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Main School Newsletter September 2019

Published by info, 2019-10-24 04:55:11

Description: Main School Newsletter September 2019


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HIGHLIGHTS OF NEWSLETTER • Teacher’s Day celebration • Onam and Grandparent’s Day Celebration • Vishwakarma Puja • Inspection by G.D.Goenka Headquarters • Team Games • Open House •House Board Decoration •Star Student • Innovations • Assemblies •Hostel- A Home away from Home • Parents Voice

Teacher’s Day Celebration Every School in India celebrates Teacher’s day & students see it as a special day to thank their teachers for their support. Students express their gratitude & appreciation for their teachers on this day. This day is dedicated to Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishna, 2nd president of India.That day some of students became the teachers as well as the Principal and Sr. Academic coordinator. The responsibility of teaching was taken up by the students for some time as an appreciation for their teachers. Students who were enacting as teachers went to each class to deliver lectures on the ongoing subjects. There was a small program conducted by the teachers and students as the students did the Master of Ceremony and they performed some marvelous songs and a dance performance by teachers. There was a fashion show organized for teachers in which all the teachers performed whole heartedly.

ONAM CELEBRATION Onam is the festival of happiness, peace & prosperity. It was celebrate in great fervor at GDGPS. Onam is dedicated to Asura King Mahabali. The children were told the significance and the legend of Onam with the help of a story. Some of the students of Grade 1 to 8 dressed up as King Mahabali, the Vamana as a part of fancy dress competition and one of them got the prize for Best King Mahabali & the Vamana respectively. All the four houses had a house wise floral carpet competition with flower & color filled Pookalams. The program was followed by elegant dance form of ‘Thituvadharakalli’ for what the girls were dressed up in the traditional dress that is Kerela Saree. The students performed the Boat Song and dance which was followed by Pulikali - The tiger dance , and many more rituals were also performed. All the teachers came dressed up in Kerela ethnic wear & the school definitely had a festive vibe about it for the entire day and the program ended with a vote of thanks.

GDGPSP also celebrated Vishwakarma puja with the transport department. Our Chairman Sir delivered a speech and also had some interaction with all the staff present there. VISHWAKARMA PUJA

INSPECTION The Inspection was conducted from G D Goenka Headquarters. The inspecting team was from Goenkan’s Family, New Delhi. They inspected each and every aspect of school. The inspectors inspected each and every class and asked questions to students. They also inspected the Infrastructure and were impressed. They were very pleased with the method of Teaching at GDGPS, Purnea. They appreciated our cross curricular approach and the teaching methods linked with Global culture by the teachers in the class. After that they had shared their experiences related to academics and motivated the teachers as to how to go about the holistic development of the students.

Team Games Team games were introduced after the half yearly exam to nullify the exam phobia. We’ve grown up on the saying ”All work & no play will make Jack a dull boy”. Exam time is the period of high stress. Because of the constant study it is quite likely that in later part of the day you will not be able to absorb at the same pace with which you start off in the morning. The Best way is to play games. The candidate playing football, volleyball and cricket were so focused in the game that the mind gets refreshed from all the tension & once the mind is fresh there is tremendous opportunity to learn more.

OPEN HOUSE Open House is the day on which parents got an opportunity to discuss their pupil’s strengths and weaknesses. This open house the school opened the doors of the classroom for the parents again as the parents were receiving the half early exam outcomes.The Open house was marked by various stall put up by the students at some different venues in school. This was another such event where the school provides children enough space to explore, learn & grow by themselves. The stalls included mehndi stalls, face painting, food stalls, games stalls, handicrafts stalls, diya stalls, rangoli, hair bands, bandhej handkerchief etc. .

HOUSE BOARD DECORATIONS Children need to explore, experiment & learn basic knowledge through direct experience. GDGPS always helps children to unlock their potential in different ways. The house boards were decorated last month with lots of articles & creative work done by the students. All the students were very enthusiastic in decorating their own house boards. Every month students decorate the house boards with different themes & topics. This month the house board were decorated on the theme ‘Swaraj 2020’.

STAR STUDENT This great incentive is used to help build the classroom community and allow students to get to know one another. During the school year, each student will have the opportunity to be a star student for an entire month. Students are selected based on their performance like good attendance, punctuality, discipline, social qualities etc. At last of the month, one student is declared “STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH”.

INNOVATIONS “Innovations require an experimental mindset” –Denise Morrison. At GDGPS, we believe in being innovative. Being innovative does not mean inventing. Innovations can mean to change an existing product, idea or field or to create a new one. It is the process of bringing out ideas from a young mind. Students always try to be innovative, so they always think to put forth the ideas that come into their young minds.

ASSEMBLIES Assemblies are an important feature of School’s routine. They also form a significant part of the school’s curriculum. They are a means to create a positive, reflective ethos and promote value-based education. They powerfully nurture the development of intrapersonal intelligence. All students assemble at the beginning of the school day in one place, usually in the school hall where prayers are held, news is read out, and instructions are given. Sometimes, students are required to deliver a speech or the Principal makes some announcement, if necessary. It provides us with a good opportunity to get together. It is a symbol of unity of our school. It helps us to cultivate a sense of belonging towards our school. Morning assembly is very important to remove the stage fear from the minds of our children.

Hostel- A home away from home Hostel is like a second home, A home away from home. A hostel provides a congenial atmosphere for study. Serious Students learn many good things in hostels. There are fixed times for study and sport. The students have to lead a disciplined life and they learn regularity and punctuality. In a hostel, the students learn many useful lessons of life. They have to do everything for themselves. This creates in them the habit of self-reliance. The students have to manage the mess as well. This helps them to learn how to manage a home and spend money carefully. Therefore, hostel-life is a preparation for the domestic life later. The hostel life is beneficial to good students. They can improve their body and mind and learn many useful things of life. On every weekend there is a planned schedule for the entertainment of the children. During the month of November, on first Sunday Campfire was organized for the students. The students enjoyed a lot as it enhances their motor skills. On 2ndSunday, Movie was organized for the entertainment of the students. Children were watching movie under the guidance of teacher. On 3rd Sunday, Children performed a dance show to show their talents and interest in extra co-curricular activities. Finally on last weekend of the month again a Hollywood movie was organized to improve the communication skills of children. The movie” Frozen” was shown to the students. It was really a complete entertainment for students as well as teachers.

Parents Voice It is a pleasure to share my experience as a parent with GDGPS Purnea. My daughter Neelakshi has been attending this school for the last 6 months. I am very happy with the progress she has made in her academic performance , general knowledge, vocabulary, writing, speaking & analytical skills. Her teachers have my deepest admiration & gratitude for turning her inner talent into performance. I especially appreciate the principal Ms.Saroja Sahadevan for constant encouragement & support to all children. I wish the teachers & staff of GDGPS every success in preparing our children for future!. Parent of Neelakshi (Std II ) Sharmila Mondal

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