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Published by info, 2018-08-11 04:52:12

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. PARENT TEACHERSASSOCIATION 20XX Our NewsletterVolume 1, Issue 2Presented by G.D.GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL Toll Free no : 1800-313-1222

Welcome Back to SchoolThe lazy days of summer are over . As most educators and parents knowits not always easy to launch student back into the school year after asummer of lazing in home or out on vacation. The start after the vacationof the school prompts school administration, educators & parents to askhow they can more effectively engage students in learning & keep themmotivated for success. The teacher’s were excited to welcome students .On 2ndJuly , the “Back to School” Assembly program put up by our teacherswhich was at the least an excellent display of girth & talent among theteachers. The theme was “Choose your Icon” with value “Difficult roadsoften lead to Beautiful Destination”. The icon choosed was APJ AbdulKalam.

A MOTIVATIONAL TALK( by Ms. Sindhu Sreekumar)Ms. Sindhu Sreekumar , who is MICA Scholar and was recently in MSU-USA & University of Tampere, Finland , talk to our students about thewhat are the tips for participating in a debate. She said that we should havean idea about Pros and Against the debate. We should be keen with ourargument and we should predict what can be the opposition questions inadvance. We should stick on to our opinion whether it is for or against.

ESPERANZA FEVEREsperanza fest is a giving the students a platform to explore talents & skillsbut also gave an opportunity for all the students to get close to theirclassmates , schoolmates & teachers. It is an inter house competitionrespectively. The houses are: VIVEKANANDA HOUSE, TAGOREHOUSE, RADHA KRISHNA HOUSE, TERESSA HOUSE. All the houses promote a print of healthy competition in sportingliterary & cultural activities. They also create a sense of belonging tomembers of the school from different grades. All the teachers are helpingthe children to come up with different tactics & preparation for thedifferent competitions.

RAIN DANCE “ The 1st drops of rain always bring a smile on our faces”“Rainy Season” or “Monsoon” the beautiful season of the year is a gift ofGod to mankind. It reviews our souls and fills the surroundings with thebeauty of fresh greenery. To acknowledge this blesses gift of God studentsof grade VII conducted a special assembly with a wonderful performanceas “Peacock dance” which was done so gracefully.

LEAGUE OF COMPASSION CLUB “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME “Charity is an integral part of every community . It changes the lives ofpeople in need everyday. The smallest donation we offer make a largeimpact in a community. In GDGPS, Purnea, all the students donated a handful ofrice to the box kept by the school in the respective area of each departmentwith the slogan written on them “ A handful of rice with a heartful oflove”. The charity program was organized by the league of compassionclub. It is the vision of our school that we ensure that children get ampleopportunity for the holistic development. On 16th July , some of the selected students of GDGPS of grade1 to 7 went to “ SHANTI KUTIR , PURNEA” and “ NAARI GUNJANBALIKA GRAH” for charity. The action initiated by the school gave asense of satisfaction in the mid of all of us.GOENKANS still continue the ENDLESS JOURNEY OF SERVICE TOHUMANITY.

PICASSO CLUBMartin Luther King Jr. once said,“EVERY MAN MUST DECIDE WHETHER HE WILL WALK IN THELIGHT OF CREATIVE ALTRUISM OR IN THE DARKNESS OFDESTRUCTIVE SELFISHNESS”.The art and craft department inaugurated PICASSO CLUB and for thesame they presented a special assembly in which our art teacher Mr.Sunimon presented a glitter painting of our respected Principal. OurPrincipal Sprinkled the glitter on it with her own hands. It was done sogracefully that all the students were so excited to see that again.And with respect to the same, school organized caricature competitionfrom the artistic hands of the students to enhance the creativity skills inthem. The theme was given “CHOOSE YOUR ICON”. Studentsshowcased their creative ideas made beautiful caricatures. All the studentsparticipated with full enthusiasm and truly enjoyed.

KARATE @ SCHOOLThrough karate at school , our aim is to bring the benefits of the karatetraining to as many children as possible , helping them to build their self-confidence & emotional skills to they have the chance to reach their fullpotential in everything they do. As an alternative to after school classes weare able to offer karate lessons during school hours. Once a week , a karateeducator is coming to school to teach karate. The Objective is to raiseawareness of karate as a positive pastime which can be attractive to sportminded children but more importantly can be something that a littledifferent for those who are physically inactive.

INNOVATIONS – “WE ARE ARCHITECTS”“THE MIND IS NOT A VESSEL THAT NEEDS FILLING, BUTWOOD THAT NEEDS IGNITING” said PlutarchInnovation can refer to something new or to a change made to an existingproduct, idea or field. It can be viewed as the application of better solutionthat meets new requirement, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Students of GDGPS, Purnea presented innovations that put forth theideas that came into their minds with a lot of excitement & vigour.EVS INNOVATION ON FOOD




SYMPHONY AND NATYA CLUBThe head of the music and dance department inaugurated the symphonyand natya club. They organised a special assembly on 23rd July. The MusicTeacher Ms. Shrabanty Ganguly presented a lyrical music and our danceteacher Ms. Puja Pramanik performed a wonderful dance .

HOUSE BOARD DECORATIONSThe theme for the month was “ CHOOSE YOUR ICON”.House boards can bring out the creativity in students at art work, writingetc. Students enjoy when their creativity is appreciated. The board for themonth of July were set up in a way that it looks appealing and eyecatching.Colourful & creative thoughts have been put up to decorate & highlightthe theme of the month.House wise display boards provide a stage for a healthy competitionbetween different houses of the school in creating the best on the topicgiven.

KHATTI MEETHI RADIO STATIONOur school radio station is helping our kids in motivation, engagement andquality increase. It gives the youngest children a reason to wrote, speakand a way to share their work. Our School radio club has been a greatsuccess. Some of the students have come out of their shell and areblooming.

SPECIAL ASSEMBLIESMorning assemblies are the physical, mental & spiritual preparation beforebeginning the studies at school. Students are entering the divine place oflearning & therefore they need to make their body & mind pure. So ourschool gives great importance to well planned morning assemblies whichhelp the students to show case their potential and talents and to stimulatetheir inner self.

WORD WIZARDHave you ever wondered why a word means what it means?To learn new things and investigate the profound oddness of languagetogether, particularly the English language or when you listen to newschannels or BBC channel etc. have you ever been surprised by phrasesyou hear them using? Have you ever thought how language has changedeven in your lifetime since your childhood?So to improve the vocabulary of our students, the school is going to givethe title “WORD WIZARD” to students who excels in creative writing onthe given topic. And there is a word wizard box in which all the studentswill drop in their option of word wizard. And on random basis one wordwill be selected for every week. The topics and word limit will be differentfor all the classes. This activity is highly interactive and support criticalthinking and spelling skills.

STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTHEvery month an outstanding student in every class is recognized as STARSTUDENT OF THE MONTH. Students are selected based on theiracademic achievement, exemplary personal and social qualities, showing alove for learning and engagement in the total school program, having goodattendance, punctuality and discipline, and being a role model by setting agood example for others. Every student , regardless of ability , can be astar. WORK HARD AND BE A STAR NEXT MONTH !!Class I - Ayushman Arya Class II - Khusi AgarwalClass III – Vijay Mohan Class IV – Rishin Guptha VaradaClass IV – Riya Class V A – MansiClass V B – Mansi Class VI - Vidhi LohiaClass VII A – Ayush Sah Class VIIB – Karmanya DevPharasi

HOSTEL – “ A HOME AWAY FROM HOME”Hostel is a home away from home. To make the children explore theirfeeling of warmth of a family at hostel and to develop the emotional,social skills & enhance their life skills. GDGPS, Purnea is alwaysorganized some special events on every SUNDAY for the hostellers.MOVIE TIME“MOVIES CAN AND DO HAVE TREMENDOUS INFLUENCE INSHAPING YOUNG LIVES “ - WALT DISNEYThis month students at hostel saw movieOUTINGIt is through adventure that one discovers oneself. On 2nd Saturday of Julymonth, Hostel students arrived at KAJHA KOTHI for a journey of selfdiscovery replete with fun relaxation and wholesome meals. The outingwas a short drive from the city but the proximity takes nothing away fromthe grand, open landscape surrounded by trees and plants on three sidesand a lake from one side. The day started with activities like singing, dancing, musical chair &tug of war and ended with the smiles saying ‘we enjoyed a lot’.

TALENT NIGHT WITH CAMP FIREFirst all the hostel students of GDGPS, Purnea showed their talent throughdance in group as well as solo performance. After that they enjoyed at theBON FIRE in school campus with lot of energy. All the teachers who stayat hostel also joined them.

PARENT’S VOICE Dear all, I want to appreciate respected Principal Ma’am , Vice-Principal Sir, and all teachers for putting in so much effort and keeping patience in order to provide our kids international standards, which could have never expected in city like Purnea. I would like to share my experience which I had during my ward’s study of both Indian and International schooling. My son started his primary schooling in Brightlands school, Dehradun which is one of the best day boarding school in India, they have been providing ISC & ICSE boards toppers from decades, they have won so many trophies in bournvita quiz and so on. After that due to relocation we moved to Singapore, where my son got admission in local school which follows Australian Standard and Singapore is known for providing best primary school education in the world as far as I am aware off. Again due to relocation for looking after my father’s business I had to shift to India again. As there was no good school in Purnea then we decided to put my son in St.Georges, Mussorie which ranks 3rd in India. He studied there for 2 months and we had to bring him out as he was unable to cope up with the boarding life style and plus we came to know that G.D.Goenka branch has come to Purnea. Now what I actually want to say from above story is that my kids are loving in here and all I can hear is just praises from them , be it studies, extra curricular activities, food and last but not the least the environment, care and special attention each of the kids are getting. Thank you so much for making our Purnea proud. With Best regards, Ruchi Pharasi Mother of Karmanya Dev Pharasi

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