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Published by info, 2019-01-02 04:20:52

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NEWSLETTER• Diwali Special Assembly.• Brother & Sister Day• Fancy Dress Competition• Family Week• Guru Nanak Jayanti Special Assembly.• KG Sports Day• Medical & Dental Check Up Activity Time• Innovations• Sentence of the day during Circle time• Assemblies• Star Student• Parent’s Voice

DIWALI SPECIAL ASSEMBLYA special assembly was conducted in KG @ GDGPS on the topic of festival of lights- Diwali. The objective ofthe assembly was to make the students aware of this festival- why & how it is celebrated. The assembly commenced with prayer, followed by theme song, rhyme and speech. The students of KG heralded thefestival of lights-Diwali by presenting a cultural way of worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. A message of dire consequences of adding to thepollution of the environment by bursting crackers was given to all the students.

Brother & Sister Day Bhai dooj- A brother & sister day celebrates the bond of brother & sister love & marks the end of the five day long diwali celebration. This auspicious day celebrates the love, affection & respect you share with your sibling. Its also the perfect time to pray for your brothers long life.

Fancy Dress CompetitionOn Children’s day, Fancy dresscompetition was conducted in order toboost in the qualities of children linkedwith team playing, group activities and creativity as also to break themonotony of regular session & encourage theparents to ensure that theirchildren attend the school regularly.The students turned up beautifullydressed & the characters of their dressingup varied from that of a doctor, social worker,teacher and many others. Looking adorable in theirtiny costumes , the kids posed for the cameras of the teachersand our team members as youcan see in the photographs & enjoyeda fun day, just playing around andshowing off their costumes to eachother.

Fancy Dress Competition

GURU NANAK JAYANTI SPECIAL ASSEMBLY. Guru Nanak Jayanti in the birthday of Sikh Guru – Guru Nanak Ji. The KG department celebrated the same by sharing information about Guru Nanak Jayanti with the children. Students presented a special assembly where the omkara mantra ignited the assembly & invoked the blessings of the Guru. Everyone joined their hands for the prayer. It was later on ended with a bhajan of Sikhism. The participants were eager to present their assembly in their traditional attire. Girls adorned themselves with their resplendent traditional suits while boys looked spic and span with their kurtas & turban.

The Kids of KG got a chance to explore theirgross motor skills through a series ofcompetitions organized for them in theform of sports day on 28th November.They took part in fun filled race, jalebi race,Ball in the basket, bottle filling race, frog race etc. Allthe kids put in their best of their efforts during theevents. Such was their enthusiasm that the inclementweather did not deter them. Even the spectation keptthe heat on with the classmates cheering for theparticipants. The entire program was a great learningexperience for the children & it was a great way forthe teachers to assess them for their skills. KG SPORTS DAY


MEDICAL & DENTAL CHECK UP Prevention is better than cure. Health check-ups in school are importantas they help: o assess normal development of the child o keep track of immunization schedule o early detection of disease / abnormalities, which when treated in time, allows the child to lead a normal life o collect preventive check-up data becomes the baseline for future reference. In GDGPS campus Dental checkup of all the students was done on 5th Nov 18 by Dr. Sumit Anand (B.D.S) and Dr. Shihha Jaiswal (B.D.S) heckup of the students ucted by Dr. K.D. Pandit n) on 17.11 .18 and is still in .

Medical Check Ups Clicks

Activty Time Extracurricular activities are defined as those activities which are not the components of academic curriculum but an integral part of educational environment. Extracurricular activities comprise sports, singing, music, dance, drama, social services, etc. Schools can play a pivotal role by channelizing energy of both normal as well as physicallychallenged students into a fruitful direction leading to optimum personality development through extra-curricular activities.

Innovations “ Innovation is important for growth”Innovations means creating new ideas. Somethingthat has never been made before or the process of creating something that has never been made before. Little students at GDGPS used to makeinnovations according to what has been taught in class and to look at the topic from different point of view. This make them more confident about what they know.

SENTENCE OF THE DAY DURING CIRCLE TIME Circle time is a great way for our KG kids to get a sense of community with other kids of their age &enhance their skills anf improve their attention span.At GDGPS, KG kids start each day with circle time. It helps the children to learn how to form a sentenceas they are made to say a sentence each day during circle time. Eg: We should wake up early in the morning. Non living thing cannot move from one place to another place.

ASSEMBLIES Assemblies at GDGPS powerfully nurtures the development of intra personal intelligence &enhances interpersonal skills among the peersfurther helping in their overall social & personal growth

STAR STUDENTIt has been rightly said that, “Motivation is what gets you started;Habit is what keeps you going.” Students, when they are motivated,are more excited to learn and participate. One way to motivatestudents is to give them rewards and recognition for their learningand participation. With this belief, we have initiated Star of theMonth and which culminates to Student of the month. We select astudent as Star of the month on the following parameters. • Discipline • Attendance • Academics (performance in the monthly test, completion of classroom & homework) • Participation (class activities & co curricular activities) • Proper Uniform(Polished Shoes, Plaited Hairs, Clean and Trimmed Nails etc) • Attitude towards School. • Value Systems In School • Language code of School • CourteousThis month Star Student areLKG: HArshit KHemkaUKG: Ansh Bhagat (2)

Parents VoiceI think the school is good for my child. My child'sprogress is amazing, she really enjoys coming toschool. My child is very happy, the teaching staff arevery good at nurturing and developing the children'sacademic skills as well as social interaction andproductive play. I couldn't think of a better school formy children to be in. My child likes this school. Allteachers are polite and friendly.

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