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STUDIO CATALOGUE Autumn 2019 single pages(1)

Published by katie, 2019-10-28 12:28:05

Description: STUDIO CATALOGUE Autumn 2019 single pages(1)


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STUDIO EDITION | AUTUMN 2019 STUDIO EDITION | AUTUMN 2019 A selection of works available at Messum’s Studio, Marlow To see the full collection, visit the website All works is available to purchase upon receipt of the catalogue Tel: 01628 486565 David Messum Fine Art The Studio, Lord’s Wood, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2QS Tel: 01628 486565 [email protected] NEW GALLERY OPENING SPRING 2020: 12 Bury Street, St. James’s London SW1Y 6AB FOUNDED 1963

David Messum Fine Art The Studio, Lord’s Wood, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2QS Tel: 01628 486565 [email protected] NEW GALLERY OPENING SPRING 2020: 12 Bury Street, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6AB David Messum Katie Newman Michael D L Child Jenny Clark Chairman Studio Director Consultant Accounts Manager After beginning his career at With twenty years in the art Michael Child first joined David Jenny is the latest member to join Christie’s, David started his trade, Katie brings a wealth of Messum in 1967 and with David the Marlow team, heading up the own art business in Bourne experience in managing galleries, has helped develop the gallery's accounts department. With a End, Bucks in 1963. Galleries working with artists and reputation as market leaders in history of managing large financial at Beaconsfield, Windsor, St. developing private collections. early Newlyn School and British teams within major international James's and George Street After many years working with Impressionist paintings. companies she is looking forward followed, before he opened Old Master Paintings at Johnny to a more personal approach and in Cork Street in 1993. David Van Haeften's London gallery Michael’s specialist knowledge is the opportunity to liaise directly Messum produced the first she moved to the Bohun Gallery recognised within the trade and with both artists and clients alike book on British Impressionism in in Oxfordshire, specialising his role as consultant involves at Messum’s. 1988. Further monographs and in 20th Century British and looking after the gallery's special studies followed. Contemporary. It was here that clients. [email protected] Katie developed her interest in As Chairman, David continues working directly with artists and [email protected] to run the company, with its managing Artist Estates. focus on British paintings from around 1880 to the present day. [email protected] [email protected].

Dominic Welch’s kilkenney limestone Contemplation VII in the grounds of Lord’s Wood.

JEREMY ANNEAR Born in Exeter in 1949, Jeremy Annear is closely affiliated with that older generation of modern British artists who developed their careers in and around Cornwall and St Ives – in particular Peter Lanyon, Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth. But he is also an internationalist who has travelled and worked in Germany, Spain and Australia, and whose explorations in music and personal faith have led him in intriguing and exciting new directions. Drawing on a wide range of influences, Annear is one of Britain’s most accomplished contemporary abstract painters, producing deeply thoughtful and contemplative meditations on colour, surface, texture and shape. 1 Metrospace II (left) Oil on canvas 75 x 50cm (29½ x 19½ in) 2 Metrospace V (right) Oil on canvas 75 x 50cm (29½ x 19½ in)

JEREMY ANNEAR cont... 3 Aerial (left) Oil on canvas 60 x 40 cm (23 5⁄8 x 15 3⁄4 in) 4 Andalucia Holding (below) Oil on canvas 20 x 30 cm (8 x 11 3⁄4 in) 5 Turning Point XI (right) Oil on canvas 122 x 92 cm (48 x 36 1⁄4 in)


Following Alan’s very successful exhibition of new work with Messum’s in September 2019, there are still a small number of paintings remaining. “There are certain places where the special contours of a landscape trigger Alan Cotton’s creative imagination. The West Coast of Ireland is one such place. It forms the main focus of this exhibition, filling Messum’s gallery with the potent blues and violets and rich grey-greens characteristic of the countryside that skirts the Atlantic ocean.” Jenny Perry, 2019. 6 Connemara - Evening Clouds over the Estuarys (left) oil on canvas 61 x 61 cm (24 x 24 cm) 7 Co. Kerry - Peat Stacks along the Bay (above) oil on canvas 61 x 61 cm (24 x 24 in) 8 Co. Kerry - Winter Trees in Pale Evening Light (right) oil on canvas 36 x 36 cm (14 x 14 in)

NANCY DELOUIS 9 La Jupe Verte (right) Nancy Delouis’s joyful paintings and pastels transport us to oil on canvas a world of dreamlike places and intimate personal spaces. 92 x 73 cm (36 x 29 in) Born and raised in France, she has described Gauguin as her ‘first love’. Like Pierre Bonnard, Delouis revels in the effects 10 Femmes au Paravent (below left) of strong sunlight and images of the female nude, French landscapes and exotic interiors. pastel Her gem-like work is suffused with colour, light and a sheer 33 x 21 cm (13 x 8 in) ‘joie de vivre’. 11 Deux Femmes (below right) pastel 33 x 21 cm (13 x 8 in)

RICHARD EURICH (1903 - 1992 OBE RA NEAC) Richard Eurich won a great number of prizes as a student at the Slade School of Art and he enjoyed considerable recognition between the wars, yet he remains one of one the really great but rather underappreciated British artists of the mid-Twentieth Century. This view is possibly of Salisbury Cathedral, twenty-five miles from Eurich’s home on the edge of the New Forest. 12 Approaching Storm, Salisbury Oil on canvas Signed lower left 51 x 61cm (20 x 24in)

THOMAS COOPER GOTCH (1854 - 1931) RBA RI RP NEAC Thomas Cooper Gotch was also a leading figure in the Newlyn School, the influential group of realist artists who from the early 1880s painted en plein air scenes of everyday life in a little Cornish fishing community. Our Village depicts a moment of activity and reflection on the Strand in Newlyn on a Remembrance Sunday some time in the 1920s. It is Gotch’s tribute to the dead of the Great War, a painting filled with love, loss and rebirth, an acknowledgment of the sacrifices made in this one little corner of England, a place that Gotch had made his home and the focus for so much of his art. 13 Our Village Oil on canvas Signed lower right 61 x 75 cm (24 x 29in)

WILFRID de GLEHN (1854 - 1931) RA NEAC The Wilfrid and Jane de Glehn Studio Estate is represented by Messum’s A painter of landscapes, figure subjects and portraits, Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn was one of England’s leading Impressionists, recognised for his direct, painterly style, vibrant colour and ability to capture sparkling, sensual light effects. In 1891, he began a lifelong friendship with John Singer Sargent, when Edwin Austin Abbey chose him to come to Fairford in Gloucester and assist him with Sargent’s mural commission for the Boston Public Library. It was possibly through Sargent that Wilfrid de Glehn met Jane Emmet, who came from a distinguished New York family and was r By 1900, de Glehn had already begun to come into his own as a painter. He joined the NEAC, befriended both Tonks and Steer, and exhibited at the Paris Salon, the Royal Academy, the New Gallery and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. 14 Blake’s Pond, Stratford Tony, Wilts Oil on canvas 46 x 61 cm (18 x 24 in) 15 Nancy Woodward, London (right) Oil on canvas 76 x 63 cnm (30 x 25 in)

WILFRID de GLEHN cont ...

16 Three Bathers (left) Oil on canvas 61 x 51 cm (24 x 20 in) 17 Interior Scene with Vase of Roses and Porcelain Figure groups on Table (above) oil on canvas 46 x 61 cm (18 1⁄8 x 24 in) 18 Seated and Reclining figure (right) sanguine 29 x 50cm (11 x 19 in)

HAROLD HARVEY (1874 - 1941) Harold Harvey, who was born in Penzance in 1874, studied art at the prestigious Académie Julian in Paris in the 1890s and went on to become the leading Cornish-born artist in the Newlyn School. Centred on the south Cornwall fishing village of Newlyn, this colony of talented artists and teachers flourished between the 1880s and the early 1930s, and included a number of significant British artists of the period. Harvey’s carefully observed, impressionistic paintings focused on recording the daily life around him: fishermen and local women at work or relaxing, children playing, and the everyday scenes of village and seaside life. 19 The Garden Seat, 1938 Oil on canvas Signed and dated lower right 20 x 18 in (51 x 46cm) 20 Fishermen Playing Chequers, 1915 Oil on canvas Signed and dated lower left 15 x 17 in (38 x 43cm)

ROSE HILTON (1931 - 2019) Rose Hilton, who died in March this year aged 87, was an important figure in late twentieth and early twenty-first century British painting. Grounded in her experiences of the Cornish landscape, her close study of the human figure, and her love for Matisse and Bonnard, she steadily built a reputation as a major St Ives school artist. The Rose Hilton Studio Estate is represented by Messum’s

21 Trio (left) oil on canvas 102 x 102 cm (40 x 40in) 22 Summer Figure II (right) oil on canvas 46 x 51cm (18 x 20 in) 23 Summer Figure I oil on canvas 41 x 76 cm (16 x 30 in)

ROSE HILTON cont... 24 Cornish Coast (below) oil on canvas 51 x 76 cm (20 x 30 in) 25 Blue Still Life (opposite) oil on canvas 76 x 76 cm (30 x 29 in)

WALTER LANGLEY (1852 - 1922) RI RSA RBA RWA Walter Langley was the first significant arrival in Newlyn of the artists who are now considered to form the celebrated Newlyn School of painters. Langley differed from the other artists in this group in that he came from an impoverished background in Birmingham and had not had the substantial continental training that the other artists around him had experienced. He was also unusual in that he had chosen to dedicate himself to mastering watercolour and it was not until his fortieth year, in 1892, that he began to exhibit oils regularly. In many ways, these differences make Langley a particularly striking figure among those in this group. His unstinting and genuine sympathy with all the daily struggles and hardships of the Cornwall fisherfolk led him to explore all the differing aspects of their lives. 26 A Letter From Afar (left) Watercolour Signed lower left 26 x 18cm (10 x 7 in) Note: This is one of a pair 27 Offloading the Catch (right) oil on canvas Signed upper right 26 x 18cm (10 x 7 in)

THOMAS LUNY (1759 - 1837) By the time Thomas Luny moved to Teignmouth in 1807, this Devon fishing port had been transformed into a fashionable Georgian tourist destination, with artists and writers travelling there to enjoy the fresh air and stunning views. Despite the town’s distance and provinciality, his market only expanded, and in addition to his London clientele, he found several local clients, including Rear Admiral George Tobin.

MILES RICHMOND (1922 - 2008) The Miles Richmond Studio Estate is represented by Messum’s Though he died largely unrecognized and impoverished in 1957, David Bomberg is increasingly acknowledged as one of the most influential British artists and teachers of the twentieth century. Miles Richmond (1922-2008) studied under him at the Borough Polytechnic in London in the years immediately after the Second World War, becoming a key-figure in the Borough Group. He followed Bomberg to Spain in 1954, where he became his closest pupil. Returning to England following Bomberg’s death, Richmond discovered his own dynamic and highly individualistic approach to landscape painting. Working in and around North Yorkshire he produced challenging, dramatic and enigmatic works that sit comfortably alongside the achievements of other significant pupils of Bomberg, including Franck Auerbach and Leon Kossoff. 28 Borough Portrait Study oil on canvas 76 x 56 cm (H 29 x 22 in)

29 Still Life, 1972 Oil on board 64 x 83 cm (25 x 32 in)

MILES RICHMOND cont ... 30 Grazalema (right) oil on canvas 65 x 77 cm (25 x 30 in) 31 Self Portrait (left) Oil on board 78 x 61 cm (30 3⁄4 x 24 in)

Grazalema lies about twenty kilometres west of Ronda and is one practically the archetypal 'pueblo bianco', one of the so-called white villages that dot the rocky landscape of Cadiz province. Almost all of its houses and buildings are whitewashed with red tiled roofs set along long narrow streets that extend sinuously atop a narrow plateau.

JEAN-MARIE TOULGOUAT (1927 - 2006) The Jean-Marie Toulgouat Estate is represented by Messum’s Great grandson of Monet by marriage, and grandson of American painter Theodore Butler, Jean-Marie Toulgouat was born into an artistic and impressionistic world. He grew up in and died at Giverney and as a young boy, he played among Monet's late canvases. The subtle, yet important, link to French Impressionism is clearly visible in Toulgouat's own distinctive, brightly impressionistic yet also searingly modern pictures of flowers and gardens. 32 Effet d’Autumne (left) Oil on canvas 45 x 46 cm (17 3⁄4 x 18 in) 33 Parterre de Géraniums (top left) Oil on canvas 38 x 53 cm (15 x 21 in) 34 Les Dahlias (right) Oil on canvas 120 x 120 cm (47 1⁄4 x 47 1⁄4 in)

JEAN-MARIE TOULGOUAT cont ... 35 Les Soleils dans les I Iris Mauves (left) Oil on canvas 121 x 120 cm (47 x 47 in) 36 Les Soleils (Manotte) (right) Oil on canvas 55 x 46 cm (21 x W 18 in)

MICHAEL UPTON (1927 - 2006) The Michael Upton Estate is represented by Messum’s Michael Upton (1938-2002) studied at the Birmingham College of Art and then the Royal Academy Schools alongside David Hockney. With another friend, Patrick Caulfield, he attended Peter Lanyon’s summer school in St Ives in the early 1960s, but it was as a conceptual artist with a modern, urban focus that he first emerged on to the London art scene in the mid 1960s. In 1972 he was included in the Hayward Gallery’s exhibition, ‘A Survey of the Avant-Garde in Britain’, and from 1981 he taught post-graduate painting at the Royal Academy Schools. In the early 1990s Upton moved to the little fishing village of Mousehole in the far south-west of Cornwall, where he embraced landscape painting. Using a minimal palette he produced works that have proved both popular and highly collectable.

37 Hackney Library (above right) Oil on board 35 x 71 cm (13 3⁄4 x 28 in) 38 Cornish Landscape (right) Oil on board 53 x 54 cm (21 x W 21 in) 39 Northern Town (left) Oil on board 42 x 69 cm (16 1⁄ 2 x 27 in)

MICHAEL UPTON cont... 40 Lyme Bay Oil on paper 33 x 93 cm (13 x 36 5⁄ 8 in)

DOMINIC WELCH (b. 1970) Dominic Welch, who was born in Buckinghamshire in 1970, trained under the great British sculptor Peter Randall-Page, RA, an artist who has remarked that through geometry ‘fundamental mathematical principles become a kind of pattern book from which nature constructs the most complex and sophisticated structures.’ Now working on his own in stone and bronze, Welch achieves precision and beauty through his careful attention to material and the remarkable simplicity of nature’s many forms. 41 Silent Moon 42 Embryonic Form IV () Bronze, ed. of 11 bronze, ed. of 11 34 cm diameter (13 in) 32 diameter (12 5⁄8 in) 41 Agean Moon (right) Carrara marble 143 x 148 x 15 cm (56 x 58 x 6 in) To see the full collection, visit the website All work is available to purchase upon receipt of the catalogue Tel: 01628 486565 Make an appointment to view the current exhibition The Studio, Lords’ Wood, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2QS Tel: 01628 4865656 E: [email protected] David Messum Fine Art The Studio, Lord’s Wood, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2QS Tel: 01628 486565 [email protected]

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