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KG Newsletter September 19

Published by info, 2019-10-24 04:53:30

Description: KG Newsletter September 19

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NEWSLETTER • Teacher’s Day Celebration • Special Vinayak Chathurthi Assembly • Open House and Sewa Stall • Twinkle’s Best instrumental music day special assembly • What’s happening in the classroom (Activity Oriented teaching) • Teaching Life Skills to students • Free play • Innovations • Sentence of the day during Circle time • Assemblies • Star Student • Parent’s Voice

Teacher’s Day Celebration Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great joy and fervor at GDGPS Purnea. It is the day when students wish to do something special for their teachers. Students of KG sung a special song in their class for their teachers and all the teachers were very happy as all the kids were coming and wishing them with lots of love and respect which can be seen on their smiling faces.

GDGPS, Purnea kiddies conducted their Vitamin C special assembly in the school premises. They wore the cutouts of fruits and vegetables on their chest and spoke some lines on the importance of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is abundant in Vegetables and Fruits. They recited wonderful rhymes. They were also shown a video on importance of Vitamin C in the class.

Special Vinayak Chaturthi Assembly KG students of GDGPS conducted a special assembly to mark the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi with great joy and enthusiasm. All the students of KG wore lord Ganesha mask and sang the songs with the chants of ‘Ganpati Bapa Morya Mangal Murti Morya’.

What’s happening in the classroom In GDGPS, students are engaged in active & deep learning and are not passively taking in information from instructions. They are identifying, thinking, writing, reading etc. To make each student an active player in learning process, an environment must be created in which there are opportunities for students to do tasks. Here teachers are emphasizing on teaching through activities in which the students participate rigorously & bring about an efficient learning experience. It provides real-time learning as teachers use all available resources to implement exploratory, constructive & expressional activities.

TEACHING LIFE SKILLS TO STUDENTS We describe Life skills as “Learning to learn skills” which can be developed through intentional daily activities. The development of life skills often happen naturally as preschooler spend each day doing tasks such as washing hands, walking in a line, talking politely to each other. It is an essential part of early childhood education & many kinds of life skills can be naturally promoted by integrating these skills into children’s play.

FREE It is an essential part of a child’s PLAY development allowing time for free play. It helps to build a child’s imagination & creativity, as well as problem solving skills. It is important for building development skills in children. It helps in developing gross motor skills and helps them learn to think independently.

“Innovation is important for growth” Innovation means creating new ideas. Something that has never been made before or the process of creating something that has never been made before. Little students at GDGPS make innovations according to what has been taught in class and look at the topic from different points of view. This makes them more confident about what they know. INNOVATIONS

SENTENCE OF THE DAY DURING CIRCLE TIME Circle time is a great way for our KG kids to get a sense of community with other kids of their age & enhance their skills and improve their attention span. At GDGPS, KG kids start each day with circle time. It helps the children learn how to form a sentence as they are made to say a sentence each day during circle time.

ASSEMBLIES Assemblies at GDGPS powerfully nurtures the development of intra personal intelligence & enhances interpersonal skills among the peers further helping in their overall social & personal growth

STAR STUDENT Every month an outstanding student in every class is recognized as STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Student based on demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, exemplary personal & social qualities, showing love, learning & engagement in the total school program, having good attendance, punctual, disciplined & being a role model by setting a good example for others. Every student regardless of ability can be a star. LKG STAR STUDENT- UKG A STAR STUDENT- UKG B STAR STUDENT-

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