative formal operational thinking, such as being stressed by school requirements, and feeling intense emotions from challenging life experiences. As an adolescent, there will always be hardships no matter what, and we must face them every day, which will help us learn something from it in return. When I feel stressed, I just typically do my hobbies and relax myself until I am fully ready to deal with it. {29}


CHAPTER 5: Psychosocial Development Thus far, among Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development, I frankly believed that I am in “Identity vs.. Role Confusion” stage, which I have been dealing since I became an adolescent. My psychosocial development in this stage has been challenging for me so far because I am still in the process of finding and understanding myself in terms of what I must have and do to fit into a certain group or class, as well as, to fit into people’s preferences and social norms. {31}

CHAPTER 5: Psychosocial Development Therefore, I am in the process of discovering my possible talents and skills, as well as, recognizing my goals and aspirations in life, which will assuredly help me to find and understand myself more. I started experiencing identity crisis at the age of thirteen and still currently dealing with it, although it occurs occasionally rather than regularly. Sometimes, I question my character when people seem to ignore, neglect, or simply hate me for some reason, and when I do not achieve my goals and desires. As a result, I experienced gradually changing my identity to fit in a standard, but I still encounter identity crisis, which then eventually urged me to go back to my old identity that I am used to or change my identity again, which hampered my psychosocial development. {32}


CHAPTER 6: Moral Development My morality has gradually developed through two levels with two stages in each level. The first level is the pre-conventional level, which consists of obedience and punishment, and personal reward. And the second level is the conventional level, which consists of interpersonal conformity, and law and order. {34}

CHAPTER 6: Moral Development Starting with the pre-conventional level, my main objectives during this level was to avoid punishments and aim for a reward. Basically, my morality and consequences of following or breaking the rules is reliant on the authority, which is the one who gives a punishment or reward. Hence, my judgement of right or wrong depends on what I observe and what I desire. {35}

CHAPTER 6: Moral Development In the obedience and punishment stage, I remembered whenever our relatives or an elder visit our home, I always get told to do an honoring gesture or “mag mano” as a sign of respect because if I failed to accomplish the act, I would receive a punishment by lecturing me not to forget it. As for the personal reward stage, I remembered every family gathering we had, such as Christmas party, there are always entertaining games involved to level up the fun presence of the party so that it would not be boring, especially for us {36}

CHAPTER 6: Moral Development children in the family. The games are commonly “Bring Me”, “Karaoke”, “Dance Off”, and more. My parents usually encourage me to join those games because I get told that I may receive a surprising reward if I manage to win the game, therefore, I always try my best to fulfill my parents’ desires for me. Next up is my conventional level that consists of two stages, which I am currently experiencing. I have not yet come across the post-conventional level. My primary target during this level is to maintain a good reputation based on accepted societal norms or what is generally accepted by many. {37}

CHAPTER 6: Moral Development Also, decide what is right or wrong that is based on what people approve or disapprove of. My other target is to have loyalty to law and order. In the interpersonal conformity stage, I remembered changing my identity to fit into a standard due to what I have observed based on people's preferences of a person, which I did but left me with challenging psychosocial development. Though, apart from the changes, I maintained my identified set of values since childhood, which I have good conduct to be loved and liked by my friends and relatives. {38}

CHAPTER 6: Moral Development As for my law-and-order stage, I was able to easily understand and obey the rules and regulations, such as in school to the point I never had troubles and never went to the guidance office that will cause me to experience consequences. I am still loyal to law and order up to this day. {39}


CHAPTER 7: Developmental Tasks And Challenges In our life, there will always be developmental tasks and challenges that is like an inevitable phenomenon. Therefore, I have most likely experienced some developmental tasks and endured challenging experiences in life. Back when I was around nine to ten years old, I adjusted a lot during the puberty stages because every physical and emotional changes were new to me. It took me some time to understand the changes and was able to get used to it at last. {41}

CHAPTER 7: Developmental Tasks And Challenges I adjusted to new intellectual abilities as well, when I transitioned from elementary school to junior high school, I noticed that my academic performances were way better than before because aside from thinking that my brain has matured enough, I thought that my cognitive skills have developed, which is a positive thing to know but I felt pressured at the same time due to the fact that I have to maintain my academic performances and be consistent at all times. Speaking of cognitive skills, I also adjusted to increased cognitive demands at school. I felt overwhelmed during my junior high school years due to what I should know and be able to do to engage in. Furthermore, I developed expanded verbal skills. Since seventh grade, I believed that my verbal skills in terms of grammar and vocabulary have gradually improved with drastic results because of my interest in English. I am looking forward to improving myself more. {42}

CHAPTER 7: Developmental Tasks And Challenges I also developed a personal sense of identity through making my SWOT analysis, which helped me to understand myself better. All these adjustments and developments were my experiences to some developmental tasks as an adolescent. {43}

CHAPTER 7: Developmental Tasks And Challenges When it comes to my challenges, these talks about my physiological and cognitive challenges I have already experienced, but I still have some challenges that I am currently experiencing as an adolescent. My physiological challenges are eating, sleeping, and imaginary audience. I went through a lot from these challenges because it affected my mental and physical health, my identity, and my perceptions to other people’s view of a person or I developed egocentrism. However, because of these challenges, it gave me motivation and an opportunity to learn life lessons that I must carry until I grow older. It is true that we learn from our past, which can be from our hardships or relationships. It is also known as embracing our past, which is one of the ways I tried to understand myself better. Together with the life lessons I have learned, I have also cope up with my challenging experiences by utilizing the strategies to cope up with challenges. So far, the strategies are helping me and will keep using them whenever I encounter challenges in life. {44}

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\"Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but it's your choice to scream or enjoy the ride. JUST BE POSITIVE.\"

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