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Psychologies UK June 2022

Published by admin, 2022-05-10 18:49:17

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LET GO OF NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND FIND YOUR HAPPINESS psyc ieCREATEALIFEYOULOVE UK edition TAKE BACK Walk your CONTROL way to a How to cope when better the news makes you mood feel powerless Angela Tackle16-page DOSSIER Scanlon loneliness for good on overcoming perfectionism and the ● 5 ways to feel eating disorders that less lonely right now almost ruined her life ● How to bring new people The easy into your life way to ● Discover the meditate friends you really need! 'I TURNED MY GRIEF INTO PSYCHOLOGIES.CO.UK SOMETHING JUNE 2022 ● £4.90 POSITIVE'

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W lcome… How do you express your power? For some, it’s about a show of strength – be that having the biggest muscles or the biggest number of followers on Instagram. Others show it in a different way: by stepping forward, opening up and sharing their own story, warts and all. In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than that. I have been blown away this month by the bravery and h that has been shown to us by not one, not two, but three a g people. By so authentically sharing the challenges they have faced, I hope they help you to realise you’re not the only one facing issues in your life (we all have them!) and also inspire you to open your heart to others. Gail Porter, who found herself go in a few short years from having her image projected onto the Houses of Parliament to sleeping on a park bench on Hampstead Heath, says on page 44: ‘I’ve had odd times, but nobody knows what’s happening across the road. We don’t know what the neighbour or the person downstairs is going through. We’re all going through stuff, and I’m quite happy to talk about anything. I hope I’ve made a difference and made other people think, “We’re not on our own in this”.’ I also had the honour of speaking to Mark Lemon about his beloved dad, who was tragically killed 30 years ago. And I feel no shame in telling you that his story moved me to tears more than once. But as with each of our stories this month, while Mark’s is initially heartbreaking, his is also a tale of inspiration, as he explains how he has worked to turn his life into something beautiful (page 68). And, finally, our cover star, the brilliant Angela Scanlon, has shared perhaps the most surprising story of all (page 14), revealing that while she projected the perfect happy-go-lucky, girl-next-door image, she battled an eating disorder for 15 years and then became obsessed with work, constantly comparing herself to others. It’s quite shocking to see how someone who seemingly ‘has it all’ can be struggling on the inside, and an insightful look into an inner world we would never have imagined. I hope that you are moved by their honesty and uplifted by the way they have each fought so hard to overcome their challenges. I certainly have been. We have lots more inspiration this month, too, from ways to Sa y x free yourself from negative thinking (page 22) to the Japanese secret to a good life (page 30), plus the easy way to meditate (page 108) and how to walk yourself happy (page 88), not to Sally Saunders, mention our brilliant dossier (page 51). What an issue. Enjoy! Editor We hope you love Psychologies. Subscribe today and save! Go to or call 01959 543747* *FOR FULL DETAILS, SEE PAGE 40 Subscribe at 3

JUNE 22 In this issue... Shake off the shackles of limiting self-beliefs Regulars 102 7 In the mood Rediscover the lost Enlightening, happy-making facts, art of letter writing fascinating news stories and more 50 Let’s get to the nib of the problem Join us today! 12 Viewpoint Set free your feelings and let them flow, What’s caught your eye in Psychologies? writes Jackee Holder We want to hear from you! H art 14 * Angela Scanlon The TV presenter shares her battles with 68 * ‘I turned my grief into self-criticism and comparison something positive’ One son’s story of living with the loss of 20 Life as I know it his beloved father Harriet Minter takes a trip down memory lane to find a new direction 72 Your dilemmas addressed SAVE COVER PHOTOGRAPH: AARON HURLEY Our agony aunt, Mary Fenwick, offers £1 an Mind a fresh perspective on your troubles issue! 22 * No limits! 76 How to talk to your kids Subscribe for just Tune in and transform false beliefs about gender £3.90 a month! Simple ways to talk about challenging 26 Coaching in action topics with your loved ones Subscribe to ‘Psychologies’ or give a gift The award-winning coach Kim Morgan subscription and commit to a happier life. helps a client overcome extreme anxiety Body You’ll benefit from life-changing tools 29 Lightbulb moments 82 Mindful wellness and advicetohelpyouliveyourbestlife, A peppering of pessimism is no bad thing, Conscious ways to live well says psychologist Kimberley Wilson plusreceivefree membership to our 87 Good mood food Subscriber Club. Seepage40. 30 The Japanese secret to a good life Radiant radishes How to harness a little harmony 36 *What to do when there’s nothing you can do Engage with caring in times of crisis 42 Your mental wellbeing toolkit Understand and cope with phobias 44 ‘Everything life throws at you makes you stronger’ TV presenter Gail Porter on overcoming life’s obstacles 4

In this i ue CONTENTS psychologies DOSSIER With you in mind 88 * Walk your way to mental 51 wellbeing Tackle loneliness for good Step by step to better health 53 How to enjoy being alone 58 The friends you need 92 Walking heroes Discover the joy of solitude How forging new friendships, All you need to help you find your stride! and cherishing old ones, can help 54 Find your people you flourish 96 Food from the heart Increase your social connections Asma Khan’s family favourites 62 How can you bring new 54 Be yourself people into your life? Soul Reconnect with your authentic self Take our psychological test to find out 102 Letters of love 56 Find enough purpose Put pen to paper and show you care Open up to new ways of thinking 66 Why we all need to talk about loneliness 106 Work in progress 56 Get out more Six surprising truths you probably Our agony aunt, Mary Fenwick, resolves Step outdoors and build new bonds didn’t know your difficulties in the workplace 108 * The power of Vedic meditation Tap into profound daily peace 114 How to be happier With psychologist Emma Hepburn ORDER OUR NEXT ISSUE NOW AND GET FREE DELIVERY DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR Order online at shop.kelsey. Subscribe at 5

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