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KG Newsletter May

Published by info, 2020-05-29 13:43:34

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MAY 2020

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NEWSLETTER • Laughter week special assembly. • Mother’s day special assembly. • Fruits day celebration. • Vegetables day celebration. • What is happening in online classes.(Activity oriented teaching) • Innovation • Sentence of the day during circle time. • Morning assembly during lockdown. • Star Student

LAUGHTER WEEK SPECIAL ASSEMBLY We believe in bringing more humor and laughter in the lives of our angles. We all need to laugh more. Our kids celebrated laughter week this month. Links and videos were shared with our kids on laughter yoga. They performed the same during their special assembly on laughter week. They danced, sang, clicked pictures and recorded videos with their family members. Our kids laugh is simply the most beautiful sound in the world.

MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL ASSEMBLY Our mother’s are a walking miracle and it’s our duty to celebrate the most beautiful miracle of our lives. Our little Goenkans celebrated Mother’s day. They were asked to make a card a day before and write few lines that they feel about their mothers. They also expressed their feelings, recorded a video and gifted the card to their mother on Mother’s day. They also had a special assembly where they danced and sang with their mothers on the video and link that was shared with them by their teachers. We indeed tried our best to honour each and every mothers. KG DOLL HOUSE

What’s happening in the Online Classroom. As I mentioned earlier, lockdown couldn’t stop our angels from learning and growing. Our babies have been studying and learning as per their course and syllabus. We send them videos and audios explaining the concept of each and every topic. We send them worksheets and also keep in touch with them by calling each and every day. We personally interact with the students so that they also develop their speaking skills.

INNOVATIONS By little hands “ Innovation is important for growth” Innovation means creating new ideas. Something that has never been made before or the process of creating something that is unknown and unidentified. Our little angels used to make innovation according to what has been taught in their online class. It helped them to look at the topic from different point of view. This makes them more confident about what they know.

SENTENCE OF THE DAY DURING CIRCLE TIME Circle time is a great way for our KG kids to get a sense of community with other kids of their age and enhance their skills and improve their attention span. At GDGPS, KG kids start each day with circle time. It helps the children to learn how to form a sentence as they are made to say a sentence as they are made to say a sentence each day during circle time. Eg: Asia is the largest continent in the world. • Australia is the smallest continent in the world. • The name of our country is India. • Laughing is the good medicine for our health. • Whatever happens, laugh and let go. So always be happy. • We celebrate mother’s day on 10th of May. • We should have vegetables every day because it is very healthy. • We should have fruits every day because it’s give us vitamin.

MORNING ASSEMBLY DURING LOCKDOWN Morning assemblies are like prayers where students gather to feel fresh, energetic and start their day with positivity. Our little masters are performing morning assembly with their parents regularly and recording videos. The assembly includes morning prayer followed by theme song, pledge, speech, G.K questions, rhymes, and a phonic song. The best assembly is awarded as Galaxy Assembly and the student is awarded with a certificate. This helps in improving their presentation and speaking skills. Special assemblies performed by students this month were Laughter week special assembly, Fruits day special assembly,Vegetables day special assembly and Mother’s day special assembly.

STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH Each month an outstanding student in every class is recognised as star student of the month. Since, it’s an online mode of learning, we have set certain parameters for the students to be selected as star student of the month. Every student, regardless of ability, can be a star. Work hard and be a star this month. L.K.G. STAR STUDENT – ABHAY MOHAN U.K.G. STAR STUDENT – SHAGUN SINGH

FRUITS DAY CELEBRATION We, at GDGPS believe in practical approach of learning. Our angels celebrated a special assembly on fruits day where they danced and sang on the video links that were shared with them. They also dressed like a fruit, spoke few lines about different kinds of fruits and recorded video and click pictures. They helped their mother to prepare fruit juice, fruit custard and fruit shakes. Children learn more by indulging themselves into activities that are related to the topic and that’s how our little Goenkans learned about different types of fruits, it’s benefits and the nutrients in it.

VEGETABLES DAY CELEBRATION We teach our budding stars practical skills and activities for their development. Little Goenkans celebrated a special assembly on vegetables day where they danced and sang on the video links that were shared with them by their teachers. They dressed like vegetables and clicked pictures. They helped their mother to cut and garnish salads. They spoke few lines about the vegetables they like and it’s benefits. Our angels learned the names of different vegetables and the nutrients in it. We believe that activity based learning retains in memory for a longer time and that’s how we help our little master to grow.

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